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WiiU is graded at a lower standard. And I will say it for the 5th time here. Dragon Age scored lower in metacritic than many Nintendo WiiU games but somehow it won game of the year for 2014. That proves meta is handicapped for the WiiU. It's easier to score a 90 and over for the WiiU than PS4 and X1. The standards are higher for PS4 and X1.

Therefore just because you say the WiiU has the better average meta, it doesn't mean that the library is better.
If y... #1.2
Why are you talking about Dark Souls? That game is more than 4 years old. It's 2015 and a team of 12 couldn't make the port correct. #1.1.5
Turn Based, or riot.

F**K SE if they make it action RPG. I almost rather not have the remake at all if they change it. #1.1.3
In BB people had different difficulties on bosses. Father G was freaking hard for me. Blood Starve Beast was one try. Shadow of Yarnum was one try for me. In BB it's all about your style and the weapon you chose.

And yes Ornstein and Smough is the hardest. I could not beat them without coop help. #1
On the highest settings on 1080p I get 160 frames on one GTX 970.

Great game to hold me over until they fix the broken SLI support for Batman. #1.1.2

FFVII would have overshadowed FFXV. People want FF7 more than FFXV. #1.1.2
I don't care about FPS games unless it's DOOM, Rainbow Six, or COD. There other crap is just too boring. #1.1.3
In response to the blogger lol, you should work for Rocksteady.

And motion blur is dumb. You can minus that from everything in existence it would improve things visually. I don't need artificial blur to enhance immersion. #1
I have no problem with a game being annouced 5 or 6 years as long as they keep showing previews letting us know it exists.

I prefer waiting 5 years then have nothing until 6 months to release. Atleast for 5 years I get steady diet of previews and news.

Let's say if all games weren't announced until 9 months prior to launch, then we would have so many slow days on N4G. There would be nothing to talk about here. #1.1.1
Yea this is older than my Grandma. It's disrespectful and insulting to our intelligence that you submit such old news for us. #1.1.2
There's no drought this year. You must be owning the wrong console then. #1
Wow one of the few things MS does correct. #1.1
Rocksteady Shouldn't Remaster Previous Batman Arkham Games For Sony PS4 And Microsoft Xbox One #1.1
Meh.. I shall play DMC while I wait for this thing to be fixed.

How is DMC PC version? Is it a broken game? #1.1
I already said the game doesn't look that good back in E32013. But of course people didn't want to listen. #1.1
Meh.. I don't need BC. #1.1.6
As much of a graphics whore I am, my requirement is not that. They need to keep the combat turn-based. All I need is PS3 quality graphics and I will be fine. I don't want an action-rpg! #1.1.4
So you have to preorder the X1 version in order to be in the beta? I guess I shall cancel the preorder when the game comes out.

Nevermind, this is digital download only. If I preorder it I won't be able to cancel it through UPlay. #1
Meh it's a hassle with SLI cause it still doesn't work. 1 gpu is twice as fast 2 gpus. I've spent about 5 hours trouble shooting and testing SLI on different games.

PC master race doesn't tell you all the problems. I spend hours trying to get a game to work how I like it and Day-1 games never work how I want it to work. By the time I get it to work, the game is already old news. #1.1.5
SLI still not working right. I should sell both and get a 390x or 980ti. Tired of games not working day 1 on PC. #1.1.1
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