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I think this may make people buy the subscription for Spotify. That's why Sony and Spotify are partnering up for this. #1.1.10
What a fail month for games with gold. I don't think there is so far a single month that games with gold was better than PS Plus.

Essentially nothing is happening for Xbox One. #1.1.9
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My display lag is only 9ms.

The fastest screen they have in the
http://www.displaylag.com/d... #1.1
It's not just about witcher 3. When you consider external factors the PS4 also wins. In terms of which system you are buying, most people will buy only one console, and the PS4 wins that.

I saw above someone mentioned outages on PS4. That's a myth because both consoles have outages. As a PC and console owner, the main differences is the PS4 has faster download times, the UI is faster/snappier/ more pratical, better free games program, more exclusives, and better m... #1.2.6
Whelps time to cancel Target order. $40 qualifies for free super saver shipping but from experience you don't get the game until 3 to 4 days after release.

Update: Nice.. I got the free Amazon prime promotion for 30 days. Which turns it into release day shipping! #1.1.7
But Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 don't count just as your normal exclusive. They count as 4 games.

Nothing on X1 is a mega exclusive. Please don't say Halo 5 either. #1.1.9
It's a price mistake but just preorder it anyway and Target may give you a complimentary $5 gift card for your troubles. #1.1
Well if your talking about hard BC then the X1 not strong enough to emulate the 360. And you lames here were already complaining about the cost of the X1 to begin with.

Focus on new games is what the end-goal is not BC. If you really wanted to be lame and play old games you will find a way to do that. May not be practical but you can do it. #1.1.9
Well the 960 is actually cheaper than the 760. 970 is only good until next year that's why I have two them!

Gotta keep playing max settings 1080p 60 frames atleast! #1.1.1
Lame.. but I will be buying it anyway. Sucks when you got too much money. I end up supporting things I don't like. #1.1.3
Meh.. I almost forgot that there was Jak collection. I think it was called the double pack.

Of course I'm excited for the remake. #1.1.6
Because Sony doesn't need to try to win. That's how much more complete and confident they feel about the PS4. #1.1.3
PS4 will eventually surpass X1 on the weekly basis in the USA even if the X1 is $350.

^See how much criteria and qualifiers do I have to create just to make the case that the X1 is actually doing "well".

The reason why PS4 will "surpass" is because the demand hasn't been met yet for X1 at $350. Once the majority of people that decide to buy the $350 X1 you will see the curve go back down. IT HAS ONLY BEEN 2 MONTHS AFTERALL!
... #1.1.3
Well it's the really just the PS4. Consider that the 360 didn't have such price drops and good bundles like the X1 is. Only the PS4 is doing better this generation. #1.1.7
People are being relics and living in the past. I was done playing GTAV in 2013. #1.1.1
The numbers are close enough. I don't work for the industry so why would I care.

The total and overall sales are accurate enough. It's week to week sales that vary up to 100%. But obviously the totals sales cannot be wrong by more than 10% based on other more reputable sources.

So in the end day I can say PS4 pretty beating X1 2:1. And this is with the X1 trying to scramble to stay alive. And the WiiU continues to be irrelevant. #1.1.5
They will eventually run out of people to trick. #1.1
Supply and demand people.. $350 isn't gonna be so hot for X1 as much as $350 in November.

Look a $350 X1 is ranked #22 on Amazon. PS4 is still holding strong at #5.

Once the dust settles the PS4 will beat the X1 in the U.S. if the diffence of cost is only $50. X1 has no chance unless it's $100 cheaper. #1.1.19
PS4 gap is widening while on many from the green camp claim victory.. smh at their logic.

Spin and brainwashing I call it! #1.1.9
Enjoy your 2 weeks. You will be back in the defensive for the rest of the generation lol

It will be PS4's turn to have a PERMANENT price drop before the X1 has a PERMANENT price drop. #1.1
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