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I will be dropping some money to play this on the PC. This will the first current gen game that will make it worth owning a PC, for that you won't get the same marginal experience on the console.

Off-topic- your notorious PS4 fan and Xbox hater picked up a Xbox One today. Figure I get it before they discontinue the Kinect bundles and charge $150 for them in October. #1.1.5
first game was overated #1.1.1
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The bundles coming out will help and it should past WiiU barely. However PS4 will be outselling both by 3:1 by the end of the generation, so doesn't matter who is 3rd. Both WiiU and and X1 will be third just like how the GameCube and Xbox Original were 3rd pretty much. #1.1.3
Nothing on PC is really that much above consoles. Until Witcher 3, console gaming is more pratical. I will be building a PC when that game comes out.

Also if play sports games you must own a console or your just not a core sports gamer. Some of the "so called" "casual sports gamers" are freaking good. That's the only game they play so it offers a challenge.

So when I get a PC rig it's still going to be a secondary machine f... #1.1.10
I have money to spend that's why I could be getting a X1 any moment. The purchase wouldn't be really for the games. I like the controller and the sleek UI.

I'm looking to play Dead Rising 3 and Sunset OD and Phantom Dust. Outside of those games, I just like to own the system because it looks cool. #1.1.15
Watch they get hired though. Takes skill to do this. #1.1.4
I think it will still sell less than GameCube. Those games outside of super smash aren't as popular anymore. Kids don't know the Zelda or metroid following. Remember these are kids that grown up post 9/11. It's a different world now. #1.1.11
If only I had enough more money. My girlfriend finish med school I can buy 4 $90 packs and dominate. 4 Richard Shermans in the secondary and 5 Calvin Johnsons! #2
SE is on a roll. First the TR exclusive and now a current gen console only game. A movement to more exclusives is best more gamers. #1.1.3
Vita killed itself. New system please not new iteration; is what I want from Nintendo. #1.1.4
How is the "superior" group of gamers doing these days? I thought so lol #1.1.4
Lame! Certain games like TLoU and Metro require a remaster but not this game. #1.1.6
PS4 version will be the better one. We will let the comparisons take place first.

That being said the graphics are dissappointing. To quantify it the game is better looking by only about 5-10% compared to last generation. #1.1.7
It's called a bonus. They don't have to give you anything when you preorder other than ensuring a better chance that you get the game.0 #1.1.1
That's good. People shouldn't be playing leage of legends anyway lol #1.1.3
To put it bluntly Destiny is a good game but not doing anything special and graphics are suspect. The preorder sales are high because of the beta and it's bungle's legacy. However they haven't put out a groundbreaking game since Halo 2. I don't see Destiny having legs after launch. Especially when the big AAA games are coming early next year. #1.1.4
Nope. MGS5 has suspect graphics and gameplay doesn't seem to be pushing the envelope. It seems like a "MGS4" which isn't in my top 10 games of last generation. Top 5 game of next year maybe. #1.1.1
Madden>2K. True since 2K11. #1.1.1
Midnight Launch San Francisco Mission St. See ya there! #1.1
-_- I need to play Madden like it's crack. If it's not on by tonight I'm buying the X1 madden bundle tomorrow at Target. This is bullshit. I rather get risk getting hacked and playing madden lol #1.1.9
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