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It's a fact that PS plus is better overall. You may prefer a lesser service such as XBL gold, but don't say XBL gold is better. Give credit, where credit is due.

PS Plus has more pros over XBL Gold. When you make a list of advantages the PS Plus list will be longer.

Before you say I'm biased and have no objectivity, yesterday I bought another year of PS Plus and XBL Gold. They were both on sale and got them $39 after tax each.

... #1.1.1
Here we go again with Nintendo apologist. If the system were so great you would see it in reflection of the sales. WiiU is great as a PSP, gamecube, dreamcast etc. All systems are great using your guys' logic then. #2.1.1
Microsoft is too much in the red to show more. #1.1.11
Square Enix new this was a bad move and still did it. It has come to that.. #1.1.1
Infamous Second Son is my personal GoTY. It's a technical achievement when you get the Neon powers. Underrated story and cast, like the comment above me said. And many reviews said the game is reptitive but it really isn't that repetitive when you compare it to other games.

I would agree with Dragon Age as GoTY as well. As long as Bayonetta 2 or Dark Souls 2 doesn't win then justice is served. #1.1.1
This game has more impressive faces than Uncharted 4 but that's about it. #1.1.4
That's subjective. For me I buy my games cheap for the consoles and then trade them back when I'm done. I got plus $3 on COD, Sunset OD, WWE. So I'm actually making money back in credit.

Not everyone prefers to download games for "cheap". Unless you do illiegal means. #3.1.1
Based on the PC recommended specs a mid range PC will not be able to do 1080p and 30 frames.

The recommended hardware I estimate is about $800 even if you are savvy around looking for deals. The GTX 980 is alone is more than a PS4.

That being said I will probably get this on my PC. I got i7, 16gb ram, and two GTX 970s. For most people the PS4 is the better way to go. Don't let the mAster of none tell you PC is even better. Because it's actually... #1.1.15
They need to get rid of the cartoony look. That was the first complaint when SFIV came out. Now people have let the art style slide. But that art style still takes away the cerebral and seriousness of the original game. #1.1.2
Looks like Spore/Afrika/Destiny. I don't understand the hype. #1.1.3
Peter Moore takes an adminstrative role. He has almost nothing to do with why the game sucks. Also soccer is lame. NBA and NFL are superior! #1.1.6
If this game is unplayable then you must think 25% of games are not playable. #1.1
Where's my panda!?

They need to get rid of the juggling. That was a system limitation but they're keeping it for the sake of the tradition. #1.1.1
Anyone can summarize his thoughts? I tend to this disagree with Tor on almost everything. #1.1.1
Nice gonna fire up the xbox #2
What now PC, tablets, handhelds, and smartphone camp!?

360 is considered a successful console and PS3 is considered a success in the 2nd-half of the generation. And now primarily PS4 beating out last generation all by itself. X1 sales are skewwed. Neight 360, PS3, or PS4 dropped in price in their first year.

X1 is actually on a slower pace than the 360 when you take out the price drops. And don't give me the BS about your X amount of countries. You... #1.1.1
..with more spun news. #1.1
It's actually Raiden. #1.1.8
I rather have TLoU2 than Crash. And this is coming from a huge fan of platformers and is starving for a platformer. Make someone else do a platformer. #1.1.4
^Good name news4complainers, that describes exactly who I am lol

Unfortunately this is what I expected from SE.

Doesn't come as a surprise. #1.1.2
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