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"How Gears of War 4 will revitalize the franchise"

It won't.

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Wonder Boy was the first game I've ever played.

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It's pretty good.

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Not sure about this game but sometimes the PC version doesn't have the prestige editions so the PC guys ends up buying both the PC version and Console version.

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I don't like SE's business choices and decisions so I don't like them. I won't spend a dime directly to SE. Fix your garbage action rpgs and make them turn based.

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Good I hope it dies. Nintendo needs to make a real pokemon game for the home console.

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This is game of the year.

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Not paying for this because it's not turn based. I will get it free somehow.

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Not sensible to call it a Titan X again.

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Mobile gaming is no good. Boycott it.

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You're incorrect. Eliza Dushku is better looking than all.

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Yea dodge in the air. And poor level design. No memorable bosses either. Fight regular enemies and the fight bosses using the same tactics. Overrated. Felt more like a 85.

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On a real current Gen console please. B2 was highly overrated.

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Nice. This is secretly the best of Kage's games.

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Lol Microsoft lost big time. All the games are underwhelming. It's like Sony can announce zero things and still win because they won big last year. Like come on.. these games are so generic.

Like all it is a mix of Ratchet and Kameo.

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It's weak anyway. It's like a 980ti in lasts 2017. Not enough for real 4K gaming. Don't believe into the marketing bull cheap that they feeding you.

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Underwhelming visuals. I hope it comes to PC.

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Underwhelming graphics. It looks better than TF1 but it's lacking against the direct competitors.

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Meh it's like $40 elsewhere at one time. You people here on N4G aren't the best shoppers.

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