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No such thing as a perfect game period. One bug and it's not "perfect". #1.1.2
It's a business. I'm sure it was on the table and up for discussion about purposely making the supply low to create more hype. It was called limited edition for a reason.

Unlike the limited day 1 editions for MS, that actually aren't all that limited. #1.1.1
Exclusives are better for the gamer! That's a fact #1.1.12
lol that is one of the reasons why I usually just click the N4G link and not the original source link. '

PS Experience was what..? $50 a day or the whole time?

That's well worth it in comparison to other shows. #1.1.8
It was $30 not including tax on Black Friday. It's pointless to buy this game now. If I go on multiplayer I will get my ass kicked and if I don't have friends to play with locally it's lame. #1.1
Or just Nintendo's ability to make a proper controller. With a direct and objective comparison the DS, DS2, DS3, DS4, X1, 360 controllers are all better than the Gamecube controller overall. And I'd rather use the WiiU pro controller over the gamecube controller.

The controller just draws a lot fanfare because the triggers are "cool" and the face buttons have certain nice look appeal. #1
Just hurry up with Final Fantasy XV. And FFXV should be a exclusive because I'm really tired of waiting for the next installment. It seems like it takes half a decade for the next one. #1.1
Nintendo makes money.., but what does that mean for me. The difference between Nintendo and the other two console holders is they keep that money for themselves while the other two pay for more content and better hardware. Right now I know I will buy one game for the WiiU next year and if you throw in Zelda that's two games for most people.

I don't work for Nintendo so it doesn't benefit me.

There's about 10 PS4 games I know I will buy for... #1.1.1
That totally caught me by suprise. I guess that just shows you how much of a nintendo hater I am. Wow it's 9.1 vs 7.9mil now.

I only look at PS4 vs X1 sales and I just totally missed when the X1 actually took over the WiiU sales. #1.1
Does not benefit the gamer if it comes out yearly. Only sports games make sense. I need the new roster every year and if they only did a update then the same exploits would still be used in the sports game. #1.2
lol people just don't get it..

It's good for gamers, moderate for Sony, and moderate for capcom. Exclusive games score higher in general, so how is it bad for gamers? Oh.. is it because you don't have a PS4 or PC? Well too bad you gotta pay money to have fun in this hobby.

Moderate for Sony, because they had to pay some sort of money for the rights but in the end it will increase their install base.

Moderate for Capcom, because... #1.1.4
Fighting is a lame genre. Right next to RTS and Racing games.

Panda is fun to play with though. #1.1.3
Sony paid money but not as much as MS does. I'm also in the minority that likes exclusives on all consoles. Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive is a thumbs up for me. #1.1.2
Microsoft is good for one thing in my opinion this generation. They make the other two console holders realize the importance of third-party exclusives. Their needs to be way more exclusives on any platform. Exclusives make for better games and that's a fact.

I'm excited when MS is trigger happy and they go in guns blazing and ready to slip blank checks underneath doors. #1.1.2
X1 fans will have fun playing from behind with their close-minded U.S. sales.

"I don't care which system(s) you own and/or <3 the most. 2015 is gonna kick ass for everyone.


^ You gotta own all three for the full experience."

Halo is not a must-play game anymore. #1.1.11
Kratos in the game for those who didn't click the link. #1.1
This sku is lame though. All it is the color. Black and White still look better than grey. Would be cooler if they actually changed the enclosure to make it look like the orginal PS1. The orginal PS1 is about the same size as the PS4.

And then have the original boot screen. That boot screen is 2nd best to the original 360 boot screen. #1.1.10
PS4 is the king of the action game. In no other platform can you replicate the combination of graphics and the adventure.

Uncharted 4

Nothing on AAA on PC falls under that catagory, WiiU has Zelda but that doesn't compare. And to add to the list there's also a multiplat that is superior on PS4 and not going on PC anytime soon in MGS5. X1 has Tomb Raider only timed exclusive. #1.1.9
Exclusive.. I care

Multiplat.. I don't care #1.1.1
I don't get it. Looks like another Destiny/Spore. Quite frankly I'm interested in exploring same looking enviroments. I don't care about different objects if they all have same textures and color pallete. #1.1.1
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