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Gonna use a Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd instead.

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Bush was the worst.

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Instant game of the year

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Trump should ban this game.

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Trump helps me out more than Hilary. The negativity on social media is just like Black Lives Matter. It's overhyped.

And I hope Donald bans mobile games.

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Gonna put a Samsung 850 evo ssd 500gb instead. Games are getting too big and making even SSD so slow.

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I hope Hilary bans mobile games.

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Xbox offers virtually no advantage to the PS4. He just downgraded his experience.

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Black Friday is overhyped. Probably the worst day for deals.

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I look at this way. If a food truck crashes and food is all over the street, I and many other would gather and horde the food for ourselves. Other righteous people will do other things and worry about more "important" things. The fix if they chose to do so, is to make stronger doors and walls for the food truck. So it's not any individuals problem that a game is easily hacked.

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A small percentage would have bought the game though. I would say 20%. If it wasn't for piracy I would buy it. It's a systemic issue. If I buy it or pirate it's only one sale at end of the day. So if they wanna stop it, fix it.

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It's the most powerful console in the time that is still viable in this generation. When Scorpio comes there's only about 20% left of the generation before PC devs start to widen the specs gap between consoles and PC.

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Bethesda makes enough. They aren't pressed for money. Plus I'm not a fan of their work. They to WRPG focused. It's a overhyped genre.

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I have confidence in the hackers. I will get it for free one way or another :D

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If it's not substantially above the pedestrian PS4 in power than that is considered a skimp by Nintendo

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Lol then all you do is play old games then. By the time you play it when it's patched I'm already playing the next game.

Plus I usually never pay for full price on games. The price actually goes up for me if I wait 2 weeks.

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what so hard about having ps4. It's cheap and pedestrian. PSN is also Mikeslemonade. And my trophies for Uncharted show where I stopped.

It's a technical master piece for the limited hardware but I see many graphical flaws.

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So you rather get the version that can go portable. So you can't play with most of your friends on psn or xbl. Nor you get as good online support. And the system is like 20% weaker than xbox one. So you wanna compromise your experience to go mobile..

That would put you in the minority. Gurantee you that if the game came out for Switch it would be a sales failure.

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Hurry up and crack it for PC. I hate you Square Enix.

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lol your flagship title that isn't even an exclusive is a 2nd rate fps. How pathetic

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