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Haha you garbage Square Enix. You're making it too easy to boycott y'all. #1.1.3
called These programs are all lame #1.1.2
The orginal didn't look that good anyway. #1.1.11
Look at those booty graphics lol #1.1.2
It's better than Her Story, that's for damn sure.

I would agree with a 88. Now taking into consideration the game is like by like 1 or 2 people and is $10. #1.1.1
They're still have to compete against PS4 and X1. They have to be more than perfect, so not gonna happen.

As I said before, just because they release a new console doesn't mean everyone else resets at ZERO. #1.1.1
So did it say preorder and get the beta? #1.1.1
Too little too late. MS and Sony have secured 3rd party relationships and they have deeper pockets. Nintendo is too far behind.

Just because a new console generation starts doesn't mean everyone starts off at Zero. Nintendo is behind the curve in adapting to the new market. #1.1.1
Nintendo is done after NX. The NX will fail. That being said I will be buying a NX day 1 as soon as it's avalible for preorder on Amazon. #1.1.4
Who cares about cutscene stills comparison though?

This is gonna be another game that falls victim to parity. #1.1.5
Nintendo fanboys are the worst. I can have an all day discussion or debate on why they are. #1.1.4
Look at all those lame old games. It's $9.62 for the divsion beta. Got no time fo them old lame games. #1.1.2
Yea it's dead at this current state. $600 no matter how you spin it in the video game industry is not a mass market price. It has to be viable enough for software to sell enough.

They need to bundle this with the consoles and force people to buy it. #1.1.1
Gonna play this on a gtx 1080 1440p with the Xbox elite controller. #1.1.3
The game that tends to ruin other games is always the best. For example Uncharted 2 and COD4, many games tries to copy those two and it resulted in many generic games.

I think Witcher 3 is ruining games because it got praised for being largely a generic WRPG. It gets a 95 meta score for being mainly generic. #1.1
2017 is PS5!

As long as platinum games ditched Nintendo platforms I'm fine. #1.1.10
Yea release all of it fall of 2016. #1.1.3
When you pay that much why settle for the ugly red headed step-child? Gonna drop $700 on the gtx 1080 instead. #1.1.1
Life to date BB is good as Souls 1. If you argue then you're just splitting hairs. I like the speed of the game because it reminds of a Ninja Gaiden-esque game. I happy that Souls upping up the speed of the game and the gruesome kills. In Souls it seems like you're just poking people with a stick. #1.1.3
PC games is "free" if you wanna go that route. At the end of the day if your objective is to save the most money then PC is the way to go.

Just get all the platforms from PC to consoles. Play the multiplats on PC and the exclusives on everything else. That seems to be the best way to go to save and then also play all the noteworthy games. #1.1.2
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