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On a side note just because I'm tired of type of articles.. Gaming is one of the few hobbies that haven't increased in price. Stuff is just getting pricier out there gas, movies, food, clubbing, and vacationing.

These game consoles are a very inexpensive form entertainment. #1.1.4
It's not smart because the youtube crowd is actually smarter than the crowd that watches cable TV. Youtube might be filled with a lot of the 13-30 age group that flame, but it's a group that does do research so they can flame. #1.1.12
The first one. It was all franchise fatigue after that.

Seahawks.. I hate Peyton. And I hate Richard Sherman, but I don't want Peyton to win another superbowl. #1.1
Marking down systems and giving incentives so they can move game software. Faltering already I see.

Sorry.. If you guys in the X1 camp are able to make idiotic comments then I'm gonna continue to make mine. *Waves hi* to fanboybeatdown and georgenoob. #1.1.1
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1. Your name is a contradiction to your actions.

2. Where's your statistics. All what you say is very opionated and subjective.

3. "Also, they use the example of the ps3 which was priced higher selling well, forgetting that the ps3 followed in the footsteps of the ps2 and had huge brand momentum, despite its higher price."

And why can't the PS4 have any PS2 fans?? Considering the largest age... #1.1.8
I hope these Steam boxes not only flop, but flop very hard. If I were the console-holder I'd feel disrespected for some bum company trying get into the video game hardware industry. To even think they have a chance to be viable is just ridiculous. #1.1.8
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Well if you read the article the guy is trying to shed light on the one week headstart on the PS4. He's claming that in the same time the PS4 would have only sold 3.6 million instead of 4.2 million by Dec 28th because of the one week head start.

Which the guy is correct but Sony sells every PS4 that is manufactured while the X1 is in stock in every store. And the one week head start doesn't matter in the long run for example if PS4 sold zero this week it would only... #1.1.5
Microsoft and their zombie statistics.. lulz #1.1.1
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So I guess it's trying to say it's gonna be the first 60 Frames for sports over a internet stream. Which it's hardly gonna generate that many viewers because you still gotta get NFL Sunday Ticket. #1.1.4
The year just started. I see it realeasing in November because Ubisoft likes the dough. #2.1.2
Yea COD will kill itself.

Titanfall is just gonna be a stop gap title. You play it for about a month and stop. #1.1.2
BEST BUY EXEC. He's not gonna oust a product he is trying to sell.

Now behind close doors I assure you he is look at statistics for all his products and knows which items are selling faster. #1.1.2
No, X1 has not a been a disappointment to me because it has been performing as I expected. PS4 4.6 mil compared to X1 3.2 mil in the last update. I've been saying it all along and it's consistent with my projection.

One console generation in full effect coming soon. #1.1.11
If you referring to my comment then there's difference between being public and acting disgraceful, and stuff that happens behind closed doors like the internet. You guys probaly don't follow sports like I do. Richard Sherman almost does this on a weekly basis and who knows what actually goes on behind close doors. On the internet there's nothing wrong with wanting something to happen. #2.1.7
The "unfinished" game hasn't bothered me. And Nintendo takes forever. That's the trade off you wait longer for a finished product. Makes sense to me. #1.1.4
Sony has an overall company.., atleast they're trying but right now Apple has it on lock down.

On video game front it is Sony Domination. #1.1.3
VG charts reliable and that's final!

PS4 wins and X1 losing again is a good day. #1.1.1
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Anything isn't always "X". Care to tell us anything new?? #1.1.2
Nintendo fans don't need to worry about health when their avg age is probably 14. #2.2.2
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I think generation 8 is going to be better than 7:

1. WiiU has better games than Wii
2. Sony makes a proper system that attracts gamers and developers from the start

The argument about same games like sports(can't speak for racing), but believe it or not those same games can be vastly improved. The only game that was even close to graphically impressive was Fight Night. But NFL and NBA can be vastly improved with new features and new immersion... #1.1
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