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lol you're bragging about Microsoft instilling an unneeded $60 charge.

1. PSN is still cheaper
2. Thanks to Microsoft it has now become the standard to charge for the online service #2.1.3
No they won't top Wii U for a while. The demand will plateau soon for X1. You're only speaking U.S. numbers but for worldwide numbers it will not be soon. #1.2.5

No such thing as true accuracy. Those financial statements are shipped to retailers. Remember how long it took Wii U to actually sell through 3.06 million units?? VGchartz is close enough to tell the same story. #1.1.8
The gamers chose not support the PS3 as much. Just think.. more games like the calibar of Uncharted 2, The last of US, and japanese developers on board instead of developing for Wii, DS, and PSP. #1.3.2
I think competition wise the gamecube, xbox, and dreamcast provided stiffer competition than the WiiU and X1. Atleast I find more of reason to own any of those systems at the time than WiiU or X1.

I can't speak for everyone else, but supersmash melee on the $200 gamecube and nfl/nba 2k on the dreamcast early in generation 6. #1.1.1
With 2160p and 4320p coming that's not feasible. Each game will be 200GB. #1.1.1
If it stays PS4 exclusive mikeslemonade=happy #1.1.4
The the gamers in Japan deserve to be last for backstabbing Sony last generation. They kept buying Wii, DS, and 3DS. #1.1.2
Not the 360.. but I'm not sure if Respawn Entertainment is that reputable. 75 employees ehhh.. For a major game I'd expect atleast 150 if not 200-300.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... #1.2
Courtesy to the buy 2 get 1 game deal at launch. #1.1
Haha do I need to keep education the X1 fans..??

For the last time it is shipped. The company doesn't know how many is actually sold once the retailer buys it. For example.. nintendo shipped 3.06m units in 2 months but they sold around 1.5 mil because people weren't buying them. And for this scenario the X1's are staying on shelves while the PS4s are getting sold out.

"And finally.. Care to share one shred of proof that sales are dipping?&quo... #1.1.11
The champ is Bayonetta.. sorry #1.1.9
Just like the PC you can't compare specs from mobile directly to consoles. I'm pretty sure there's lot of smartphones that have more raw system power than the 3DS and PS Vita but the games continue to be actual games instead of games on rails, better controls, and they usually look better.

Mobile is good but the consoles are getting better too. The serious gamers which is a growing demographic will continue to buy the consoles. Generation 7 had more sales than... #1.1.5
That's 3 million shipped.. And as I said before Microsoft is doing a good job supplying. You're going to see the sales dip really soon like within the next week. Actually sales have already dipped gradually. #1.1.1
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This is still going to be a good game but not like some of the x1 fans said it would be. #1.1.11
I remember gameflying this game. It's overrated. It's a 2nd tier action game. #1.1.4
I can buy lots of happiness! #1.1
Titan Fall will give X1 a boost in sales, but that's by no means my definition of a system seller.

A system seller was like MGS4 when PS3 sales jumped to almost 1 million in the Summer when it was only 545,000 the previous month to 908,000 in June of 2008 when MGS4 released.

http://www.vgchartz.com/too... #1.1.2
Remember.. it's a 1.2 mil gap with the supply probably not gonna be met for months. I'd say by March PS4 should be able to hold supply, and that's when the games start to come out again. #1.1.8
^ What he said although not everyone caught up in the hype are fanboys

Perhaps Kaz is drinking too much of the same koolaid that Ken Kutaragi is drinking. This "Kando" stuff is pretty much irrelevant than compared to making good content that people want.

"There’s also the opinion that “it’s selling well because it’s a new platform,” but Grand Theft Auto V sold eight million copies on existing platforms. It’s the same for consoles."
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