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Looks like a 94 meta. But there's noway U4 would have been better than a TLoU2. I will always say TLoU2 should have been made instead of a U4.

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Too bad it's not out with a profile on PS4Neo.

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In a direct comparison BB is better. More inventive, better looking, more soul in the game.

BB is game of the generation.

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@not even

Nope you wrong. Ps4 CPU had 8 cores. And the games have been struggling because of the gpu not CPU. The weak CPU won't degrade much from the gpu.

Also ram and CPU are not as important for consoles. The operating system requires less resources. There's not as many things going on the background. The bottleneck is gpu!

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I don't think CPU is a bottleneck as they say it is. It's 8 cores not just just 4. On the PC side if you pair a I3 with a gtx 970 it doesn't hurt it that much.

But this article lame because they copped out by not even estimating the gpu gains by saying it doesn't matter because it's bottle necked by the CPU. Which is stupid because you would put it against a multi billion dollar company on over purchasing a gpu on a CPU.

My pers...

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Next to the Wii1 yea it was one of the purchases i ever made. But just sell it before it loses even more value.

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That's PR speak and optimism. They won't charge us $500.

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Nintendo is hold back the industry with their ideas. They're making it okay to be low specs and gimmicsk. Now sony and ms are chasing the motion controls. A waste of time. Nintendo is bad for the industry.

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Witcher 3 is overrated

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That's some BS.. Mine hasn't shipped. I preordered through Amazon prime membership.

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$400 for the NX and $300 for the Neo. I like the Neo but you can't let them get away with a $400 price tag which is a price tag for a new generation of console.

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lol I played Dark Souls 3 for about 65 hours already in 8 days. And had it on for about 75 hours but for about 10 hours I was away.

This is why WiiU is terrible.

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There's exclusives that don't go on PC. I bet you Uncharted 4 is gonna dip to 20 frames in some areas. I like PS4 neo.

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Uncharted 2 was #3 in my last gen ranked games. Is it going to push the envelope forward?

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Hold the on/off button PS4 past after it beeps. Then you go into the ps4 bios. Go to settings and then go to overclock. Overclock to 1.5x to so it can do 4K output.

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Dark Souls is still fresh to me. Uncharted needs to go.

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lol nice weather.. That's like one of the worst weathers in the world unless you mention deserts.

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The only way Drake can be on top is if the game was TLoU2 this year and Drake was in that game lol

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It's gonna be practically meaningless since I bought a graphics card for the PC arriving tomorrow for $637 and i still plan on playing 1080p most of the time.

It may do 4K video or very simplistic games at 4K. So it's practically meaningless to me.

There's not even any consumer level single gpus out there that can run a decent 4K game. Talking about a $1000+ graphics card that can do 4K at 30 frames at best.

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I think it has a chance for a 95

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