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Don't care how great the motion is because the hardware is still inferior. Playing games in lower resolution, lower frames, smaller draw distance, less things on screen, inferior anti-aliasing, simple physics and etc.

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Demand hasn't been met for PS4. It's conclusive with numerous reports that X1s are sitting on shelves while PS4s are sold out in a much faster rate.

The uninformed are buying X1s, and soon once the negative PR snowballs people will stop buying X1s at this rate.

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Certainly he is exaggerating but the "proof is in the pudding". There's more indie games coming out for PS4, so that just says there's more benefits for the developers going the Sony route. There's less restrictive policies in general with Sony.

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Titanfall is gonna sell well but it's not a Halo, COD, or even a Battlefield. It's gonna sell more in line with the rate Killzone is selling but multiplied by three times because it's on the 360, X1, and PC.

The casual gamer still prefers the military modern shooter and probably don't even know that there's such a game called Titanfall coming out.

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SMH at the people who say they own both and prefer X1. It's because right now there are more exclusives out on X1 but eventually PS4 will have more just based Sony's in-house game development.

A decision to buy PS4 means it's an investment and considering consoles in general are to be supported for 5 years. And already PS4 is showing the "superior" multiplatform games, so that gap is also going to widen. And PS4 is also showing the sales advantage(mea...

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Just because you play brands doesn't mean you don't play games. Plenty of games to play if you own just one system.

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Since when is 30 frames not solid? The standard right now is 30, 40 is great, and 60 is amazing.

For me if it stays at 30 then it's good enough. Last generation games dropped to single digits a lot.

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It's obviously the The Order.

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You can say you don't like the game but you can't argue that other star war games are actually better besides KOTOR.

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In this scenario it's essentially $399.99 vs $499.99.

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It was more balanced with the commando perk in MW2. They need to bring that back so that the multiplayer invites more styles of gameplay. Everyone just uses an assault rifle. All I do is snipe though.

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It's fun but I don't like going below 2:1 on KDR. And when I did Knife Only I can almost never get 2:1.

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There's a snowball with the name "PS4" on it and it just keeps getting bigger.

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Mystery has gone away tremendously. I and many others here have played enough games to pretty get the sense of a game just by watching a video.

As far as reviews there's metascores which I personally think is representative. I don't agree with the score scale with everyone using the scale from seven through ten. However the scores are pretty representative to my tastes in games.

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Best comment?

He didn't say anything that is particularly true. Just theoretical because Sony actually has the most 1st party developers. It use to be Nintendo but Sony has the most now. I think Nintendo sells more because they have Pokemon.

There's noway shape or form Microsoft can make more money on their exclusives than compared to Nintendo or Sony. Microsoft seems to be contracting with lots developers such as Cliffy B and the guys at Bioware ...

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Actually huge corporations are always investing and looking for market share first. Profits are not priority early hence the systems usually sold at a lost except this time the costs are even.

Nintendo is the smaller company always looking to turn a profit fast.

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Didn't see why the first one was any good. It was alright.

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Damn I didn't know Ninja Gaiden Z was for PS3. For some reason I thought it was a 3DS game.

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*WHINES..* -_-

So unfair.. how do you get DMC in Europe and we don't!?

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Now mind you these aren't my all time games but they were my all time gaming addictions. One was Socom 2 and the other was Resistance 1. I was just plain addicted to Resistance 1.

I guess there's just something about shooters where you can choose which public map or public room you want to join and then customize it. I didn't like Halo though..

The games took a while to get out though. Motorstorm in febuary and then Heavenly Sword in September. S...

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