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The thing is, only 2 of those were announced at this E3. Death Stranding being a fair way off too.

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Red Storm are heading Ubisoft's VR ventures.

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Some of their best:
What would you prefer? Another soulless community manager ran account or s...

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Not to be a pedant (I'm lying) but his name is spelt Keiji Inafune.

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It's something different. Not another teen ubisoft game with everything that comes with it. I really enjoyed the showcase. A guy in a squirrel suit hitting a church bell at speed for a glorious 'dong' sound.

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Make fun of Ubisoft all you want, they aren't that bad.

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Tekken x Street Fighter was already confirmed to be shelved back in April. Not cancelled, but not in active development.

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They announced the release date on Xbox Twitch stream yesterday.

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FF had gameplay, to be fair.

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Nah it says Xbox at the end of the trailer which means W10 + Xbox One consoles

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Look who is still at the top of the board. Killer Instinct doesn't get enough credit.

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Get over it. I bet 90% of them don't even live in Japan, where pachislot games are vast and wide in variety.

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Asura's Wrath, Dark Void, Dead Rising is 10 this year, Dragons Dogma, Remember Me. Internally and externally, It's not that they've not tried. They're probably not considering anything else new until they finally get Deep Down out the door.

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Hell, Halo Online is still playable right now even though the development has ceased.

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People are missing a point here. Lichdom Battlemage is a seriously terrible port. I doubt Microsoft will give away a game that runs so so terribly on their console.

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Looks to be in-engine footage of a music box playing a clean version of Robin Beanland's track from last E3.

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I had a game with 2 Bastions and each had their own Reinhardt shield to protect them. Hanzo and Widow Maker COMPLETELY suck trying to beat the combo.

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Crackdown is launching in 2 parts. Multiplayer this summer and the campaign next year.

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I don't think Halo Wars 2 will slip release for this year. Hopefully Microsofts catalogue review at start of the year proves it is on track. There Shouldn't be Phantom Dust gameplay, follow Shannon Loftis on Twitter. She's was still pitching ideas to Phil last month about it. Watch Dogs 2 won't appear at Microsoft's show -they are too busy and Ubisoft is missing Assassins Creed this year. Recore may skip E3 in favour of Gamescom unless it really it a WOW game to see unveil...

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EA aren't going to E3...

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