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I say $400 because Microsoft can eat the cost and it's coming one year from now. One year from now means the gpu for the same price jump. That jump is sometimes anywhere from 33% to 100%. GTX1070 is twice the power of GTX970 for $300. A year ago the GTX970 was $300. With Microsoft eating the cost working on the deal they will make it $400. At $500 they won't sell enough to be worth it. They need to eat the cost upfront to get more systems out there and to sell more games.

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Makes sense. They are putting some of those innards from the WiiUs and then putting those components into the Switch.

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Zelda is better than any one game but it's no better than any two games combined.

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I would agree on a 7 point score given the AAA tough standard.

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Lol only on your PS Poor. On the the Pro I had one noticeable chug and two instances with noticeable frame drop.

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Lol this is Xbox's only exclusives if you consider getting it earlier on lower specs.

I'm getting the PC version for free. Ain't supporting this game with the sub-par visuals I've seen.

The best Mass Effect is Mass Effect 1, fact! First they make it a shooter and now they taking away the graphics. Screw you bioware.

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lol it's easy because the standard of gaming is lower. No need to beef up your visuals and no need to make an online mode.

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The real battle is to try to stop mobile gaming.

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Finished it. The controls are no good. And I fought with sluggish and sticky camera. Trico won't do what you want most of the time. And when he does do it, it takes him a long time to do it. The story is good though.

Puzzles are easier than Ico and Sotc. I finished with no guide. The prior two I had to use guides. Maybe I got smarter but I doubt it because most of the puzzles just require to jump and climb.

And the main challenge is once aga...

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Who you trying to kid.. The Xbox One has no exclusives.

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13>15 Period

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Screw devs that use denuvo. I will make sure to not pay for your games.

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The game looks shitty enough to run on the Switch.

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Don't buy it. I hope Trump bans mobile games altogether.

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There's a correlation to quality and sales though. No one ever said good sales always meant good game. You fair minded people who misinterpreted.

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I hope they cancel the WiiU version.

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Don't buy it. Just play the trial and that should give you enough of a fix.

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Cause he played it 3 years too late. Games are meant to be played on release. If you wanna complain about the game then you lack perspective to critique it.

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