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Snookies12, that's right you got the idea. Don't support phone/tablet exclusive games. #1.1.2
I got two copies! lol #1.1.1
Nope. Console gaming will surpass PC again in terms of revenue. PC started outselling consoles in 2011 and 2012.

Now you may ask what was in 2011 and 2012 for the consoles? Not many games and and they were all weak ports compared to the PC version. The only reason PC surpassed the console is because the console generation was prolonged long after the PS3/360 systems were obsolete.

Once this generation is in full gear consoles will regain the market share. #1.1
Yes they will. Alot of 360 games for the first 2 years for timed exclusive and it help them a lot. Tomb Raider is a day 1 purchase for on the X1.

Seriously you guys don't know what is good for the gaming industry. #1.1
His opinion isn't valid. He's biased! Even if you don't like it you must respect it. #1.1
Not a valid review if you rating system is out of a 4 lol #1.1.5
Bad for the industry! I will win a debate against anyone who says it's good for industry. It's more bad for the industry. #1.1
Still.. AMD is like the ugly step child. #1.1
I saw it at GDC. Looks okay but graphically not that great either. #1.1.1
Been wanting Child of Light for a while. But PS Plus offerings gonna be some how better. They have won every month so far. #1.1.10
A current gen game has greater standards.

Bloodborne's 93 is really a 96 on the WiiU.

DA won GotY with a score of 89, yet their were two Nintendo Games that scored higher(91 and 92). That proves that the standard is more strict on the current gen hardware.

So it was never about the metascore being invalid. It was just idiotic users who claim that the WiiU has better games. However that's not the case since I just proved it to you t... #1.2
Lame.. should have included DS1 in it. What's the deal with developers only including one game. DmC and DMC4 should be together. And God of War 3 by itself!? #1.1
nope don't want it #1.1.2
Maybe in 3 years. #1.1.1
The X1 is to weak to emulate the 360. #1.1.2
Run to the next checkpoint #1.1.1
Bring back the javelin glitch and commando #1.1
That's design. They must have unlocked the harder difficulty in this game. #1.1.1
Military veteran. But kirkhammer alone makes this game of the year! #1.1.1
Just using logic, how is this game a 7 in their view? Compare it to games that are 7, 8, and 9 on their reviews.

Sure you may give it a 7 if you rarely give out 8s, but it's not doing this game justice if you think their are many games better than Bloodborne.

This score is invalid and should not count! #1.1.10
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