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Nerf the lame Spear! #1.1.1
No we don't want it! #1.1.3
PS4 wins by default because the PS4 has the better ports. It's a fact, not an opinion. Some people just prefer the inferior console, I can't help that. #1.1
I camp and snipe, and care only about KD/R. Same thing every year for COD. #1.1.6
Boo.. Don't support this crap. If you buy these games that means you want AAA games to die. #1.1
I skipped through Tomb of the Giants with no torch. Didn't see anything. #1.2
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Hockey is lame. NBA is superior. Go Cavs.

And wow I'm impressed by this pseudo remake. #1.1.2
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The game of the year race is Bloodborne > Witcher 3 > Batman > MGS5.

MGSV won't win because Konami got a bunch of problems, Kojima making 5 different versions of the game, and MGS hasn't been great since MGS3. This is just blind faith by MGS fans to think that it will win GOTY. I give MGS5 a 5% chance to win. Not even MGS4 won GOTY. #1.1.2
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We already did a calculation based on the performance boost.

Since most games on X1 do 900p and DX12 claims to do 20% more than it only brings the X1 to 1080p. PS4 is currently at 1080p. It will only get better. You X1 gamers will be in a rude awakening when this will hardly matter.

DX12 is mainly for the PC gamer. #1.1.8
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MS made the wrong business decisions. They should hire me for half the salary and I'd lead them to victory. #1.1.6
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PEPSI makes more profit. #1.1.1
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If it's Star Wars in will sell well. It doesn't need to sell 5m to be considerd a great seller. I would say almost all star war games sell atleast 1 mil across all platforms. #1.1.5
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Duh.. I would hope your sales would be better with a larger install base compared to last year. Nothing special here, next article. #1.1.1
Archangle Mike^

I would disagree you can get a pretty good impression on a game for six hours. Your review is not gonna change from + or - 5.

For example if you think the first 6 hours are a 9 you probably won't deviate to a 10 or a 8 after you finish the game. #1.1.1
Most people are done playing this game anyway. #1.1.5
-- Reported by the community --
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And when you add Anti Aliasing the 980 won't even be enough. Well time to upgrade in 2 years..

GTX970SLI overclocked is crying. #1.1
GOW3 is only marginally better than Uncharted 3. #1.1.1
Infamous Second Son already had jaw dropping visuals when it came out.

The stupid gamer community gave it the wrong score, an 80 meta. It's another example in the list of wrong meta scores. #1.1.9
lol the smart guys like me would already know that the Xbox One cannot do 1080p on Withcher 3. Maybe at 12 frames it can! #1.1.13
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