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Can we stop breezing over the fact the 4K movies will be compressed for streaming? They will be uncompressed on discs.

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Rocksteady are too big to do a Constantine game. It couldn't even hold together for a single tv series, It's too niche.

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Raiders of the Broken Planet?

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The fact this released on Xbox One in the east. Skipped the planned English localisation for Hong Kong. Came west and then skipped Xbox makes me want to hit my head against a wall. I love Psychopass but this didn't half wind me up.

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Please tell me Daisuke Ono doesn't use a different voice for Snow. I burst out laughing when he appeared in 91 days using the exact same voice as for edgy Jotaro Kujo.

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Exactly. An AAA game skipping Xbox in Japan is nothing new this generation. Warner Bros are often skipping XBO in Japan and I think Destiny skipped Xbox in Japan altogether.

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To be fair, Metal Gear had barely appeared on Xbox besides a HD collection that Konami infamously kicked out the door and left for dead and the Rising spin off game. I'm surprised that it sold as much as it did. 72% on PS4 and 22% on Xbox One.

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FFXIII was announced as PS3 exclusive too. Xbox version announced fairly late through the development at E3 2008. It's not impossible that Versus XIII was considered for Xbox but given the almost vaporwave status of the title, was never actually announced.

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That's like saying Borderlands is the best bang for buck because it has "87 bazillion guns". The main problem is that the game is very very shallow. There's a vast difference between depth and quantity, and No Man's Sky only has one of them.

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A community event. Devs and fans attended but it really was just a chance to show Japan what's coming instead of PSX styled event.

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I don't know how you've misinterpreted what Hoffman's saying. This is some basic reading comprehension. He is making the same point as you but you're responding as if he isn't.

Either people are disagreeing to suggest they don't think he will appear in the dlc format or that they can't understand implications of his comment.

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This is the least leaky leak ever. They literally uploaded this trailer with loads of new ones in.

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<3 Misuzu Araki

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They are already saying you can get refunds for it. Class action against this sounds wildly unreasonable.

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Super Mario Galaxy is crap? OK pal.

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The thing is, only 2 of those were announced at this E3. Death Stranding being a fair way off too.

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Red Storm are heading Ubisoft's VR ventures.

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Some of their best:
What would you prefer? Another soulless community manager ran account or s...

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Not to be a pedant (I'm lying) but his name is spelt Keiji Inafune.

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It's something different. Not another teen ubisoft game with everything that comes with it. I really enjoyed the showcase. A guy in a squirrel suit hitting a church bell at speed for a glorious 'dong' sound.

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