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TP was too primitive for me to play. It was too ambitious. Y'all can't take negativity, not my fault. I'm looking forward to playing Zelda on the NX. Y'all are just stuck in the past playing these old games. #1.1.5
Looks like crap. #1.1
That's his lost. That's like atleast 40 weeks of no console at home because you're waiting for a refurb. #1.1.6
Is Destiny Over? Yes.

Should you continue playing Destiny? Nope. #1.1
WiiU is being phased out in less than one year. It's up to you. You got money, then spend it. The one game worth playing this year on WiiU maybe coming to the NX anyway. #1.1
Mhmmm I played it on the dreamcast. It was a fun game. #2.1
2016, not a good year. I knew that number sounded sucky. #1.1
Meh.. Anyone selling their current PS4 for $150 so they can put it towards this new Uncharted PS4 edition? #1.1.3
I'm not giving a dime to Squeenix. Freaking denuvo, episodic content, and action-rpg FF7. Good thing Squeenix games are single player :) #1.1.8
She doesn't look better but I do have the hawts for her. #1.3.2
Meh.. the game doesn't look that great on ultra to me. It looks good on that 5 inch youtube video though.

I'm 1080p 40frames max settings. #1.1.1
Nah TLoU was good but not top 10, it was too generic and scripted. This list is uncharted 2 and almost all the God of Wars. The best parts of God of War basically all take place in the beginning.

God of war and Uncharted did it before TLoU that's why I give those more credit. #1.1.1
It will be slightly more powerful than PS4. #1.2
Cause the 970 is bottlenecked by the 3.5 gig of vram. Anything more than 3.5 your fps will drop dramatically. No matter if you have SLI or not. GTX 970 is overrated, I can't wait to upgrade from this weak gpu. #1.1.4
Wow you guys really don't read. Says 1% are working on NX.

Anyway I hope WiiU is phased out by the end of this year. #1.1
In what way I was hating^

I'm just being a realist and saying JB isn't struggling for money. It's more like he wants all the money he can get. #1.1.12
I'm likely only 40 since I only have a weak 970. Gonna have to upgrade once I get my tax return. #1.1.2
That's pretty substantial in my eyes. You don't have to look at both to see the difference. There's like a extra layer and detail of textures on every object in the environment.

And then also when I move around it's gonna be 60 frames versus your 30. #1.1
He's making enough money. He's one of the poster indie developers for Sony. The guy is balling. #1.1.2
I like the comparisons. It's only people with weak systems that don't like it. #1.1.1
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