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13>15 Period

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Screw devs that use denuvo. I will make sure to not pay for your games.

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The game looks shitty enough to run on the Switch.

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Don't buy it. I hope Trump bans mobile games altogether.

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There's a correlation to quality and sales though. No one ever said good sales always meant good game. You fair minded people who misinterpreted.

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I hope they cancel the WiiU version.

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Don't buy it. Just play the trial and that should give you enough of a fix.

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Cause he played it 3 years too late. Games are meant to be played on release. If you wanna complain about the game then you lack perspective to critique it.

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Pedestrian packs.

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Haha I was pretty sure I was going to buy it but the demo trial was enough for my fix.

I hope mobile fails. Trump should ban mobile gaming.

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Nope. No DLC or red dead please. You should have been working on GTA6 three years ago.

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Good I hope they crumble. Denuvo, turn based FF7, long development times, mobile development. Screw you!

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Nope and they could have easily fixed it. They made it more AC like. Instead linear and memorable levels you do quest based missions. So you are just arbritrailiy going to random spots in the map and then you go back to the reforming area or go talk to the next person.

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It's Burger King vs Burger Diner. Xbox has virtually no advantages over the PC if you can only have one. Other than being cheaper barrier to entry to play games and less setup.

That's what the Xbox is therefore. It's if you couldn't get an ideal experience you have to settle on Xbox which is clearly the worst option.

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Trump should ban mobile gaming.

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Not nice of them to buy a dead system for the kid.

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Soccer is lame. And yes I said soccer.

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The last great Jrpg. Not this garbage 13, 15, and ni no kuni.

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Wii U doesn't deserve this title.

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