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Sony A
Bethesda A-
The other third party publisher confernce all get B+
Microsoft gets a B-
Nintendo C+
PC Gaming (Didn't watch it, I watched Game 6 of the Finals instead) #1.1
I wasn't impressed with the E3 2013 graphics either.

It was overhyped from the start.

Still atleast looks like a good game. #1.1.1
I agree dohji, N4G is starting to have people that just see things opposite of me now.

Ratcher and Clank is more shooter than platformer. I played Ratcher and Clank tools of destruction and this pretty much looks a step better. That's it. It's still the stale gameplay. #1.1.1
I'd tell you they probably didn't know until now. In production the Batmobile probably didn't come out right. #1.1.3
Good news!

Stop remastering games from last gen. #1.1.1
EA did better than Microsoft.

I had a debate with my friend and I will change my grade for Nintendo. Earlier I had Nintendo with a B and MS with a B-. Now Nintendo gets a C+ and MS stays at B-.

However I think all the conferenes were better than both MS and NIntendo except the PC gamers conference. #1.1
Good news, I own the Vita and I hope Sony drops it ASAP. Give me more PS4 content! #1.1.1
I will say it again because people don't seem to learn. In 2013 at E3 Sony annouced that the PS4 would be $399. That was the stranglehold.

This is called overkill. Sony has third party exclusives coming for PS4. The PS3 could not get those until later in the generation. #1.1.2
meh dissapointing, that confirms MP won't look as good. I already think the game should look better based on what they were saying.

I'm starting to get tired of people here that have a clear bias. Uncharted 2 is my #2 ranked game for the last generation. However this series is getting stale just like Gears and Halo. I'm just calling it like it is. #1.1.2
Nice comparison but I get annoyed by comments that sound like this "oh it looks better".

Yea it's suppose to look better, I atleast expect that. #1.1.1
1. Those gel tabs don't make it better.

2. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the bumper buttons on the X1. You can argue that the placement is too high because that would prevent you from relaxing your fingers on the bumpers, but the buttons weren't designed to be the primary shoulder button.

Current X1 controller is a 9.7/10 for me. While DS4 is about a 8.4 out of 10. #1.1.2
FF7 was by far the most explosive. I know lots of people will say Fallout 4, but MS ruined the hype by showing some underwhelming gameplay.

Now Last Guardian, I'm seeing a lot of hate by "young" people. People who were really young when ICO came out. ICO was a relatively unknown game. Now if you don't know what ICO or SOTC are, then the best I can describe is it's Sony's take on a "zelda" type game. It's large dungeons and large c... #1.1.3
If it's not turn base then there should be a riot. That would piss off the fans that you are trying to cater too.

Come on.. if they listen to fans and make a FF7 then atleast listen more and make it turn based. #1.1.2
If it's mobile exclusive I'm not gonna play it. Supporting them only encourages these big developers to make mobile games because the budget is smaller and they can make the quick buck.

I don't want simplistic games. We already lost sega, konami, and much of square enix to mainly mobile games now. #1.1.1
2 years ain't much. I feel better if they take a fourth year and then they can be the game of the generation. #1.1.2
If you didn't play the first two games have a crtical eye then you didn't see the significance of this game. It looks like a very dungeon heavy game for atleast a good amount of the game. And that will be like ICO which was great. The puzzles in that game were freaking hard to figure out.

And then what Last Guardian and what Sony did well was enhance scripted events. When an event was happening the character was still moving in real time. For example when the bri... #1.1
Big_Game_Hunters, sales aren't exclusive to exclusive games. #1.1.1
Still pretty far away from one card that can play the current AAA games at 4k 60FPS. #1.1.1
It's not an exclusive anymore. Bad news for the X1. #1.1.3
ND should have went with TLoU2 from the start. That's the first problem. Now we are looking at a marginally better game compared to the last gen iterations, and coupled with the stale genre. #1.1.2
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