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I don't understand how in theory 680 frames would make it unplayable. Try using a 600hz TV maybe??

Real life is infinite frames and it's not unplayable lol

As long as you got a screen that match the frames then it's fine. #1.1.5
aha GOTY when literally 25% of the games have not even came out yet? Way to be objective..

Right now it's down to Sunset OD, Bayonetta 2, COD, Smash, and Dragon Age. #1.1
Such delusional comments^

Yes it needs saving and there's noway around it that it has only sold 7 million something so far. Any Nintendo exec with no PR, isn't liking their situation.

It needs saving.. and it's not going to get saved. #1.1.2
I'd still opt for the Kinect sku. Only because I broadcast my games. HDD size doesn't matter for me. 500GB was always enough. #1.1.1
Not worth playing again. The only remaster worth playing over again is TLoU. The graphics won't look that much better anyway. #1.1.9
Yes you mean who cares about this game. #1.1.1
Hehe I was one of the people that bought it here. The system came in with all the original packaging, smelled new, no scratches, still wrapped, and no finger prints. #1.1.1
They need to push back the Order. The game doesn't look ready anyway. It will get delayed. #1.1.17
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Wow what a suprise. I wonder how this feature did not get leaked. #1.1
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The installs are slightly faster than the PS3 and that's a real bad thing because PS3 was a crawl. #1.1.8
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Nope no need for a price drop. They already have as much trouble as it is keeping up with demand. Once the holidays roll around it will be harder for them to keep the PS4 in stock.

And if you are waiting for price drop then stop being lame and just buy one. Is $50 really holding you back!? #1.1.6
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I'm happy my WiiU arrives today.

However since when does have a few high quality exclusives make you the winner?? Winner is always based on install base. I have all 3 consoles and PS4 wins because I rather have a long list of AAA great multiplats. People keep putting aside multiplats and talking about exclusives. If you like excludives so much why didn't you support the exclusives!? #1.1.19
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Best bang for your buck to play current gen games.

As simple as that^ #1.1.3
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I just insert and play #1.1.1
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Don't get it. But I have one and I couldn't resist. #1.1

And no he doesn't have that much money lol. Nobody in the video game industry really has that much money aside from publishers. #1.1.1
Destiny is a 2nd-rate MMO. #1.1.2

Yes other tech take away things too. Battery life for smartphones are lower than the flip phone. #1.1.1
Go EA! Because Visual Concepts has stalled with the 2k series. EA should buy out visual concepts. #2
Lame.. GTAV is sort of the remaster of San Andreas. Gamers don't know what they want smh #1.1
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