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Tomb Raider is largely generic. Waiting for VR to take so these third person action adventure games can take it to the next level.

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You wouldn't want to. Why explore bland open world environments?

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Compared to consoles window store is still better. The only issue is Dead Rising 4 is $80.

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Well 2017 will be a better year in general compared to 2016.

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Agree for Turn Based

Disagree for Action Rpg

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This is horse manure.. He can't defy technology. The probability of this happening is zero percent.

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That's why the hardware isn't impressive. And as everybody said above, it's the Nintendo first party games that you buy the system for.

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Nintendo is lame. They're like apple and don't leak information. I like a consistent flow of rumors that are true.

And when you make 2.5 games that's are worth playing per year, there's really nothing to talk about 90% of the year.

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The limitation to gaming are the pedestrian customers. Not willing to buy a $600 PS3 and cheapscapes waiting 4 years for the console to drop to $200. You guys are the ones ruining the gaming industry.

You cheapscapes must be saving for your next live. Must be nice to have two lives.

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Anybody with any real objectivity would not give this game a 10. Way more cons in this game than pros.

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CPU not the bottleneck. I can stick a I3 in my PC and it will play my games near the same frame rate. GPU is the bottleneck. PS Poor is a gtx 750, while ND are some geniuses I will believe that. But noway the above average capcom devs can make a gtx 750 run a new AAA game at 1080p and 60 frames. Are you trying to tell me mediocre capcom can do this over any other developers like CD Project Red and From Software. Tell me what Capcom has done great lately.


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PSPoor The Last Guardian is a lag fest.

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There's still some aliasing going on. And no Forza does not look better than these screenshots. I play max settings on FH3 on PC and no it doesn't look good as this.

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Matter of fact let's see the list of AAA games that even run 1080p and 60 frames on X1. None of those games even look average.

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^ Can't help you fairminded people. Anybody with a decent PC knows this ain't possible. The game gonna look average.


4K and hdr is not even necessary when you need the Pro just to play games on regular. For example TLG is a lagfest on the PSPoor.

I'm just a realist. I call it like is.

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The grass pokemon in Sun and Moon is the best though. But Bulbasaur is not only the lamest starting pokemon but one of the lamest period.

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Which means poor graphics. On the PSPoor and X1 you can't have it both ways. You can't have high frame rate and 1080p resolution with great graphics. I mean not even Naughty Dog could do it. Won't believe it until see it. And it won't happen.

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