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^ PC doesn't sell that much. This game gonna get pirated a lot. Many PC owners sees this as a single player game that they can pirate and play for free. So it's gonna be free and better performance/visuals on the PC for them.

This marks the turning point for the death of the Xbox console.

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No wonder this game looks so good. This must be the PC version.

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Don't think there's a person who I hate more in the industry than Greenburg. What he said is just wrapped with a thick coat of PR.

This annoucement is the inverse of the FF13 multiplat annoucement in E3 2007. This will snowball and Sony will regain most of their market share back.

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When FF13 went multiplat in 2007 at E3, this is the inverse of that. Sony has the ball in their hands clutched real tight now.

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Nicely put. There is a good percentage of people like myself who bought the X1 for exclusives. They just cannabilized that demographic in one move right there.

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Wrong.. The X1 is suspect right now in terms of success. If you even lose 10% of your sales then that's considered a failure. Also you defend all you want but this is huge negative pr once people find out there is no real reason to own a X1 anymore. Objectively there is very little reason to own one. No matter how you spin it.

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If you can't see why this is pretty bad for the Xbox console then I question your intelligence level. I already posted my ad on my Facebook for the sale of my xbox. Also many pcs you buy off the shelves can match the Xbox performance. This is pretty much gonna snowball the Xbox console out of the video game industry.

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That does it.. I'm selling the X1 this week on Craigslist.

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Wow are all the exclusives really going to PC. I have Quantam preordered for X1 but I'm gonna cancel it now. And I may even sell the X1 because its Crackdown and Scalebound or nothing in the X1.

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Meh they both have limits. Single player becomes to repetitive and multiplayer is too shallow. Gaming needs both.

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MS has enough money to fund the development of SEGA ips. Since Sega has gone multicrap they have been crap.

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Meh.. This game is overrated. Seems like too much of a chore to play it. Too much micromanaging and then the gameplay is underwhelming. Hunch, overwatch, shoot, move, open door, hack, etc. I can do this all in a real-time shooter. Why make a strategy rpg on this?

You don't need a legit rig to play it. It's unreal engine 3 and not twitchy. It scales down well but not optimized for the higher end.

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Sega needs to be bought out by Microsoft. Sega Dreamcast 2 will never launch.

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GT had the best presentation and effects. Their critical opinions were above average.

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Yep we are stuck with multicrap shovelware because us gamers as a whole suck. Gamers don't win, the publishers and developers do.

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Moneyhatted by Microsoft!

Exclusives should stay exclusive. Multiplats make for worser games.

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^Too ambitious on the limited hardware specs. Making it look too primitive. Windwaker is fine because of cel shading but TP looks to wide open and bland. The Wii couldn't handle it and this remaster looks lame.

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TP was too primitive for me to play. It was too ambitious. Y'all can't take negativity, not my fault. I'm looking forward to playing Zelda on the NX. Y'all are just stuck in the past playing these old games.

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Looks like crap.

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That's his lost. That's like atleast 40 weeks of no console at home because you're waiting for a refurb.

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