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And it’s also true that last gen systems like the Nintendo switch are graded with a lower standard. A WiiU game is -8. And switch game is minus -6 compared to current gen games. God of War is better than any game on the switch.

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Lol don’t insult my intelligence. Monopoly, is like high school studies.

Thing is Nintendo success doesn’t make Sony directly better. Nintendo success shifts focus to smaller budget games and gimmicky games. For examples if Labo takes off(which it won’t), Sony will try to compete and gain some of that market share. So that does not benefit us gamers if Sony sends one or several developers to make arts and crafts games. Because instead they can make this...

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You shouldn’t even own a Xbox this generation after Microsoft announced play anywhere.

Just got god of war all updated and pre loaded

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The greatest invention since switch? That's easy to say because it's the only invention.

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Told you guys. A mode that improves the PS Pro performance mode. PS vanilla loses again.

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Both modes are better than PS Poor though.

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Ranking: 4, 2, 1, 3, Acension, Chains, and Ghost.

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A 95 meta is like 101 on the Switch. Good job Sony, keep killing the competition.

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Escort missions are are a lot better than they used to be in the PS2 and earlier era.

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Hehe Xbox if you don't care about video games, is just as good as the PS4.

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Bloodborne is game of the generations. Your perspective and review doesn’t count because you didn’t play it when it came out.

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Switch isn’t passing the Xbox until the next Xbox comes out, so it doesn’t matter.

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Japanese have suspect taste. Their review score is wrong.

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Vita was dead 3 years ago. Who are these people trying to kid?

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That's a boring stealth game. TLoU has the best stealth.

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The switch doesn't deserve GTAV. It can't handle it.

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Updated graphics does not mean remake either. There is no defined line one what is a remake and what is a remastered. Basically it's up to the interpretation of the person's perspective.

And yes it's disappointing that it's only a remaster with just a resolution and frame rate bump.

It shouldn't be $30.

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