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Sony has been holding their cards. Some megatons are gonna hit like bombs to end this console war.

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Yep.. it's not too late to spend your Christmas money on the PS4.

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Dead Rising Sigma on PS4.

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There's not enough X1 owners to crash the servers.

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Won't work.. I'm waiting for Drive Club.

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Yea XBOX ONE is in short supply when you compare it to the Wii U.

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Haha there's not enough X1 owners to bog down the servers anyway..

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They should have two GOTYs this year. Remember when Peyton Manning and Steve Mcnari won co-mvps??

GTA5 is GOTY 1A and TLoU is GOTY 1B.

The two games are almost polar opposites and excel at their respective styles.

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Waiting for Titan Fall Sigma for PS4.

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Fine I stand corrected.

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You have to have bought it in order to review it. It's also 4 times. It's about twice as many reviews as the Wii. This indicates that the core gamers are buying the PS4.

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Well a game on rails like Ryse should look better. Blu-ray movies look better than games right?? HAHA

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"Play Beyond"

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That PS4 does look mighty sleek in bed. Nice tight, black, and firm..

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You haven't been following that the PS4 has been in the #1 spot since Friday with the arrow pointed up half of the time. Also all 4 skus are sold out currently. That easily negates your "MS supplying a steady stream" comment.

While X1 on the graph has never been #1 since they launched and the graph indicates that sales plateaued because their line never crosses zero. If X1's demand were even close to the PS4's demand it would ...

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So where is that Jokesonyou who had been spewing about Amazon being a key indicator on X1 is gonna outsell our expectations??

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By next Christmas those guys who bought the X1 only, will be considering on buying a PS4.

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Ryse doesn't even look good in some parts. If you look past the intro the water looks last gen. Ryse uses more smoke and mirrors compared to Killzone.

And it doesn't matter because we know by the end of the generation Sony knows how to push a system to its limits better than Microsoft.

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Another case of zombie stats here. Show me the numbers!

In no shape of form will the X1 be better than PS4 in any meaningful statistic.

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That all sounds very opinionated. And it's not true that PS plus free games are "old". Some games are brand new like Resogun for example. Metal Gear Rising and the new DMC came out in Europe without being 6 months old yet.

The point is you can argue XBL is better still but it's becoming less and less an advantage to Microsoft. PSN has come a long way and actually does numerous things better. In my opinion they're neck and n...

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