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"I live stream at twitch.tv/mikeslemonade"


Sounds too good to be true. I will keep my expectations low.

My VRAM in my GTX970SLI is a huge bottleneck. Every time I load near or more the 3.5gb threshold I will get artificacting in GTAV. #1.1.3
The death of the AAA gaming is becoming more real. Stop supporting mobile and tablet games. #1.1.1
^You're likely using two difference sources and that's where the inconsistency comes from.

Until the WiiU sells more than the Vita, I don't want to hear any positive sales spin for the WiiU. Vita is considered dead already, but it has a bigger install base. That don't make sense and goes to show you how many people are biased for "that" company. #1.1
Lame if it's also available on mobile. #1.1
The fact that Destiny is still a thing is baffling. #1.1.1
You can list a bunch of features but how pratical are they? I still have to pay for the subcription for the DVR.

The X1 is just another portal with an extra step to use those applications. You have to be a specific audience use this. In this day in age most already have a bunch of device that do these things. My PC renders the X1 obsolete. I still can't even get the sound to hdmi pass through X1 to my monitor.

Now the PS4 features are relevant because... #1.1.7
Because it's already lopsided. #1.1
Comparing a $2000 setup to a $300 console. Haha sure better yet go 360 degrees on your TV if you want.. #1.1.4
Yep it will be better if it exists. AAA > INDIE #1.1.4
Games have been $60 since 2005. Since then everything from things you buy and eat have been expensive. Games should be more expensive. Makes no sense. #1.1.2
The last gen systems should have been abandoned in 2011. #1.1.6
Shut the hell up you virgins. I know half you here are virgins. #1.1.1
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MGS hasn't been MGS since MGS3. Even with Kojima they haven't put out A-tier quality game since MGS3. #1.1.6
I never thought the game looked that great. The Hades battle was the only one where I was impressed.

And no the gamers don't want a remaster. We want Santa Monica to make new their next new AAA game. #1.1.2
What is puzzling is how did she not know that gamers are some of the most immature dumb people on earth.

Most gamers are in college or younger. They have not worked a real job.

I have deal with you clowns everyday. I have to teach you guys on N4G. Some stupid people here lol Some will listen but some will never learn. #1.1.12
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The casual gamers did #1
It's as much of console seller as B2, so relatively not that much.

Gonna be happy to play it, but when I play it I'm gonna be thinking about how this game would have been better on better hardware and better online infrastructure. #1.1.2
You meant blowing on catridges, paying for expensive cartridges, and playing split screen was the pinnacle of the 90s.

Games work, that's a bunch of overhyped BS. It just wasn't has publicized. Chances are that you and your few friends weren't able to find game breaking glitches. Stop being a relic and get with the times! #1.1.1
Should be a PS4 exclusive. Think of the potential!

Also old fashioned JRPG isn't an action rpg. #1.1.1
MS can easily fund the development of this game if they wanted to. I'm thinking it will come to X1. I hope it stays exclusive. #2.1.9
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