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Switch is the only option. I hope they cancel or delay or gimp the wiiu version.

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Cancel or delay the WiiU version please.

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Well looks better than most wiiu and 3ds games lol

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Not a game to play online. Splatoon, smash, and mk8 is lame

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Sigh.. it would behoove Nintendo to gimp the wiiu version. Delay and cancel the wiiu version would be ideal.

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No it's too cheap. I prefer $400 so most of you pedestrians couldn't afford it.

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Amazon is the best one though because it arrives on launch day with free shipping.

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Hopefully switch version releases earlier than the wiiu version. Just cancel the wiiu version please.

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region free so if you flew here you can get one on the way. Got one from bestbuy and one from target so far.

edit: I got 6 preordered now lol. 1 from Target, 1 from Best Buy, and 4 from Gamestop.

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BS.. I never got the notification. I just have one preordered so far from best buy

update: Just got one from Target. It's like Target never sold out.

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Hopefully it releases earlier on Switch so they can bait the WiiU owner to adopt faster. I want it to be a stagger release date and simultaneous.

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Now that looks like a 9.6 not overrated mario galaxy

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Grrr I wanna work at 9pm but the conference starts at 8pm. Then some of the sales will start appearing after the conference.

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Gonna buy 5 consoles and keep one for myself. 1 at each of these stores GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Nintendo store.

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Well it's gonna be a bundle with like 2 games and controller.

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The console is too cheap, it's affordable for too many people. I have to set my alarm clock for this one. No chance in getting one if I'm 30 minutes late.

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The systems don't resemble each other. One system was more expensive and had less games, but then as the generation went on the system had the better video game versions and more exclusives. While the xbox started off quick but is slowing down with no exclusives, and has no chance in closing the loss gap. While the PS3 eventually outsold the 360 overall. It's stupid to compare them.

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They should just release the game as is for half off. It's not logical to just scrap the game.

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It's too cheap. I expect a $300 sku or $350.

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I will get mine. Got the amazon alert ready.

Scalping or flipping is lame. You gonna make $100 at the most for all that trouble. I make $100 in 3 hours of work.

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