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I think because Capcom didn't want it to be part of the Xbox Anywhere program Microsoft marketed it a lot lot less. The announcement and showing at E3 was so limited and short.

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They just lifted the music from the anime Parasyte the Maxim...

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It's actually nothing to do with Microsoft Studios. Clayton is releasing the game through [email protected]

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Phantom is cancelled in current form but the project is ongoing. They're releasing Phantom Dust HD at some point this year to get the attention back to the innovative IP.

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It sounds like Microsoft were expecting a truly fantastic product and Platinum were struggling to keep up with it. It constantly missed targets and I think Microsoft realised it was just never going to be finished.

Microsoft DID have people helping develop it. They supposedly had sent a team over to help getting it to work in UE4 but they just don't have a Japanese speaking team for it to work seamlessly.

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Just look at this:
It's what happens when you search Brian Reed into Google.

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No and it disappoints me to no end. They keep getting the chance to work on these world renowned IP like Batman and Marvel. Can't see them going back to something like Fables.

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They barely have anything to do with Tenchu. They did a PSP version of one of the games afaik. I'm going to sit in a corner muttering Otogi and Metal Wolf Chaos to myself.

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"Original IP" What the hell happened to Deep Down then?

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Sunu Ikkibu: Din Nahu is actually on Xbox One too. Ninty lost an exclusive :/

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100% his website judging by his submission history.

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He's literally just searched and used that list and, because of the lack of further research, he misses games like Doom(4) which was in development for nearly 9 years. Another one I can immediately think of is Too Human which was announced as PS1 game and ended up as a 360 exclusive.

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She's part of the same minigame that features Anri Okita, not that I know who that is :P

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I wouldn't be disappointed to see you removed from this site, poplock.

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To be fair, you're ignoring one of the biggest producers of MMORPG's out there. NCSOFT of South Korea

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When the license expired, Marvel had completely abandoned console/PC gaming and was focussing on the mobile market. They have since changed that approach and want to come back in full force working with the best developers available.Spiderman is their first foray into their AAA return.

Basically, Capcom might be sitting on their hands until Marvel approaches them -not the other way round.

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I raised an eyebrow at the idea of Vanquish returning. Looks like it has nothing to do with the article and is just a misleading 'hype' picture.

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They sort of deserved it with Triad Wars.They did a Lionhead and spent years developing a game that no one asked for and was just not very good after years of development. Sounds like they did it by choice, too. Fable 4 and Sleeping Dogs 2 were what fans wanted, We instead got some F2P multiplayer titles.

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ReCore is 3rd party

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