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Give me Cyberpunk not these lame dlcs. I forcefully finished Witcher 3 proper, so I already got tired of the main game. And don't tell me the dlc is better because the main game left a bad taste in my mouth. W3 is overhyped game.

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Funny how you guys assume I don't have a Switch. Just cause I'm negative about it implies I don't have a Switch?

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PS5 is fall of 2018 confirmed by me.

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You don't need a microscope to see the difference. If you play 4k side by side with 1080p you will see it pretty clearly. Then you will see that edges are smoother and you see more details.

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Fall ain't that busy this year. And I want Red Dead 2 to come out sooner so GTA 6 can come out sooner.

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irrelevant to me. I'm getting COD and Destiny 2 on PC. 4k 60 frames baby.

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No more Red Dead 2 sealed my fate of not getting a Scorpio. Red Dead 2 coming out fall of 2018 means that they may even make a port for the PS5 when that is released.

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I meant Xbox Live is 2nd qualitatively in services. You like how I saved my butt?

And I bet there's more plus subscribers on PS4 than gold subscribers on Xbox one.

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That's impressive. That's more than Xbox live then. Xbox live is 2nd place woohoo!

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Yes multiplats, virtual console, and low risk type games. Don't expect AAA exclusive.

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I hope theirs a 4k resolution. I know it's an arcade game.

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Only cause the competition sucks. Marvel, SFV, and Mortal Kombat aren't good looking. Injustice doesn't look that great either. I see many jaggies in the visuals.

Racing and Fighting games should be photo realistic to the naked eye already and they're not their yet.

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Well no matter how good the service is, cheap people will hide in their corner with their own pennies. Cheap people gonna be cheap.

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Ehhh the delay could mean the PC version is in the works. It wasn't always a 2018 release date. I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere saying fall of 2017.

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The switch is only a slightly better version than the WiiU. You guys are a prisoner of the moment. When the dust settles the Switch will only sell about 20 million lifetime. I own a Switch by the way, so I don't need that usual comment that says "you don't even have a switch".

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My PC is a 1080ti and i have a 4k monitor.

And Scorpio is optimized can run Destiny at 4k and 60 frames. Destiny isn't a spec juggernaut.

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Scorpio won't matter because the game comes out 2 months before Scorpio. I'm playing on PC 4K and 60 frames!

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Been ragging on Scorpio and I buy all consoles day 1.. I was certain on not buy it but..

If Read Dead 2, Madden, NBA 2k, and UFC 3 are 4k 60 frames then I'm getting a Scorpio.

Because I ain't playing NBA 2k on PC, and the other games are console exclusives so they're going to be the best version on Scorpio.

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I don't why you guys like westerns. It's one of the easier genres to make. You allowing devs to be lazy.

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