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Japanese Dev has been going downhill since FF13 became multiplatform, that was the day that marked the transition.

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Ehhhh any one sale doesn't matter. Whether I personally pirate or not it's only one sale. The problem is product to allow it to be pirated.

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Shaq was simply the highest peak of any player but couldn't sustain as long as MJ or Lebron.

So when people ask who do I pick first to build the team, the answer is Shaq first.

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It's mobile and handhelds that are killing AAA and also $60 price tag is too cheap.

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Please no remasters of any game other than Mario Sunshine. Everything else needs to be new.

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Haha you guys always resort to us as being dependent on the meta score. I still buy the game because my intuition and experience of gaming allows me to pick what games are worth playing. The metascore for me is only for debating, so if you want to complain about my negativity you don't have to be here.

I'm gonna play Prey on release day but it's gonna be a 79 or close to it.

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No shooter gonna take over COD. Only Overwatch momentarily overtook it but that's it. Destiny is like a 3rd or 4th rate shooter.

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Gonna be a 79 meta. My prediction is gonna be close.

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Yea for sure it won't even sell as much as Dishonored.

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The Prey that was scraped like in E3 2012 was the good one. This one seems like a hashed up game

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Haha when will people learn that MK is overrated. Racing is lame.

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^In one country

It's impossible to be fastest selling mario kart when your install base is like 3 million switches.

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Nah it's like most games, only good people play it. So why you wanna jump in and start losing?

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Why not both? A car and a pc? Smh you commoners

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It does not matter, when it's all said in done it will only sell 25 million units give or take a few million.

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Yea but Bioshock 1 was ahead of its time and it's a top 50 greatest video game of all time. Prey needs to either make it look better or come up with something new and great, previews say it's not doing either. I predict a 79 meta.

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My prediction is Sony wins E3 again. It does not matter what they show. You just trust what they do. They have won the past 3 years. And they listen the most to fans and act on it. This is the opposite of Nintendo where they do the opposite, as what it seems like.

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It's for casual gamers.

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It's already selling slower than PS4 and the games match more closely to wiiu than Wii. It will only sell 25% of the Wii.

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