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It's conclusive that there's a strong correlation between the more sales there are, the more games that will come out for the system.

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The mario killer has returned!

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X1 is the wrong choice in general. Not my opinion.

Wouldn't you argue the PS2 was the more right choice over the gamecube and xbox. Not necessarily true for all gamers but true for most gamers.

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That's just a matter of opinion. I think there taste is lame considering they're still playing so much PSP, Wii, and 3DS.

Crazy how Wii got a 14x boost in sales. Where the heck did that come from? And WiiU is getting better in Japan. WiiU won't stay afloat in this generation with just Japan though.

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The chinese are more brand oriented. They love Nike and Mcdonalds for example. They already favor PlayStation more and the gaming habits are more in-line with the gamers in Japan.

Microsoft will not sell more in any territory. The only territory that they will sell more in is probably in "your" house if you chose to make the wrong decision of buying a X1.

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Amazon has already been proven inconclusive to the final sales results. Time and time again X1 does better on Amazon but PS4 wins in weekly sales.

Microsoft has money-hatted Amazon to probably send out more emails about the X1. And Microsoft has supplied Amazon better while Sony has probably supplied Best Buy better.

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Developers don't see it as a viable system to make good amount of sales. Console holders still have to fund 3rd party developers to make there games on it. Nintendo isn't reaching out because they're too cheap and restrictive with there policies.

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The gap looks the same if not better than last gen. Google launch 360 games with late-gen xbox, ps2, and gamecube games.

Even though gaming is closer to looking real life lots of stuff needs to be improved. Frames, resolution, physics, draw distance, textures etc.

WiiU games feel dated.

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As far game publishers + development teams..

1. Sony- most exclusives that take advantage of a powerful system
2. Nintendo- polished exclusives and gameplay driven
3. EA- sheer amount of games they publish and develop
4. Ubisoft- 2nd in amount of games they publish and develop
5. Microsoft- exclusives that take advantage of 360 and X1

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First they say Zombie Stats, and now they claim they got Zombie Features.

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VC isn't selling point. Piracy sells. And it's much easier to pirate the Nintendo games than emulate PlayStation games. I can run Nintendo games but the PS games are just too advanced for my standard computer.

Just get it trough your thick Nintendo glasses, that the only reason the Wii was a such huge seller is motion controls and it came packaged with Wii Sports.

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Thanks for clarifying. For some reason I saw the word "PS4".

PC gamers always saying "But look at me" lol

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On PS4 you actually have "Xs" and "Os". Point number 4, you can record longer with 15 minutes on PS4.

Until they make a Fight Night Round 4 with the Kinect making as natural as possible, the PS4 is better.

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The sales are still beyond what they need to keep Activision afloat. It's the other games they are making that are bringing them down.

When you consider they rehashed the game and just ported it over to the current gen systems, they probably spent less money compared to other developers.

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If true then we were right about the gap is widening. 2.1 vs 1.5 were the last numbers I saw and now it's up to 700,000. Pretty good with a system in short supply vs a system with good supply.

And look at the difference of WiiU and X1. It's only a 20K difference. I don't think X1 will catchup to WiiU in the European territory this generation.

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Misleading title that makes it seem like it's coming to X1. SCE is publishing this game so no chance.

ICO use to be in the top 10 but hasn't aged well. SOTC is in my top 10.

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Using the $10 credit I got from the PS4, I'm getting God of War: Ascension tomorrow.

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Really.. y'all comparing a month old game on PS4 to PC?? It's actually consoles vs PC. And consoles beat your PC.

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Yea I have been thinking of this all along. It's the uninformed or xbox fans just buying X1 right now.

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Don't see the point.. The X1 wasn't even hooked up. He somehow heated the cover and then put the egg on it that didn't even cook because the heat had already dissipated.

If you're gonna do it, do it right. Sheesh

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