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Bungie sucks

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Last great year was 2007. So not much competition to be claimed the best year.

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Hmmm this makes me slightly more interested in a ip that should have been dumped already.

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PS4 at this rate has more exclusives than PS3 and PS4 is a better system overall than PS3.

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30 on the poor and 60 on the pro.

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WiiU is the most overrated console they have.

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Pokemon adds 10 mil to my estimation. 30-40 mil.

Check this out.. the 3ds has Pokemon and it barely sold 50 mil in 5 year span. Sorry won't be 50 mil ever.

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PS slim and poor.

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He's wrong. I'm calling 20-30 mil in the next 5 years.

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Lol if curved is the breaker it makes no sense since you can get the other specs these days for cheaper.

Yes 1080p is the breaker. 4k 60hz is better than 144hz 1080p. The only point for 144 is competitive gaming, otherwise you should enjoy better graphics.

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Most of you are flat out wrong with your analysis.

It's strong right now but it's not even out. Right now it's like a $700 pc that I can build.

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PS4 Pro. Not PS Poor and Xbox 720. The Xbox has next to zero to offer if you own a good spec PC.

I ain't waiting for the emu cause I rather play the game now even if the hardware is crap.

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Also what I said before should deter you from buying this system all together. When Scorpio outs finally for $400 it will be behind on PC anyway. They will force it to play 4k but you won't be able to play PC exclusives. Spend a little more on a PC build to get an even better PC.

As a previous 980ti owner which is the scorpio equivalent, that gpu wasn't that good on 4k games. It was good for 2k gaming. So don't spend $400 on another underpowered system wit...

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lol you guys think $300 is farfetched. $400 is probable since PS pro is equivalent to a 970 and Sony sold the PS Pro for $400. 970 at the time was $250. 980ti the closest thing to Scoprio is $250 right now and the reason it's not $250 when you google it is Nvidia doesn't drop their price when they retire their card, but the 980ti is worth $250-$300 right now. So it's it's probable that it will be $400. However wait 6 more months and the gpu is even cheaper.

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You and the 17 other people in your city will buy one.

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You and 12 others in your city will buy it..

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$400 and possibly $300. The equivalent gpu right now can be had for $300 and less. And it only stayed at $300 because NVDIA doesn't drop price after they retire the gpu. So right now $250 to my estimation for the gpu. Microsoft will be willing to sell Scorpio at a loss.

Won't be $700 cause I can build PC stronger than Scorpio for $700 right now and we still have almost a year before this fail of a console releases.

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Galaxy 1 and especially Galaxy 2 are two of the most overrated games ever made.

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Got it for $46 day 1 which is greater than 20% off. Take that!

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Destiny still sucks.

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