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I think it's pretty obvious that the next game is going to set place in China. It's going to have something to do with Buddha, Confuscious, or Genghas Khan.

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Okay the Source Engine is 40 years old. Ain't noway 3D would be able to be inplemented in that. Looking forward to Portal 2; which is the only shooter in 2010 that I'm interested in.

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LOL at the poor PC gamers. They can't seem to have a break.

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I'm going to buy Kinect, but the Move still is a lot better. This is two hands and you have hold it out there. The move you can rest on your lap and flick your wrist in different angles.

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Rather have a new IP. Developers this generation tend to be more inclined to put out an upgrade instead of taking it to the next level for sequels. I don't want a Warhawk 1.5.

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I bought Mario Galaxy 2 used and I don't really care for it. I think the main reason why it's successful is because it's the starvation of the Nintendo fan.

Uncharted 2 is awesome to everybody so you're wrong.

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It's a side effect of the Unreal Engine 3.

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They need Soulja Boy "Crank That" for Dance Central.

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It should be two move controllers. Left hand for flashlight/camera movement and right hand for gunplay. The face buttons on the left move controller are for moving around the environment. The face buttons on the right move controller are for your generic reloading, jump, and action buttons.

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It will only die if the human race dies. The online multiplayer is the main draw and it will keep on thriving.

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GTAV is set exclusively inside my PS3.

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Stick to online shopping unless you have to get the game day-one. It's not rare to see a new game be like $39.99 after a couple weeks. I'm waiting for cheap Microsoft points so i can get Limbo.

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If Mario Galaxy 2 wins GOTY for 2010 i'm going to be extremely pissed. Mario Galaxy 2 is an upgrade and it does more of the same stuff like an expansion would. If it wins then that critic is putting that game above the likes of God of War 3 which took the cinematic feel to the next level, Red Dead Redemption which took that genre took that genre to the next level, Mass Effect 2's polished game/presentation, Gran Turismo 5 (super realistic), and Little Big Planet 2 "innovation&q...

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Uncharted 2 is still GOTY for 2010. Until a game surpasses the graphics of Uncharted 2 there is no true GOTY.

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Sony, the only true innovators in the industry.

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ESPN events free for xbl gold. I'm very happy with that. It's gonna be an exclusive feature that you can't get on the computer for free. Yea, I know you have to pay for xbl gold, but if you're already paying right now than this is a bonus.

I don't really care about the TV shows that hulu offers because i can watch those online in lower definition or pirate them. Live Sports events are different because you get to see them live. There's noway I wil...

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Problem is I want to see the certain TV shows at the same time they originally air on TV. I don't like watching something that days or weeks old. The sports definitely needs to be instant.

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It's going to be the casual gamer that buys this game. You know that casual gamer... who buys Madden, GTA, and Modern Warfare 2. The game is not going to sell well.

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The problem is not too much multiplayer. It's the multiplayer that is tacked on. Yes, Assasin's Creed needs multiplayer. Every game needs multiplayer to increase sales. I'd buy more games. However the problem is I can't seem to play multiplayer of one game for more than one month without getting bored.

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They have always been sub-par in my eyes. They always had terrible controls. It's just that other genres stepped up their game. Also the Japanese developers who make the "best" survival horror games have been focusing on money instead of making a good product this generation.

It turns out the two best survival games this generation are Alan Wake and Left 4 Dead which come from North American game developers. Also the 360 is to blame. The 360 is doing well, so it...

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