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Do you choose the marginally better looking game or the game with the better frame rate. I'd still opt for the PC version. #1.1
Sony did better to completely secure the console war. #1.1.18
Still not up on GOG #1.1.1
I have a problem with the people that already have money and they still penny push. #1.1
He's just shy and anti-social like most gamers. #1.1.2
haha so much for mobile and the PC gamer apologists lol #1.1.2
Bloodborne, the only game that was polished, and it did not feel bloated with lame missions and sidequests.

That's why Bloodborne is game of the year, fact. #1.1.3
The people don't want mobile. Don't get in! #1.1.1
The stock one #1.1
I rather they work on the next game.

Bloodborne is Game of the Year. It's a polished, open world, and lenghthy experience. Everything else that tries to do open-world is not as polished. #1.1.3
All the X1 has is games that I felt I played on 360 and PS3. Those games just look like one step better. #1.1.5
Fanboyism got us most of the big annoucements at E3. IF there wasn't any "shouting" would we get Fallout 4 as quick, Doom, Shenmue 3, and Final Fantasy 7? #1.1.3
Wow people are dumb. He doesn't get a single agree? 20 months to make 5 games is a freaking short time. Considering it takes an average of 3 years to make any size game. #1.1.2
Games are more underwhelming since the margin of improvement is becoming less and less. Also many of the genres are stale. The next big leap won't be until we see VR and AR. 2D gaming has reached its limit and 3D gaming on a flat panel is approaching the limit. #1.1
There was hardly any excitement for the WiiU. Not even I knew it launched whenever it did. #1.1
THere ya go, the definitive version on current gen consoles. Now make a Bayonetta 2 on the current gen. #1.1.2
Well COD is the only multiplat that sells more on the X1 in the US territory. Even I will probably end up with the X1 version. #1.1.2
How many people exclude themselves to playing only first party games? You just try to spin it in a way so that the criteria fits your agenda.

And responding to your 2nd paragraph, I also I don't need to pay as much to play games. Nintendo games stay full price for a long time. #1.1.3
"The Wii U has played host to some of the most amazing games of this CURRENT CONSOLE GENERATION"

The WiiU being part of the current gen is still debatable #1.1
I'm trying it on mobile right now and it's just too slow and buggy. It just hangs forever when I try to sign in. #1.1.5
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