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Nope, please give me more!

The argument that the story is over is wrong. I want more of the story and it's not over.

Best games of this generation:
1. Dark Souls 3
2. The Last of Us 2
3. BloodBorne #1.1
2013 PS3 lineup?? Meh last generation the only great year was 2007. The other years had a few great games but 2007 was the most full of it. #1.1.2
Sony has Japan already. Only mobile is ahead. I wouldn't count Nintendo as being that much better than Sony because between PSP, Vita, PS4, and PS3 they still got almost as much marketshare as Wii, DS, and 3DS. And if you count the PS2 it's even. #1.1.15
Meh.. normally I'd make fun of the X1, but this game is pretty boring.

Madden is enough of a rpg for me. The attributes really make Madden like a chess match. #1.1.2
Yes it makes it better and I will tell you why.

If X1 launched at $399.99 it would have sold more and therefore it would have more games developers backing it up. Right now Sony is making exclusives more easily because games sell on PS4 more than they do on X1. #1.1.16
Wow such relics in N4G. Splitscreen is dumb and I don't need it. And yes it does take away from single player. That means they have to have programmers to work on an additional feature. That's an additional feature I don't need and instead they could be working something else that can benefit me.

Split Screen and Backwards Compatible are two things they can literally throw in the garbage for me. #1.1.14
Only his height would ruin it for me. Nathan Drake is about 6'1" to me and Walhberg is 5 inches shorter. He's too short for the role. For me the actor must portray the look of the character first and foremost otherwise no matter how good the acting is it takes me out of the immersion. #1.1.3
People can spin about the Pirates game but we all know most people wanted a new Banjo game and they dropped the ball on that one. #1.1.1
1. Steam isn't that good deal for me since I can't resell games.

2. Competition isn't always the best. People like to apply what they learned in school too exactly on the gaming industry. Competition is killing Nintendo and there's mores console and PC parity games. Before we had more uniques exclusives. The smaller players can't compete because the larger players are all competing for a piece of that same pie. Competition is good to a certain exte... #1.1.13
Money isn't the issue. It's the long updates, install, and registration that would deter me from doing this. Just buy a more advanced suit case with a PS4 sleeve. I rather do than take about a hour or two to update. Remember this is the hotel's spotty wifi. #1.1.7
Look at 1998. #1.1
Great! I mean I really haven't had overwhelming bad issues so far. The problems I had with Batman, I had to a lesser extent with every launch AAA game so far. #1.1
I may buy this game to replace my sleep medication, so it can lullaby me to sleep. #1.1.1
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Nick you are disagreed and bubble down for being totally incorrect. #1.1.9
Wow it's basically done!? Did everyone really turn their eye when they saw more gameplay at the Microsoft E3 conference.

WHen I say that looks like Fallout 3 quality, I'm not lying. Robotic looking enemies, bad graphics, and underwhelming gameplay.

Y'all are drinking the koolaid and need to pump your brakes. #1.1.5
Consoles is better for the wallet though for the latest and greatest if you know how to deal search. You buy the game and you resell it after you finish. You may end up with more money sometimes too.

Now being exactly thrifty and you want to play the older games you can "wheel and deal" also. You play it and resell it too.

$25 for Sleep Dogs is probably at Gamestop. If that's one of the only ways you know how to shop for games then you&#... #4.1
Bloodborne deserves it but they won't win it because it's an exclusive. Batman is out of the equation now. Clearly the mishaps have differentiated Batman from the top spots. #1
Good month, but the competition will find a way top this just like how they have done so for the past 3 years. #1.1.1
If it's not a box I will not support it, take note Sony. You payed attention to Shenmue 3 and FF7, so now listen too. I will not support a streaming app. #1
We wanted a new Banjo and not Sea of Theives. It's AAA and there's rare replay so I consider that half-way dropping the ball. Rare didn't give us what we wanted. #1.1
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