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PS Pro > PS Poor

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Doesn't matter if amd is better and cheaper. They're still red headed step child that nobody wants. The only people who buy them are cheap highschool or college kids.

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This is good. Anytime Nintendo doesn't get their way, I'm happy. They try to keep things under wraps too long.

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That really looks like a PS3 game.

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No point in waiting. How much is the Wiiu still now after it's dead? Its gonna be $300 for a while so why wait at all?

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You guys miss the point. Ps Poor will dip below 30 frames. Ps pro will stay close at 30.

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Nope. We know it's almost purely hardware related. They bring the next gen system in the middle of the current gen and now can only handle a last gen remastered game.

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All because the gamers wanted the games to be $59.99 for over a decade.

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Misleading title. Of course the system probably broke the street date somewhere. He's still first at a popular line.

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TLoU over all

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In a vacuum the Vita was more impressive for its time than the Switch. Nintendo just focuses more on this type of platform with software. But hardware vs hardware it's no contest. It was slightly worst than PS3 hardware, touch screen, touch pad on the back, and bettery battery life. It was cutting edge technology. While the switch is using 2 year old technology using the Nvidia tegra.

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You guys are lame. Dark Souls difficulty is fine. Otherwise you just pop and shoot and fall asleep.

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Games shouldn't be $60 anymore. Because of the low price the devs are trying to taking advantage. Should be $69.99 and include all dlc.

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One thing we know is the battle system is wrong. It should be turn based not this clunnkh style action rpg.

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Ehhh my bank account has been acting funny, and now I don't even remember how many Switches I ordered from Target. I will see the -317.99 every so often but it balances out with a credit again later.

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Irrelevant to critical gaming cultures since Halo 2.

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Nintendo ruining the industry one step at a time. Wii, WiiU, mobile, and now this. But just because Sony and Microsoft do it, you guys will free pass Nintendo.

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It's true because if you got similar parts on pc, what you hope for is 4k at 30 frames but most games will be under that.

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nope because two of his fights there's a pillar and rock to hide behind. Take it out of the game. If you give me the option im gonna use the easiest way.

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