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Xenoblad X on better hardware then you would have a case. #1.1.1
Cause some people have no critcal eye. I've been calling it for a long time on meta scores. There's a long list of games that are underserving of the score or scored too low based on there philosophy. Atleast be consistent. #1.1.1
I'm curious to see how much of a core gamer you were back when the 360 came out. Sorry but 360 was overall the console of choice last generation for a good 4 years until the PS3 caught up. When the PS3 dropped in the price the PLayStation fan base was able to finally buy it.

And to remind you, everyone knows I'm a PlayStation fan first here. Also the RR0D was cleaned up half of the generation. In 2009 I bought my 360 and it lasted the entire tim... #1.1.4
Still one of the best values compared to other forms entertainment. I have no sympathy for frugal, self-centered, and penny-pushers. #1.1.1
A $400 PS4 did. And I would think Kaz Hirai made the most correct business decisions. #1.1.3
Atleast reviewers are being consistent. Both Ryse and Order are 64%.

All I gotta say is gamers are doing a disservice by not buying more AAA games and AAA exclusives. You are killing these big game developers. Essentially the big guys are becoming extinct like panda bears.

Stop feeding those freaking parasites(smartphone and tablet developers). Encourage big developers to make big budget games by voting with your dollars.

Do you want Read... #1.1.4
Too much thick Microsoft and Nintendo glasses. #1.1.3
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You guys not supporting this game are being short sighted. The Order maybe short but the budget of this game must have been above $70 million. Developers like Ready at Dawn need help.

You may never see future AAA games from Ready at Dawn if this doesn't sell well. While tablet and smartphone games are booming. Support AAA games and especially exclusives!

That's the problem with gamers today is that most gamers can only see things at a surface... #1.1.18
If the other camp can be positive about Ryse, then I can be positive about The Order. That will be my counter argument from this point for forward for this game.

My argument is "Ryse". #1.1.2
People, pay attention!

That's a flawed way to view things. A Nintendo review scale is not the same as a PC, Xbox One, or PS4 score. Just like a 10 out of 10 for a tablet or android game is not the same as a Dragon Age:Inquisition with a metascore around 89.

That 89 was enough to get Dragon Age game of the year for 2014.

That being said, how is this possible!? Because the meta score is relative to system hardware specs. Since Nintend... #1.1
Nick, but somehow Ryse is praised among the MS camp?

When the tables are turned you don't like it. The same pro arguments can be made for The Order. It's the best looking game of the current gen confirmed on any platform and PC included.

It's mission is to be a technical showpiece. The great games are coming. People said the same thing about the PS3 and eventually it got more quality games than the 360. #1.1.5
Exactly.. Since The Order is a Sony exclusive it doesn't get a free pass from critics who are typically Halo and Nintendo fans.

And exactly.. Ryse with with great graphics, qtes, and extremely linear gameplay got higher reviews. The Order has better graphics too. At least give games the same score when they are pretty much the same quality in a direct comparison.

Gaming industry is ruined by people with thick Nintendo glasses and Microsoft glasses. #1.2.8
Support exclusives buy it! #1.1
Guys need to work on your gold digging skills. #1.1.3
By the time X1 is optimized better it's already going to be dead by then. Just like how PS3 took so long to gain traction and finally edge out the 360 at the end. Only this time the X1 is not the PS3. PS3 is the successor to the PS2 which sold over 155 mil. So it already had a foundation to start off with. #2.1.14
Buy it and trade it back when finished so it counts towards week 1 sales without wasting $50. #1.1.1
Long generation for you people who prefer X1. Atleast a few of you don't go into hiding. #1.1.10
Agent Benson, yummy.. #1.1
Here we go again with Nintendo ruining franchises like Bayonetta..

That's like one of your favorite developers making a game for a PS3 and not PS4. Now would that stand? No.

But when someone makes an exclusive for WiiU it gets praised. I don't see the logic in that. #1.1.1
...on better hardware!

I played Darksiders 1 after B2 and still think B2 isn't much or any better in a direct comparison. I played DmC a year before B2 and still think B2 isn't much better or in direct comparison. Nintendo glasses work wonders for some people but they don't work for me lol #1
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