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No they should not be legal because I need people who actually buy there games so I can get it for free. #1.1.1
First one was good but after Quantam Break we don't need another one. It was a graphic showcase for the 360, but nothing more. #1.1
Before a game releases I can guess a game's score by a plus or minus 5 meta score.

There's enough previews to see the quality of game. #1.1.1
Please cancel the PS3 version. #1.1.1
12 is inferior. On COD all the match types with 12 players is too small. I can only play ground war which 12-18 players.

Also take out the silly auto-aim on MGO. It wrecks the game. #1.1
Hey gamers.. we are talking about a racing game.


A racing game, a game that is not gonna require that much to be 1080p and 60 frames to begin with. Racing games have been looking since Gran Turismo 3. Nothing special here. Fact!

And X1 hasn't done 1080p for any game that isn't a racing game, a fighter, or games on rails. Anything that need half way a decent system, the X1 has failed... #1.1.18
^From last gen consoles to PC is a big enough leap to warrant it. Plus mods it makes it a fun game to play.

I'm watching the video and from the 360 version to PC version it's like being near sighted and then putting on your prescription glasses. #1.1
casual gamer.. #1.1.4
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I have the 4790k. It's the gpu that is the bottleneck. I don't have enough vram to turn everything to the max. #1.1
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More proof that these games aren't really that good. It's good for a specific group of gamers. Quality eventually becomes viral, so don't give me that BS about sales don't equal quality. Because quality travels and will eventually become mass-market. #1.1.1
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Yes! This is earlier than I expected.

Give me more life in my GTX970SLI! #2.1.1
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Normally I'd bash Microsoft, but Microsoft knows they are in a deep hole and to salvage what's left of this generation they need to start buying shit and announce at E3.

I'm excited because all I have to fall back on for the X1 is xbl gold free games which is subpar to PS Plus free games to begin with. #1.1.8
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lol how is that impressive? You would think the "most popular" movie franchise ever made would get more than 6 mil.

It would have to be 2 billion views in 24 hours for me to be impressed. Especially when you consider all nerds watch it like 10 times or more. #1.1.3
Nope.. Rather have GTA6 and GTA7. These remasters are just wasting time for these devs. #1.2.1
It's rediculous how meta reviewers have gotten this wrong. Really.. a 97 so far on meta.

Just another example on how meta SOMETIMES messes up ratings. So we are rewarding Rockstar with a 97 for taking almost 2 years to port the game to PC and then charge us $60 MSRP. Just a little touch up of graphics and adding a few features.

I'm also not gonna talk about mods. You can't rate a game on mods that will come. What you can do is rate that the ga... #1.1.2
Yep I will backup what Angels said. I got two of the lower end 970s and the game actually bugs out and you see artifacts when you turn everything on.

Turn on FSAA, MXAA8, and TSAA. Just turn everything absolutely on and you will see a GTX970SLI not even able to handle it well. I get about 38 frames average with artifacts.

And also not that impressed with GTAV so far on the PC. I played the PS3 version in 2013 and having hard time seeing where the game look... #1.1.6
What we want is: we don't want it!

Cancel it, please!


@bottom I was all over MCC?? lol. Everyone knows I think Halo is 2nd-rate. #1.1
Lol which service was offline for more than one day most recently? The answer is XBL

I'm sorry PS Plus not only better but also by a considerable amount, and it should not even be up for debate:

1. PS Plus free games program is whole lot better and has won every month! Maybe only tied twice so far.

2. Downloads are faster on Plus. I have both systems so I know.

3. Installs are faster as well.

4. Interfa... #1.1.2
Star Wars is more synonymous with Sony and PlayStation! Duhhh! #1.1.7
Motion Blur is stupid. I have that off all the time. #1.1
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