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I have two Zotac 970s. One I got for $290 and one for $250. #1.1.11
lol at you guys spinning a negative into a positive. High turnover is no good you idiots and children! #1.1.4
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Console version of the Division will not look that good. I gurantee there will be atleast 8 games coming out next year that will look better. I can already name the few: Batman, MGS, Uncharted, Bloodborne, and Quantam Break. #2.1.6
DLC was okay. It's not a must place like the main game. If you must know the story then go ahead. #1.1.2
Final chance for the X1 to even outsell the PS4 for one month! #1.1.4
Meh.. I have the Z97-A. Not a slick component unless it can SLI. #1.1.1
lol y'all suck if you believe in the excuse that he did it so they can increase security and make people spend time with their family. Yes.., that's after the fact that he did something illegal and now he's trying to get away with it.

That's like me saying I need to feed my family that has an infant and pregnant wife, so it's okay for me to steal $50 from the lawyer's briefcase. Guy can go kick rocks when he's caught. He gets no sympathy. Did... #1.1.5
shipped not sold. #1.1.4
lol at people posting the news items about the only two territorries where X1 is currently outselling PS4.

PS4 wins worldwide, end of story!

The recent news have led the novices to believe that X1 has already won the U.S. The fact is PS4 has beaten the X1 every month worldwide PERIOD. And that means more games for PS4 and less for X1. #1.1.3
PS4 will outsell the X1 this month in the U.S. There have been $349 deals for the PS4. The X1 already had its "party" of price drops earlier. #1.1.5
Call it Jak Revolution, Jak Evolved, or New Jak. Jak 4 would not work because it would turn off people who haven't play the first 3. #1.1.2
These guys would make way more money if they were software engineers in a industry. #1.1.18
How about just play games at home. #2.1
Which is fine since the X1 is cheaper now. They couldn't get away from being more expensive but weaker. #1.1.2
Most guys who speak negative about Indies haven't played them. Some of the better games every year are Indie games. #1.1.3
Now I can restart my 1 year plus membership and play some NBA 2K. I will see how Rajon Rondo works with the Mavs. #1.1.8
I pity people who say "X" used to be better back in the day. Because I can enjoy modern things and I also like things "back in the day". The elitist attitude about saying some form of entertainment back in the day is better, is lame. #1.1.4
A Viva Piñata isn't gonna happen. That would targeted for a specific demographicz. Microsoft wants a game that is for everybody. #1.1.3
You gamers suck for not buying Infamous SS. That game is underrated and should have been nominated for GOTY. #1.1.9
The nintendo apologists will say it's one of the better controllers and it really isn't. Overall the controller feels cheap, L1/R1 are hard to reach, face buttons are too flimsy. When I plugged the WiiU pro controllers I was able to pull off the moves I wanted in Bayonetta. And WiiU pro controller is nowhere near the quality of the 360 or X1 controller. #1.1.2
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