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Super hero movies are lame.

And this E3 will not be good because it’s nearing the end of the generation.

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Clocked like the third most hours in a game in Resistance fall of man, but we don’t need that trash to be remastered. Shooters don’t need to be remastered.

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Tricky had the better legacy though. 3 was just a continuation.

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Lol you don’t just take out invisible walls. They’re there for a reason because the developer wants to hide “unfinished” areas

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Some remakes are good.

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Is The Order: 1886 Worth Playing In 2018?

No. I bought it and didn’t even play it when it came out.

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Nintendo needs to drop the 3DS. 8 year old system is embarrassing.

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lol at this SJW trash. Black main character and woman... yea okay.

And the game looks bad and dissapointing.

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Ban him and report him!

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The Axe alone beats GOW classic games. It's more fun than anything, they they had in the old god of war classic games.

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COD is better. You Nintendo fans live in some parallel world.

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4k > HDR. You people probably never seen true 4k.

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Ehhhhh that’s just dumb Nintendo pr, PS2 games came out until 2014 or something. But nothing worth playing came out beyond 2007.

The 3DS died last year as far as I’m concerned.

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Can’t wait to play this overrated game, in which was suppose to be GTA6.

Game of the year is God of War, don’t kid yourself.

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Xbox One Controller >> Switch Pro Controller

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There is now one game that will change Microsoft’s outlook plus it’s coming on the pc. I will be playing it 4k and 60 frames.

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Ryse is much more shorter, linear, and less detailed. So of course in certain ways it's gonna look better.

God of War is still is the better looking overall game. Ryse is too short and more linear.

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Scalebound Remastered

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San Andreas is also overrated. People just liked the thought open world and doing “anything” you want.

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Not overrated games:
1.God of War
2. Bloodborne
3. Any souls borne game
4. Infamous Second Son
5. GTAV on last gen consoles, GTAV remaster is overrated
6. NBA 2k10-13
7. Bayonetta 1, Bayo 2 is overrated
9.TLoU Remaster
10. SotC remaster, because it was only $40
11. Horizon

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