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I tend to agree with the meta score, but when Gran Turismo 5 comes out that this year it will be the game of the year.

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If it comes out for PS3 im renting it for PS3. I prefer shooters on PS3. The R1 and L1 are more direct instead of the "clicky" bumpers on 360. And the triggers on 360 you have to push down so it's not as precise.

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Yep, I have the last laugh. I invested in the right company hahahahahaha

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The thing is I can see those 10 things happening at E3 for Microsoft, but it's not enough. Stealing a Nintendo exclusive is dumb because the developer would have no experience in a current-generation platform and they probably don't have the assets to make a big game. Microsoft's domination ended in 2007. We won't see Microsoft ahead of Sony this generation anymore.

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The game was exclusive to PS3. Now it's coming on 360 also, so because they're making two versions instead of one they're going to take longer.

They're just another company that cares more about money than creating a quality game.

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Wait... Nintendo is going to make an update to make the Wii go 720p? Oh nevermind they're not, so my Wii will keep gathering dust with its inferior graphics.

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Uncharted 2 looks better than God of War 3, but God of War 3 has more things going on screen.

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I rather eat a grapefruit than an orange. Apples are just plain overrated because they're physically too hard for your mouth.

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Mangos, Cherry, and Pineapples are tastier. They are also 1080p so they're better.

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I don't think this guy means to make a April Fools article. His reasons for PS3 won't win is stupid. He says the controller isn't good enough and GT5 has been delayed too long. The fact of the matter is in the numbers. Just going by the trend the PS3 will at least be in 2nd place by the end of the generation and the 360 will be in last place.

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Nope, it's better for move.

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Alan Wake is just another Too Human. Has been in development forever and right now is overhyped. Some parts of the game don't look better than GTA4 and that's pretty bad.

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1. This is a April Fools Joke

2. Alpha Male, correct me if im wrong but aren't the one with no 360 or PS3. You're basically analyzing things based on the news you read.

3. It's rediculous how you can justify it is right to have xbl $50 msrp for cross game chat. Why don't you use your computer or cell phone. I pay $30(discounted) for XBL but it sure as hell is not worth it. One feature is not worth $50 msrp, and if you think so you're just biased and wrong.

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Damn April Fools has got to be one of my least favorite days of the year. More bad things can happen compared to good things.

Yea..., funny things happen but some people can take it too far.

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I'm getting Move just because Fight NIght Round 4 will be really fun with the Move functinality. Not buying Natal because the potential there is not as great.

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Well after playing game of the year and epic3 we're are little bias because the quality was just so much better before. When we jump on this system the games just don't stack up. The graphics aren't there besides the 5 minutes in the bathroom set piece, the controls are clunky, and the gameplay is just not fluid.

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Heavenly Sword actually took close to 6 years to make. The game was good but they're just not a very good developer. The engine would be outdated by the time they complete the next game. I have no interest with the games they make anymore. I'm not buying their multiplatform games.

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I was going to get this game day one before the demo. Now i'm not even going to rent it.

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This guy has a PHD so he must be right about how MOVE is just better than Natal.

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How the hell was GTA4 realistic? Graphically it was not realistic and physics were not realistic. Trust me, if GTA4 was too realistic the game would truly be a 10/10. Saints Row just has worst graphics so I guess that makes it more unrealistic?

It's better to have too much realism than too little realism.

All the more realistic games generally score higher like Uncharted 2, COD 4, MW2

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