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I'm preordering it as it becomes avalible.

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The game looks better than you think. Playing 1080 and 60 frames is pretty good. Tight controls, tight platforming, minimal motion blur.

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I can tell you easily why Jrpgs on life support. A combination of lazy and cheap Devs and entitled gamers. Jrpg Devs bending over to make a quick buck for the 3ds and mobile. Gamers not buying Jrpgs on consoles. It's as simple as that. So you can basically blame yourself and others for ruining Jrpgs.

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9.5... for a remaster. Lol some people can't just don't know how to score games.

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Gonna be able to play on a stable framerate on the Pro! Not gonna run well on the vanilla PS4.

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Disappointing visuals. It's not enough of a graphical bump to make me wanna play it.

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Noway it's not better than the Orignal. It's the only one I didn't complete. The annoying big sister... That is why I'm gonna play B2 remaster and not the other two.

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Load times are normal length for me on my SSD 850 EVO. It may feel like a HDD for me, but that ain't bad.

People need to support this game. I think the reviewers didn't do it justice. They should have reviewed this as a $40 game but seemed like most reviewed it as a full price game.

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Nope rather play true 1080 and locked at 30 on the Pro.

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I'm also calling it a PS5 game. Multigenerational for PS4 also. But PS4 pro gonna run like crap by then.

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I bet anybody $200 that Joel will be in some form in this game.

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Cause Nintendo fans can't think for themselves.

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Getting PC version for sure

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So games are too expensive right but you guys are also complaining that there are no good games. Hmm how about add things up together and see what that reason is.

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Both are meh. Give me TLoU!

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Yep and this is why AAA core gaming is on life support.

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Still gotta support them or they gonna go to mobile and be irrelevant to gaming.

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