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Vanilla PS4 owners lose.

Gonna play this at performance mode. And I have a 4K monitor but I rather have it 1080p 60 frames if it’s one or the other. Gonna play this one natively on my 1080p monitor instead.

You people on vanilla PS4 will be watching a blur fest every time you move. You will not get a definitive God of War experience. That experience can only be found on the PS Pro.

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No exclusives vs exclusives simple as that. And most of you Xbox fans don’t have a Xbox X. Also the Xbox x still only does 4k at under 60 frames. So you still lose.

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The only great open world games ever:
All the souls games plus Borne
Mass Effect 1
Infamous Second Son

Other than that open world games are boring.

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What’s the point of 4k gaming but not at 60 frames. You lose. That means every time you move it’s gonna be blurry.

Gonna sample a free copy on my 1080ti. I probably get 4k ultra with no AA on 60 frames.

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Bloodborne is game of generation. This will be probably #2.

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Another reason why it’s bad when you make games accessible to everybody. Games like Ni No Kuni 2 are too easy. The “everyone can play” logic is fail. If everyone plays, the core gamer loses.

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Pc gaming is very relevant. You stuck with less than 4k and less than 60 frames too often on consoles.

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Yep the game is too easy. I don’t like action RPGs like this. It’s just a bunch explosions, slashing, and spell casting all at once. Too much to follow and then I wanna take a nap.

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Yes so now stop making games for other consoles and make games just for PS4 and PC please.

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Which will run on your pc in 10 years since most of you guys on here got weak PCs

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Haha you vita fans are so desperate. One of you guys on here messaged me on the PS APP and wrote me a wall of text. Sorry. No body cares aside from your small group. The Vita has been dead just like the Dreamcast and WiiU. Get over it.

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Vita died like 3 years ago. Who you trying to kid?

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you weak. How are you a PC gamer if your setup is weaker than most power console haha.

I7 4790k, 16 gb ram, and 1080ti.

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sorry the Switch and Xbox don't deserve these titles.

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He's correct. I've been bored since God of War 2. 1 was not that remarkable either. God of War 3 should have already transitioned to the this new camera.

God of War is just good for presentation, story, and controls. The core gameplay mechanics is not that remarkable.

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Still it's only a spoiler in 10 minutes. You people so anal.

You have the option to handcuff the gang leader in the beginning and if you don't you and the agents leave, credits roll.

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Good news. We didn’t need them.

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2, 4, 1, 3, Acension, Sparta, Olympus in that order ranked.

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This is the closest thing we will get to Dark Cloud. It’s an action rpg and it has the building elements.

And Dark Cloud 1 > Dark Cloud 2, just to put it out there.

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B1 > B2

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