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Destiny is atleast better than Watchdogs, fact! #1
I'm in it for the games the Microsoft decides to buy out like the single player games: D4, Sunset Overdrive, Minecraft developer game, Scalebound, Phantom Dust, Crackdown, Quantum Break, Ori, and many more games they will buy out.

I'm not interested in the generic games like Halo, Gears, Forza. Fable is not for me either. #1.1.3
Dang the PS4 is the "Wii" and the "DS" over there. The system sells itself. #1.1
By default B2 cannot be game of the year. The potential of this game is hindered by the WiiU hardware.

I see the game getting a runner up to GOTY awards, but it probably won't get the most awards. I know Mario Galaxy won GOTY one year, but I don't see it happening this time again because not many people have WiiUs.

B1 is the greatest hack and slash game ever made, so lets see if B2 holds up life to date. #1.1.7
2 years until the Bayonetta remaster comes out for either X1 or PS4. It will happen, fact. #1.1.4
PS4 wins here actually. My X1 glitches out and when I google the issue apparently other people have the problems. Sometimes my games won't boot so I have turn off the system and unplug the power plug. #1.1.6
No reason to get anything other than the first party controllers. I'm pretty excited for the white controllers that will come out with the Sunset OD bundles. Once that goes on sale the controllers will be sold seperately as well. #1
The author didn't expect the sales disparity. But the smart individuals like myself pretty much predicted this spot on. #1.1.2
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Those people there must be handed 1,000 yen stipends courtesy by Microsoft. #1.1.1
This might just be the game of the year. Game of the year is wide open. All the triple As are being just "8s". #1.1.1
I don't want to see anybody saying they buy multiplats on X1 when they own both consoles. Clearly you would be in the minority if you did that. #1.1.1
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These sports are lame. It's all about the nba and nfl. Sports aren't created equal. NBA and NFL are superior to all sports. #1.2
I think I will preorder Sunset OD through this promotion.

And @ bottom. If release date matters for you go buy the game at your local store on release day and return the copy that arrives. #1.1.1
Percentage of development status is not linear. But I guess he is implying that the game should be done in 2-3 years. #1.1.8
XBskull is telling a bunch of lies there. It's a known fact PS4 is the Multiplatform player. The network for XBL is slower. I own both as well. Taking me almost all day to download games on XBL and slower to install those games by a big margin. #1.1.4
newmonday.. what are you trying to proof there. A %77.32 is a 77.32.

I've finally found the word to describe Destiny. It's unfinished. There's not that many glitches but it's unfinished. The areas are large and barren. #1.1.1
I will be buying the new nintendo console in less than two years. And it better be considerbly stronger than a PS4. #1.1
GTAV is not worth playing again. Despite being a top 10 last gen game. #1.1.3
Yes online gameplay and teamup. I'm tired of these modes that cater to the casual audience. #1.1
Just played Ryse on the X1. I'd say best pure graphics but you gotta consider it's pretty much on rails. My best graphics goes to Infamous still. Once The Order is out there's no contest anymore until Witcher 3 for PC and then Uncharted 4 will kill everything. #1.1.2
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