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I was wondering why the PC version looked so bad. Thought PC version gonna be the remastered version too.

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Minus 8 because it's WiiU game.

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Some sources are more legit. Rumors point to abnormally weak hardware.

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Looks like a mistake batch that they repackaged to sell.

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Yep tomorrow with no games I would buy it. Actually as soon as it becomes avalible I'm clicking buy.

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DX12 is better. And 970 is weak.

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After looking at the beta it's gonna be one of the worst. Advance Warfare is the best easily.

And Overwatch for the sheep is the best.

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Madden. Soccer is a lame sport.

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You buy it because you basically have no choice. Where do you shop at in middle America? Walmart. That's exactly how Jrpgs now are on consoles. If you don't buy it then no Jrpg for you.

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I rather have 1 new title over sum of 10000 remasters and BC games. That's how meaningless old games are too me. I already played them. I want a new experience. 1 new title > infinite rehash games.

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Good. I like the price point.

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The car I drive isn't in it

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Yep this stupid consumer entitlement.

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With no GTA6 yet there is no strong competition. Thing is Mafia tends to be average games.

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Japanese gamers have bad taste in games.

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Yep I haven't even made it pass the tutorial level and it crashes. I have a 4790k with a 980ti. Haven't updated the nvidia drivers though.

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It's too cheap. It should be $399.99. There has never been a successful set-top box console that launched with a price that was rounded to the nearest $100. 349.99 doesn't look correct. Make it $300 or $400.

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You guys don't see the trend that there less and less AAA games. And more and more mobile and downloadable only games?

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