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All these games are atleast okay. But Final Fantasy 13 I would not consider a good looking game when it came out. #1.1.3
Y'all are the dumb ones. The Vita is a lost cause. They should keep up the PS4 momentum by adding another exclusive.

This is come from a Vita owner and it's sitting right in front of me on a desk. I don't care for it. #1.1.4
The do it yourself PC is obviously the better route for people on a budget. #1.1
Infamous Second Son is a underrated game. #1.1.3
Rah.., I'm a Sgt right now in the reserves. #1.1.2
The DLC should come out earlier or later. March is full of games. #1.1.1
On PC I set it at 1080p and max everything else. And then I hope my frames are still at 60 frames. #1.1.3
Already made a deal to sell my current PS4 for $200 to a friend, so I can get this PS4. I would think it's coming to America because why else he would show it during GDC? #1.1.2
What is so special about Halo 5? COD is still the best shooter whether you like it or not. #1.1.2
Microsoft apologist are here at full force. #1.1.15
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You guys are not giving credit to Sony's mindshare. Most people are still PlayStation fans in general if they are gamer. They were just turned off by the $600 price tag which kept snowballing. This time around the PS4 launched at the same price so it was an easy decision for people that grew up with PlayStation.

It's still not out of the question for PS4 to sell as much as the PS2. The Wii1 was on track to do it but it didn't have the longevity. PS4 has the l... #1.1.2
He's the best spokesperson in the gaming industry. I know that's not a popular opinion but during his speeches he makes things seem more important than they actually are. On stage he would make the PS3 sound mysterious. #1.1.12
I don't have a need for this since I don't use batteries. I just use a mini usb cable on the PC and also on the X1. #1.1.1
That's great.. I played it two years ago and I will playing other games this year. #2.1.1
Now we are talking! I get the best of both worlds on a game. I play ultra settings on PC on the single player mode and when I want to play people online competitively I can switch to the X1 and play in a more equal playing field.

Okay this makes more sense. I apologize for my hate comments early if this is true. #1.1.1
1.2 x 900p = 1080p #1
The X1 can't handle this. This peripheral will take performance power and we be at either 720p or simplistic looking games. The core gamers don't want this! #1.1.4
F2P yep, I don't support it. Best of all I can play it and not spend a dime. #1.1.1
Ok I'm addressing the math here. 20% of 900p is 180p. 180p+900p=1080p. Meaning in theory this only bring the X1 into PS4 current technology.

Or in quicker computation 1.2x900p=1080p

While PS4 is still getting better as well lol #1.1.24
The only thing I would want is make the lb and rb more accessible since I like to use the lb to aim and the rb to shoot. #1.1.2
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