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Doesn't matter if they don't like it. Clearly the Japanese video game audience has bad taste. I suggest they start catering somewhere else.

The problem is you make DS and Wii1 type games you will neglect the rest of the world. The World>Japan, simple right? #1.1.2
I don't think there are that many people who were holding out for the X1 when the PS4 was already out at a cheaper price and play the majority of the same games. Cheaper price and a slightly stronger system is the PS4. #1.1.1
They need to put in more servers. Took me 10 hours to download Forza 5. #1.1.2
Yes I'm yahoo only too. I'm in a $250 buy in and yahoo has takes the least commission.

Bad thing about yahoo is the pro leagues are only 10 team standard or auction. #1.1.1
No it will fail there unless Microsoft secures about 5 major exclusives. #1.1.5
Life is being streamlined, so if you expect the average person to setup a PC you're nuts. The average everyday person doesn't know what a gigabyte is on their smartphone. #1.1.1
Pretty hard sell when the WiiU almost entirely ignores AAA multiplats, sports games, shooter games, and online competitive games.

Come next year these arguments will be factually incorrect when Bloodborne is out. #2.1.1
@ bottom

Yea Sony shot themselves in the foot for not making it PS4 exclusive. Those japanese gamers don't know what's best for them, and will keep playing PS3. #1.1.1
These annoucements just cater the eastern gamer. Help the western gamer out with some annoucements. Afterall the NA is your bread and butter, and then the EU is your wildcard. Japan sales are just drops in the bucket. #1.1.1
I wish I can say good bye. There's too many crossplatform games being made. All it is stunting the potential of games. It's not good for gamers. It's only good for Sony so they can make more money. #1.1.3
It's the next AAA game you play for about a week or two. Then you will move on to the next AAA game. That's the way a core gamer plays. #1.1.3
I'm not happy about the Persona 5. It's a series I don't play and it's cross gen in 2015 -_-. And then Dragon Quest, also another series I don't play, is being made by the Dynasty Warrior developers.

These are the JRPGs that cater the eastern audience. #1.1.1
I bought the X1 yesterday. Now I don't condone owning both if you don't have much money. If you got money to spend then get both and don't short yourself.

If you can only afford one you get the PS4.

I like the X1 controller over the PS4. The triggers are just better and more ergonomic. The control looks more sleek as well. Then the UI is more sleek also. And the system is about twice the size of the PS4, but seems like the form factor is bet... #1.1.1
Well I don't care about Japan. Japan is not the "big enchillada" anymore for sales. If Microsoft decides to throw money around then we will see some exclusive games. #1.1.1
Let's see if the six new internal studios show up at TGS. Even despite poor sales Microsoft can throw money around. If I can get a "Blue Dragon" or "Lost Odyssey" I will be happy. #1.1.5
Overrated is every Assasins Creed after the first one.

Fallout 3 is overrated.

@mixo: seems like a 20 hour game to me. You can probably finish it in 15 and then collect all the collectables in 20. You know there are marathon type gamers. You will see people finish it in 2 or 3 days. #1.1.9
I hope it's a current gen only Devil May Cry 5. #1.1.1
I waiting for Bayonetta Sigma. #1.1.1
I don't expect great anymore from this game. I'm just gonna play through like any other coop campaign game. #1.1.6
I will be dropping some money to play this on the PC. This will the first current gen game that will make it worth owning a PC, for that you won't get the same marginal experience on the console.

Off-topic- your notorious PS4 fan and Xbox hater picked up a Xbox One today. Figure I get it before they discontinue the Kinect bundles and charge $150 for them in October. #1.1.5
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