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Overtime these dorky looking things will improve into more sleek looking. #1.1
The Vita is a failed system but it's not stopping be from buying the next Sony portable system. The sleek looking hardware is already enough to sell me.

Also PS plus is giving a nice stable flow of games to play on the Vita. #1.1.1
Remember we asked for more oldschool 2d platformers. Well we got them.. and now I'm tired of 2d platform puzzlers. Why can't developers research what the market wants. We want more balance and the genre that needs to be made more is the turn-based story rpg. #1
Like ANgelic said it's a business, and at the end of the day he still gets his pay check.

From the experience I had the last great game they put out was Halo 2. But I have high hopes for Destiny since they have been working on this game for a long time. #1.1.6
Once again Sony is moving boundaries and transcending games. What are the other two console holders doing?? The answer is nothing much. #1.1
^Suprise Suprise Suprise

Mikeslemonade likes the X1 controller the most.

DS4 although is the best DS in history doesn't look very sleek and is less ergonomic than the X1 controller. Also poor battery life and triggers are still not as good as the X1 controller. #1.1.2
^That's a myth. I'm pretty sure the PS3 and Wii sold more life to date compared to X1.

Poor Phil Harrison.. He's one of my favorite execs but he also seems to be with the loser. He was the loser in the early PS3 days, then with Atari, and now the sinking ship that is the X1. #1.2.1
Moneyhatted, confirmed! #1.1.2
This game is gonna flop like the next spore. It's too ambitious and the object of the game is not clear. #1.1
As a Madden and NBA 2k buyer every year.. I gotta say Madden is the better sim. The major complaint is the visuals. The player models for Madden are terrible representation. Not everyone in the NFL has 18 inch arms and buff.

Of course they gotta revamp some of the gameplay but they are gradually improving the gameplay every year so I will not ding them for that. But the player models are the same bodybuilder looking dudes every year that don't resemble the real life... #1.1
Given ND's track record you can already call it the GOTY for 2015.

Right now Naughty Dog is the best developer in gaming industry. Putting out Uncharted 2 and TLoU. Uncharted 1 was not to shabby either. That's the equlivant of Lebron James winning 2 MVPs in 4 years. They're the Lebron James of the Gaming industry.

Phantom pain hasn't met my expectations for the next "Metal Gear". Graphically it's nothing spectacular. Whil... #1.1.2
These games should only be on PS4 so I can brag about it and so the game can be optimized and polished. However SE will find a way to money hat and ruin the games. #1.1.6
PS4 now and then get a X1 when phantom dust comes out. Don't get WiiU because Nintendo deserves rot after making a debacle of a system, the Wii1. #1.1
^ it's good news because the remake is warranted. The game looked good on PS3 but you can tell where the game can be enhanced. Just like how GTA5 was great but the full potential of the game was hampered because of the hardware. #1.1.6
Standalone month it's good, but if you compare to previous months it's not so good #2.3
How does a almost 2:1 lead even competitive at this point. X1 will be lucky to even sell as much as the PS4 right now at the end of the year. #1.4
Gears will fall short of expectations. These series are over the hill. #1.1.1
Lame. I'm against games at all on devices on anything other than PC and consoles. #1.1.1
22 mil vs 15 mil software worldwide. Now tell me whose kicking the other's butt.

What a flop that the X1 will lose to the PS4 when they're the same price. Go eat crow for those who said the PS4 is only doing this because they are cheaper by $100.

The fact is the PS4 would beat the X1 even if they are $100 more. #1.1.4
That sucks if the games content isn't a M. There's something less realistic for movies that are pg-13 or games just rated T. #1.1.2
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