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Nope uselsss for me since I play all the games I want to play on release date it would have zero benefit for me.

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Technically Wii is last gen system so in an angle the PS3 was the strongest. NES and SNES were stronger overall. The PS1 was strongest overall because the N64 had a storage bottlneck with their cartridge. So yes the strongest console wins almost half the time. PS4 is the strongest. Scorpio doesn't count cause it will only he strongest for the last year of the generation.

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PS Poor Bundle.

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lol RAM isn't the bottleneck. I think 8gb of ram on a console is enough for any game. The bottleneck is the processing components, not the components that carry data and off-load data.

The fact that he says it won't be fully utilized means nothing when Xbox has no AAA exclusive. No developer AAA developer will specifically make a game that uses all the systems RAM. Now if Sony had a system like this they can utilize all of it on God of War, TLoU, Killzone etc. ...

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Meh useless because the screen is too small and low resolution to play games on stand-mode.

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Duh you played it too late. Standards change.

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Good for casual gamers. Not good for gamers who play new games on release.

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The time i have is limited. I don't give time to crappy games.

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You mistake too of the line for last gen standard. Their games are graded on a lower standard.

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Mario Kart is overrated and I'm use to 4k now seeing all these jaggies even on a 5 inch screen hurts my eyes.

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Women got it way easier than men in America yet they still wanting more benefits and perks.

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Lol halo 3 is overrated, I don't want that game at all much less a anniversary edition.

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Cause idiots still playing mobile.

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Record was finished just unpolished you commoners.

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I mean it can convince some of the poorer and cheap PC gamers to join up. It's a good value for the performance. But with a console it's always limiting.

But my CPU is twice as strong and my gpu is close to twice as strong as scorpio. Scorpio is like an average pc power for any serious gamer who keeps their system up to date. I had the same gpu performance two years ago as Scorpio and my CPU is like almost 4 years old and already twice the Scorpio

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Here is what's the problem with your argument people act like the Scorpio is already out and ignoring the ps pro was out 1 year earlier.

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Too old. Wouldn't have played the game then; much less right now.

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Maybe if if you get a 1440p monitor to pair with ps pro it would be ideal.

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Lol the refusal to adapt to the times. Makes sense Nintendo sales have declined. Wii1 was luck.

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Just as any new console not named Nintendo.

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