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I'm not sure if I really want to play it even if it was on a humble bundle.

I rather watch youtube videos than spend 80 hours minimal to play both games. It's not like there's a dry spell right now. Still got GTAV PC version to play and back log of games. #1.1.2
"Who the hell is gonna put up a Pre-order when no gameplay has been shown??? lool its mind boggling!"

You don't see the several 100k of preorders for most games!?

But anyway I will react to this game like any other. I will preorder when there's a promtion. The Dell $25 gift card promotion is the best one. #1.1.5
Nice.. and EA decided not to double dip in last gen hardware(WiiU, PS3, 360, mobile).

Must buy! #1.1.4
I'm pretty much a Star Wars and Star Trek hater and I know George Lucas personally. However I am pleased by this trailer. Definitely will be GOTY year contender especially with the fan service. #1.1.2
I've seen several people on Twitch beat the Cleric in Bloodborne on there first try.

Screw Ornstein Smough! Developers be laughing when they put these guys in the game. #1.1.1
VGchartz FTW! #1.1.2
You are doomed when your install base is smaller than the Vita lol

It is doomed so shutup! Burnnnnnn #2.1
NPD is old and lame. This is month old data. And they don't even give us the numbers. Stupid how you guys still like NPD over VGchartz when you don't even get numbers. Instead you people wanna make up your own numbers. VGchartz more reliable than you!

And BF Hardline on PS4 sold almost twice as good as X1. In the NA the X1 sold more copies but worldwide the PS4 crushed the X1 as usual. #1.1.12
Parity #1.1.1
Good news, free-to-play is bad for gamers. #1.1.1
Petition to cancel the PS3 version please! #1.1.7
Not a huge fan of it. When I first got it on launch day I was impressed, but I quickly found out that I was impressed simply because it is an improvement over the DualShock 3.

X1 controller is easily the more superior controller. I will go as far say it is a fact that the X1 controller is simply better. If somehow you prefer the DS4, then you simply prefer an inferior controller. #1.1.2
Lame.. please cancel the PS3 version! #1.1.17
Meh.. I only expect a reskinned Battlefield or COD with the Star Wars theme. If not then I will be suprised. But inherently I don't like Star Wars and Star Trek type stuff. #1.1.1
Nintendo stunting the potential of developers. Sony or Microsoft should have bought these guys.

My prediction is when Scalebound is about to release, that Microsoft will buy Platinum Games and Platinum Games will continue Phantom Dust. #1.1
VGchartz is more legit than you! #1.1.10
Bloodborne is actually a value of 2 or 3 games. Main Story, side bosses, and the chalice dungeons. Plus NG+.

I personally only play it once because that's my style. I only watch movies once. In any art form I only do it once 99% of the time besides music. However for a lot of people they start to play it again right after they finish the first-time. #1.1.2
Only that the gamers messed up by choosing the 360 over the PS3. People should just forked $500 or $600 for a PS3. THat would had led to a better generation.

The gamers don't always get it right. Wii was wrong. 360 is arguably wrong. Yes the generation was great last year but everything pretty much was multiplat, rehash, and shooters. #1.1.1
You guys are core gamers but not sports fans then.

I'm both, so I will continue to play 2K and Madden every year. Soccer is lame so I don't play Fifa. #1.1.3
Heck no.. Destiny didn't make that money back. Neither did Max Payne 3. #1.1.1
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