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Racing is boring. Let's talk about the best sport, basketball.

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That's poor standards. Do see games as described as "nothing wrong" get 9.7s on meta? The point is those galaxy games didn't go beyond.

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The Switch is already obsolete on the tech side of things. Nintendo gets too much credit for throwing crap at the fan and seeing what sticks.

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Looks better than the overrated mario galaxies atleast.

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Haha what Naruga said is right. Because of the early success of the 360, it held back the PS3 hardware. The PS3 games well victim to poor ports.

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I have the switch already. I preordered one of these to most likely sell.

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Switch pro is good. It's better than the DS4 but it's not better than the Xbox one controller. Switch Pro's d pad isn't as good and the face buttons are flimsy. It's also slightly less ergonomic.

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Soccer is boring. NBA is the best.

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Playing on PC with 4k at 60 frames, on high settings and with no AA.

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MGSV is overrated. It does not deserve what it got a 95 meta.

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You people get offended too easily. Only if you followed celebritiy culture you would be able to connect dots. 99% of people who watch the trailer wouldn't get it until you see the explanation.

Oh poor guy who has millions of dollars.. I'm sure anyone on this site would be extremely happy if you were publicized negatively on a video game because that's free press and popularity for us.

Also you sensitive types canceling your preorders.. I...

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PS5 is 2018. And what's wrong with you people who want gta6 at the end of the generation. The graphics will be mediocre with such weak hardware.

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Stopped talking about vita and PSP on this site lol

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I wouldn't argue much against 3 because the only mode I care about is Team Up and it has been neglected for years. This casual My Team and My Player is casual and stupid to me. If you wanna play that just protest for a new NBA street which is better.

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Probably misinterpreted. No way a switch game will technically run better. Maybe better controls and less bugs but not run better.

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BC matters little.

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It's coming 2018.

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Won't happen. The games look bad on a big screen.

And to think it will sell 30 more million units than Nintendos best selling console ever is dumb. Just stop it...

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That's 9 for you laymen on here lol

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The Switch is also limited by wifi only. Doesn't matter if you have the adapter. You adhere to the majority of the people with crappy connections.

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