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And then two years later they will ask you "Should I buy a PS4 because it seems like all the games are coming out for that system?" #1.1
The heck is going on with WiiU software sales.. Those kids actually buy there games. Such a 180 from last gen when the systems sold but the software sales were weak. #1.1.1
Definitely.., Dragon Age and Mass Effect is franchise fatigued. #1.1
If PS4 sells as much as PS3 in Japan that would already be a major boost.

Now with Vita TV I'm trying to figure out a scenario where why would you want to use it for remote play. You would still need another TV hooked up to the Vita TV system. I'd much rather just bring my PS4 wherever. And it's a waste bandwidth too to remote play like that.

I totally understand the PS Vita handheld remote play because you can lay in bed and go to sleep pl... #1.1.1
Hopefully there's a subscription base with a PS plus discount.

Looking forward to playing all those platforming games and RPGs. #1.1.8
700 something for the cheapest bundle.. #1.1.1
If you're a serious gamer your gonna get PS+ anyway. Just like if you talk to a xbox 360 gamer online, you automatically assume they have XBL gold.

Even though the attach ratio is only 40% the people who are debating and trolling the internet are either a Gold and Plus members. And you get the first month for free when you get a PS4. #4.3.1
Don't Starve for free next week #2.1.2
No more sequels period..

SE is being lazy! #1.1.1
It's not irrelevant. It's a better criteria compared to personal opinion.

Certainly there's a few games that don't make sense to me personally like the Mario Galaxys and the GTA4 on PS3, but for the sake of debating there's nothing closer to a fact than a metacritic score when you are debating about which is the better game.

That seems about right. I'd say the best Xbox 360 exclusive ever was Gears 1(life-to-date) and i... #1.1.1
It's gonna be a while before PS4 supply-chain meets demand with the resell value currently at $520. $120 over the the MSRP. #1.1.3
Well it's pretty clear, Sevir.

On Amazon the demand is growing with resell value going up $15 since I last saw it 2 days ago. While Xbox One is in stock for almost 2 weeks straight in a lower ranking with the arrow pointed down.

Furthermore, with the weekly sales updates it only confirms which one is the hot item. With WiiU outselling Xbox One while both systems are in stock. The only thing Microsoft has done well is manufacture the system at a fast... #1.1.2
^thekhurg, what he said.

^Supa, Nintendo's losses have been the least and profit margins have been the highest most often compared to the other two console holders for a while now. That doesn't lead to better games does it..?? Nintendo chooses to be more selfish and making 3DS games because that's the "safer" route instead of taking risks for the gamers.

If profit was a prime factor then the original Xbox would have made Microsoft leave... #1.1.8
10% down in sales. The demand for X1 has already plateaued. #1.1.1
With illegitimate competition in Wii U and Xbox One, it's possible. #1.1.2

Better games you say..? Here's to all the PC and X1 fans. You forget that on PS4 you get to play better versions of the multiplats on a cheaper console.

"Sony's number crunchers will likely be delighted to hear that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 beat t... #1.1.18
Well similair to Wii1 the demand is actually picking up for PS4. With more supply on Amazon, after it sells out the resell price starts at $510 and before it was $499. #1.1.1
These guys opinions are mostly garbage..

Here's mine using there own questions:

What game are you most looking forward to in 2014?
Of those announced Witcher 3

Which console are we all going to be playing in 2014?

Which month will Microsoft try and sneak the check-in online every 24hrs code back in with an XBone system update?
Never atleast not in this generation.

Will anyone a... #1
Lets be more specific.. then. Compare metascores for multiplat FFs with exclusive FFs. Similair to Resident Evils and DMCs too. #1.1.3
I'd be instantly more excited if FFXV was exclusives. Time and time again exclusives have been proven to be better quality that multi-plats in general. #1.1.1
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