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B1 > B2

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The 3DS is dead. This should be a Switch title exclusive.

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Definitely will get them and wear them.

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That’s plenty of vram. Considering the next generation will come in maybe one year it’s definitely enough, no question. Also the gpu really isn’t strong enough to realistically run a game on 4k(which resolution is one of the consumers of vram). When games get more advanced the Xbox x will realistically end up running games on 1080p and 60 frames rather than 4k at 30 frames. And when that happens you will use less vram. So this article is really a redundant and duh article. Current games...

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I like my games free. Go hackers!

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It's not even the best Xenosaga or Xenogears game. Xenogears is the best game in that series.

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Are they worth the return? No.

BC not needed.

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BC doesn't matter.

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nope made it past two dungeons and i had enough. It's just a walking and climbing simulator. With box puzzles.

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It's a fact and not making fun.

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haha good one^

maybe the pro being so close in proximety would actually make the switch 1080p.

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1. Far Cry series is lame and boring.

2. And there lies the problem with these console because 4k is hard to do and they can’t make it 1440p because people use TVs that don’t support that resolution.

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Waste of time invention on inferior hardware

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4 is the 2nd worst game.

The main series is ranked like this

2 1 3 4 5

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Gonna be better than 3, acension, and the portable games. Not gonna be better than 2. Possibly tie with 1.

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I have ps pro and gtx 1080ti^. And the least power console is the Xbox 720p

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PS5 should have came out in 2017

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The phone is actually better resolution assuming these people are using iphone 7-X. And they're using it because they're too easily pleased.

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CPU is not as important of a factor as GPU in these PC based consoles. The PS3 and 360 were more CPU centric. The PS4 and Xbox are not as cpu based.

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