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This game was never going to make the X1 lineup. I have a hard time seeing this game getting higher than a 80 based on the critcs. THe critics have been harsh for this generation because there expectations for PC, X1, and PS4 are unrealistic.

Not many current gen games are getting over 85 and none have went have over 89. While critics are giving Nintendo games a 90 33% of the time. That's unfair and that proofs current gen games have a higher standard than nintendo g... #1.1.17
This is how I rank the series so far: 3, 2, 1, 4. I think 5 will end up after 1 based on what I played in ground zeros. I predict it will be 3, 2, 1, 5, 4. #1.1.2
This game is getting a watchdogs treatment. They're trying to get all versions similair. Which that is dissapointing as a PC owner. #1.1.10
I saw Fable Legends in person. Doesn't look that exciting. It's just taking things from many rpgs in then trying to make it better. Somehow it being better doesn't translate though.

Free to play and cross play is lame. I'm not gonna spend a dime on a free to play game. #1.1.1
Should been extinct. The system has maxed out since 2009. Obsolete systems need to go away. #1.1
This is why BF is 2nd-rate behind COD. There game almost looks last gen and still they can't hit the minimum standards. #1.1.22
Last Guardian #1.1.1
The real west is America. #1.1.2
It was over at E3 2013 when Sony announced that the PS4 would be $399.99. I've been saying it and am surprised that most people didn't see that way. #1.1.4
I don't like where the industry is headed. Not good for the hardcore gamer. The gaming insdustry is a real young one. Vote with your dollars on the right things. #1.1.1
What a suprise! I can only use a controller I'm gonna be wrecked. #1.1
Great, now I can play it for the sixth time! #1.1.1
So games will look like PS3 launch games then. #1.1.1
It's the next Unreal Tournament. Looks like the Shangri la.

I can use a Unreal game. I'm tired of COD being the best. No other competition to push COD. #1.1.1
Who do I need to threaten and who do I need to kill to see this video? #1.1.1
If you want the WiiU why keep waiting and if you don't want it skip it. #1.1.1
Racing genre is lame. I played Horizon 2 exactly one time. And MK8 is okay. It doesn't effect PlayStation much. #1.1.4
Looks good. Wish this game wasn't open world because some of the graphics look great and other parts just don't look polished. I doubt these will be fixed to the fullest in the final game. The world is just too big noway they can make it look as good as a linear game. #1.2
WiiU..? Make it for WiiU2 #1.1.1
My PS4 usb ports still don't work! #1.1.5
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