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This game is going to have open world elements. What open world game this generation actually looks good? It's going to be another "splinter cell". Mass Effect 2 and Gears 2 are still the best looking games on 360.

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If you go by success in terms of profit Microsoft still loses. Here are 4 reasons why:
1. They buy out for exclusives
2. They advertise the most in commercials and also in public
3. The RRoD cost money
4. They don't make much money from 3rd party games since most of the profit earned is first party. One Madden 10 copy sold on 360 is $1 for Microsoft where as Halo 3 is like $15-$20 for Microsoft. It's a rough estimate but essentially you make your money from 1st party ...

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We still don't know for sure. Is the game going to be native 720p when it releases? Is it actually 547p and than upscaled to 720p?

Most games aren't 720p native exactly so that sounds kind of fishy. The game still looks average as we see more gameplay footage. It's going to be another "splinter cell". You zealots always make a big deal just because you have an exclusive.

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Yep I told you so!

We actually see some larger gameplay screens and the game looks barely better than GTA4. Xbox zealots don't have an eye for things. They make a big deal about any exclusive.

Also Alan Wake pretty much has been getting a free pass because it's a darker story and a survival horror. We all know gamers love that genre. Alan Wake is an overated game so stop overhyping it.

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Everyone just read comment 1.5 again. Epic and Microsoft worked out a deal to make the 360 have hardware that is well suited for the unreal 3 engine. The xbox 360 is essentially like a PC anyway because it's the tripple core processor.

As for Alan Wake you can tell the game look pretty good on a 5 inch screen on your computer, but when it's on your 32 inch TV the game isn't going to look as good. Right now it looks just a step above GTA4 which is not that great.

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If Final Fantasy XIII was still exclusive to PS3 than it would sell even more on PS3 and it would actually be a good game. Square Enix just wants the easy way out to make quicker money.

Final Fantasy will never be the same again. Every Final Fantasy since has always been about the next revolutionary ideas or the 2nd coming of the rpg, but now it has failed the JRPG genre. What they did invent was make multiplatform JRPGs. Well there hasn't been a good multiplatform JRPG real...

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Most of the PS3 owners bought God of War 3 1st, Final Fantasy 13 2nd, and then BFBC 3rd which is why the 360 outsold it by that margin. 360 owners bought BFBC 1st and FInal Fantasy 13 2nd.

And PS3 outsold 360 hardware in terms of worldwide sales once again. One week of Japan sales nullify the 360 American sales gap.

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PS3 and Wii exclusive is Red Steel and No More Heroes.

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Right now it is a 88.29 after just 14 reviews on gamerankings, so it should have never been regarded as a high profile exclusive. After 70 reviews it should hit 86%. Just because it is exclusive you xbox zealots like to hype up any game that is exclusive.

Now as far as PS3 exclusives scoring lower than 90% such as Uncharted 1 and Resistance those games are still technical achievements which were paving the ground for the exclusives of 2008 and 2009. Splinter Cell doesn't do ...

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Means nothing. The graphics will look essentially the same as Gears 2. The xbox 360 has been maxed out already since 2007.

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If it's multiplatform i'm not going to care. Insomniac will make a great mistake if they don't stay exclusive. They are respected as the 1st developer to really harness the PS3. They are one of the top developers right now. They won't be highly regarded if they make shovelware.

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You all like to bash Pacter's predictions but the truth is he is probably a better predicter than you are.

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I will buy it if it comes free, but I won't buy the game at all if they charge it, so I would make an example of a customer who would not buy the game. The option of spies vs mercs would allow 100 hours+ of replay value. With the content I see right now I will probably barely scrape 10 hours, so i'm not buying the product way it is now.

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Yes! Just in time for the playoffs. This is my most played game in 2009 and 2010. Game is is that great but the "team up" is real addictive.

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The single player is going to suck no matter what. COD, BFBC, RB6, etc. all have crappy single player. What matters is the multiplayer and too bad the multiplayer here is going to have sucky replay value. The multiplayer player vs player is 1 vs 1 and it has coop. The amount of content sucks. Team vs Team is what adds replay value in these kinds of games.

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Alan Wake is just another "Splinter Cell". The 360 has been maxed out since 2007. Mass Effect 2 only stretched it out marginally but the fact remains is the 360 hasn't stepped it up another level.

All the critics who have played Alan Wake say it's a good game but not great. And normally critics hype all games up because they are so greatful to play a game before release, for attention, and so they can play more pre-released games based on their positive track record...

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I tend to agree with the meta score, but when Gran Turismo 5 comes out that this year it will be the game of the year.

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If it comes out for PS3 im renting it for PS3. I prefer shooters on PS3. The R1 and L1 are more direct instead of the "clicky" bumpers on 360. And the triggers on 360 you have to push down so it's not as precise.

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Yep, I have the last laugh. I invested in the right company hahahahahaha

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The thing is I can see those 10 things happening at E3 for Microsoft, but it's not enough. Stealing a Nintendo exclusive is dumb because the developer would have no experience in a current-generation platform and they probably don't have the assets to make a big game. Microsoft's domination ended in 2007. We won't see Microsoft ahead of Sony this generation anymore.

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