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The components only cost about $500 and they will sell it for $400.

It's the same value of components at PS4 Pro in the Fall of 2016. Scorpio is out a year later with a third more performance, that's expected. Components get cheaper over time while performance increases.

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Vega doesn't really change anything. It's a 6 teraflop gpu. Price and performance is heavily correlated with that. If they used a 3 year old 6 teraflop gpu, it's marginally same as a modern 6 teraflop gpu. We're talking maybe a 3 fps difference.

And also due to PC and console parity and the fact that the Xbox 720p has no exclusives, it doesn't matter if the CPU is not Ryzen. No AAA developer is gonna optimize heavily on a 8 core CPU. All the proces...

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That Xbox wouldn't be really a console. It would fall in line with those steam boxes and small form factor PCs specifically for gaming. It can't be the expensive in order to sell million +.

I looked at comparable hardware prices. The CPU is $120, gpu is $250, ram is $70, hdd is $30. But Microsoft can condense everything down to $500 cost with everything. Basically it's CPU and gpu that is most of the cost.

PS Pro is the same ...

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Can't wait for the official price to say I told you so. I'm gonna post every single comment that I said it was gonna be $400. It's just real simple.

PS4 Pro $400. GPU is 4.2 Tera flops. GTX970 at 4 Teraflops was $250 when the pro launched.

Scorpio will be $400. The scorpio's gpu is 6 Teraflops. The gtx 980ti with 6.1 Teraflops right now can be had for around $300 the only reason it may be more expensive is because NVidia doesn't...

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Likely my gpu is better than yours. Technically a vanilla 980 can play 4k.

980ti is 6.1 teraflops and the Scorpio is 6 teraflops. 980ti is worth $250 now probably to produce. That leaves you off with $250 for everything else which sounds about right. That processor probably in the $150 range. And then everything else can be had for $100. Yea it is break even. And fast forward 6 months it's for certain break even. If I'm even close now w...

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Going by teraflops it is twice the speed in regards the gpu. And 980ti would be $250 used right now. It's only not $250 because nvidia doesn't drop the price when they retire the card. The 1070 is actually a bit stronger.

Actually I will admit for once I'm around. It's 6 teraflops vs 4.2 teraflops for ps pro. However that strengthens my argument. If ps pro is 60% stronger than itself that would be within range of a 980ti power. And as I said before th...

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$500 is break even. You console gamers don't know hardware.

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Should and will cost $400. It's on the same timeline curve with PS4 Pro. Considering it's a year later but twice the power. The like price for the gpu at the time the PS4 pro came out was $250. The like price for the Scorpio's GPU I can buy used for $250. And by the time it comes out in 6 months it's gonna be right at that $250 mark.

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It's both PS Poor and Xbox 720p that will hold us back. GTAV will still be better despite it beeing last gen. Red Dead is inferior to GTA.

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You know why it will be $400 because it's exactly the cost of the hardware of the PS4 Pro that came out last year. The gpu in PS Pro was between $250-300. The gpu in Scorpio is in that range or even cheaper when it finally comes out. Cause I can buy an equivalent gpu now for as low as $250 right now used.

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It's gonna be $400. And no the Scorpio has zero chance of outselling PS4 unless Trump nukes a PS4 Poor production plant.

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(Wrong story)

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Gonna be $400. That hardware inside is not that expensive. And Microsoft is willing to take a loss. That hardware would probably break even between $400-$500 considering Microsoft has connections.

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Or Ken Kutaragi, Phil Harrison, and Kaz Hirai underestimated how many people are on welfare, how many people are poor, and how many people are wearing clothes from the Salvation Army.

Sometimes you don't blame the business, in this case it's better to blame yourself. The PS3 price adjusted to inflation was near the price of the the NES.

Just imagine how much greater the PS3 would have been if people bought it earlier. The system was ...

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I do t think any system was ever overpriced. It's cheapscape gamers, that's the problem.

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THe current gen consoles aren't CPU bound. Consoles before were more CPU bound but not these. It will be less efficient but won't be a complete bottleneck. As I said before you can stick like a $100 something CPU in your pc and it will only degrade a 1-5 frames compared to $250 CPU. Plus it's a console, the operating system doesn't create a large foot print.

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Sorry even as a PlayStation fan at heart, GT is limited by hardware and budget. Forza got all the money and support. GT is limited by the parity of PS Poor.

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Nier is an offender of repetitive gameplay too. Bayonetta 1 is the one game that wasn't repetitive.

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They have to sell way more apps per phone to make up for that. 1 average PS4 owner probably buys maybe 5 games per year. 1 average iphone user doesn't spend $300 on apps per year. Plus it's common that the PS4 owner pays $50 for online subscription.

Plus the profit made by an app is also cut like a video game. Maybe only quarter of that goes to apple.

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