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The real war is mobile. Don't support mobile games.

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Judging from the beta this game is the worst of the big 4 shooters. I'm only getting it if my friends get it otherwise this is a waste of time for me. All it feels like is a reskin. Still looks the same and plays the same as the last two Battlefields.

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I would suggest to play Pro on 1080p. The Pro isn't even strong enough to do true 4K. So I'd argue it's best to play on 1080p with all the settings turned on high.

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Grand Theft Auto VI because that's what they should make instead of another Red Dead.

And I know reviews gonna free pass Red Dead because it's gonna look good. Of course it will look good when it's a big sandbox with nothing in it. And then they will compare it to GTAV which is a last gen game. The truth to the matter is Rockstar is for the money and evidently Red Dead is easier for them to make. But the casual gamers here will eat it up just as Rockstar wan...

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I hope they keep making games. These are the devs we need to support. Don't support mobile.

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Nope. We want GTA6 not another boring Red Dead.

Red Dead only had good graphics at the time. Gameplay was dry as heck.

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I spelled it out for you guys. Take a look at that before you feed on news that Microsoft is trying to spin on you.

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It's the equivalent of playing 4k on a gtx 970. You can do it.. but why would you?

And I am getting the pro. I have that preordered. And still I wouldn't think once about pairing PlayStation VR on that hardware.

Thank You Rainslacker for semi understanding me.

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It's a lame feature that anybody serious about gaming wouldn't use. BC, split screen, and play anywhere useless features. Make more video games not features that I don't use.

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Hardware is too weak for PlayStation VR. Don't be fed by this hype.

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It's gonna dissapoint just like most Nintendo home consoles but you still get it for the handful of exclusives.

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lol taking them 4 years to get the strongest console out and what are they gonna be strong for one entire year before PS5 comes out..

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I wonder if that will improve the video options so you can push the sliders towards max.

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Hardware is too weak. Wait for PS5 to get the VR.

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I like good gameplay. Not this unpolish mess.

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A meaningless statistic. But I bet you worldwide PS4 still won. This war was over in E3 2013. The xbox never had a chance.

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Nintendo is taking too long with this.

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Lame... World at War was lame. Just keep giving me the modern warfares!

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Wow someone here thinks I'm a giant Xbox fanboy.

I have wiiu and play it. And it's consistent to my philosophy. Wiiu has about 2 or 3 games worth playing when it was still viable. And I don't consider it current gen.

And also I can say there's platforming in this game that is more advanced than any WiiU game.

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Gears 4 not that demanding. I have set to max on everything on 1080p and 60. And the frames won't drop past 58 frames. On my 980ti and 4790k

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