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AC series is 2nd-rate compared to UC. #1.1.1
Going by the agrees.. it seems like people finally grew some senses. Also you must consider extrapolating the screens on your 55 inch TV. Then you will notice how far back the PS3 version is.

Just looking at the PS3 screen kinda hurts my eyes. #1.1.4
ALso this is going to be the first full year for sports games. NBA 2K and Madden. I think the majority of those guys are going PS4 because they tend to follow what their friends got already. #1.1.5
I've been play PS4 for a month without turning on PS3 until today. And I really got use to the PS4 and it's crippling playing a PS3 it feels clunky, slow, choppy, jaggy, chuggy etc.

Some of these games on PS3 are nearly unplayable to my standards now. The comparison is almost like watching a HD video compared to 480i cable TV and then some chugging. #1.1.1
SMH at the Nintendo camp here at N4G. It's even worst than the N64 and Gamecube. #1.1.1
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Just agree with my theories and beliefs then their would be no war. However you guys in the different camps are too dumb to see truth. #1.1.3
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I'm not sure about that. I'm pretty sure after about 7 years of me bashing the X1 and praising Sony that has pushed some people over the edge to get a PS3 and a PS4.

Multiplied by the other thousands of Sony campers. #3.5
They should give incentive to PS3 owners. Looking to get rid of my PS3 for the a X1. #3.1.2
Lol rematch?? This is more lopsided than a Rousey and Maywether fight. We already know the PS4 will win unless the earth explodes. #1.1.3
People from X1 camp can't seem to put 1 and 1 together..

If you have a limited supply then you reach your max selling point fast so that's why the PS4 can't go higher than 12.

Anyway this ghost edition is lame anyway. I'd want the expansion and the DLC but not the other stuff. And once again DLC is a fail when you announce the game before release. Amazing how we just let developers get away with that. Just put that content in the game. #1.1.2
Now where's the petition to not bring it to WiiU, PS3, and 360.

Sign me up for that one! #1.1.3
This is gen 6 all over again. What does X1 and WiiU have coming down the pipeline that will get them to 30 mil install? Exclusives don't matter as much these days. It's the triple A multiplats that decide the war and PS4 has that in the bag as being the #1 platform for multiplats in terms value and bang for your buck. #1.1.6
y'all can't handle Sony being on top and Microsoft on the bottom once again? #1.1.1
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GTA>>>>>>Fal lout #1.4.3
The multiplat will hurt some of the critical appeal of this game whether the fans or the gamers will like to admit it or not. Just look at the RE FF and DMC series.

So color me not that excited for this game. It's still a day one purchase but that's just because it's going to be a great game but no longer a top 5 game of the year material.

Remember the MGS games have always been made for one system to start off with. 4 systems, making a new e... #1.1.2
Lol at the casual gamers who disagree.

I barely know what any of the CODs are about. #2.1
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MS spends more money for their games since their relationship with developers isn't as good or close.

Nintendo is the greedy company. #1.1.18
lol the X1 is in real big trouble if it can't get a early confirmation that it's 1080p and 60 frames. #1.1.2
The system needs more power.

And Nintendo will not make another home console.. Atleast not next generation. It will be a combo handheld/home console. #1.1.1
You don't need a gaming PC to be able to play that. Basically anybody that isn't a lame has a PC.

And master race is a master none these days with the AAA games reportedly glitching out on PC and Crytek going bankrupt. Apparently all the good looking games are coming to PS4 with The Order and Uncharted 4. #1.1
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