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In other words.. Comprehensive means that the X1 is more relevant and covers more bases than the PS4 when it comes to their lineup of games and their features.

As you all know that's just spin. The quanitity doesn't mean quality. The biggest flaw for every game that comes out is the PS4 version is better. That's a huge plus.

I would like to tell that straight up to Microsoft exec or employee and see what they say. You can't defend that the... #1.1.9
Pretty demotivating if they are really comparing it to Brothers. Brothers is a below average game. #1.1.7
"Steam and environments were unreal. Gameplay also looked to be solid. Sold!"

I know I will buy the game. I bought Watchdogs afterall..

Still doesn't mean the game will meet expectations. Anything Ubisoft puts out is suspect. They're just known for putting out above-average to good games. #1.1.11
Several reasons I see the X1 will falter their just like anywhere else outside the UK and USA.

It's too expensive their. I'm full chinese, myself, and we are frugal. It's reportedly going to be $600 U.S. Even despite that we may be rich, but if we don't see a good deal a lot chinese people will not buy it. The proportion of haves and have nots is big disparity there too. There's lots of rich and then lots of poor.

And next, the chi... #1.1.7
I hope soon. #1.1
It's called the "console cycle". The people who keep saying consoles are doomed should study the "console cycle".

This should come as no suprise. Just like when it rains, the water is distributed on the ground, then the sun comes up to evaporate the water back into the air, then the clouds form up, and so forth.

If the X1 and the WiiU can hold up this generation, it will be greater than last generation. 3DS and PS4 should more than... #1.1.1
Shouldn't be that cold with the coat of blubber around him. #1.1
PlayStation is Lebron James


Xbox is Paul George


Nintendo is Ricky Rubio

PlayStation is Peyton Manning


Xbox is Matthew Stafford


Nintendo is Michael Sam #1.1.2
Objectively speaking the X1 controller is better overall than the PS4 controller.

If you take your biases aside and just compare them..

And that's about it. Everything else the PS4 has more advantages. #1.1.2
ND is currently the best video game developer in the video game industry.

Please no Uncharted remastered. There has to be a TLoU2. Please implement the best gameplay elements from TLoU to Uncharted 4.

Uncharted games remastered won't make sense because the games ran fine on the PS3. TLoU's potential seemed to be stunted by the PS3 hardware, so the PS4 remaster made sense. #1.1
Naughty Dog is currently the best video game developer in the gaming industry. They have been since 2009. Nobody is replicating or surpassing them right now. #1.1.8
It's a GOTY nominee. Only on PS4! #1.1.7
For all intensive purposes the vita and Kinect are dead. And WiiU is about to be dead too. This is when you see poor software support coming down the pipeline. That's my definition of dead. #1.1.3
Looks like a advanced version of MAG. These multiplayer games still look unacceptable. #1.1.1
Seems like the same engine. Ready at Dawn not use to making shooters. #2.1
By default COD wins once again. Can't argue against Destiny's sales but I don't think it will have the legs like a COD. #1.1
We are already seeing more development on PS4. Close to 10 new previously unnannouced exclusives from the breifing. This is why sales matter. More sales means more games.

And the WiiU support on N4G is sickening. We are not talking about the WiiU in this article. The system is even more unhealthy than the X1. I give it about a year left before support drops. #1.1.4
I plan on buying a X1 but came away less enthusiastic from the briefing. TR doesn't matter for me because I did not like the most recent TR. Sunset OD, the more I see it the less interesting it is. Quantam Break, looks like spectacle but questionable gameplay.

I like the Sunset OD white X1 bundle though. #1.1.8
12 people.., my expectations are lowered now. But I support exclusives so they got my money. #1.1.7
MS twists their words the most out of the 3. For example they said it's the best place to play Destiny. Really?? In what way? #1.1.9
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