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You gamers suck for not buying Infamous SS. That game is underrated and should have been nominated for GOTY. #1.1.9
The nintendo apologists will say it's one of the better controllers and it really isn't. Overall the controller feels cheap, L1/R1 are hard to reach, face buttons are too flimsy. When I plugged the WiiU pro controllers I was able to pull off the moves I wanted in Bayonetta. And WiiU pro controller is nowhere near the quality of the 360 or X1 controller. #1.1.2
For me personally it sucks as usual. I already bought D4, but I guess a cult exclusive that is free is great for people who haven't bought it.

360 is not relevant anymore. Why would you be lame and play those games? #1.1.2
This game gonna be in contention of being the best game ever made. The only problem with the first one was it came out too late into the generation.

TLoU2 is gonna be a shoe-in for the greatest current gen game. That's almost a given fact already. #1.1.1
The "imagination" excuse is BS. If Naughty Dog said it's complete then fine, but you all would be excited for this game.

If I had to choose between a new story in that universe or a continuation, I rather have the continuation.

Imagination is BS. Most gamers don't read for fun. They want to be fed an experience. Books, TV shows, and Movies is utilizes the cliffhanger and mystery for hype.

For gaming, using a cliffh... #1.1.8
Here we go again with the nintendo apologists.

Exclusives..? That argument is not relevant because multiplats are still games and many of them aren't even on WiiU and if they are they're gimped. I know you're not gonna play Watchdogs on WiiU right or any other gimped multiplat.

I have all the gaming platforms except 3DS. And WiiU and Vita are my least played systems. I call BS on the "85 meta scores" philosophy.. Yes they... #1.1.3
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Nintendo glasses and Nintendo favoritism has been in-play for the entire year. A 85 for a Wii-U game is like a 80 in current gen PS4, X1, and PC game. You gotta be blind if you think a WiiU game is graded on the same standard. #1.1.3
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Because sales means more game development. SFV and current-gen Heavenly Sword is exclusive because of the large install base and sales gaps. #1.1.3
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Based on WiiU standards.. WiiU games aren't graded as high as a current gen hardware spec game. Still no one has explained to me why B2 is not winning GOTY awards over Dragon Age, who scored lower on metascore. That would support my argument. A current gen hardware spec game by my estimation should get a 3-4 pt boost in comparison. Afterall graphics are several elements of a game. #1.1.2
In other words the PS4 has the higher install base and that's why they chose to go exclusive. That would be the primary reason.

Once again my display of being a Prophet is shown. I told you there will be more PS4 3rd party exclusives because of the sales disparity. This is only the beginning. #1.1.4
If it's all about price then how come the WiiU is doing so poorly?

It helps to be good in many areas. #1.1.3
I call that "Nintendo glasses" that critics are using to grade these games. Nintendo hardware game isn't graded on the same scale as current gen spec hardware. Which explains Baynetta 2 is not winning GoTY awards over Dragon Age despite B2 having the higher meta score.

Also games scores are too heavily predicated on if the game is buggy. That is only one criteria.

And the current gen hardware spec games are being docked down for being repetit... #1.1
Well if your buy real estate that big there's a security issue. So it would make sense to buy a "smaller scale" mansion like this.

I'm a city person and I think most gamers are city boys too. #1.2.5
Rediculous, I will not be a PlayStation fan anymore if it's not physical. More than half of the people in the world don't even have internet. And the ones that do don't do not all have reliable internet.

http://www.washingtonpost.c... #1.1.5
I will actually say something positive instead of my normal negative X1 comment.. They're both outselling the 3DS, and week after week the consoles continue to display that the home consoles are the most relevant forms entertainment in the gaming industry. #1.1.5
713k vs 515k is worldwide sales. To even talk about just one territory is stupidity. More sales means more exclusive games for PS4. #1.1.2
The fact that people even think the race will be close is enough stupidity. It's gonna be like 110 mil vs 45 mil. #1.1.5
That's some good optimization. I still don't think MGSV is a graphical contender. It's above average in comparison of to other games coming in 2015. It's mainly the open world that makes this game at all impressive technically. #1.1.1
I'm not a proud WiiU owner. You guys are better people for not buying a WiiU. Good on you! #1.1.2
I opt for the console version since it comes out earlier despite having two 970s. I will always choose to play the game earlier. That includes Tomb Raider for the X1. #1.1.2
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