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My friend who is 28 spent more than 10k on overwatch, fire emblem mobile, and hearthstone. Maybe close to 20k now. And his salary is only like 45k lol

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Xenoblade it ain't even close. I have it preordered though and it's arriving Monday. But xenoblade isn't even better than any of the modern final fantasys. It's limited on gimped hardware.

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Mass Effect 1 is the best one though.

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Odyssey confirms it's dead actually. The game is more about puzzle solving and finding the star. The actual platforming is almost always easy or medium difficulty.

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50% makes it as fast as PS4. When I did have a Xbox one it was about 50% slower than PS4.

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It won't beat Wii.

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Boycott if it's a new gen gta.

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Free on PC

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Pretty much until they get rid of play anywhere I can always play on PC so I will never have a sensible reason buy a Xbox. And I buy all systems day 1. So you lose the best kind of customer which is the hardcore gamer.

I buy switch, vita, 3ds etc. And I even buy the mid gen upgrades like PS Pro and New 3DS. So that's saying a lot if you can't even get me to buy an Xbox from here on out.

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Seems like 2018 is going to be a better year than this year. Zelda and Mario weren't as good as people thought. They have inflated meta scores because of Nintendo fan service. PLus a 97 on switch is really like only a 91 on modern consoles.

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If on Switch please boycott. It should only be on PS4 ideally but if it must it can go on the Xbox. Please no PC either.

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Finally we can have some real hack and slash. Bayonetta 2 and Nier 2 weren't good enoough.

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Ehhh the novelty will ware off. Your wrong if you think this is the next Wii.

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All boring. Kart racing and regular racing is all boring and lame. I will give you that diddy kong racing is the most interesting of the bunch

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like Overwatch was even a 2017 game.

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Nope. You guys are wrong. If you think about it which company was the first company to have successful small budget games? It wasn't tiger electronics, it wasn't sega gamegear etc. It was Nintendo starting probably with Pokemon red and blue because that made the gameboy color huge.

So they really started the demise of AAA games by encouring smaller budget games.

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Nope nintendo probably has hurt the industry more than helped it in the modern era. I don't take away the earlier platforms lin NES and SNES. I'm not gonna go on a spiel but the main thing is Nintendo is probably started the demise of AAA games. Highlighting that mobile, handheld, and small budget games are are more lucrative and easier to make.

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The only think the Xbox done right is make the best controller.

I give no credit to BC because that takes away the focus from creating new exclusives.

They annouce microsoft play anywhere so that gives almost no reason to own a xbox if you have a PC which is better.

So this entire generation the only one advantage is the controller. Everything else is either a negative or a wash.

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