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No not backwards. Gears 1 was the best looking game when it came out. 2nd one was top5. The next Gears games after 2 were above average graphics.

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Meh hasn't been impressive looking since Gears 1 and to lesser degree Gears 2.

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Boycott phone games. It's killing AAA game development.

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meh im ready for next gen. This stuff doesn't look that good.

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Getting ready for the NX

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You relics who stick to Windows 7 smh are as bad as the Windows XP snobs.

Good! So you don't get to play the game.

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There shouldn't be a sequel for this lame and boring franchise. Bungie, you suck!

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This probably happens every generation when the consoles are maxed out. PC tends to pull away during the later years of each console generation.

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Meh.. you snobs were all into her when she was winning. Miesha Tate is prettier so I will always side with her.

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Only if the X1 had real exclusives it would matter. But there's probably only a handful of people who would make the illogical decision of buying a X1 for the Division timed exclusive content.

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Bloodborne and Bloodborne only. Bloodborne is already my game of the generation. No game will top it.

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I disagree with you snobs. Almost all games are associated with repetition. Unless it's really story driven or unique I don't see finishing every game necessary.

That is an element that makes gaming different. You can't really watch a movie, read a book, or listen to part-way because there's a narrative to it. Most video games don't focus on the narrative. It's about the mechanics and design. You don't need to play a game from start and finish...

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I doubt the black guy's Laptop is that much stronger than a the Xbox One. Even if he had the 980m or something it ain't that much better due to parity and console optimization is a lot better than PC.

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One of the reasons why I will never be a game developer. I can't do more than 40 hour work weeks.

I have to many games to play.

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My only complaint is the graphics are last gen. The content needs to be added but I'm not gonna trip about that now. I play multiplayer anyway.

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Only impressive graphics on the PC version!

And since I can't cancel my preorder for the X1, I must sell it. Gonna play the free and superior version on PC :)

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Steam name: mikes703

For all the N4G people who want to beat me up on SFV.

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You should either go back to school, or go check your senses if you don't think Xbox One wont be hurt from this.

Such elementary facts and people can't grasp it lol

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X1 is a steam box now.

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lol made you look

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