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Noway it takes itself too seriously. GTA5 is the more realistic game.

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My panda bear plays candy crush but I gotta get her back to playing some hardcore games.

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Since cops aren't summoned during missions. I park a car outside the complex to use as cover and snipe with the svd. The new hacking abilties you gain are also helpful.

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Damn.. I've been here since 07 with 4812 comments while Lukas account is one year old and already with 6000 comments. I spend a lot of time on N4G so these guys must not have lives.

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Console gamers aren't the demographic for RTS games. I don't want that genre especially if they are PC ports.

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Looks like Kaz has done some plastic surgery on his face.

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Still this does not compare to plus. These games are older than the plus games. Xbox loses to PlayStation once again.

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The problem is the shooter games are still good and the bread and better for money. So the developers get complacent and lazy.

Syphon Filyer spirtial successor will make the genre more interesting.

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Mass Effect 1 was the 6th best last gen game, but not at all hyped for a new Mass Effect. Give me a new IP please.

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I'm excited for these games. I wasn't interested the last gen souls games, dragon age, or batman due to hardware limitations. These games look smooth and crisp

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Fallout is overated. I hope not

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haha Master Race is a master of none

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This is one of the better months. I waited for Trine 2 and now it's free.

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So what.. The Japan sales are a drop in the bucket. Look at worldwide and it's still 2:1 PS4.

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Haha once again microsoft using numbers in a way that they make it up.

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I've been reading Elliot Rodgers 140 page essay. I'm on page 50 and the guy plays a lot of games. He played the popular games and got addicted to them.

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Please be good and replace all these rehashed games coming out. F U to Battlefield!

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It's lame.. I don't see how you can be excited for this game unless you ARE the demographic that plays BF and COD for 6 months out of the year.

Color me more excited for COD more than this game. Give me Syphon filter or Socom's spiritual successor.

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That's why you come out in May. If this game came out in September I would have probably never played it.

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Yes.. no fallout and elder scrolls. New IP!

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