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I gurantee that the PS3 is faster at [email protected] than your gaming PC. Unless you got one of the high end PCs that just came out now.

It's the 1st week for the 360 slim, and you know for a fact that most of the sales are from people who traded in there hdmi-less 360 for a 360 slim.

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Well it's kind of easy to save all there games one year. They had next to nothing for the past 3 years. Anyway I don't really care for the new zelda or donkey kong. Metroid looks interesting because i liked ninja gaiden. 3DS was good and they should have showed more of that.

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Crackdown 2 looks like it is 7 years old. That's right it looks like a game that came out on the last year of the xbox 1.

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How about better graphics? The graphics for Crackdown 2 is unacceptable considering it's a full price game. Not only is it the graphics. The physics and the animations look like a PS2 game.

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Saren from Mass Effect 1 is the lamest boss. As good as Mass Effect 1 was, the main villian was a push over. He wasn't the least bit intimidating.

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Microsoft is a software company. There is noway they will be able to 1up Sony on anything hardware related. If they do it's going to cost them $ billions more than Sony because Sony makes things in-house.

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They could win, but they won't win.

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All it was going to be Portal 2 and another game that basically uses the same 6 year old Source engine.

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At $299.99 the PS3 is competitively price. If it was any cheaper it would make it less sophisticated and seem more like a toy. As long as the PS3 continues to outsell the direct competition on a monthly basis they don't need to drop the price.

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I protested with a comment about how I cannot respond to defend my first statement if I only had one bubble, and the next day I got an extra bubble for both of my accounts haha!

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This game is going to turn out like Final Fantasy XIII. It's going to be advertised more on 360, it's going to sell more on PS3, it probably will be on two disc on 360, and the game is going to score an average of 8.5.

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Also MW2? At least put a game that is believable. MW2 has already been released and it's a 3rd party multiplatform game.

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I agree, can't argue with that.

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Hey I actually got a bubble back from these very article posts.

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It's true. However lung compacity is just one specific thing if you talk about how healthy or how much in shape you are. Someone who doesn't do cardio at all is going to have a terrible lung capcity, but that someone can still be pretty much healthy if he does everything else in a healthy way.

"If you don't use it you lose it". A legit lung compacity can be brought back easily especially if you're younger.

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The zealots seem to forget this side of the business. They seem to think that xbox live is so profitable, the software sales are so good, and the install base is pretty good. The truth is Microsoft still hasn't turned a profit from the xbox brand. Correct me if i'm wrong but according to this article microsoft has made $49 billion, but they spent $57.6 billion, so they are at a $8.6 billion lost.

According to this number the zealots claiming that the 360 is doing be...

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She's hawt. I have a fetish for older women, skinny, and in a suit.

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If it's on everywhere, I'm nowhere. Exclusives only!

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HAHA Montrelian, just because you have no more ammunition left(bungie going multiplatform, splinter cell/alan wake getting mediocre reviews) you are playing the "i am neutral" card.

I do agree that if it was on PS3 it would have probably sold the same or more because Heavy Rain sold more, but I'd argue that Alan Wake would have been a better game if it was exclusive to PS3. The graphics would be better, it would have been HD, and the cutscenes would be better b...

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Bee Fast Laurdian

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