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^ Yea but what's more is marginal. The gap between Pro, Scorpio, and my PC which has a $700 gpu isn't big cause of parity. PS Poor and Xbox 720p is in class of their own below.

While it is easy to port is also a catch 22. They're making sometimes 5 or more versions of the game, they're not gonna specifically make the Scorpio that much better.

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FF7 ain't turn based, makes sense. And I hope peolle boycott the game.

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So once again it's efficiency and size. Sony did something that equal considering it came out a year earlier. Ram and CPU isn't a bottlneck when games are a victim of parity across PS4/Xbox/PC.

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Meaning it probably will be finally free on PC ;)

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I agree with the stoppage. Stop promoting old games.

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Nope shouldn't have refunds at all. Games are already cheap as it is. You letting cheapscapes play the game for 2 hours and then returning it.

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Lol the switch wannabe feature. Remote play sucks.

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Yes I read the ariticle and someone explain to me why the Xbox deserves praise outside of combining the gpu and CPU into one chip.

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No they shouldn't cause it would just delay the ps pro version.

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I like Console generations with one or two system upgrades per generation. No slim upgrades, just power upgrades please.

And please stop focusing on backwards compatibility. BC only adds cost and waste time. I want new games.

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Cavs gonna beat the Warriors 4-2. This makes Lebron tied with the GOAT with his career credentials. One more ring after this year to become the GOAT.

Please don't waste my time with your refutes, you don't know as much basketball as I do. If you are against this kind of thinking your wrong, I'm not wasting my time explaining why he's already 2nd all-time already.

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Just in time to bundle it for free to pit it against the Scorpio. Good choice to bundle it with PS Pro and not PS Poor.

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Once again Scorpio is being overhyped. Every console is usually amazing and impressive for its time. What is praised is here mostly the small form factor and customization. At the end of the day it's a 6 teraflop gpu which is worth $260 today. The gpu in my pc is worth $700.

So bravo Microsoft for shrinking it and making it look sleek when the performance is basically the same if you just left it bulky. You will be paying premium because they were able to shrink it...

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New monday is wrong on his last comment. CPU is still strong enough to not be a real bottleneck for the gpu. Let's say you put a $300 cpu instead in the Scorpio, you will at most get 5 more fps, if that.

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Bayonetta 3 better not be on switch after the overrated Bayonetta 2.

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not photo realistic to the naked eye. It's disappointing actually. If you look at it full screen the hair and ears are upsetting.

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Bayonetta 1 is still the King it's even better in a direct comparison to Bayonetta 2.

But the potential of the new God of War looks good. I think they will fail to live up to it though.

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New Monday is correct

CPU and more ram doesn't matter since every game is gonna be on parity restriction. It only matters on exclusives which the Xbox has zero.

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And that's why you do Autocad while the software engineers make more money.

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Halo 3 is overrated. Since Halo 2 that series and universe is crap. Bungie sucks. Bungie not even a top 50 developer. I can count more than 10 shooters series that are better in the modern era.

It's just the fan service that defends this game.

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