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It's Nitendo's act of desperiation. From the weird designs they are really hit or miss.

N64 controller
C button on the gamecube
D pad in place of the thumb stick on the gamecube

So they hit with the Wii1 but they miss about on 80% of everything else.

There's no saving the WiiU. #1.1.1
Too little too late.. You take out the kinect that doesn't gurantee they take off $100 off MSRP..

X1 still gonna be dominated if they are the same price as PS4. If you take out the kinect they lose some of the unique appeal too.

Microsoft would need to drop the X1 price to $299.99 with the kinect to even stay competitive. PS4 would still beat a $299.99 box. PS3 did it last generation so what makes you think they can't this generation. #1.1.12
^Some losing words there..

The game is gonna be $45-55 soon after release. It's a new generation so games aren't gonna drop to $40 that fast. #1.1.8
I too played the online version and BF4 online. BF4 graphics doesn't trump KZ. Not even close. In terms of scale and gameplay yes but not graphics. Even COD multiplayer looks better than BF4 slightly. It's because BF4 an open world game.

The console war is over to those who can understand how trends work. It was won by Sony in E3 2013 with the final nail in the coffin, the price. Microsoft should try Japan for the sake of it. Ignoring a territory is dumb. Tha... #2.1.6
lol at the generalizations

Both consoles neck and neck at 2 million??

Both consoles selling 1,000 per minute at peak??
Certainly PS4 has sold more than that ratebecause it's sold out at #1 consistently while the X1 is in stock but is hovering around the #8-#15 spot. #1.1.2
Lost Odyssey is one of the better JRPGs last generation. It's better than FFXIII.

However it's not only the X1 system, it's also the consumers in Japan just have bad taste. They continue to play DS, PSP, and Wii. #1.1.5
News that there is gonna be news is a good step for Last Guardian. #1.1.1
There's a difference between a better game than a funner game. BF4 is more realistic, harder to develop, and looks better. However COD is just more fun and playable. #1.1.8
Sold out.. The arrow is still pointed up. We a lot of kids' Christmas money is going towards a PS4. #1
It's already happening folks.. Remember when all you had to do was buy a PS2 and you basically got to play almost all the games on PS2. #1.1.1
Does it really matter? 5 million in one more than one year is pitiful. #1.2.2
Soon the X1 sales will plateau and it will take atleast 2 years in total to surpass the WiiU. $499.99 just isn't viable enough to start off. Price drops won't work either because the competition is always gonna be cheaper. #1.1.2
What are all these X1 fans trying to say? 600,000 unit gap last week and 600,000 unit gap this week. PS4 still selling out at a faster rate.

Like Jokes said weeks ago when he referred to Amazon X1 is in stock and is ranked higher. However PS4 is ranked higher is out of stock currently at 1 and has been number 1 more than half of the days in the past week. Just gave you a taste of your own medicine, Jokes :p.

Okay so now Jokes flip flops t... #1.1.12

Yea you provide one source while every knows that it is conclusive that PS3 has sold more than the 360. Yes VGchartz is wrong but there's noway they would have numbers that are wrong for more than a year. All they do is correct their numbers from other sources. Such as sony said they sold X, then VGchartz updates the numbers a few days later.

So if countless sources say X but the few sources say actually it's Y and you believe in Y, then it... #1.1.10
Worldwide sales on vgchartz.com

2.7 million PS4s vs 2.1 million X1s. Owned..

Sony has already said they are allocating the PS4s around the world differently while X1 is focusing in America first.

Can't wait to see your faces for next week because on the 20th the PS4 in the U.S. was sold out at #1 on Amazon for 4 straight days with 3 other skus that were sold out. That was when Sony finally decided to supply the U.S. with lots of system... #1.1.5
I never heard of those.. Why don't you back up the facts that the PS4 is harder to make and X1 flooded the market?? Sure isn't consistent given the sales.

Official Console of the NFL would mean more if Madden made a leap forward in their game. #1.1.3

That's just all very opinionated. The truth is the casual gamers would still buy said game in droves. And casual gamers look for value and playing a multiplayer game for 100+ hours is a better value than a single player game that last 20 hours.

Yes.., the single player game last forever but there's only a small percentage of people that actually finish the game to begin with much less replay the game over again. I remember looking at a g... #1.1.8
You're lame if you use a console to watch porn. As a well-known PC hater, I side on the PC on this.

That's as bad as using magazines still. #1.1.1
It is a rehash. Essentially looks the same and plays the same. It is a rehash whether you like to admit it or not. Saying COD is a rehash but saying this isn't?? The hypocrisy is just lame.

And as if we didn't know Zelda was gonna be in this game lol..

Nintendo has you guys in a hook/line/sinker. Annoucing chracters to get you excited.. Wow.. Such children.. #1.1.14
Given the similarity of the design, the X1 slim might look like the PS4 without the slanted look. #1.1
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