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Looks lame

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PS4 doesn't need BC. It's a waste of money.

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so 90+ minutes of watching other games that will be in other conferences, hence they got no exclusives.

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Won't matter. Ram was never a bottleneck.

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Nah it's just because Japanese devs aren't as good anymore. They take too long and bring us mediocre products.

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You can't replicate this until you see it on your monitor or TV. Screens on a web page don't do it justice.

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Nah too small sample size. Wii was sold out for a year or more. Switch gonna sell 20 mil give or take a few lifetime.

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Ehhhh Ratchet did it already before that.

Even though Ratchet sucks.

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Yes the PS4 base hardware is weak and causing parity.

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I'm pretty sure Xbox game pass doesn't add 1080p to their games right? Yea so it's irrelevant and useless service. I also play games new on release, why would I want to play old games?

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No reason to own Scorpio. I have ps pro and pc. So that basically narrows down to red Dead 2 which is delayed, madden, NBA 2k, and UFC 3. Sports games I only play online and they probably gonna be a victim of parity in that regard.

Red Dead 2 is delayed so I can just wait a few months when PS5 comes out and they will port a better version of Red Dead 2 to PS5.

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You sure the Switch is even strong enough to emulate GameCube games lol

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Only sampled Horizon but Zelda is annoying with the running and climbing. That's what you do most of the game is run and climb in Zelda, and that's a fact.

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Won't matter and I give two reasons why the Switch will compromise any version on the go.

1. The screen resolution is 900p

2. The screen too small to see detail especially in a puzzle game where you use your eyes like a vacuum. You wanna gather all you can see clearly in order to solve puzzles efficiently.

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PS4 gonna be always superior.

Your playing on the go argument is weak. I rather not play the game at all on the go.

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I am currently paying for two gyms.

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Really.. the PC version is releasing later.. Oh well I'm Destiny hater so I can wait.

I've been spoiled by shooters on PC. Controller really is a crippled way to play shooters. You can't pan the camera as fast. And it's feels great to pan fast cause it's so smooth and you get to take advatange of playing it at 60 frames or more.

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The last big game from rockstar came in the middle of the generation was Vice City. Everything else Rockstar got a free pass on. The games either came out too early and or too late, which causes us to wait an extra 3-4 years to see what a rockstar game looks like on current gen hardware. This time it's Red Dead 2 coming out in the tale end of this generation, and it's Red Dead 2 which is less impressive than GTA6.

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Ehhh I can say the Wii was bad for the industry since it allowed console developers to focus less on hardware power. And now this generation the hardware is weaker than normal.

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