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Doubt it because Fable is notorious for overselling and under delivering.

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She's the only good looking spice girl left over. The others are three are fat and one is too skinny. Actually Sporty Spice lost some weight and she is pretty hot still.

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Nintendo's innovation has long since been dead. Nintendo is just milking the same old stuff because you gamers like it so much.

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I rather get Kinect because the 360 has no exclusives other than the kinect games.

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Screw Microsoft. If I can't get my Kinect day one i'm gonna kill my 360.

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Yea I like this one. It's like the PSN store so you can browse movies easier. On 360 essentially you see three movies at a time, so it takes a while to find a movie you want to see. The 360 netflix is flashy though but the user friendliness could be better.

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lol good ones

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For how much software it sells it should sell systems, but primarily Halo is for the fans that already own a 360. There isn't many people who are holding out on a 360 because Halo Reach didn't come out yet.

I would not be suprised if the majority of the sales for the Halo Reach 360 bundle is either for a replacement, a substitute, an upgrade, or a collectible. I can't see many new customers who never owned a 360 buying the Halo Reach bundle in the masses.

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Same, I traded in Halo Reach along with other games to get 2k11 on both systems.

Also GT5 is the only game this holiday that will sell systems. The other games are just taking advantage of the holiday rush.

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Whatever it's going to be aimed for kids.

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For my individual situation I bought MW2 day one without putting any thought to it. I knew I was going to buy it. For blackops it's not the case. I've been burnt out by FPS games and especially if they don't really bring anything new to the table.

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Is the bonus 3 months still available?

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LOL at multiplat shovelware haha

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Percentages are BS in some context. Until a stand-alone player begins to approach 40 million units then it's a big deal. That will never happen. Name one DVD player model that outsold the PS2 at 150 million. PS3 will always be the dominant one by far.

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I can pay $150 for Kinect and $50 for Dance Central, but i'm not going to keep my room clean for this.

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I knew it was going to be $250-$300. Actually I thought it would be $300 because at $250 the Wii was priced too low and also it doesn't take much to make a Wii. A 3DS is more advanced considering it's in a smaller shell.

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NBA 2k12 needs to steal the controls from NBA elite. The controls in Elite are better if you disagree you're just too stubborn to learn a more advanced control scheme.

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Great idea but the AC2 cities are boring.

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I wasn't going to play this shovelware game anyway. I have both systems by the way.

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Dance Central is the only game i'm looking forward too. Some unnannouced projects are going to be a dissapointment most likeley.

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