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^hehe no wonder my ignores has stayed at 73.

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Should be fine and my gpu is $700 before tax. Evil Within 1 was one of the worst looking games. As for prey I can play 1440p max or 4k on high settings.

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Mhmmm and looking forward to evil within 2 from Bethesda. Playing both on 4k on PC. PS Poor and Xbox 720p eat my dust!

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It is cause promoting old games is lame. Devs keep remasteriing and porting old games instead making new games. And don't tell me a lot of games need a remaster.

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That's your nostalgia talking.

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Lol delay delay delay a 2 gen old remaster. Square Enix you are garbage.

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I'm saying the Switch mini would be too small. I already can't play Zelda on the go. You need to see detail in order to play some games.

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This game is relatively filler. Most of the time in the game you spend running to the next new area. And that area is typically underwhelming.

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Play your lame old games.

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Nope. No third party multiplat game will be successful on the Switch.

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It's stupid because the screen is only 720p you don't have a high enough resolution for that screen size and then you try to port games to it. It only works if a game developed exclusively. But porting games down to inferior resolution is gonna make games look choppy.

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This is below commoner class gpus. You don't own a "pc" if you put weak components like this in your pc. You just have a barely a computer that can watch movies and surf the internet.

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Commoner class gpus.

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^ you don't really gain an advantage in cost if you future proof. I think you actually waste more money that way. Best to buy one now for cheap and then buy a better model again for cheap a couple years later.

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Sonic was good but Sonic is flawed simply on you make a character move so fast on a 4:3 screen. Cause you just end up crashing into something. Of course you can master it by memorizing at what points to avoid but you can't expect people to play Sonic dozens of times.

And then with 3D Sonic simply the speedy thing doesn't work on that screen either. So pretty much it's a character built on a flaw.

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lol what's sad is Erik believes in what he is saying. The PS4 Pro has a good amount of exclusives you can't get on PC. PS4 Pro has more exclusives that are worth playing for than WiiU and Switch games that are worth playing.

And the games are rated higher on wiiu and switch because it's a lower standard. There's more expectations for true current gen games like visuals, extra features, and online component etc.

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Or you can make the case that Sony purposely allowed the bigger vent to be made so the systems can break down quicker but make it seem slower; forcing people to buy multiple systems after the first one breaks.

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They end up adjusting their numbers more closely to more legit sources. NPD is limited cause they round by a lot and it's only North America.

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It probably will be the PlayStation version's 4k. The thing is there is no 1440p for consoles. The PS Pro would be great for 1440p and the Scorpio would be an even better 1440p machine. Scorpio is barely a capable native 4k and 60 frames machine. They're just demoing weak games.

My PC's gpu is always twice as good as Scorpios and I ain't playing Mass Effect 4 on 4k 60 unless i drop the graphical settings to normal-high.

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As a modern internet user you need to expect the biggest criticism for anything you do. Someone like me will spin it negatively no matter what.

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