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It improves on dark souls fluidity, speed, and graphics. Because that’s what shortcomings were for DS.

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Yea this game looks better than Horizon. As I said before this game is already better than God of War 1 and 3. The competition is against 2.

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Can’t wait for digital foundry’s pro vs poor comparison, so i can proving to you guys that ps vanilla owners are missing out the true experience.

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"Four Original Xbox Games May Be Coming to Xbox One"

Four Orignal Xbox Games I will not care about.

Backwards Compatibility never mattered. It's such a mute point.

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Hmmm i wonder if it will automatically take in to effect like they said. I didn't sign up on spotifity on the PS4. But I do have spotify setup on the PS4.

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Nah you guys are wrong. The Xbox will still have larger install base by the time the Xbox 4 comes out

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Lots of zeldas are better than Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild is just box puzzles, walking simulator, and climbing simulator. Small dungeons and forgettable bosses. Poor pop in and poor draw distance.

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The game should on be on PS4 and PC.

I’m glad Bayonneta ain’t selling on switch.

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Summer time gonna be slow so I can replay this on PC. 4k 60 frames. I played the first one with pyro and didn’t get to play all the side levels.

This time I will go with two hand sword character.

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We don’t need a resistance collection.

Sunset Overdrive ain’t that special.

Sunset Overdrive 2 we don’t need that.

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My game of the generation is already locked on Bloodborne. The competition is who will ultimately be #2.

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The first one overrated as well. Action RPGs we still crap with some exceptions like Dark Cloud.

If you gonna make an action rpg don’t flash into battle and flash out of battle.

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PS4 has won every quarter since release please stop disrespecting Sony

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The PlayStation system rankings is this:

PS2, PS1, PS4, PS3, PSP, Vita.

Lol PS3 is the worst home console Sony system. First it got sloppy 2nd ports compadres to 360, then the devs wouldn’t take advantage of the cell. And then the PS3 system started to show its age by 2010. The PSN was definitively than xbl during the PS3 gen and right now it’s a tie.

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Give me everything. You casual gamers don't know what your talking about if you are excluding graphics. Graphics is still basically a joke still. The Wii fanboys said graphics were good enough back then, and look at where it is now. Graphics still got a long way to go.

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Yea sharper but video games you need to see detail like maybe a sniper that is 300 feet away. On the switch that sniper you won’t be able to see him.

So while the switch looks fine but what’s the point if you can’t see small details.

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Get rid of the lame pulled back camera and seeing a 5 inch Kratos figurine rolling around 7 inches on the screen.

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The make or break was E3 2013 when the announced the Xbox was gonna be weaker and $500.

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Switch fans will tell you it doesn’t matter because the screen is small. That’s inherently also the problem because it hides the flaws but also hides the details you need to see in a game.

That’s a myth that a small screen hides the flaws. It’s a myth that you only need 720p for a small screen. Don’t buy into that BS. The switch screen sucks and the system doesn’t have enough power.

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It’s gonna be:

2, 4, 1, 3, Acension, Chain of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta.

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