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I know a friend who doesn't even make that much money, makes like 45k, and he spends like $300 average on microtransactions on fire emblem, hearthstone, and overwatch. He admits it's an addiction.

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Horizon on Pro probably looks better than any game on the X. Sometimes it's about the game.

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It's the literally the exact opposite. Multiplats pretty much started the greed generation. The work less for money generation. It's like the foundation of "hmm how can I make more money? By double dipping I can". Plus the money they make not much comes back to us. There's less AAA games and less quality now.

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Witcher 3 is overrated.

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I will pick up Knack 2 other than that I played like everything.

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lol not my fault you guys don't know how to rate games.

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The X is selling as expected.

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Cause systems and devs can't make a polished action rpg yet. Until they get better stop making these clunky and mediocre looking action rpgs.

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Overrated does not mean they're not good games. They just have too high of a score.


If Ucharted 3 is as good as 2 it shouldn't be that high of a score if you only match equal your predecessor. Uncharted 2 has the legacy of setting the cinematic standard for the entire generation. And it even bled into this generation.

MGS5 is too high. You can't just give a game because the mecahnics and scope are grea...

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Overrated games are:
Bioshock Infinite
Mario Galaxy 2
Uncharted 3
Halo 3
Bayonetta 2
GTAV Remaster PC version
Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Witcher 3
Dragon Age Inquisition

Games that are not overrated on the list is DmC.

Games that are probably overrated that I have not played is Wolfenstein (2017).

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I will get the game. But I will never let the "it should have been turn based" down. Game should be turn base and I hope sales fail for the game. But I will get it.

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It's a travesty to allow a WiiU game to win GOTY. WiiU doesn't deserve praise. Heck it's a dead console for almost a year.

After playing Zelda and you remove yourself from the game for a while you will realize the game isn't that great. Just a sanbox game where you're mostly running and climbing to the next area. Sure it's impressive to make basically everything accessible but there was lots of pop-in as well. And then you just have these lame ...

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Also guys talk about games. Girls who play games don't really talk much about games to their friends.

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Probably the worst spin I've ever heard from Microsoft execs.

This is worst than naming every game exclusive or saying they have billion hours total played on Xbox Live. Stupid, you're embarrassing. You're not even gonna full some of the more casual gamers. What point do you serve by saying so stupid?

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People keep saying well it's looks good on a small screen like the switch. Well I will tell you it looks good but then you still can't see as well. Like you will be squinting or straining your eyes to see smaller things on screen.

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Sorry. NG was never in the same level of difficulty as Nioh or Souls. NG is forgiving because of checkpoints. You didn't have to learn from your mistakes. You can win by more luck. In Souls, luck is arguably nonexistant. Trying and trying again only gets you so far. You have to either go learn or level up. Plus NG not at all plays the same way.

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Native 4k still remains basically out of reach on any consumer level single gpu. I have 1080ti and I do 4K on high settings on almost every game, but that's at maximum level. But then again if you put that on a consoles which are optimized it would do better. Like the xbox x has equivalent is like a R580 or 980ti and it's able to do 4k. 980ti on a PC is suitable for 1440p, not 4k. So that tells you how much a console would benefit. But nonethles...

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Xbox x is too weak to be a next gen console. Any current gpu right now is too weak for next gen. Most powerful card can barely handle 4K.

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This is basically non-news because respawn was pretty much owned by EA.

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