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NX will fail and this will be Nintendo's last set-top box. My predictions usually come true.

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It won't happen. They call it other than a PS5 but it's not gonna be a half-step.

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No the WiiU is last gen.

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Thing is there's less objects and QB is slower than UC4. That's why QB looks better because there's less things on screen.

The multiplayer in UC4 barely looks current Gen^

But anyway when I play QB on PC it will be the best looking video game.

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QB looks better than UC4 to me.

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VR won't take off. If you new much of anything about video games VR isn't really going to take off until later. The install base is gonna be small when VR is $400. We already have cheapscapes that won't buy a Xbox or PS4 until 2 years later for $300. Plus you have to have the ps4 first, so that means you're already $400 down the hole.

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980TI is $500 right now and can't get Hitman on max settings to stay 1080 and 60 frames. Noway the next system can do 4k native.

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Stupid because I think the PC can do that app as well. Also they changed gui and it sucks and it's slow. Also content is like highlights and the bigger content isn't that great.

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I like 5s and harsh reviews. But if your historical scores don't follow the same metrics than your just bad at reviewing. Objectively going with the 7-9.5 scale that almost all meta review scores give, the 5 would be going against that logic. If Division is a 5 then how many games are actually better than Division. There many Devs who couldn't make Divsion. The scale is just that big. It shouldn't be a 5 using the stupid meta logic.

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Trade it back for $40.

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I'm leaning towards of that being fake.

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Wish there was formal legalities where they can fine developers for false advertising. That's irritating for expecting and getting excited for something that doesn't exist.

Something has to be done because any game shown in preview can possibly be faked. That makes me less interested for all trade shows. It's like who can you trust?

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I'd do a competitive 5 v 5. I use to be the MVP a lot in 2012 and 2011.

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Don't Call Zelda LoZ. That just doesn't look right. Zelda is Zelda!

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I hope it comes to PC so I don't regret selling my X1.

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Yea I will give you that. The X1 chassis is more sleek.

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The one thing Xbox excelled in this generation. The controllers are just amazing.

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This pisses me off when I see unneeded remakes like Heavy Rain for example. Stop wasting our time!

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As far as I'm concerned they should have made TLoU2 instead of Uncharted 4. That was a big mistake by Sony.

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Finally because the game is no 91. Please lower that meta score!

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