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Wii sold more first party games therefore they made the most money. Multiplats like COD and GTA are only like one dollar profit for Sony and Microsoft.

You can argue that it was a last-last gen game or the fact that they got lucky.. But they won in both install base and software sales profit. #1.1.2
I was trying to figure why I don't have much motivation for this game even though the game is very well made. And then I figure it's just the countless number of shooters we play.

There's some interesting missions but most are still in the realm of aiming and shooting. Then you got enemies respawning. It's the same generic formula. The pLatforming and environment is well done so that was why I'm actually able to finish the game. Games like COD singl... #1.1.1
You mean they will improve the service that's better than Xbox live, okay. Give me more! #1.1
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I'm gonna expect a congratulations every year then. X1 will sell 40 mil by the end of the generation. That's my prediction.

And no they're not making more money at this rate by giving away so many free games with bundles, they buy mojang, and other timed exclusives. The one thing 360 had was the high software sales which the X1 only has a medium amount. #1.1.1
@ the article


You might as well rephrase the title to "Why I don't want an amazing game" #1.1
Baseline price for X1 went from $500 to $350. While the PS4's msrp is still $400. So there's noway MS will drop the X1 more than to $300 while the PS4, if needed, can drop price a couple times.

So sales will be in favor the PS4 and increasing because of the inability of X1 to have price drops every six months. Afterall.. they can't give away the system for free at this rate. #1.1.2
Even your resident Nintendo hater disagrees. Inherently the controls and mechanics are just better with Smash.

Now does it deserve a 9.2, that's still debatable. The game has lots features, but I would agree with a 8.8. The +.4 would be nintendo glasses, nintendo free pass, and nintendo blind faith. #1.1
I would say it's not necessary to buy one, but if you have the money then why short yourself. #1.1.1
I still look at it's still the same price since the Kinect is $150 standalone. So MS took out the camera but you are paying the saying price for the console without the camera. So I can look at it as if I payed $350 for the console and the extra $150 was for the camera

While you were waiting for a "price drop" I was able to download free games and play the current gen AAA games. You only live once.. so you can choose to be frugal and wait or take what life ha... #2.1.5
This gonna be the best year of gaming since 2007. #1.1.3
Nintendo has already exceeded my expectations with me being able to play online for day day-1 but wanted to add a friend after the rank match and you can't. #1.1
This game has been free several times and I've played it several times. Whatever. And really.. Someone has this game in their top 10 all-time.. #1.1.9
What sets Halo apart from COD? Halo is 2nd-rate compared to COD. #1.1.2
You only live once so buy them all. It won't stop you from commenting here. #1.1.1
PC master of none need not apply here..

$400 to play AAA multiplats, sports games, online competitive games, exclusives, console exclusives, timed exclusives, and gonna last 5 years.

No thanks I don't need a PC yet, I rather keep waiting until the games advance and the hardware drops in price. I'm not paying almost $1000 to get PC ported game to run 60 Frames 1080p ie. Far Cry and Assasins Creed Unity. Two games that aren't even that advanced. #1.1.19
Dumb because I can buy games for cheaper than that online brand-new and release date. #1.1.2
Ubisoft won't make any money from this port, so do you blame them? In this case blame the console and not the game developer. #1.1.2
lol the analogy for these articles is like this:

In a 10k marathon there is one runner that sprints the first 500 meters and celebrates that he is ahead by a lot.

Wow 1 week and you celebrate? And mind you in one week the worldwide sales you still lost.

I hope you guys don't use this kind of shortsighted and closeminded logic in school. #1.1.16
It's a glorified supercharged PS3. I only use the wiiU pro controller now to play the WiiU games.

People just like to defend the WiiU here because they want to justify their purchase. Well that doesn't work. You guys are biased here. #1.1.4
So what's your criteria^?

PS4 worldwide is 434k and X1 is 415k. So just because X1 in its prime week caught up, it still lost. Microsoft dropped the price for like the 3rd time since launch and bundled more games, and still lost!

In what way is this a positive for Microsoft? This is just plain spin. #1.1.14
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