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Yes I will take vgcharts numbers than the more biased numbers Sony and Microsoft say. They can choose to deflate or inflate whatever they say. Now.. VGcharts actually favors Microsoft a little bit but PS3 is winning that too. What's vgcharts motive?? If one system sells more they don't really care. No one is gonna stop Aaron Grrenburg from saying the X1 sold 2.5 million consoles. However VGchartz why what's there motive?? They don't make money from either Sony or Microsof...

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Shipped and sold are two different things. Why are you going follow what Sony or Microsoft says when a less biased site like vgcharts is probably more honest. PS3 is ahead and is selling at a faster rate for some time. Just use simple math. Eventually it will surpass it and the PS3 has done that for some time. 80.4 mil PS3s vs 79.2 360s. It's also a site that notoriously undercuts Sony numbers. For example right now they still have 1.2 vs 1.2 PS4:X1 right now. Even though for "...

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Still haven't grasped the fact that voice control is easier than pressing a button. I'm too lazy to say two syllables and then proceed to say what I want. I'm too impatient and too lazy to do that crap. And then that's not including errors. When you factor errors it's even more time consuming and frustrating.

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No one said poor sales. Most are saying 2:1 or 3:2. You should do yourself a favor and not care about sales if you are a zealot. Otherwise it's gonna be a very frustrating generation for you guys.

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It's kinect games. They would be even dumber to not make much Kinect games if they packed a camera in with the system. At least be consistent.

Damned if they do damned if they don't lol

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30 minutes to one hour. If you wait longer than that and the local Best Buy doesn't have any in stock then you'd be pissed.

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In general the demand for the X1 has not been met. Microsoft is purely generalizing the fact that some stores are sold out so therefore they're gonna exaggerate and say the X1 is sold out.

However in 2 or 3 weeks it's gonna be available everywhere.

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I bet you PS4 people have marathoned on COD Ghosts more than what has been driven in Forza for the X1

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Yep. Anything playable on PS4 can be played on PS Vita.

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No you can't.

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Based on the sample size in Berlin. 5,000 people in line with only 1,200 PS4s. So PS4 will sell around 7.5 million before they can actually meet the demand. Only then you can walk into the store at any given moment and buy a PS4.

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Nintendo can go screw it if they make a tablet. Considering WiiU is the last home console they are making, I will be completely done with Nintendo if they make a tablet.

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There won't be a next one. This is the last Nintendo home console.

^Wii is last-last gen. It got creamed by the PS2!

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Bioshock Infinite is dissapointing compared to what the two Bioshocks did. Especially Bioshock 1. B3 had tough shoes to fill and it didn't.

Just with the sales and hype alone GTA5 will win it this year. GTA5 will win GOTY in an undisputed fashion.

Sure there will dumb sites that say Mario and Last of US, but 95% will say GTA5.

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Nope I will just play the few select games on a friend's WiiU. They're not known for online so I don't have to play everyday to stay competitive.

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Nintendo cares more about making money now than Sony or Microsoft. Sony and Microsoft have deeper pockets as the corporation, so they are able to make the stronger system, buy more game developers, advertise, and invest in things Nintendo can't.

I too believe this is the last Nintendo home console. There's just too much competition that is better. If they don't focus more on DS they will lose some of that market share too because of smartphones, tablets, and vi...

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1. MGS
2. FF7
3. FF8

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Should have sold the gun for a PS4. I live in San Francisco. Bayview district is ghetto.

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Look at the numbers and trends again..

X1 worldwide won't even beat the PS4 in the US alone. Yea I said it.. PS4 will sell upwards of 60-70 million alone in the US this generation. X1 won't reach 70 million worldwide. 360 reached 77 million so far. What makes you think X1 will do better than 360??

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I'm a huge fan of the previews for Infamous but it's not a system seller. Neither is Titanfall. MGS, FF, Halo, COD, BF are. They have to be really known franchises first. Remember, if it's a system seller it has to appeal to the critical mass.

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