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I would consider boycotting the game entirely if the game is Switch exclusive. Even as a switch owner I would be disappointed.

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Meh the facial tech has probably been exceded by now. You guys with your nostalgia, please stop it. The game wasn't that good back then either.

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1. Nintendo feels threatened that the game looks like metroid.

2. Oh well, like which 19 people are actually gonna by Axiom Verge on Switch lol

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Oooo yea preordered Tekken 7 for $33.

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^Nintendo doesn't own Bayo 3. Nintendo is too cheap to fund Bayo 3. Sony and Microsoft will fund Bayo 3 this time.

Nintendo owns a form of the rights for Bayo 2 since they funded it.

Bayo 1 is Sega that's why it's also on PC.

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Preordered it for $42 and I don't even like Star Wars.

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Soccer is lame, just get rid of FIFA entirely.

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Haha Bayo 2 gonna be PS Poor and Xbox 720p exclusive. Bayo 2 went to die on the WiiU. It almost killed the franchise.

Bayo 2 is also overrated. It doesn't deserve a 92 meta. Bayo 1 was better in every way.

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To be even considered a gamer and not even a true gamers I would say you need atleast two of the following platforms: Switch, Xbox 720p, PS Poor/Pro, and PC. And then you must on average buy atleast 12 games per year. I think one game per month average you need atleast.

True gamer is you own almost all platforms and play almost all the notable games on release date.

Casual gamer is when you only own one of the four platforms: Switch, Xbox 720p, PS Poor/...

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I'm glad you commoners agree with me here but I will take it up a step further. If all they do is play mobile, social media, and then moba or mmorpg games then they're not a real gamer.

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lol you casual gamers always assume a person only cares about graphics the moment they start talking about GRAPHICS

What's the matter for wanting more. I want better everything, not just graphics. YOu guys are bad consumers for saying, "oh let's not focus on graphics very much, it's good enough". Well you're part of the problem since you allowing consoles to be weak like the Switch. PS poor and xbox 720p can't even keep up with a standard f...

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Lame old game.

The only port I wanted was Bayonetta 1. And maybe give me the wonderful 101. Everything else from platinum can stay.

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Higher resolution is more dependent on gpu and CPU. Any game out now won't use more than 8gb of system memory for a console. It's only an issue if they try to put next gen games on Scorpio. Anything this gen will be fine.

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1050ti weak. It's way worst than PS Pro. You no better than a commoner if you get this.

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Can't believe I don't even get a single agree haha!

Like you guys can't all be so casual to like Uncharted and Red Dead.. I was one of the biggest Uncharted 2 fans but the game's main draw is graphics and it's no longer the best in that department. Red Dead was only good for free roam, multiplayer was ruined by auto aim and single player is boring.

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Score could have been higher. The game could have looked better. I see plenty of jaggies even on a 5 inch youtube video screen.

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I'm anti Scorpio. It's not much stronger than PS Pro, no exclusives, and it coming out one year before PS5.

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You can mark the day they announced "play anywhere" as the point of no return.

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How? I have PS Pro and a PC gpu that is almost 3x stronger than PS pro. My PC gpu is 6.5 times stronger than PS poor haha!

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Cross gen sucks, it ruins the potential of a game.

Generations should be exclusive to each other than a select few of remasters for quality titles and quality remakes.

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