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"If you can't beat em join em"

Thing is the problem is internal. Piracy won't end until this media is distributed differently. If you, yourself, doesn't pirate there's gonna be people who do. So being vocal or voting to not pirate doesn't fix anything.

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Nah I'm just being real. Who really gets that excited for Halo, COD, Battlefield, and Gears? I will lump Uncharted into the mix because the MP is average. Maybe like one week before release I would be excited when it's the flavor of the week.

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Yep systems limits on an overdone franchise. It's no sleeper. It's gonna be a let down.

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It will have similair features to the mocks.

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Uncharted 4 mp barely looks current Gen. Your standards are low if you think that looks good.

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Meh we don't want a shooter in the fields and forest. That's just an excuse for lazy development.

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It's too early for VR. Let the beta test dummies jump in first and lose money. Then you jump in when the technology is more refined.

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Gonna have a brand new 980ti to run this game. The graphics look crappy.

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I'm not paying to play this game after the debacle of FF7 remaster. I will not pay to play an SE game.

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For me it's 2, 1, the pspv games, then 3, then Ascension.

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I think it looks sleek but as far input accuracy and latencey I'm not sure. And seems like another waste of money on a gimmick. Instead of making an expensive gimmick why not put it in the hardware specs.

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I'm still writing off the "preorder sellout" as low supply. PS VR generation 1 won't sell as much as the kinect did on the Xbox 360.

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I'm more alarmed by how bad the 980ti is performing general. It's suppose to be a card where I can max everything on 1440p but doesn't even come close to that.

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The console war was never about skill. It was about which system was "better".

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I called it earlier when I said 2016 is WiiU last year but then I backtracked and said it would be phased out in 2016.

This is good news.

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Bloodborne is my game of the generation.

That being said I rather it be a one-off. Give me a Dark Souls to launch into the next gen. Of course From Software is always bad at timing.

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I played the PC version. It's a vanilla stealth game.

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If it upscales every game to 4K but doesn't play anything exclusive, I don't think that's a 4.5 yet. The N64 had the expansion pack and the Sega Genesis had a bunch of silly connectors. A .5 is like the Wii from the GameCube.

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NX will fail and this will be Nintendo's last set-top box. My predictions usually come true.

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It won't happen. They call it other than a PS5 but it's not gonna be a half-step.

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