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8 sq miles is on the tiny side. Square root 8 is like 2.7. I just ran 3 miles in 22 minutes. The game does look more detailed than most open world games.

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I bought 45 PS3s to counter act this movement.

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How much is PSN when it comes back online? Oh... that's right it's free!

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I'm not mad at Sony. Why would I be mad?

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A white running back on the cover!? And the jersey is different because the sleeve has a new art pattern.

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Psn free. Atleast you don't lose $50 a year with this service.

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I can't complain it's a free service and to be honest it's only been down for less than three days. Xbl has been down before and I pay for that stupid service.

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First person shooters are the most immersive type of game. And they also tend to look graphically more advanced than any other type of game. Those two things are what draw people in. And people love guns and blowing things up.

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LA Noire is going to be boring, and that's my prediction so you better damn respect it! The setting seems boring to me and I don't care about that time in history. And the gameplay gonna be GTA4 with the same gimmicks and they're probably just using an updated engine. Agent is gonna be the TRUTH cause it's exclusive to PS3.

In other news, Uncharted 2 and Last Guardian are the only two games I'm genuinely excited for just like how Portal 2 was for me.

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They touched up Gabe Newell by making him slimmer and bald.

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Socom 4 $10 promotion is dead already.

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If Uncharted 2 came out this year it would win! I'm a huge fan of Portal 2 but it will not beat Uncharted 3. Just like how the Miami Heat are gonna win the finals, I know Uncharted 3 will win game of the year.

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80% is nothing to put things in perspective. The wii is probably around 80% stronger than gamecube, so once again Nintendo slights us short again. On the other hand PS3 is many times stronger than PS2 upwards of 100 times stronger.

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I'm waiting for a Socom 4 deal. I'm not the kind of gamer who buys fighting games. All I want to do is try Kratos for a few rounds.

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If a developer wasn't payed to make a 360 exclusive on 360, it's because they're not really good. They're not savvy enough to make a PS3 port, so what makes you think this gonna be very good.

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One was the best because when it came out it it executed everything better than what Oblivion did. The frames did chug but the graphics were right under Gears 2 and Bioshock at the time. Keeping in mind that the game was more open-world than Gears 2 and Bioshock. It was an impressive feat. Mass Effect 2 just built up from the foundation of Mass Effect 1 with changes. I don't see Mass Effect 3 topping 1 or 2 because of system limitations. It's not going to awe us like how the 1st...

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Who are they trying to fool? It's been maxed out since 2007.

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Microsoft plays dirty! So they cause the earthquake so the PS3 can fail.

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They need a new engine. The combat is clunky. The climbing is clunky.

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WHelps... it looks better than Halo Reach atleast.

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