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One of those games where you knew it would score somewhere around a 80 meta.

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PC for multicrap and consoles for exclusives. I'm playing this on the PC.🤗

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New all the way.

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A open world racing game being game of the year?? You might want to reevaluate such as asinine prediction. In the modern era you can't be a car game and win game of the year. People so silly and newbie these days lol

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God of War 3 was never elite in graphics.

This is how I saw the graphical improvements last gen. Gears 1 to COD4 to Uncharted 2 to TLoU to GTA5(openworld handicap). God of War 3 was not better than Uncharted 2 in terms of graphics.

Only one part of God of War 3 I was even impressed with the graphics was the battle against Hades.

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Fight Night Round 3 is two character models. When you talk graphics. Racing and Fighting games are automatically disqualified because they should look the best by default.

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Finally someone Kleptic understands most of what I say. I'm tired of breaking things barney style. So I just say things and if you don't understand it then you're too much of a newb for me.

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lol when AC1 is the best one.

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No not backwards. Gears 1 was the best looking game when it came out. 2nd one was top5. The next Gears games after 2 were above average graphics.

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Meh hasn't been impressive looking since Gears 1 and to lesser degree Gears 2.

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Boycott phone games. It's killing AAA game development.

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meh im ready for next gen. This stuff doesn't look that good.

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Getting ready for the NX

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You relics who stick to Windows 7 smh are as bad as the Windows XP snobs.

Good! So you don't get to play the game.

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There shouldn't be a sequel for this lame and boring franchise. Bungie, you suck!

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This probably happens every generation when the consoles are maxed out. PC tends to pull away during the later years of each console generation.

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Meh.. you snobs were all into her when she was winning. Miesha Tate is prettier so I will always side with her.

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Only if the X1 had real exclusives it would matter. But there's probably only a handful of people who would make the illogical decision of buying a X1 for the Division timed exclusive content.

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Bloodborne and Bloodborne only. Bloodborne is already my game of the generation. No game will top it.

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I disagree with you snobs. Almost all games are associated with repetition. Unless it's really story driven or unique I don't see finishing every game necessary.

That is an element that makes gaming different. You can't really watch a movie, read a book, or listen to part-way because there's a narrative to it. Most video games don't focus on the narrative. It's about the mechanics and design. You don't need to play a game from start and finish...

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