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Okay but those who don't buy probably don't care enough to do so. So if you wanna be casual you still play a good amount of quality games exclusive to one system. If you want all the good games you just buy all them. Gaming is relatively cheap compared to many things.

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It's gonna beat the 3DS real soon. Bravo, for kicking that handheld's ass.

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Screw these Social Justice Warriors, they good for nothing!

This just gives ground to feminist to take out every women that gets beaten or killed in every video game. This won't hold, my prediction is the kangaroo or some form of the kangaroo comes back. I hope you SJWs lose!

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milk milk milk by Nintendo

The 3DS is already dead haha

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^Okay but would you rather have a better games and your only sacrifice is to buy all the consoles. You spend an extra $700 per generation. I'm willing, it's not even a question for me. I have all systems anyway. Just cause it's accessible to everybody does me no favors, to someone who has all the systems and the systems lack differentiation.

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Multiplatform causes way more than just costs. Requires lots of time and assets.

Casuals only see the Pros of Multiplatform, they don't see the cons. I think cons outweigh the pro especially for the consumer..

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If it's on all platforms we lose. Cause the Switch will cause major parity.

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The answer to the question should be Microsoft. Since PC is not the option then the Scorpio offers the most hardware power. I wanna play Bayonetta 3 in 4k. But you commoners on here will say PS Poor or Switch exclusive. You guys like to limit yourself.

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980ti has a lower clock speed than 970. But 980ti has more Teraflops. Go learn^

Has almost zero coorelation.

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Clock speed doesn't matter. Teraflops is the determining factor.

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There's a lot more you can do on GTA. In Read dead it's more about shooting and hunting and then maybe horse races. Like I said Red Dead should be canceled in favor for GTA6.

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It's a hardware limitation.

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Haha Scorpio won't sell out. You can probably count the number stores that Scorpio will sell out on your fingers and toes.

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Hehe haven't played for 2 weeks and zelda is in sleep mode for that entire time.

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You need to see it for yourself on your screens. I have 4k screen and a 1080p screen side by side. That's how you know for sure the difference.

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^I buy anything noteworthy cause I'm a core gamer first. It would have to be like racing and mmo where I may not get a game.

But there is a reason for getting Scorpio if there's more console exclusives. Read Dead 2 is gonna be true 4k compared to like native 1600p on PS Pro. But as I said before I'm a Red Dead hater so I'm gonna need more than just overrated Red Dead.

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20 mil lifetime sales, I'm calling it.

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I will be forced to get on PS Pro. The sole single advantage of the Scorpio is the console exclusives the Scorpio would look the best on. Good thing Red Dead means next to nothing for me otherwise I would probably need to buy a Scorpio.

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Games and systems are too cheap. Games should $70 and systems should have better hardware and be at least $600.

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It's gonna be $400. YOu guys watch.

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