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I tried that werewolf trick. It wasn't very effective since they can still hit you through the wall.

If I had the opportunity I would do the glitch so I can duplicate that stone that gets you to more than one weapon that can be level 10. But I'm still just about 20 hours in and not close to finishing. #1.1.3
I better get to that glitch then. Cause I want to take the Kirkhammer and Cannon to level 10. #1.1.2
VGchartz is lagging. One month old data. #1.1
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The anti aliasing is pretty noticeable between the last gen and the current gen. #1.1
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AAA games are going into extinction because you gamers refuse to support them. #1.1.1
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Meta scores are generally higher for exclusives. I never understood people prefer multiplatform.

It's actually opposite of what you guys are thinking. The developer is in it for the money if the make the game multiplat. It's twice the sales.

Last gen we really saw the extinction of exclusives because AAA games cost more to make and that's the developers went multiplatform.

Exclusives benefit the gamer and multiplats do not,... #1.1.3
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The console version needs to score high or else this game won't get higher than a 9. I have a my copy preordered for PC. This won't be game of the year. #1.1
If the console version is crap then it will take this game out of GotY consideration. #1.1.8
Well the X1 at launch had a large supply. Many consoles in history didn't meet the demand on day 1 while on day 1 i can walk to the store and buy the X1.

X1 is a sleek looking system so I don't care about a redesign. #1.1.7
The gamers don't want another Mass Effect. #1.1.1
Due to social media console war actually matters more right now. There was a console war back then but it was only in proximity. At school and the friends would have either system but not both.

I had the N64 and got a used PS1 that died of disc read errors. #1.1.1
Not too late.. to reskin the game to TLoU2. Then it can be game of the year 2016. #1.1.2
Game of the Year is like metacritic. It's not winning just one award. It's about aggregating the most GotY awards out of all the sources.

And Bloodborne will win the undisputed GotY 2015!

Batman has already been done before. It didn't win when Arkam Asylum came out.

MGSV, it's also being developed for last gen systems. Kojima has his hands full and also with the drama he has with Konami it won't help. The series has b... #1.1.1
BB>W3 #1.1.5
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After watching the trailer of this game it seemed like a B-rated movie. Worth playing, yes. I don't expect it to be as polished as Portal. #1.1.15
lol nick and your 5 accounts

But no it's not gonna score higher than BB. #1.2
I think I spotted Marcus Phoenix in the video. There's just more grit in the graphics. #1.1.1
lol who is competing against Windows 10? Give me a break on anyone who thinks that some is capturing the OS market share. #1.1.1
Fall of 2016 the NX will come out. You Nintendo apologist are just stubborn that your console doesn't have many games and you want it to have more games, so it can justify your purchase. #1.1.3
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