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I added the the VGchartz numbers for comparison. I came up with the number 376k. I added a extra 30k because the last sales update was Oct 4 and I divided those sales by 2. That's just my elementary math approach there, because I'm not going to be analytic about it since it's not my job. This is just for debate purpose and bragging rights.

So VGchartz is only roughly 25% wrong this time. Not bad.. Let me see you guys provide better estimates than them. And I s... #1.1.9
It's gonna be a dissapointment. How many times do we see X say something is coming and then the result is underwhelming. And only maybe about 2 times a year it actually met or went over expectations.

I believe it's gonna be a new God of War and I will be dissapointed. #1.1.17
Halo 3, Mario Galaxy, and GTA4 are not 10s by the way. If Halo 3 is a 10 then COD4 is a 12/10. I noway in god's green earth is Halo 3 any better than COD4. Both games came out in the same year COD4 literally killed Halo. #1.1
If the lazy devs tried harder it can. Unity isn't a spectacularly looking game either. #1.1.11
THey should make it $64.99 msrp, afterall it is better than XBL gold. #1.1.5
Far Cry is lame and generic. Don't buy it on the consoles. #1.1.3
If there both the same resolution then there being lazy developers. #1.1.5
Lame.. I like Dead Rising 3. MS needs to buy more exclusivity rights for their IPs. #1.1.4
I'm passing up this game. Halo has been a 2nd-rate shooter since Halo 2. #1.1.2
Still not good enough. I wanted this game to be Game of the Year among crtics. Shadows of the Generic will claim GOTY at this rate.

Now we have to wait how COD or Dragon Age does. I have low expectations for Lords of Fallen. Someone has to win and not Shadows of the Generic and Bayonetta 2! #1.1
Wow this game is getting poor reviews. It's getting 8s and lower. Dammit it's supposed to be better than Shadows of the Generic. Game of the Year is going to be given to a lame game and I'm gonna throw a hissy fit. This is suppose to be game of the year god dammit! #1.1.1
GTA5 is the best open world game on the PS3. End of Discussion and move on. #1.1.2
If the team up mode here is better I'm trading in the overated NBA 2k15 #1.1
What fun is it to wait one month for NPDs and then they only track North America. And besides.. VGC updates their numbers. The numbers are close enough. #1.1
It's not "haha fun". I just really appreciate the battle system and the enemy AI. The interesting level design and boss battles too.

However the reviews are graded on a WiiU scale. If the game at its current state came out on current gen hardware it would not get as high scores. There's higher standards and expectations on current gen hardware. Last gen hardware like the WiiU is in comparison to the PS3 and 360. #1.1.2
^you guys completely missed the bar.

This game is on a hadicaped rating scale. WiiU game standards are not as high. A 10 on a last gen hardware is about a 9 on current gen standards.

Stop touting and beating your chest. The fact is the game's potential is limited by last gen hardware. Don't kid yourself, all of you would have loved it if Platinum games made it for the current gen hardware. Instead the game still looks and moves like B1. #1.1.7
^obviously you guys don't know a good hack/slash game.

Coming from a Nintendo hater, this is a must-play game. I'm buying the system used and a new copy of B2, and then return the system in a week. Then I will sell the game to my friend.

I hope the game suffers in sales because Nintendo doesn't deserve it for stunting the potential of this game on last gen hardware. #1.1.4
Nope. They're not beating the Destiny bundle. I trust Amazon bestsellers coupled with vgchartz. X1 did not beat the PS4 in the U.S. this month.

lol at the disagrees:

In the 4 weeks according to VGchartz. In the US the PS4 beat X1 15k, 80k, 20k, and 30k. So that story VGchartz is telling me that the PS4 did not lose to the X1. It's not even close. I don't care how innaccurate you say VGC but they're not wrong enough to completely be off... #1.1
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I shall buy a used WiiU at Gamestop and return it after I complete this game. #1
I prefer stock 500gb HDD. Games install fast in comparison to last gen and the X1. And there's always good deals to be had when you go the physical disc route. For example through Dell recently I got games with a $25 gift card and then when I trade a game in to GameStop I get like $40 something back through the power up rewards. So in effect the game was free for me to play.

500 GB is enough space for this entire generation. When you finish a game just delete it. St... #1.1.6
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