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Well they're not bringing them back because you Nintendo owners are not buying them.

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This is such a tease. You're lucky if you are one of the winners. Even if you win you're gonna be probably waiting for months before you actually get it.

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What a stupid comment here "100,000 signatures doesn't mean 100,000 sales". Yea Reggie.. it equals more because if you get 100,000 those are the passionate core audience. Then you will have the casual audience buying too.

And like it's that hard to get 100,000.../s Almost every game reaches 100,000 anyway.

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Well even to this day no GTA on the home console. Matter of fact no real GTA in the handhelds either. The GTA China Town game wasn't really a GTA game we know of.

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These guys are garbage at analyzing life-to-date for games. COD4 should be 1 instead 21. Uncharted 2 should be 2 instead of 11. And Mass Effect 2 is too high on the list. Mass Effect is better than Mass Effect 2. Skyrim should be top 7 instead of 13. Street Fighter 4 shouldn't crack top 20 but they have it at 14.

My list which shouldn't even be an opinion. I take consideration of everything from sales, graphics, life-to-date, physics, story, narrative, meta scor...

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-_- Really you're gonna say Folklore, Neir, and Crackdown. As if those games are even near the top games to play on a 10 year hiatus.

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Nintendo would have restricted certain games to come on this said system. It isn't a coincidence that the PlayStaion was the first system to really draw so many games. The library is just enormous.

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PS4 is gaming supremacy. It's just not only about the games. It's a lifestyle. What's on the news right now?? Yep the PS4.

Yea you might have a gaming PC, but that's not the "hot shit" right now. No one really cares about your horse power.

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Just don't understand the "collectors" mentality. Honestly just grow up and move on. I literally have no last gen games. I sold or gave away all my games to my girlfriend.

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Well even then the 360 would still have to have a version that can be fit on the 360. Even though Respawn's hands aren't overfilled by making a 360 game, it's still gimping the potential of a game.

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I agree with the gamers but COD4 is still the game of this generation. COD4 is GOTG.

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Warframe is a prime example of a b-rated game. The repetiveness, the monotonous theme, the loose-controls, and the bugs. Nice free to play but most who try this game will probably not play a 2nd time.

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Bunch of children above me don't know what they are talking about. Are Sony fans the only ones who can past a basic math test? $151 billion in assets for Sony compared to $13 billion in assets for Nintendo.

So to all the liars above me say Nintendo is hot shit. No they're not. Their profit volume is high but that's gonna go down with another home console failure. The 3DS facing stiff competition from tablets, smartphones, and vita.

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You guys are missing the real culprit. It's the 360 that is lowering the potential.

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^ Y'all a bunch of fence sitters. Answer the damn question.. The PS4 should be the first console you buy this generation and possibly the only console you should buy. I'm sitting with a PS4 and Vita as for myself. I recommend PS4. Vita is okay but not required.

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Freaking garbage.. what ever happened to superior UI and online service. I'm able to do that stuff on the 360 and some of those things on PS4. Honestly how do you back track on settings that was on the previous console? Lazy turds at Microsoft are too lazy to port the features over.

Read the article though. It's not about sales or business tactics. It's about the UI mainly.

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Yep.. straight from the horses mouth. How much more more proof do you want? Time.. and time again.

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Cananda's population is as big as California's population. That's a good size. A bit of sales from a decent size country helps.

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Still don't see how the X1 will sell more than the 360 which is sitting at 80 million.

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Yea old data that doesn't include the sales for the past 10 days. They haven't updated Sony's launch in the EU territory.

And great Job by Sony who launched in few territories and sold basically the same amount as the X1.

And also there you have it.., VGchartz favoring the X1 just by a little. Course that won't matter this generation when the PS4 will outsell the X1 by a large margin.

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