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It's exactly a waste of time. No matter what it's gonna be too weak. Just give us the PS5.

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Best game of All Time as in Michael Jordan is the greatest ever but he's not a very good basketball player right now at this age. You have to use the time element when you talk about the greatest ever.

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It's April Fools but I see a PC version coming eventually.

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So silly how IGN sweden gives it a 100 while IGN proper gives it a 60.

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I wasn't looking for anything more than graphics for this game. Still looking forward to playing it.

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2/5 is like a 80 on the WiiU. Pretty good.. I can't wait to play this on the PC. I think I'm getting a 980ti by the 5th of April.

76 meta score so far on 32 reviews.

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The souls series is the least guilty of being overdone. I can name 20 franchises that are way more overdone than Souls easily.

Like every souls game I played is pretty refreshing experience to me. I'm very sensitive to generic gameplay and themes.

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I say no they won't reach it. Don't by SE games they DRM and messed up FF7 remaster.

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NX won't sell more than 15 mil. And the PS4K is a April fools. You're right on the X1 is being removed essentially. And never really cared for Forza anyway on PC.

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PS plus still did better for me this month. I already played Sunset OD. But I haven't played Zombi yet.

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Everyone look at Crota's comment. It could be a APril Fool's joke. Good thinking and bubbles up!

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If you payed attention last gen PS3 surpassed 360 in sales. And right now PS3 is still selling at a higher rate due to software support and the Japanese still buy PS3s.

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Rip rip rip

I already spent $150 on the controller.

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It would be Sony's best interest to not do a .5. We know the hardware is lacking but it's gonna be lacking. It is not new news that consoles are traditionally lacking within 3 years release. Just make it a PS5 or stick with a PS4. A "half-step" only delays the inevitable PS5. Regardless a console is always gonna be weak.

Now if you want to add more hardware to make the VR compatible then go ahead do that, but don't increase the core specs. Because...

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lol just as Eonjay says it's multiplat. Multiplat it only make sense to sell the most.

Microsoft going back to their old ways and twisting words to try to make them seem the best.

I'm not falling for that.

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Meh Ratchet and Clank is third in the PS2 ranked mascots. It's more shooter and weapons than it is a platformer. But I will play it because it's the flavor the month.

I'm looking forward to Quantam Break. I sold my WiiU so no Starfox and I was never interested in SF to begin with.

Dark souls 3 worldwide release beats everything else in April.

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I've been watching a friend play the DLC for Bloodborne and then randomly watching some DS3 on the X1. Both are on twitch and Bloodborne looks better. Bloodborne has like an extra layer of polish. The ground, grass, rubble, and rock textures are more realistic looking.

Bloodborne is the better looking game.

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Mhmmm with my gtx 970 i will be able to play like this.

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"If you can't beat em join em"

Thing is the problem is internal. Piracy won't end until this media is distributed differently. If you, yourself, doesn't pirate there's gonna be people who do. So being vocal or voting to not pirate doesn't fix anything.

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Nah I'm just being real. Who really gets that excited for Halo, COD, Battlefield, and Gears? I will lump Uncharted into the mix because the MP is average. Maybe like one week before release I would be excited when it's the flavor of the week.

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