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Should have been dictonued in 2011. PS4 Should have come out 2011 and then PS5 need to comes out in 2 years. #1.1.11
THere was a cute employee who tried to sell me on the gamers premium club ($15) one. She was new too..

She went on to say "so you don't like saving money?" That's taking it too far. #1.1.1
Maybe it can go from looking like a 3DS game to a Gamecube game with the extra time! #1.1.4
Maybe it can go from looking like a 3DS game to a Gamecube game! #1.1.3
Don't see why these games are even noteworthy aside from the big WWE big brand. There not many games more clunky and slow than this franchise. #1.1
Bloodborne is game of the year, Duh! #1.1.4
Microsoft messed up this generation. The hardware is weak and expensive.

Even using the UI the X1 will be slow, hang, and chug through the apps when you snap and open new apps. The 360 was a much better designed system. The PS4 has the advantage in the design. #1.1.3
Curry got lots of help. Even though his 3 pt shooting skills is the best we have ever seen. I still pick Durant over Curry because he can shoot over anybody.

If Lebron got half the help of Curry did then he would have his third ring. So Curry shouldn't ranked higher. Lebron still elite in more catagories than Curry in terms of attributes like speed, passing, leaping, awareness, and strength etc. #1.1
Parity #2.1.3
meh.. I will get it but Bloodborne still the true game of the year. #1.1.3
Don't draft Odell Beckham in fantasy football lol #1.1
It's just another lame attempt by Nintendo to make it big. Nintendo usually strikes out. They got lucky with the Wii1. This will be another flop. #1.1.12
That's a 5% increase. I will take that. The negativity is silly here. #1.1.3
Nope #1.1.1
Once again casual gamers using bad logic. They think most popular is most scary. The fatal frame series is the scariest. #1.1
What's this positivity about Halo. Halo sells software, and the postivity ends there. #1.1.1
The updates fixes my gamebreaking glitch in Baron's quest.

But what in the holy **** my frame rate is 41 frames on max settings. 970sli. Such weak gpus I need to upgrade. #1.1.8
Do you choose the marginally better looking game or the game with the better frame rate. I'd still opt for the PC version. #1.1
Sony did better to completely secure the console war. #1.1.18
Still not up on GOG #1.1.1
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