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The platform is still gimped. It's relatively weaker compared to the PS3. PS3 had more games that pushed the hardware. PS4 so far only has horizon, the only game where you didn't believe that it could run on a PS4.

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Don't hold your breath.

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Wrong. The only good rockstar games are GTA and Bully. Red Dead and Noire are overrated.

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Neither. You shouldn't portable game.

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My goodness stop wasting our time. First, Noire was already a dumb remaster we did not need.

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82 meta, should be lower.

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It was already primitive when it came out for the PS3. It's overrated game and one of the dumbest games to remaster.

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No. Free on PC. And it's overhype and flopped game.

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Hehe first GameStop then bestbuy and then Amazon. Seems like the worser companies bring out their deals first. And then Amazon simply just copies their deals.

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Edit: the friend spends average $300 per week.

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I know a friend who doesn't even make that much money, makes like 45k, and he spends like $300 average on microtransactions on fire emblem, hearthstone, and overwatch. He admits it's an addiction.

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Horizon on Pro probably looks better than any game on the X. Sometimes it's about the game.

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It's the literally the exact opposite. Multiplats pretty much started the greed generation. The work less for money generation. It's like the foundation of "hmm how can I make more money? By double dipping I can". Plus the money they make not much comes back to us. There's less AAA games and less quality now.

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Witcher 3 is overrated.

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