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Run to the next checkpoint #1.1.1
Bring back the javelin glitch and commando #1.1
That's design. They must have unlocked the harder difficulty in this game. #1.1.1
Military veteran. But kirkhammer alone makes this game of the year! #1.1.1
Just using logic, how is this game a 7 in their view? Compare it to games that are 7, 8, and 9 on their reviews.

Sure you may give it a 7 if you rarely give out 8s, but it's not doing this game justice if you think their are many games better than Bloodborne.

This score is invalid and should not count! #1.1.10
I think it comes to PC in 3 years. That's just my prediction. It's great to have exclusives over multiplatform. The load times would be even better on the PC. However I will be playing BB2 by then! #1.1.14
THis review is invalid! It doesn't count! #1.1
This only prooves parity between the three platforms.

You idiots who support multiplats early on.. Now we are stuck with multiplats in the current gen. #1.1.10
The stuff is pretty lame. I rather just pay the developer more money and reward them that way. This stuff would just would clutter my room. #1.1.1
Bonnie Ross is hawt, but this is PR speak. Halo is the same old boring formula. Atleast COD is fun to play. #1.1.4
Quality already fell since MGS3. It's the Resident Evil Complex that has already started. #1.1.1
PC elitist should look into things more deeper. It's smartphone, tablet, and game streaming that is holding the PC back.

Developers are trying to scale there "small" game and scale it from smartphone to the consoles and PC. And then some those developers are making a lot more money than big developers.

If you don't support PC or Consoles we will see fewer and fewer AAA games. #1.1.3
Chinese gamers identify more with Sony than Microsoft. I'm chinese, so I would know. #1.1.2
One 970 won't be enough.

But I smell parity here. They try to fit it on the consoles held this game back. #1.1.13
It's a bad thing.

Mobile, Tablet, and Game Stream are bad for the gaming industry. #1.1
An insider source told me we will see something next week. #1.1.1
Microsoft needs to buy Nintendo. They did say they want to win this generation in terms install base at all costs. That's what the NX stands for. #1.1
Took me 5 minute to find where the settings menu is since I disconnected the kinect from it.

But the X1 is a nice looking system and it is the best controller currently. And then every else the X1 just isn't as good as the PS4. #1.1.4
^Big_Game Hunters

"No negative effect"

That would be PR speak and it certainly isn't helping console development. Nintendo may make more money but that money will be towards mainly more mobile development.

As I have said recently, it's you idiots that keep supporting mobile games that made Nintendo look into the mobile market. You idiots can only blame yourselves.

If y'all listened to me this wouldn&#... #1.1.4
Doesn't matter, PS4 still sold more. Look at Amazon!

PS4 gamers are playing the FFV demo because they have better taste in games. #1.1.3
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