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GTAV is not worth playing again. Despite being a top 10 last gen game. #1.1.3
Yes online gameplay and teamup. I'm tired of these modes that cater to the casual audience. #1.1
Just played Ryse on the X1. I'd say best pure graphics but you gotta consider it's pretty much on rails. My best graphics goes to Infamous still. Once The Order is out there's no contest anymore until Witcher 3 for PC and then Uncharted 4 will kill everything. #1.1.2
Spring 2016 for NA most likely. Freaking garbage I will be almost 30 years old #1.1.3
I'm getting a Destiny vibe in this game. Too much bland space and not enough personality. #1.1.2
5 years sound about right for popular but not "widely" popular. I'd expect about a 20 mil install base for that kind of medium by then. #1.1
With the loose knots at the end of the first one, with the sales, and with the reception, the game will have a sequel. #1.1.2
Cool I will play the inferior version this year and then in 2 years I will replay the remaster version on current gen hardware.

Bayonetta is the best hack and slash series of all time. #1.1.3
That's actually pretty cheap. #1.1.1
It's implied it's PS4 version.

It should be exclusive this game by the way. #1.1.2
SE finally delivered this time! They fooled me after battle because I thought it was a cutscene when they zoomed in up-close to Noctis, but that was in-game gameplay!!!

I was just staring Noctis for 10 seconds expecting him to say something then I realized that's the fucking gameplay. WTF!? #1.1.1
Yep probably that for the Japanese audience -_- #1.1.1
These names are lame. We should protest and force SE to change the names. #1.1.1
The puppy is going to evolve into Sniper Wolf.

Actually one theory is that Big Boss gives it to a young girl who is the young version of Sniper Wolf. #1.1.1
Had to buy this. Vote with your dollars. It's for the support for exclusives and japanese games on consoles. #1.1.1
We can safely say the PS4 has hit 11 mil install.

PS3 59k crushing WiiU's 39k. Europeans are spending more than us Americans. #1.1.5
Looks amazing and again for almost a 10 year project this is what it should be. #1.1.2
This is my first time seeing this since I missed TGS love -_-

But wow SE met my expectations on this one. The only thing I can nit pick about is the car looks meh and the foliage looks average. It's supposed to be "clunky" because it's supposed to be open world. This a major improvement from FFXIII. This is more than Night and Day improvement actually. Makes FFXIII look like a PS2 game. #1.1.6
This why multiplat sucks for gamers. FF can spend more time making a average game and then sell way more than one version. This doesn't directly benefit gamers or at all. #1.1.3
It's a character skin. Kinda lame. #1.1
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