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COD has made Halo a 2nd-rate shooter therefore they need to make a new ip. A movement sprinting and aim down sight is their confession. #1.1.2
That's why finish your games.. And get the physical copy.

If you are complaining that you have to buy a HDD for PS4 then save up and buy physical copies. As for X1 it is an issue because the installs take a very long time. It's not hard to finish one game and move on to the next. I would be with even a 200GB HDD with my gaming habit.

The only games I play year-round is Madden and NBA 2K. Everything else I delete after I complete. #1.1.3
I have no interest in this game. I have Gears of War 1 as my #3 in my top 10 last gen games but it main draw is the graphics.

All it is graphics and cover system. Gears is useless if they aren't moving forward the graphics boundary. #1.1.6
lol more marketing spin by Ubisoft. Yea right.. like you are better than Naughty Dog and Take 2. TLoU and GTAV is the ceiling for the PS3. #1.1.1
Master of what?? #1.1.1
Uncharted 2 is ND's best game however the gameplay in TLoU is more timeless. Uncharted 4 will be the best for a few months to half a year, but TLoU 2 will stand the test of time and be good for a longer time.

I will take TLoU2. Although I would think they would implement some of the mechanics into the U series. #1.1.3
Well yea the install base is slightly bigger now.

Even I preordered this game, the resident Nintendo hater of this website lol. #1.1.1
THere's always this doom and gloom on the end/start of a generation. Watch next year you will see doom and gloom for PC when the install base for these consoles will be even bigger. #1.1.1
lol and people didn't believe that I said COD would sell more on the PS4. It would interesting to see if this worldwide or just North America.

Stop using the install base excuse. The fact of the matter it sold more copies on PS4 and developers would rather develop for the PS4. #1.1.19
I bought 8 games from the Dell giftcard promotion. Those are some of the best deals of the year. No need to wait to blackfriday. #1.1
Then yes it is in decline. You people here are always so positive about Nintendo. If they constantly bring out weak hardware then they will never come back. Wii1 was a fluke, and prooven by lackluster sales of the WiiU. #1.1.2
Consoles still drive the most revenue. With PC there's more stakeholders. These games are a business first and how I judge the pecking order is sales. That's the criteria I'm using. With PC there's many companies making the hardware and software.

And it's easy to pick your "punches". Once the consoles mature the pecking order will normalize again. It's just very easy to downplay consoles on the death of a generation and then new conso... #1.1.2
Freaking Ubisoft and Activision just know how to make 8.0-8.5 games. #1.1.9
There was one article I read where they said the GC controller is compatible with all games that would be compatible with the wii U pro controller.

That being said GC controller is overrated. I opted to go with a black WiiU pro controller. And my Bayonetta 2 experience has gotten better although it's still not a 9.1 to me. #1.1.1
And the PS4 version of COD should still outsell the X1 version. #1.1.1
Well a generic game can't really win GOTY. That's why you never see COD or AC win the top awards. Right now I gotta say Sunset OD should win it.

But due to the scores I think many people would just give it to Bayonetta 2, which I don't think it deserves those scores. I don't see how the game is better than a DmC. It should get the same score as DmC. #1.1.1
Good luck online because by then you will be killed online. It's already freaking competitive as it is right now. #1.2
The war is over in E3 2013 when Sony annouced the PS4 is $399.99. Anyone who didn't see that isn't a very intuitive person. #1.1.14
lol y'all got bad gaming tastes. FC4, GTA5, and LBP? LBP with friends then I understand though. #1.1.2
Ooo yea Smash deal on Dell with $25 gift card and then I stacked it with a previous $25 gift card #1.1
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