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That's flat out wrong and a wildly misleading conclusion. A game can be low scoring but still enjoyable. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, I loved it. Lot's of fun but it was a bad game.

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Announcement was definitely the wrong word. In hindsight, it looks suspicious but I don't think it's impossible for it to be true. Bandai Namco have supported XBO fairly well.

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I have literally no idea what relevance your comment holds. I was merely responding to his "How can you make or get real money from the things you get in these in-game loot boxes?"

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Can we get over ourselves? 5 and 6 were both good games. They may not have been the horror games that people wanted but it doesn't make them any less good.

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I opened a £2 crate on CSGO and got a knife worth nearly £200. I could easily sell it.

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WTF is going on with the player model in the inventory screen

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Bit rich from someone with your username. This is published by Studio MDHR. Who do you think is paying for reviews?

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By that logic Official Playstation Magazine is irrelevant because they can't give impartial reviews...

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The engine only looks as good as the assets you feed it. I made my comment because the image quality looks very similar to how Fox renders. The lighting feels very similar too.

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Can confirm. Horzion 3 had some awful fps drops on a powerful i7 rig, even on low settings. i7 3770k and a 1070 and I'd randomly drop down to 5-10 FPS around Surfers Paradise. Much better now after a series of patches.

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Why would it be bright and colourful? It wouldn't make sense to be waging a war in a neon pink mech.

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Anyone else getting some serious Fox Engine vibes from this?

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The original game was designed and directed by Nobuaki Komoto, the director of 9 and 11. Produced by Hiromichi Tanaka. Sounds like Square higher ups were also pushing graphical prescense which lead to the game eventually imploding. Naoki Yoshida picked up the pieces and saved it.

The real take away is the producer of every mainline Armored Core game, Toshifumi Nabeshima, is directing it.

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If that's aimed at me I sincerely hope you're joking.

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I think you missed my point. MS probably won't bankroll any JRPG's, obviously including LO and BD.

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To add to your first point, Remedy is also developing the campaign for one of the most lucrative games ever. They are working with Smilegate to develop the sequel to the Korean mega hit Crossfire.

To your finals points, Sakaguchi is still avoiding committing to anything outside of Terra Battle. I doubt MS will bankroll either because there's no way either will make a direct profit.

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18 reviews on Metacritic. This is the highest with the 2nd highest scoring review being 83. Currently sat on 70 Critic and User score.

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As someone completely unfamiliar with the series, that looks a hell of a lot like Josuke Higashikata besides the eye colour.

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