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While compromising other settings. The gpu is the bottleneck. And the game already doesn't run that well. You pedestrians on here would watch a 4k slideshow lol

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I'm glad they continuing the story. Here's for TLoU 10 baby!

2nd best stealth series behind Hitman.

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1. Don't need Uncharted 4

2. Don't need more Uncharted 4

3. PS4 pedestrian owners gonna feel the pain playing TLoU2

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The "citadel" graphics looks fine but the conquest levels still looks like pedestrian halo and destiny graphics. That's dissapointing since Mass Effect 1 was cutting edge.

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Wrong. How can they award it when TLG isn't even out for the masses. Dark Souls 3, Dishonored, or TLG is true game of the year. Just like you pedestrians chose witcher 3 last year, the true game of the year was Bloodborne.

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Dishonored has better looking levels. XV has better character models.

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I play PC on ultra settings. Disappointed that only the north east side of map of San Francisco is accurate. My house is not in the game.

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PS4 wins at everything. Only the controller for the xbox one is better. Virtually everything on PS4 is either a tie or a win.

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UC4 same old and boring gameplay.

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I have confidence that TLG was worth wait more than FFXV.

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Uncharted 4 nope. Only the pedestrians think it is.

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Game of the year is between 3 games: The Last Guardian, Dark Souls 3, and Dishonored.

Notice I didn't put FFXV in there.

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I mean the game looks great for an open world game. Character models top of the line. But they sacrifice the performance with sluggish controls and you can't even drive the car in a legitimate way.

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Just wanted to say that I'm not even sure if this game is better Final Fantasy 13. The quest are lame, the game has poor control response, and the battle system feels off.

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That's bad for the industry. Most devs already don't make much so you cheapscape selves aren't helping. Plus there's an incentive to preorder. It's actually cheaper to preorder.

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VGAs hasn't disappointed lately

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@EDMIX most people are too cheap to get a proper capture card. It's like $150. I have Avermedia Livegamer HD internal though.

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Good. Benefits people like me who have capture cards. Now I will get more viewers.

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nope that's GTAV and GTAVI will be even bigger.

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Cause you people are cheapscapes

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