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Nah it's like most games, only good people play it. So why you wanna jump in and start losing?

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Why not both? A car and a pc? Smh you commoners

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It does not matter, when it's all said in done it will only sell 25 million units give or take a few million.

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Yea but Bioshock 1 was ahead of its time and it's a top 50 greatest video game of all time. Prey needs to either make it look better or come up with something new and great, previews say it's not doing either. I predict a 79 meta.

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My prediction is Sony wins E3 again. It does not matter what they show. You just trust what they do. They have won the past 3 years. And they listen the most to fans and act on it. This is the opposite of Nintendo where they do the opposite, as what it seems like.

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It's for casual gamers.

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It's already selling slower than PS4 and the games match more closely to wiiu than Wii. It will only sell 25% of the Wii.

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My Target has 10 and a half switches.

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I would like every 4 years a new console. On the 2nd year of each console cycle there should be the "S" version.

Only you cheap gamers have a problem with short console cycles. By year 3 the consoles start to lag behind the PC by a wide margin.

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Nope the CPU isn't the bottleneck. I can stick an I3 or Dual Core CPU in my pc and my video game performance would be close to the same.

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Turn Based or bust.

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Glad there ain't no Switch version to hold it back.

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Already have the pc version preordered for $42.

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Hope so

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Can't handle negativity?

As I predicted. I would have gotten bored with zelda so I wouldn't even need to buy the DLC.

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Already got bored after dungeon 2, already dropped Zelda.

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Ehhhh it's my top game of last gen but it doesn't hold up.

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All I know that is fact is Mass Effect 1 is the best.

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kill it

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Lol ignorance

Abizzle, you can play at 4k 60 on Forza and Gears on your magical machine of R480.

Look at the 47 second mark. A 480 can only do 54 frames at 1440p. So I just proved all you commoners with a fact but you guys still continue to live on the farm and pick cotton.

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