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I'd be instantly more excited if FFXV was exclusives. Time and time again exclusives have been proven to be better quality that multi-plats in general.

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I call people who read books for fun as readers or book worms. As far as movies go, movies are watched by 99% of people so it would be redundant to name someone who watches movies.

Dude just needs to be less anal about a slang term. It's just a quick way to say I play video games regularly and I'm well in-tune with that culture.

I don't care if the majority of gamers are immature douches. There's sub groups I don't identify myself wit...

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4.1 by Dec 31st and judging by 600k+ it's gonna outsell WiiU by the end of January.

Thanks gentlemen I will work Pactcher's job for one-half of his salary.

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Well I would I have just took the refund and got the X1 at the store. It's not like the X1 was sold out even after the first week after launch.

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Supringly there's lots agrees here and count me in. MGS3 is my favorite and the series just isn't as it used to be.

I will definitely play every metal gear just to see what happens though.

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My expectations for the system are right on spot with a 3:2 PS4 ratio advantage. I was suprised on how well both MS and Sony are supplying the systems. Manufacturing 600,000+ units each week is impressive.

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I'm a shallow story observer, but for some reason I read into Bill and Frank as partners like Joel and Tess. I thought they were just survival partners not romantic partners.

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Price is almost meaningless to the competition. Either system can drop price to counter another systems' price drop.

"Average Joe" buy X1?? Yea right.. the average is still playing 360 and PS3.

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Generation 6= Generation 8. PS4 domination is going to put PC gaming back into the closet. Generation 6 was when lots of PC gamers transitioned to the consoles.

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Better yet.. who in Japan has a big a enough room to play Kinect. Even in my 3 story house I have trouble playing with Kinect.

That's just rediculous, as a PlayStation fan that kinda pisses me off about how bad Japanese taste are. They're starting to piss me off just like the COD gamers here in America. Not even 5 people chose X1..

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"10 minutes for 3 hours"

Get your facts straight first of all.. And what does time have anything to do with it. I can say the samething you play for one hour and score like one point lol

"Sorry but no self respecting sports fan would wish for another sport to die.."

Less sports means more talent concentrated in better sports. And besides it doesn't effect me one bit if a sport that I'm not interested ...

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Such newbie comments above me lol..

I guess y'all never played any flagship online game before. Almost every online game has issues from the start. Even the highly touted XBL has issues from time to time.

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Everyone? No, a percentage of people probably thought the same.

Heck I even said 3:2 early on and then 2:1 by the end of the generation. Which for this week PS4 outsold X1 2:1. So I am correct thus far on both accounts. 2:1 on a weekly basis and 3:2 on total sales for the time being.

It's probably going to be more than 2:1 by the end of the generation.

And X1 catching up..? Nope.., not even I saw that the WiiU would actually outsell t...

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Instead of a remastered TLoU for the PS4, they need to send some Naughty Dog employees to help the guys making the Last Guardian. 2 year development cycle vs 7 year development cycle.. what gives??

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Lame.. Hurry up and invest in full fledge home console current-gen games.

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Based the 600,000 units Sony is supplying every week, there's 4.1 million PS4 owners right now. Sony, themselves didn't even expect to sell this much so yes there's gonna be latency.

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Sony is on tract to sell more than 4 million PS4s by December 31st.

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Soccer needs to die like the MLB. These sports are boring. NFL and NBA for life! yeaaaaaaaaa

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Call me "the prophet". Now haven't been I saying that PS4:X1 ratio would be 3:2 early on. Right now it's 3.4 to 2.4. By next week 3:2 should be right on the spot or larger.

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I didn't see this coming.. X1 is in stock and is released on all meaningful territories but it still can't beat WiiU this week.

I still think X1 will get 2nd place though.

Just call me "the prophet" because I said 3:2 early on PS4 ratio and right now it's 3.4 to 2.4. By next week the ratio should be even bigger than 3:2.

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