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Lol there’s not enough games. You guys keep saying Zelda and Mario etc. Well it’s because we didn’t have a true mario or Zelda for the entire generation in the WiiU. You guys free pass stuff so easily for Nintendo. And those games aren’t even that good. A 97 is actually like a 91 on the PC and PS4. Games are graded with less expectations on weaker Nintendo hardware.

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It can sell just as much as any game but you guys thinking it’s revolutionary are so off base.

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1. What weird booger kid is gonna play crafting. Kids are on iPads and iPhones.

2. The stuff looks complicated. It’s teen-adult level difficulty but your target audience is kids. Yea good luck with that idea. It reminds me of the game mouse trap. I got excited when I got that board game but no way I can set that up because I didn’t know.

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That you can make games with poor controls, unaspiring loot, lame stories, lame quests. And then still score a high meta.

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They're not smart investors. It will flop. They think the market value will spike like it did with the Switch.

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Flop and not revolutionary. The Dreamcast had a bevy of accessories and more sturdy. Nintendo you are ovrrrated and not innovative.

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So it’s the same as the PS3 version but faster load times, got it

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Yea it took them like a year to realize full exclusives are important.

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Zelda breath of the Wild is walking and climbing simulator.

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Use to be a team ico fan but not anymore. Like we’re not gonna see this game for atleast 5 years.

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You're a moron if you don't have that much money and buy it. If you have lots of money then why not.

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Persona 5 soundtrack is overrated. Doesn't make my top 10 of all time soundtracks. I suppose it wins by default because of the weak year. Although Nier 2 should be better.

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tough to be an Xbox fan.

Xbox orignal finished 2nd place
Xbox 360 finished 3rd place
Xbox One gonna finish 2nd place

Yes, the Nintendo Switch isn't gonna outsell the Xbox One.

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Sony B+
Exclusives list not as strong as usual
Nintendo B+
Two overrated main games followed with mostly a drought
Microsoft F+
Announced play anywhere, no true exclusives. Focus too much on non essential things like backwards compatibles

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During E3 2012 I already said the Xbox One has no chance in this console war.

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PS4 just beat 3DS in 4 years while the 3DS has been out for 7 years. The best Switch year isn’t even better than any of the 4 years for the PS4. And switch games are a lower standard. The hardware is limited so a 97 on metacritc is really like a 91 on PS4.

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Please no 3rd party games on the switch unless they’re small budget games.

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Basically sums up what’s wrong with Nintendo. Too focused on casual games.

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Won’t happen since the Switch is a fluky system. The success is being overstated. We’re not even sure if Nintendo can produce 20 mil much less sell it out. The system didn’t sell out everywhere already in probably its best year.

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