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And $100 for early access? I'm all for raising the price of games to $80. But not when the standard version for basically same content is coming 5 days later is $60 or less.

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Lol have fun with the gimped version. Mine gonna crystal clear, no jaggies, smooth, and great draw distance on PC.

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And rightfully so. Don't help Nintendo.

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X1 is the worst platform to play this game on.

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So when it launches its gonna be already 5 years in generation. Has no full exclusives. And I can do everything better than PC. The only reason why I would get it is I'm a fan of console hardware design which in the minority of. But I would by next zero games for this piece of hardware.

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Finally you Nintendo fans see the light. Took you three generations to figure it out.

With that said I am buying it for exclusives. Where else am I gonna spend my disposable money.

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Red Dead is not wanted. Red Dead was a technically spectacle but boring for the most part. We needed GTA6 last year! Instead they wanna double dip with remasters.

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How about put more focus on making better games like Recore and QB.

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In a fairly slow year it's gonna be a contender.

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The game needs to be played side by side to even notice the difference on PC. No reason to play it unless you never played it.

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Soccer is boring.

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I mean it was fun, but crap. Spent many times using the mortar and grenade launcher. Messing around on the bathroom level. But as kids we didn't know any better.

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Lol many PC gamers don't even have a 970 or above so they are no better than a console gamer.

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My 980ti reference is for sale for $200. Anybody in the Bay Area caifornia accepted.

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Yep, what uptownsoul said. Xbox had 9 months to be optomized.

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Only if you have the PC version.

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Split screen is an archaic feature. It's not needed.

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Lol didn't even bother reading because Nintendo execs just like to tell you what you want to here.

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Just keep it at $60. Didn't they learn that Recore still got bad reviews at $40.

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Y'all can be envious. I only work like 28 hours a week including my commute. Got plenty of them to play games.

Gears 4 gonna be meh for me. Just another pop and shoot game. But I will buy it anyway.

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