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1. PS4 has more legs the Wii1. It has many more price drops and more AAA system sellers coming out. Wii1 if you did not notice the sales drop real fast at year 4 because nothing new was coming out.

2. The console market isn't getting smaller. Last gen was an anomaly because Wii1 got lucky by getting an untapped market. Generation 8 will be bigger than generation 6.

Concertoine, to say the casual market was always their is bein... #1.2.4
It's gonna be 89, print screen this because I will be right by + or - 2 percent. #1.1.6
1. Her age

2. A lot of women are atleast Bi, so what's the big deal? #1.5

Sales are one month old. This is news is older than my grandma. #1.1.9
No Child of Light? Lame! #1
Great game so far but I wish they changed it so you can't just make a bunch of noise and then kill the enemies when you channelize them into the door for easy pickings. #1.1
Yea new a new edition of a console. Go give yourself a pat on the back.

While PS4 has been outselling the 3DS at $399.99 consistently every month before this. #1.1.2
Well Microsoft said they want to win it regardless if they fall deep in the red. They won't win it everything on the X1 is multiplat. Even Ori I can get on the PC, so doesn't make sense to not make it exclusive. #1.1.2
I'd hit it! #1.1.1
If Uncharted 4 was a 2015 game it would made 2015 the best year in gaming ever. #1.1.1
So Bloodborne will be GOTY 2015. #1.1.6
I would agree with an 8 for MGS4. However the critics got it wrong with Halo 3. #1.1.5
Halo is 2 levels below COD. I don't see the excitement for a game that really hasn't changed. Atleast COD is good. #1.1.1
This game should be getting higher reviews than Ori. I'm getting Ori by the way at release. #1.1.1
No, it's the better console overall. #1.1.2
It's called lazy developers. Borderlands is one of the worst looking games of the last generation. No excuses! #1.1
VR is good for gaming.

Cloud based gaming, smartphone, and tablets are bad for gaming. #1.1.1
Hotline Miami 2 is gonna be the better game!

Metroidvania games should get an automatic -.5. There's too many of them. The scores are too high for what I played at GDC. #1.1.3
Hotline Miami 2 is the better game though! #1.1.6
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If you have the money to invest in a rig then it's the best. But PS4 is the currently the best bang for your buck right now.

Even though I have a rig, I still find myself buying PS4 games and some X1 games. #1.1.3
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