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It's a myth that XBL is better. Try and use both services then tell me which one is better. If you have used both the answer is usually PSN. It's a cheaper service and better free games. Every other bullet point is negligible between the two services. #1.1.2
This was needed the original game had too many jaggies and rough edges. #1.1
America is the end all be all. No one cares about your poor country.

And America buys the games that matter the most. You can keep your boring mmos and free to plays to yourself. #1.1.9
The revise list of overhyped games.

1. Assasins Creed 2 3 spinoffs
2. Far Cry C(all of them)
3. Battlefield 4
4. Fallout 3
5. Gears 3
6. Mario Kart 8
7. Mario Galaxy 2
8. COD Black Ops

Noway Uncharted 1 and 2 are overated when they move the graphics boundry foward. And then they transcended story telling and acting in the game.

Infamous wasn't hyped at all compared to T... #1.1.3
This just shows how greedy Nintendo is. All this money and they don't have GTA, a legit online service, and stronger spec system. #1.1.5
Hopefully it's a PS4 exclusive because this last gen technology isn't getting me excited for Bayonetta 2. #1.1.4
PS3 exclusive this late can't be good. #1.1.6
Oakland's not safe. Better watch your back while playing those pinball machines. #1.1
Watch Dogs looks better when you compare the current gen versions to last gen GTA5. And Watch Dogs has stealth elements. #1.1.1
Their needs to be a murder simulator to show up the politicians lol #1.1.1
Cause they screwed is over with the Wii1. Now I can have fun seeing them rot this generation. #1.1.1
The heck is the NHL?? NBA and NFL are the only two sports that matter.

LAME sports make me go take a nap #1.1.2
That's stupid, the fact that it's the better controllers from two generations before. Nintendo keeps sucking it up. #1.1.3
Pretty much best to worst for Bioshock, Gears, and Mass Effect also. #1.2.5
I need to glitch my record is like 27-54 -_- #1.1
Better graphics most of all. #1.1
Square Enix are lazy moneyhats. They need to get their head out their asses

How about learn how to develop like these western developers!? #1.1.4
Some of these game developers I will not miss them.. See you at Pizza Hut #1.1.1
720p is enough. But the point is X1 isn't as good as the PS4. That's the whole point. When you are the more expensive console but your games' specs are worst.

I have a 1080p 120hz tv and don't mind if they make a stunning looking game at 720p native. Because if you watch a blu-ray movie on 720p it's stunning too. You can achieve photo realism on 720p.

However as I said earlier the X1 deserves all the bashing because it cost more but i... #1.1.17
Such a big box the X1 is but isn't even as strong as the PS4. That's dissapointing. Should have made a stronger box charge more money.

I didn't have a problem with the $600 PS3.

I think consoles should have been $500 and $600. That's about threshold where you get a value in the performance without breaking the bank. Less then that you get weaker systems and more than that you get marginal returns. #2.1.7
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