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Was gonna buy it but I got no friends I want to play with on XBL. #1.1.1
Destiny isn't for PC and if it comes out for PC you shouldn't care for it.

The best system seller for the PS4 is the PS4! The console sells itself because it has superior multiplats, brand recognition, PS plus, and exclusive development coming down the pipeleine. #1.1.1
This still doesn't convince me because the console is still expensive their. I figure it will sell like how much it is in India. So not much sales I expect. #1.1.13
What you visually see on screen 1080 to 720 isn't a big difference how 60 to 30 that's a considerable difference. If you at all have a critical eye will notice the difference easily when you pan the camera. #1.1.3
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But you know soccer is lame. It's a inferior sport to football and basketball. #1.1.19
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I agree with Pachter. Nintendo needs to stop hurting their brand by such unpopular acts. And of course all companies are in it to "win".

Podcast worth a listen, I guess. Not many good video game podcast these days. 1up Yours was the best video game podcast. #1.1.4
That's because the casual gamers have caught on that the series is stalling. However the hardcore crowd knows that the series has been going down since MW2-Ghosts, and judging previews Advance Warfare looks to be good addition to the series.

Advance Warfare should be a more critical success than ghosts. #1.1.2
Smart of them because consumers are OCD and they will be like "hmm AC5 looks good but I never played 3 and 4, so I gotta play those first". And you know that person probably will never go back to those games.

On a side note I'm actually looking forward to AC Unity. I've been meh for every single AC game besides the first one. To me AC was mainly about the graphics and every game after AC1 looked about the same. Unity looks great in the new engine and I&... #1.1.1
I like to play as the scrubs and drop 40 something on you casual gamers with that one player.

But anyway Lebron gonna be the 2nd best player ever when it's all said and done. Print Screen this! #1.1
Vote with your dollars and screw them Japanese tastes. They don't know what they're missing. #1.1.6
Funny how other people don't like how something exclusive while the main reason why I like the game is because it's exclusive. #1.2
Not worth buying. #1.1.2
Mainly old footage that is older than my grandma here -_- #1.1
Preorder is pointless unless you going for limited editions or price promotions. And lame.. the PS4 should have higher preorder once it is all said and done. #1.1.4
They better because this game looks last gen. #1.1.1
This game is overhyped. I'm not interested in the copycat themes here like AC, bland Destiny, and LoTR. #1.1.16
Shadows of Maurdaur doesn't even look that good. They say it's Assasins Creed like. Which I'm not a fan of AC. The games looks bland like Destiny.

This game is overhyped! #1.1.8
Lol this game was never gonna sell. It's a critical success and never was going to be a sales success.

I'm looking forward to replaying a definitive version of this game on current gen hardware after I play the inferior version this year. #1.1.3
Exclusives need to stay exclusive. Support these developers!

The only game that shouldn't be exclusive is Bayonetta 2. Whole point of exclusive is it makes a better game, making on WiiU is counter-productive. #1.1.5
Don't sleep on Sunset Overdrive. May not sell but it has the pedigree to a critical success. Master Cheif collection is lame. It just caters to halo fans. The halo has already bought the system anyway. #1.1.2
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