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Unfortunately most of the games were multiplatform shovelware which don't matter to the hardcore gamer. #5
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I'm pro-Sony and I always had respect for Bungie. I knew they made great games but graphics weren't their strong point. I always talked bad about the graphics aspects of their game As far as the game, I can only be excited especially if it's led on PS3. #1.9
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1.1 Nicely Put by The General:

I like how my Sony friends are doing the dirty work for me. Xbox zealots have ran out of ammunition and can't even properly defend their
console. Such an easy day for me. #1.4
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We play beyond while they play behind. #1.10
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Microsoft will be trying to buy out games as usual, but nothing will equalize the lost of Bungie. If you combine FFXIII multiplatform, GTA exclusive DLC, and those Japanese RPGs they still don't add up to what Bungie is. Over half of the 360 install base probably bought it for Halo as their #1 reason to purchase a 360.

And there's a reason why developers are dipping out of Microsoft. Microsoft must be practicing a lot of shady business therefore developers don't like to work wi... #1.24
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It's funny to see the true colors of the xbox zealots. They make comments pretending it's not a big deal. Microsoft themselves cannot properly reproduce Halo. The Halo game that gets 9s and 10s will not exist after Reach.

This is the beginning of the end for Microsoft. This is the #1 system seller for people who bought the 360. It makes for over half of the install base. Who is going to buy xbox 720 when the bungie game is multiplatform and the Halo game is mediocre? Micro... #1.30
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Yea I can beat that. Tekken 6 for $12. Tekken 6 came out in October and Prototype came out in the summer, and I didn't use the gamefly dollars. #2
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The problem with this guy is he is biased from buying the 360 first. He already built a foundation on 360 by investing in lots of multiplatform games, payed for xbl gold, and then got those achievements.

He didn't do the PS3 justice depite owning one at one point in time. The reasons for NOT owning a PS3 are so lame compared to reasons to why TOO OWN a PS3.

He's literally grasping for straws and overating the problems.

1. PS2 BC is not a big deal that's... #1.23
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Viva Pinata is more overated than overlooked. Chromehounds is old and is a primitive game. It's not relevant to go back and play Chromehounds. Blue Dragon is overated but people who like anime, punk, and rock. Lost Odyssey is in all ways better than Blue Dragon. #1.8
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Gameplay looks addictive. I just wish it was more fast paced. Graphics mediocre as I expected. If you say the graphics are awesome, what are you really comparing it to? Yes, it's better than Halo 3, but it isn't better than half of the FPS games that has come out in the past 2 years. #1.15
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I hope my launch 20GB model PS3 finally bricks, so I have the excuse to buy a 120GB PS3 slim. Die Die Die! #1.15
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The NBA regular season just ended so it would be until October realistically for them to start this program. I like NFL and NBA, but I hate baseball in general. #1.4
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Dammit this is something I want. The content on regular TV just isn't that good. This should be a free feature because the profit margin xbl is making is enormous. #1.8
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DS is the only system this generation I don't own. #2.5
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God dammit I traded in my copy of ODST. It's not worth it to go buy it again. How the hell did I not know that ODST was the ticket to the Reach Beta? For some reason it was not common knowledge for me. #1.1
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This is the Game of the Year for 2010. #1.15
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I think I will have to breakdown and finally give Nintendo a sale day one. The HD consoles just don't give you a diverse genre of games namely platform games. And I'm getting the 3DS day one unless if there's really bad supply issue. The reason it warrants a day one purchase is Nintendo never drops price. In 7 years the DS lite is still $130 MSRP and the Nintendo DS launched at $160. I hate Nintendo more than Microsoft but you know what they convinced me because they offer a diverse genr... #1.5
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Xbox 360's top 10 are more older games, console exclusives, and more downloadable games.

If you compare from 2007 to 2009 PS3 overwhelming has better exclusives. Most people who are buying a 360 now are not going to go back to play COD2, Gears 1, or GRAW 2. And on PS3 side all those games except MLB09 are relevant, and MLB10 is arguably better anyway.

What this list proofs is 360 really had only two generation of games. They had the launch generation and the gen... #1.19
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No it doesn't look better than Gears 2 or Mass Effect 2. Of course this game will get a free pass just because it's survival horror. #1.11
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