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Yea just move all these games to the NX. I sold my WiiU already.

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Of course they would say that. That's PR speak. They consoles to sell right now!

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I just don't get it.. I was never interested in this game the moment it was announced. Bland and wide open, I don't like in video games.

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Yep.. traded my xbox about one week ago. I got my 2nd PS4 and still have enough trade-in credit for the NX.

Scalebound and Crackdown for Windows, pretty much solidifies there's no good reason to own a Xbox this generation or next generation.

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Microsoft is tired of losing money so they are ditching the conventional way of a console. They put one foot on the console and one foot on the PC. This doens't bold well for the xbox only owner.

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As soon as it's annouced I'm preordering it from Gamestop. Next gen I will have all the systems except Xbox. Exclusives come no matter what for Nintendo. Whether it's 5 or 10 must play games, you still gotta play them.

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LOL every disagree is a person with weak PC specs. Yea you ain't better than a console gamer. You only think you're better.

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If you don't have a 970, 780ti, 290x, or 390 atleast then you're no better than a peasant. Even worst you would be a pretender in my eyes.

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PS4 only.

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Game looks last closer to last Gen to current gen.

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Gotta say Infamous SS was the first own. And Bloodborne is Game of the generation.

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What are you talking about? PS4 is next gen and isn't even out yet.

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Easily, TLoU2. Uncharted 4 shouldn't have been made, but since it's out I must go buy another PS4 for it.

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Better than MKX but not Tekken.

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One of those games where you knew it would score somewhere around a 80 meta.

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PC for multicrap and consoles for exclusives. I'm playing this on the PC.🤗

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New all the way.

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A open world racing game being game of the year?? You might want to reevaluate such as asinine prediction. In the modern era you can't be a car game and win game of the year. People so silly and newbie these days lol

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God of War 3 was never elite in graphics.

This is how I saw the graphical improvements last gen. Gears 1 to COD4 to Uncharted 2 to TLoU to GTA5(openworld handicap). God of War 3 was not better than Uncharted 2 in terms of graphics.

Only one part of God of War 3 I was even impressed with the graphics was the battle against Hades.

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Fight Night Round 3 is two character models. When you talk graphics. Racing and Fighting games are automatically disqualified because they should look the best by default.

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