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MGSV is overhyped. I don't expect this game to be better than MGS1-3. It will be marginally about the same quality as MGS4. #1.1.4
Nickster is trying to gain more bubbles haha, it will not work. Fill his disagrees and neg him down!

Too bad the game isn't free.. Like I really don't wanna pay to play this game and I don't wanna earn money by creating a game.

Also that fucking tutorial in the beginning for project spark is freaking long. #1.1.4
Nope #1.1.1
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I disagree. That option should be separate.

Console is all about plug and play. Gamers should just trust that the developer picked the optimal settings. #1.1
That cereal is inferior.

All about Golden Grahams!

Cin Toast Crunch, Honey Bunch, Lucky Charms are all lame! #1.1.3
Steam should have a premium service like Gold or PS Plus. Give us a free games program and that's worth the admission.

Now I wouldn't want UPlay or Origin to do that unless they got really compelling free games. #1.2
Nerf the lame Spear! #1.1.1
No we don't want it! #1.1.3
PS4 wins by default because the PS4 has the better ports. It's a fact, not an opinion. Some people just prefer the inferior console, I can't help that. #1.1
I camp and snipe, and care only about KD/R. Same thing every year for COD. #1.1.6
Boo.. Don't support this crap. If you buy these games that means you want AAA games to die. #1.1
I skipped through Tomb of the Giants with no torch. Didn't see anything. #1.2
Hockey is lame. NBA is superior. Go Cavs.

And wow I'm impressed by this pseudo remake. #1.1.2
The game of the year race is Bloodborne > Witcher 3 > Batman > MGS5.

MGSV won't win because Konami got a bunch of problems, Kojima making 5 different versions of the game, and MGS hasn't been great since MGS3. This is just blind faith by MGS fans to think that it will win GOTY. I give MGS5 a 5% chance to win. Not even MGS4 won GOTY. #1.1.2
We already did a calculation based on the performance boost.

Since most games on X1 do 900p and DX12 claims to do 20% more than it only brings the X1 to 1080p. PS4 is currently at 1080p. It will only get better. You X1 gamers will be in a rude awakening when this will hardly matter.

DX12 is mainly for the PC gamer. #1.1.8
MS made the wrong business decisions. They should hire me for half the salary and I'd lead them to victory. #1.1.6
PEPSI makes more profit. #1.1.1
If it's Star Wars in will sell well. It doesn't need to sell 5m to be considerd a great seller. I would say almost all star war games sell atleast 1 mil across all platforms. #1.1.5
Duh.. I would hope your sales would be better with a larger install base compared to last year. Nothing special here, next article. #1.1.1
Archangle Mike^

I would disagree you can get a pretty good impression on a game for six hours. Your review is not gonna change from + or - 5.

For example if you think the first 6 hours are a 9 you probably won't deviate to a 10 or a 8 after you finish the game. #1.1.1
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