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I may buy this game to replace my sleep medication, so it can lullaby me to sleep. #1.1.1
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Nick you are disagreed and bubble down for being totally incorrect. #1.1.9
Wow it's basically done!? Did everyone really turn their eye when they saw more gameplay at the Microsoft E3 conference.

WHen I say that looks like Fallout 3 quality, I'm not lying. Robotic looking enemies, bad graphics, and underwhelming gameplay.

Y'all are drinking the koolaid and need to pump your brakes. #1.1.5
Consoles is better for the wallet though for the latest and greatest if you know how to deal search. You buy the game and you resell it after you finish. You may end up with more money sometimes too.

Now being exactly thrifty and you want to play the older games you can "wheel and deal" also. You play it and resell it too.

$25 for Sleep Dogs is probably at Gamestop. If that's one of the only ways you know how to shop for games then you&#... #4.1
Bloodborne deserves it but they won't win it because it's an exclusive. Batman is out of the equation now. Clearly the mishaps have differentiated Batman from the top spots. #1
Good month, but the competition will find a way top this just like how they have done so for the past 3 years. #1.1.1
If it's not a box I will not support it, take note Sony. You payed attention to Shenmue 3 and FF7, so now listen too. I will not support a streaming app. #1
We wanted a new Banjo and not Sea of Theives. It's AAA and there's rare replay so I consider that half-way dropping the ball. Rare didn't give us what we wanted. #1.1
Stale series, stale remake, and meh for the BC. #1.1.2
Damn.. I've never seen a game get released and then it back again for a further release.

And dang.. stop being a bunch of PC apologist. The console wins here and is obviously better in many points compared to PC. And this is one of them. Don't try to spin it. My PC stronger than 95% of your rigs here too. #1.1.1
Bloodborne should win this year because it is the best execution and polished video game. And it was lengthy. #1.1.2
We won't even see a stable 4k for the next generation of consoles.

Not even the strongest single gpu can even handle the latest games on 4k at 60 frames and max settings. #1.1.1
Microsoft has deep pockets, and for that I think they kept it too safe. For their main focus they are largely catering to the same audience that owns the console already.

I feel asleep watching the TR demo and Gears of War demo.

I'm a graphics whore and probably one of the biggest ones here on N4G, but I can spot a trend faster than most people here. The thing is if your main focus of your game is to improve graphics from the last iteration, it's no... #1.2
BC has never mattered to me. Look at my comments since 2007. WHen the PS3 launched with the BC I didn't care. I even said that I would rather the console be $50 cheaper than have that BC chip inside.

This is not a preferred feature of mine just like how split screen local play is liked by many others. I find certain features unnecessary for me. #1.1.4
WiiU is graded at a lower standard. And I will say it for the 5th time here. Dragon Age scored lower in metacritic than many Nintendo WiiU games but somehow it won game of the year for 2014. That proves meta is handicapped for the WiiU. It's easier to score a 90 and over for the WiiU than PS4 and X1. The standards are higher for PS4 and X1.

Therefore just because you say the WiiU has the better average meta, it doesn't mean that the library is better.
If y... #1.2
Why are you talking about Dark Souls? That game is more than 4 years old. It's 2015 and a team of 12 couldn't make the port correct. #1.1.5
Turn Based, or riot.

F**K SE if they make it action RPG. I almost rather not have the remake at all if they change it. #1.1.3
In BB people had different difficulties on bosses. Father G was freaking hard for me. Blood Starve Beast was one try. Shadow of Yarnum was one try for me. In BB it's all about your style and the weapon you chose.

And yes Ornstein and Smough is the hardest. I could not beat them without coop help. #1
On the highest settings on 1080p I get 160 frames on one GTX 970.

Great game to hold me over until they fix the broken SLI support for Batman. #1.1.2

FFVII would have overshadowed FFXV. People want FF7 more than FFXV. #1.1.2
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