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Haha the tables have turned.. Even for with only a 7 day handicap the zealots still can't stand it.

Even know I knew PS3 would win it still took 6 or 7 years for that to happen.

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A medium sized city in Minnesota is more representative than LA and NY actually. Because when you add up all the cities in the midwest which behave generally in the same way it's a bigger number than LA and NY.

Also arguably larger cities are more in favor of PlayStation because there's more minorities and more democratic people that research in what they buy. The PlayStation gamer is more more diverse when you include the asian gamers coming from t...

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Haha from this point forward we will just call they're spinning as "Zombie Stats". They started this whole thing about how many zombies they killed in dead rising and how many miles were driven in forza.

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Well I already did the math in other article. I came with the number 1,009,000 X1s if they include Canada; deriving from ratios and the population of the country.

Major Nelson says his rate is faster on avg. on a daily basis which he is correct when he assumes PS4 sold 0 on certain days. Anything times 0 is 0 right..? lol

But we know PS4s supply was replenished eventually in the month of November because there were new PS4 owners every week. Essentially Maj...

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Canada's population 34.88 million. Let's do some math here:

USA 313.9 million people
Canada 34.88 million people
PS4 sells 1,000,000 units in the NA(US+CA)
X1 sells 909,000 units in the US

-> 1.111*909,000=1,009,899 units projected

So just going by ratios the X1 should have sold 1,009,899 in the 9 days including Canada which is higher the PS4's 1 mil. However PS4 did that in o...

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no the 3DS sold 133,000 with a 33% increase from last week

Off topic:
Just insane how the country's population is 127 mil and the DS has sold 32 mil. Definitely people owning multiple DS systems with different colors.

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Anybody can point out the 3DS in this ranking?

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Yep I realized that recently. Gamers are looking at value and brand secondary when choosing their console. Exclusives are not a big part anymore outside Halo, MGS, and Final Fantasy. Even though Final Fantasy is multiplat I constantly here the JRPG fanatics say they will buy the "PlayStation" when that comes out. And MGS is PlayStation centric but not as much as Final Fantasy.

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“This discount is actually smaller than the $100 retail price gap between the two, which may mean that the PS4 is seeing more unmet demand across the market.”


Nope according to the article ^ PS4 has more unmet demand. And we know both systems are producing the roughly the same. And countless other articles have reported which system has more demand already.

"Terapeak found that next-gen consoles aren’t living up to the succe...

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Oooo yea John Wall is on Fantasy Basketball team and my team name is "PlayStation 4". Ironically I'm 2nd place.

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@King George

Actually historically the faster selling systems like PSP, Dreamcast, and WiiU all have faltered. So being that there can't be 3 system failures in this generation the clear winner is the PS4.

The key to which console is the #1 choice is the #1 price and #2 brand. The games are secondary because multiplatform games sell the most. And can't stress enough about the pay to play online subscriptions. Are you literally going to pay around ...

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The all-successful consoles was last generation. PS4 will only be the only successful console as soon as consumers see the faults of the X1.

And like the South Park episode only one system will come out on top with Wii U being a non-factor. Because now you are pretty much required to pay for the online service on both systems it's just not cost efficient to own both the X1 and PS4.

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Not everything comes out on PC. There were many games last generation built first for 360 and PS3 and either ported down for the Wii and then enhanced back up for the PC.

Next point.. It's a good value and I don't have to worry about upgrading. I personally like the community better. People on the headsets are doucebags in games but when you build your friends list up it's nice.

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Didn't like 4 either but just going by the critical eye:

1. 4
2. 2
3. 1
4. Veronica
5. 5
6. 3

And the other games aren't worth playing unless your a fan of the series. Matter of fact you can skip 5 and 3 too.

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haha why are you out to get me?

You're lacking objectivity. BF4 is a launch game and looks good to me. The first 5 minutes when playing the game on single player I was caught looking at the wall textures. And I'd say it looks good on X1 considering at the end of the day it's hard to tell apart which version is which/

It's good enough for me and the millions of people who bought it already.

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It's the only system I was ashamed of to own. I should toss it in the Pacific Ocean. I can't believe I was one of the hundred million that bought it.

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PS4 is most likely gonna be the standard multiplatform game console. With games being built on the PS4 first. And going by trends it will get the most support. It's gonna be half way like generation 6 all over again when everyone basically had a PS2.

And if you want to say my comment is ignorant, which I'd argue it's really a bold statement, then ignorant comments are the building blocks of the snowball effect. It was the ignorant comments that made ...

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PS3 is just the PS Plus player for me. Since Sony stubbornly supports the PS3 more with PS Plus benefits.

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LOL at the "why do you care comments". Why are you commenting to begin with?

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Last chance for X1 owners to make the right decision. Because you will all eventually buy a PS4 anyway.

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