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My question is why would you waste your time to play EA demos to begin with. I personally don't play many demos because the majority of them aren't worth my time. Especially EA demos.. the EA sports ones are so short.

I get a much better feel of the game by watch gameplay videos which are basically instant to my viewing. Instead of downloading, installing, loading, and deleting. #1.1.6
So wait 2.5 years more for a new IP or get the remastered game of one of the best games ever made 6 months after it's been announced?

ND is making Uncharted 4. It's not like they're not making an all new game. Y'all people make seem like you rather not them make TLoU at all and just make Uncharted 4. #1.4
Since everyone is saying yes..

What if their was more of a need to buy all systems? Now aside from core gamers like myself, most people feel need to buy more than one current gen console. #1.1.1
My train of thought is there's a little of fanboy tendency in all us. Just that they don't know it or can admit it.

Looking at myself objectively you can say I'm just a blatant fanboy but I usually do this to troll people and get a rise out of people. And also debate. But if you look past what I just say I usually own all the systems and play all the worthwhile and meaningful games.

Where my trolling usually stems from is I don't agree wi... #1.1.7
As much as I hate the Far Cry series and their bland games, they would be better as an exclusive. All companies would make better quality games if they were exclusives and that's a fact.

They're really good at making games look good and then they will have enough time to refine other areas of the game since they will only make one version of the game. Also this takes away one studio from the PC audience. This was one the flagship studios for the PC and was one of th... #1.1.10
Exactly no other shooter is more interesting than Destiny. Please don't say Division because that game looked bland from E3 2014. #5.1.1
You can downplay anything. Nintendo is working simplistic mascot games that aren't pushing the boundary forward. #1.1.4
They just took a big dip on the last sales update. #1.1.1
Crytek made bland games. If it wasn't a graphics spectacle then it was bland like Far Cry and Ryse.

It's like eating chicken without any skin or seasoning. Too bland.. #1.1.4
But it was okay when the 360 has a couple exclusives every year while being the better and cheaper multiplat player /s

For the last time the PS4 is the best value to play current gen games because it's a cheaper and stronger system. Because PS4 is the multiplat player you still get to play Destiny, Rainbow Six, COD, Madden, NBA 2k etc. And then knowing these games perform better on the PS4 than the X1.

Exclusives haven't really matter since generati... #1.1.7
Japanese gamers have lost touched with their games. They don't have the taste for what is a good game and what is not. #1.3

And for the final time there's more disparities than just frames and resolution. Just like last gen there were differences in textures, draw distance, and screen tearing for the multiplats. So stop your nonsense and saying "but there's no difference between the two versions". #1.1.4
There will be more CODs sold on PS4 though. #1.1.3
This will be another above-average to good game that Ubisoft will publish. My anticipation for game got lowered at E3 2014. While Destiny has risen. #1.1.5
After the Titanfall bundle and the 399 sku the sales are pathetic for the X1. #1.1.13
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That's a lie. There will never a be a bigger leap than from 3 to 4. #1.1.1
Sony Fanboy and butthurt is like a oxymoron. How can you be butthurt if you are winning the console war?? #1.1.5
Yep what a tragedy. It's another example of consumers voting with their dollars for the wrong console. Think about the potential in the system if it had the software to back it up. Just like how people chose the 360 early on and the only gems that pushed the graphics boundary forward were TLoU and Uncharted 2. #1.1.2
X1 will never outsell the PS4 for one month in the U.S. because the $399 sku couldn't do it. #1.1.3
Who do I have to kill and who do I have to pay to know more information about this game? #1.1.3
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