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They have always been sub-par in my eyes. They always had terrible controls. It's just that other genres stepped up their game. Also the Japanese developers who make the "best" survival horror games have been focusing on money instead of making a good product this generation.

It turns out the two best survival games this generation are Alan Wake and Left 4 Dead which come from North American game developers. Also the 360 is to blame. The 360 is doing well...

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I'm pretty sure they can say they sold a few hundred thousand units. How would anybody catch them anyway? And is it even worth the trouble to go through that analysis.

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A big F U to Square Enix. I just started playing FFXIII for 360 and it's a freaking piece of crap. The reason why i'm playing on 360 is because it doesn't really matter anymore because the 360 gimped both versions. It looks like a game that should came out in 2007.

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I wish they would continue with the Twisted Metal Black theme. That theme made the game seem more sophisticated. That theme would also take advantage the graphics better because it's just dark and gritty. Color is harder. Getting teen rating just doesn't do it for me.

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I believe these numbers more than what Sony and Microsoft says. Sony and Microsoft will always slightly say they sold more.

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They haven't been proven to be a top developer anyway. Sure they made a good looking game, but for the longest time no one could play it. Now they're trying to make a game on a system that has limits. I doubt it will get higher than an average of 8.5 ratings.

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Looks pretty fun. Reminds me of Mario Party type mini game.

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I started watch Lost during the 2nd season because of her. She wears these tight ass jeans in the show and she is a cop during flashbacks which is hawt.

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This will happen. The doubters are wrong. LOL at Starcraft 2 being too powerful for consoles. RTS games don't need that much power at all.

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The controller is too heavy to hold it just on the left end.

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You also need an IQ below 40 to buy Kinect. I'm buying Kinect haha.

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Sony, the only innovator in the industry.

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Hey that ain't stopping anything. You make space to play it. I work two jobs to get a PS3 at launch didn't I?

6 feet ain't bad. If you talking 10 feet then that's a problem. To play Wii and the Move you kind of need to have like atleast 3-4 feet so 6 feet isn't that bad.

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Day-one for Dance Central!

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For the handheld market they have nothing to worry about. As for whatever comes out for the Wii they're pretty much screwed. They will not hit a homerun next generation. Even Nintendo themselves thought the Wii would fail. Realistically what can Nintendo bring out next generation to compete against Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo will be third place next generation.

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My bad... I should read the articles instead of just looking at the title.

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Deadreckoning has the right idea. That's some Jade Raymond quality lady right there. Forget the game. Matter of fact, the game was never good anyway.

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Nope..., it's still Uncharted 2. If no games surpass the graphics of Uncharted 2 in 2010 then Uncharted 2 should remain as a contender for 2010. God of War 3, i'm sorry, it doesn't touch Uncharted 2. As for Halo Reach were not talking about the Video Game Awards of 2007.

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Americans are not cheap; they're blind though. If they were cheap they would buy the PS3 because you end up saving more money when you go that route.

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Me, an anti-Microsoft personnel, will buy the Kinect if Dance Central lives up. I never pre-order anything unless if there's an incentive(like if you get a percentage off the price).

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