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Haven't finished Uncharted 4 yet but after seeing 4k gameplay I'm gonna restart the game. Cause the game was held back by hardware. 4k really clears things up and fixes most of the jaggies.

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HAHA you guys don't know what's good for you. You want the best possible place for your favorite video game franchise. And the reality is if you don't have the hardware, chances are the game isn't gonna be as good as it should be. You also allowing the developer to be lazy.

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Hellblade isn't gonna be any good.

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Bayonetta 3 Scorpio exclusive.. I can dream. Or make it PC exclusive.

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With gimmicks and low risk titles. We have seen this before with the Wii1.

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I'm the opposite. Been playing 1080p and 4k.. When I launched zelda at 900p I realize the Switch sucks. The Switch is another wiiu to me. I only expect to play 2 game per year for that system.

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Haven't played it close to the month.

Switch is weak on both. The resolution sucks docked. And when you switch to mobile the screen is too small.

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2nd game in a row that I predicted the metascore. I predicted Prey at 79. My intuition and knowledge in gaming is 2nd to none.

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I'm don't like people who don't play games. And it must be PC, XBOX, PS4, or Switch. The other gaming platforms I don't count either.

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I have a PC as well. Just that lowest common denominator also effects PC. And actually it effects PC to a greater degree.

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Ehhhh nice to race once or watch once. Racing is boring.

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Should start developing from the top and port it down. Force the pedestrian owners of X1 and PS4 regulars to adopt.

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Nah PS3 is a waste of time. Always updating and installing something. It's too slow to navigate and play.

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Nah be social, web browse, check social media, watch videos etc. Don't game on the go, that's lame.

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75 meta, and I will be close with that prediction.

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You only need PC and consoles. Mobile you can skip on all those games and if the games gets good enough they will make a PC or console game. Plus it's lame to play games on the go.

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It's not because ps pro not capable. They just believe the console gamers care more about other graphical settings than frame rate.

If your PC is a G4 and a gtx 1050 you are no better than a console gamer.

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Still haven't really played Horizon, but Zelda is tiresome. Most of the game you're running to the next area of the map and climbing things.

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Darksiders was below average looking game last generation too. Don't see the difference.

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Haha you guys can only see surface level. You don't know the business side like I do. And the switch actually 1.5 generations behind. It's weaker than Xbox one. When PS5 comes out it will be a full generation and a half behind PS5.

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