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I opt for the console version since it comes out earlier despite having two 970s. I will always choose to play the game earlier. That includes Tomb Raider for the X1. #1.1.2
Lame.. Here we go again another game that will be ruined by the WiiU hardware. #1.1.2
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I have insider information. There should be news in the next 10 days about this game. #1.1.1
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The only thing the X1 has over the PS4 is the form factor and build quality of the system and controller. The quality of plastic is just a lot better. And it is clear Microsoft spent more time on refining the controller.

Other then that you should not pick the X1 over the PS4. You may just prefer a worse console. #1.1.3
My mom would go shopping while I stay in the demo kiosk section playing for a few hours. Banjo, Crash, Diddy Kong Racing etc. #1.1.2
That's the wrong adjective. When someone says peaking it sounds more negative. How I read the title is Sony will do their best in 2015 but then decline shortly after.

But I agree with what Patcher means #1.1.15
I will buy it to play DMC4 and then trade back in once I'm finished. Japanese developers have been crap lately. They make Ubisoft look wonderful. I would much rather have them develop DMC5 and make them come out half a year earlier then have them waste time here. #1.1.2
So did the the tablet ios and PC had a lot of exclusives. And so your point is!?

The point is the game has to be somewhat relevant and competitive. AAA current gen games typically fit the mold. It's equivalent to a summer blockbuster in the movies.

WiiU games are graded on a slightly lower standard which explains why Bayonetta 2 is not winning GoTY awards even though it had a higher meta score than most. #5.1
DmC not worth replaying. DMC4 is worth replaying since it came out a while back. Great soundtrack for that game. #1.1.20
This game is still better than Bayonetta 2. Yet B2 gets 91 metascore while DMC gets a 86.

I don't agree with a remaster. Capcom you suck! Japanese developers make Ubisoft look amazing. Atleast they don't take hecka time to develop games and develop games for the correct platform. #1.1.2
DLC is overpriced in general. Relative to the full product which is $60. This is gonna be $20. Even at $5 it would be relatively overpriced. If we were to quantify how much of this is actually worth to to the full product it would probably be 50 cents. #3.2
Yep and those comments would make sense. Multiplats aren't as good in general. That's a fact!

Sorry I thought you were talking about the Sony fans. Sony fans would not care about this game as much if it weren't an exclusive. And for good reason too. #1.2.1
That's a heck of a deal. I'm slightly envious because I got mine for $500. But you can't put a price on waiting for deals. That would be relative to your own self.

That doesn't apply to most people. #1.1.2

Because most of the time the PC fan likes to say you can build a PC for "x" cost and it's "better" than the console. If you already have the parts then this is more relevant.


Yes you can outperform the console easily but the consoles require less specs. And then PC parts become obsolete faster. So expect to add another gpu by the end of the generation.

on topic^
GTX... #1.1.7
kat.ph #1.1.2
Uncharted 4 will still look better than Witcher 3 on PC. That's a more open world game. #1.1.13
Sure any system is fine to own alone for certain people. Nintendo apologists are annoying. Last gen it was as if the 360 could do no wrong. This generation at a slightly smaller scale, the people are defending the WiiU. #1.1.2
Uncharted 4 on PS4 would look better than Uncharted 5 on the X1. #1.1.1
Nerd is right, the tech demos don't apply to most people. #1.1.1
NFL and NBA 2K #1.1.2
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