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Lol Nintendo is gonna be two generations behind instead of being the usual last gen console. #1.1.6
That's good because I can sell it after I play it. #1.1.7
That's what I meant. It's obvious that systems don't stay the same price the entire generation. I meant that they were able to get away with a $600 tag to begin with. PS3 still sold 9 mil in its first year. #1.2.1
lol at aussie's logic

he says "for you dude" and then he says "he doesn't care if ps4 sold 2 bil and X1 sold 5 thousand"

So clearly you are thinking for yourself too.

Sales equal more games. There's a correlation to that.

And I don't see the BC increasing much of the sales. #1.1.2
Split-screen hasn't been a thing for a long time. #1.1.5
I have both versions. I got the PC version after the fact.

And there's a difference between good looking and then you try to put a good looking game on a limited system. The resolution is low, frame rate is low, and there's too many jaggies.

People here like to give free passes to games. #1.1.4
It was nearly unplayable for me. #1.1.2
Not only does UNcharted 4 look better overall, but there have been several that already look better.

The Order, Bloodborne, Second Son, Witcher 3.

Sure if you compare specific elements like the character model and armore than Ryse will win, but we talking about overall graphics. Where I'm not weighing one element over the other. #1.1.6
Meh I will play the PC version instead. I remember playing the PS3 and 360 version of the Tomb Raider reboot and it looked like booty. I couldn't even play it. #1.1

Wii was $250. PS4 got way more legs than the Wii. #1.1.8
PlayStation brand is still bigger worldwide. That's why they were able to survive the $600 tag. No other console can survive a $600 relative to inflation tag. #1.1.1
I liked the gameplay more than story so it doesn't matter to me if they twist the story and make it work.

People are too stuck-up about the story. And arguably the story can continue right where it left off just the way it is.

If you think the story is the reason why they can't make a sequel then you are stuck-up person. #1.1.2
Shockingly to everyone on N4G, I will buy a NX day 1. Now if all the games are mobile then I suppose I won't buy any games for it then. I'm buying the console for sure since I buy all platforms. #1.1.7
They need to phase out the support for a hopeless console. Why make exclusive content for the WiiU? #1.1.2
I played Ryse on same size and simulair spec TV. Look at my XBL mikeslemonade achievements. I was impressed. Although I saw many inconsistencies. Everything up close to the camera looked great but there will always be maybe a rock or box that wasn't polished. While Uncharted is showing greater detail everywhere else.

Sure if Ryse came out at this year with Crytek's special sauce it may look better but the game is pretty linear. There's these small areas you... #1.1.5
With my high standards of ND I wasn't that impressed. Still the high moments of the game are script. #1.1.1
Don't support mobile even if it's free. #1.1.1
Fist World Problems here #1.1
Just get the game through illegal means or move out. Gaming is life so screw them and do what ever you want. #1.1.1
Well Microsoft has the bigger money making exclusives IPs coming out this year. We shall see about meta scores when the games roll out.

However the equalizer on the consoles is 1080p and 30 frames seems to be exclusive to PS4 for multiplat games. #1.1
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