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Wrong.. Nintendo has been slowing down the industry since the Wii1. Since it was successful at being a weak system it encouraged developers to find gimmicks instead of moving hardware performance forward.

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Mgs5 and trico are not top 6 material

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You already know Sony's console wins by default every year now. You would have to count Microsoft as a entire platform for it to maybe win. And the Switch is half a generation behind.

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Nobody really wants this game. It was largely a forgettable series.

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The X is weaker than I thought. The major games are 4k and 30 frames.

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BC and gamepass meh

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Plus probably new additions to the game and bosses. SotC remake won E3 2017 alone. Everybody else, sit down.

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Haha worst trailer in history!!

Nintendo did not win. SotC remake is better and showed gameplay. Samus on last gen hardware is not exciting.

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lol Days Gone is clearly going to be a flop.

The SotC remake is all you need. Sony has impressed for 4 straight years.

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Neither system will be good. It's just Sony's ball now. Sony can have zero games coming out until PS5 and still win.

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Well I can match it with a prebuilt system at $800. You still confined to console type restrictions with the X. The X is a good choice to pair with your PS Pro if you don't have a PC but I just don't see many people buying it for $500. Look how much the Xbox 720p sold at $500. It will sell less than the Xbox 720p in the same time frame.

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Overrated game.

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1. BC is lame

2. We were under the impression that all games coming out would be 4k 60. Microsoft you suck.

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Meh it's a catch 22. Remake would take forever. Another remaster is something we don't want anyway.

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The Xbox X is too weak this pretty much seals deal on me not buying the X. Crackdown 3 is a stunning looking game either. I'm gonna be able to play that on 4k 60 on PC.

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Switch can't even handle skyrim remaster lol

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Only like 5 people on this forums who have been defending Scorpio will actually get it at this price point.

And the problem with waiting is the PS5 is gonna come out next year anyway.

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The ps pro shouldn't cost $400 anymore. Pro should be $300 and X should be $400.

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Lol only several of you Xbox fans will get one at that price.

I was gonna get at $400. By the time it's $400, the PS5 will be out.

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Gonna play this at 1440p. Noway a 1080ti can play this at 4k max 60

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