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Once again people overlooking multiplats being superior on PS4. As if X1 already did not have price drops?? They have had retailers marking down the price since the system launched and also offering bundles. PS4 wins this holiday easily.

PS4 is already outselling the X1 a 2x or 3x over on a weekly basis worldwide. Noway a price drop can negate the weekly sales gap. #1.1.3
^Sony didn't even project themselves to do this good. It's not about profit for these companys. They want to invest and create a foundation and then make major profits later. They want to get to 100 mil install base. If they wanted to profit now then they would have went the "Nintendo" route with a weak system.

Back on topic: Sony doesn't have to do anything. PS4 is still the go-to first console. For those who have not jumped into the current gen t... #1.1.4
Buyer's remorse for something $400 and has that much value?? I pity you poor folks. #1.1.1
It's a case of Sony offering unbelievable quality and quantity of free games before. Now they scaled it down to very good offerings. Nothing wrong with that. Sony is in the business of surviving too. #1.1.3
These are some high scores. I'm pleased. #1.1.2
Pretty good. One of the better games of the year. Not quite Game of the Year material though. #1.1.5
There's a little fanboy in all of us. Why else would you be complaining and still reading comments on the comment section??

And don't give me that BS you want to talk about games. Go talk about games on the forums. If you don't like it, then just read news. No one is forcing to read the comments. #1.1
I have feeling those WIIU gamecube control adapters and controllers will be sold out. The last time when Brawl came out, the gamecube controllers were expensive. #1.1.1
Those reviews are graded on the WiiU standard. And there's a lot of favoritism involved when it comes to populad mascot characters. #1.1.11
So this, the relatively small development team, no known track record, and early videos.. All point to a dissapointing game.

I'm still likely to buy it and trade it in once I'm done playing like usual. I'm known to play all hack/slash games anyway. #1.3.3
Lol so you know what means.. Parity.. They had to scale the game back for both to make it both 1080p.

Now give me them disagrees for making the most sense here.

Just look at the game. The game looks subpar just like many current gen games. #1.1.1
I don't understand how in theory 680 frames would make it unplayable. Try using a 600hz TV maybe??

Real life is infinite frames and it's not unplayable lol

As long as you got a screen that match the frames then it's fine. #1.1.5
aha GOTY when literally 25% of the games have not even came out yet? Way to be objective..

Right now it's down to Sunset OD, Bayonetta 2, COD, Smash, and Dragon Age. #1.1
Such delusional comments^

Yes it needs saving and there's noway around it that it has only sold 7 million something so far. Any Nintendo exec with no PR, isn't liking their situation.

It needs saving.. and it's not going to get saved. #1.1.2
I'd still opt for the Kinect sku. Only because I broadcast my games. HDD size doesn't matter for me. 500GB was always enough. #1.1.1
Not worth playing again. The only remaster worth playing over again is TLoU. The graphics won't look that much better anyway. #1.1.9
Yes you mean who cares about this game. #1.1.1
Hehe I was one of the people that bought it here. The system came in with all the original packaging, smelled new, no scratches, still wrapped, and no finger prints. #1.1.1
They need to push back the Order. The game doesn't look ready anyway. It will get delayed. #1.1.17
Wow what a suprise. I wonder how this feature did not get leaked. #1.1
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