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Stupid of you gamers to accept this. That's like saying any part of a game is DLC.

When the next Madden comes out and they say the old jerseys are DLC.. Just because they call it DLC doesn't mean anything. You gamers are falling for marketing terminology.

Just charge me more money.. I'm all for games being charged for more than $59.99.

My principle is if the game is done put all the content on the disc. Don't be charging a... #1.1.1
There are only two things the X1 is better at. Better Controller and better look/form factor for the X1.

Everything else the PS4 simply is better. It has better games. Just aggregate the meta score yourself and you will find the PS4 has the better games. #1.1.5
XBSkull, your rationale doesn't count. Are you trying to be like me? Your sense makes no sense

The X1 won't go anywhere in this generation no matter how much you try to mislead. #1.1.5
With that logic the Dreamcast and Gamecube weren't failures either. Every system has a list of good games. #1.1.1
Nintendo has done the least amount in gaming in the past two generations. Just scrap it and try again. #1.1.4
Speedrunning is lame. Go find a different hobby! #1.1
At the rate the X1 is going it promises to do 4K but it probably will do 2060p. #1.1.5
The title misled me to think to trade in my X1 for something. #3.2
I'm complaining if the content is already finish why not just give it to us.

That's stupid how you people just accept the fact. Even worst is downloading a 10 megabyte file to unlock something on the disk. Just charge us more money if they want. #1.1.2
PS3 probably 30 frames and lower at times while at 720p. Also PS4 will have better textures and such. But I will get the PC version. #1.1.5
Bloodborne is nice, but a Dark Souls 3 would be epic. #1.1.11
Software sales don't equal system sales.

My theory is since titanfall, destiny, cod, bf, and halo mcc came out already, then the halo fan has already bought the system. The halo fan isn't waiting for halo to come out before he buys it. In fact halo mcc already came out.

Of course it will sell systems but it's not gonna be a "system seller". #1.1.2
Yep, Nintendo is too cheap to give us proper hardware. #1.1.1
Well it would cost more money to buy the system in the first place. 500GB was the right decision. #1.1.1
Motion blur is the only thing that I turn off. I have max setting on everything on 1080p for PC. #1.1.7
I would have liked a return of the boomerang controller. #1.1.2
Nintendo is too poor to do VR. Don't give the 3DS is 3D argument. That's like saying they will try do VR low quality. And that would make people throw up. #1.1
I tried that werewolf trick. It wasn't very effective since they can still hit you through the wall.

If I had the opportunity I would do the glitch so I can duplicate that stone that gets you to more than one weapon that can be level 10. But I'm still just about 20 hours in and not close to finishing. #1.1.3
I better get to that glitch then. Cause I want to take the Kirkhammer and Cannon to level 10. #1.1.2
VGchartz is lagging. One month old data. #1.1
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