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NBA 2k12 > NBA 2k11 > NBA 2k14 > NBA 2k13

NBA 2k13 was the worst. I shouldn't have to press 4 buttons to dunk.

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Racing is lame. And I don't exactly hate cars but I don't like or get a long with people who are car enthusiasts. I drive a car to get on with my life. I rather boast about my video games and technology then talk about what's under the hood of my car. You're still stuck in traffic like the rest of us and still have to follow the law.

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Graphics are bad for both. Boycott both COD and BF please!

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Right now there really isn't anything left for PS3. My last game I bought for current gen is NBA 2k14. When you see so many techinical issues like frame rate and pop in the games are getting too intensive for PS3.

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Noway.. $60 isn't that much these days. Compare that to a night out at dinner or movies. There's a lot more value and they really should increase it by another $10.

And here's an example there's noway GTA5 would have sold 3x times as much. Whoever wanted GTA5 has already bought it or will get it later. And they would have to make more than 3x since production still cost money.

Business is a business. Right now there's too much comp...

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Things get lost in translation and I think that's what happened.

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GTA race is fun! Riding a bicycle, able to use weapons, and then there were ramps in that map.

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BF4 is lame. And I was up when GTA online realeased. There wasn't that many people online.

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Stupid gamer nerds like soccer more. It figures.. Typical..

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Both versions are a let down. Don't buy COD or Battlefield next generation.

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The X1 will be lucky to sell better than what the 360 did in its life time in Japan.

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This doesn't matter. Auto-aim is going to ruin online gameplay and Rockstar North doesn't realize this. It's just one simple feature that is going to lose them money.

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this is lame..

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Kinect with the system is $499.99 and with a price point like that they will not sell anymore than 50 million units(generous) compared to 360's life to date of 70+ million. The xbox still doesn't have the name recognition of what was the PS2 which was clearly the main reason why the PS3 beat the xbox 360 this generation.

So here you are worried about the UI when the XI should really focus mind-share with a lower price compared to PS4. Not only should they take out t...

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Not dying but it is in decline. After MW2 the hardcore started to dislike it. And then Black Ops 2 was the first modern COD to sell less than its predecessor, so this means the casual gamer has realized that the game has grew stagnate.

So in other words Madden isn't dead but it's just not what it use to be. Halo isn't dead but it's just not what it is use to be.

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I don't about you but when I drive I wonder what it would be like to go full throttle driving on the center divider and weaving in between cars.

I stand in the middle of this because you can't take away from entertainment. There's lots of things that can promote violence.

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Lame.. Nintendo fans eating crow when they said graphics didn't matter or were good enough after the PS2.

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Playing GTA5. Why play a game like BF3 when I'm not impressed with BF4 on PS4 or PC for that matter.

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GTA San Andreas for PC better than Infamous on PS3? I don't think so. Rockstar would have to make almost entirely new game. It's the software that makes the PC. Just because you have all that stuff in the hardware doesn't mean you have all the potential in the software.

You would have the argument if Rockstar made GTAV for the next-gen so they downscale it for PS3 and 360. Then the PC version would be so amazing that it would be one of the best games for severa...

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