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If it's not turn base then there should be a riot. That would piss off the fans that you are trying to cater too.

Come on.. if they listen to fans and make a FF7 then atleast listen more and make it turn based. #1.1.2
If it's mobile exclusive I'm not gonna play it. Supporting them only encourages these big developers to make mobile games because the budget is smaller and they can make the quick buck.

I don't want simplistic games. We already lost sega, konami, and much of square enix to mainly mobile games now. #1.1.1
2 years ain't much. I feel better if they take a fourth year and then they can be the game of the generation. #1.1.2
If you didn't play the first two games have a crtical eye then you didn't see the significance of this game. It looks like a very dungeon heavy game for atleast a good amount of the game. And that will be like ICO which was great. The puzzles in that game were freaking hard to figure out.

And then what Last Guardian and what Sony did well was enhance scripted events. When an event was happening the character was still moving in real time. For example when the bri... #1.1
Big_Game_Hunters, sales aren't exclusive to exclusive games. #1.1.1
Still pretty far away from one card that can play the current AAA games at 4k 60FPS. #1.1.1
It's not an exclusive anymore. Bad news for the X1. #1.1.3
ND should have went with TLoU2 from the start. That's the first problem. Now we are looking at a marginally better game compared to the last gen iterations, and coupled with the stale genre. #1.1.2
Sony and the PS4 clearly won.

Fanboyism and opinions aside if you weighted the impact of each annoucement it's clear that Sony won. Sony can go match for match on the MS annoucements then still have bonus annoucements that MS cannot cancel out. #1.1.4
meh AMD still the ugly red headed step child. Wait for NVIDIA to respond. #1.1.1
NBA Finals take precedence over the PC Gaming Conference. I will have to watch this recorded later. #1.1
Looks okay. It should look better. #1.1.5
This shouldn't be a remaster in the first place. FF7, FF8, and FF9 need a remake. #1.1.1
What.. I thought they would replace the new one with the older one. There goes that annoucement in MS.

Oh well the original X1 controller is currently still the best controller until this one comes out. #1.1
Nintendo has lots of content that is exclusive. But objectively how many of those create the same kind of excitement as the average AAA game. But in terms of sheer content Nintendo gets a B. They were neither bad or good. #3.1
Okay I am getting crap for giving NIntendo a B. They deserve a B because they atleast showed many exclusives even though the exclusives were mainly for the 3DS. The 3DS is still a capable system.

This is why they still did better than Microsoft who underwhelmed with their Big 3. Halo, Gears, and Tomb Raider were underwhelming. #1.1.2
PS3 actually looked better, but the thing is for PS3 that was probably just a target trailer. #1.2
My grades so far:
MS: B-
Nintendo: B
Sony: A

Bethesda: A-
EA: B+
Ubisoft: B+ #1.1.1
PS4 exclusive. Sony so good that they also win at the Square Enix Conference.

It's like Sony is Steph Curry on fire shooting 3s. #1.1.2
I thought it was a 3DS game until the showed the WiiU controller. Last gen specs are holding back the system.

edit: My gosh the game is on rails on certain points too. #1.1
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