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There's a lot more you can do on GTA. In Read dead it's more about shooting and hunting and then maybe horse races. Like I said Red Dead should be canceled in favor for GTA6.

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It's a hardware limitation.

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Haha Scorpio won't sell out. You can probably count the number stores that Scorpio will sell out on your fingers and toes.

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Hehe haven't played for 2 weeks and zelda is in sleep mode for that entire time.

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You need to see it for yourself on your screens. I have 4k screen and a 1080p screen side by side. That's how you know for sure the difference.

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^I buy anything noteworthy cause I'm a core gamer first. It would have to be like racing and mmo where I may not get a game.

But there is a reason for getting Scorpio if there's more console exclusives. Read Dead 2 is gonna be true 4k compared to like native 1600p on PS Pro. But as I said before I'm a Red Dead hater so I'm gonna need more than just overrated Red Dead.

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20 mil lifetime sales, I'm calling it.

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I will be forced to get on PS Pro. The sole single advantage of the Scorpio is the console exclusives the Scorpio would look the best on. Good thing Red Dead means next to nothing for me otherwise I would probably need to buy a Scorpio.

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Games and systems are too cheap. Games should $70 and systems should have better hardware and be at least $600.

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It's gonna be $400. YOu guys watch.

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I will get the PC version :P

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^ Nope. MGS2 came out in 2001. Eastern devs still kicking butt. Was it a sign.. nope?

And if you think GTA3 was a shift, no it wasn't.

The shift happened much later when the Xbox 360 started receiving PC type games like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect, and Bioshock. Then the eastern devs couldn't compete in the money side of the business and talent side.

And then eastern did it wrong doing by chasing money. Making mobi...

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Just no more Halo please.

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^But both Nintendo and platinum most likely lost money from Bayonetta 2 sales.

And platinum games is the one developer who doesn't stick to any platform. They use different publishers for different games. They would get the bigger offer from multiplatform or Sony and Microsoft.

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Cause Sony and Microsoft deferred, but now they realize bayonetta style game does sell atleast well enough to fund it.

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I agree MGS2 moved the graphics department. GTA3 was not.. that was too ambitious for its time. They needed vice city and San Andreas to polish it up.

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I would consider boycotting the game entirely if the game is Switch exclusive. Even as a switch owner I would be disappointed.

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Meh the facial tech has probably been exceded by now. You guys with your nostalgia, please stop it. The game wasn't that good back then either.

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1. Nintendo feels threatened that the game looks like metroid.

2. Oh well, like which 19 people are actually gonna by Axiom Verge on Switch lol

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Oooo yea preordered Tekken 7 for $33.

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