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Yep good point. How much electricity is the system taking for it to recognize my voice.

Yea so it's a feature that I won't be using in the event I get a X1. It's just annoying like the Wii. I could never make the Wii work perfectly with the motion controls.

Right now buttons still reign king in accuracy. Even "touch" is not good enough for me.

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Oh well.. Nintendo had there last run. The highpoint was the DS and the Wii as far as sales. 100 million for the Wii and the DS is the 2nd best selling system behind PS2. We won't see that again though.

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Yep that's what I plan on doing.

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It would be Sony's advantage to keep remote play exclusive to Vita as long as they can. It's a selling feature for the Vita.

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This is lame. I was using voice command for gaming on the PS2 in 2003. 10 years ago.. Yep Socom 1.

The technology became obsolete why would it work now??

It's a convenient idea but lots of problems. What happens if I want to talk about xbox but not play xbox. You mean I have to go turn off the voice recognition off first before I can carry a conversation with my friend!?

You would think that the technology has been im...

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Don't really care unless scores are consistent. And I appreciate that people actually use the 0-10 score scale. I want someone to come out and give a 0 to a game. If I see these sames sites giving Ryse, Forza, or Dead Rising 9s then I'm gonna be pissed.

How are these derivative and linear games getting higher scores?

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Yep, consoles is mainstream. PC gamers stuck playing second fiddle..

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That means the patch could fix the frames too. Regardless, the reviews are too early when people are not reviewing multiplayer.

And PowerofGreen and his hoodlums are coming out of the woodwork. Where's that bloodmask though. He's the most intelligent one lol

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Ballad of Gay Tony was better than the actual game. The Lost and Damned was nothing special.

And GTA5's original story mode is pretty much forgettable. I'm having trouble remembering what the last mission was. All I remember is using a big drill and flying a helo.

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I'm too lazy to talk. I rather press a button.

Serously.., I have to say two syllables just to get the xbox to recognize me and then say a command? I pass..

If it was just say "on" then that would be easy.

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Some of these reviews make no mention about multiplayer, and that's just idiotic. If your a shooter not named Bioshock then multiplayer is first and single player is second.

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Hey it's gonna still sell well. It's 2nd place compared to all X1 games and 4th place in PS4 games. It means more games to come.

Which should piss off the zealots because even though we get mediocre games they still sell will and thus we get more games. HAHA I we get the last laugh.

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I guess review sites are finally using the full rating scale. I'm tired of sites just using the 6.5-10 scale.

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^in response to the first trolling comment

There's already a halo killer which is COD. And COD is selling more on PS4.

And COD is about to meet its demise as well.

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5 mil : 3 mil no matter if titan fall is a hit or not. That's not a system seller.

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Y'all may make fun of him but I think he has it right this time around. 5-6 million is my guess.

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lol at those zealots coming out from the woodwork once a single positive claim comes out for the X1.

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Nintendo doesn't deserve my money. But I deserve to play their games Muwahahaha.

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Don't fall into Nintendo's trap. Just wait for a WiiU emulator.

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Shenmue Killer 5

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