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Thing is Uncharted 4 isn't that anticipated to begin with. What we expect is what we gonna get. It's not top 3 in many people's most anticipated games so the delay is fine.

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PC gaming ruined already with parity.

I spent over $1k on a rig for something slightly above marginal difference in all my games. However I get to play "free" versions muwahahaha

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I will buy a Xbox 2 just because I like hardware. But it's gonna take more than that for me to even games for it. PS5 and PC will cover more bases than the Xbox 2 for me.

Also I almost exclusively only use the controller on the PC.

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Must be the PC version.

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Witcher 3 is overrated.

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Should have been long gone. Only support PS4!

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Wonder Boy on the Sega Master System.

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Add me to the Wild camp!

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How can you refund free-to-play. Just make those people SOL if they bought items lol

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All their games were visually inferior besides the orginal Fable. I'm not sad that they are gone. Even though I support AAA. They made AAA games that didn't apply to me.

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Toughest 2 weeks for a Xbox supporter

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I haven't liked them since the orignal Fable. You could shut them down despite being a AAA developer.

But they were making an annoying free to play game.

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It's the last Xbox I will actually have bought. Next gen I'm PC, PS5, NX, and Nintendo handheld.

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$50 remake should disqualify a game from scoring 91. Game reviewers don't know how to review a game properly.

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Just watching it on previews during the pay-per-view event, it's apparent that the game is too offensive visually. If you throw a punch and the defender doesn't block it the punch is always gonna land if it's in range. They have to put more emphasis on misses.

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I only watch for the girls. Sexy Tate!

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Both will dissapoint. U4 won't get higher than 89 meta and No Man Sky is low 80s.

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Yea what Travis said. 2k11 and 2k12 were the best. Every year since then they keep changing it up and making it more geared towards casual players.

This will the first year where I'm not hyped for 2k. I will get it but I won't be like "man 2k is coming in a few weeks".

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Yea just move all these games to the NX. I sold my WiiU already.

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Of course they would say that. That's PR speak. They consoles to sell right now!

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