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I still remember Gabriel telling me that is was a joke last year. Everyone gets caught once. #5
So why am I still waiting for the dubbed film nearly 2 months on? :'( #1.1.1
Asking the Asada Productions Twitter account to localize it. They are just teasing me... #1
We need it as an official rule on N4G. If the source is Kamiya suggesting next week in game magazines hes trolling. Its like the 5th time this sort of thing has been approved. #8
The splitting of the name Lionhead is way more jarring then it should be. #8
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Sucker Punch that team that openly don't work on 2 games at once? #2.1
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Desperately? Sensationalist and not true. #6
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Whilst lots of fun I think D4 still retains 'weirdest exclusive title'. Using a plastic leg as a bat to play baseball in a plane only to knock a detainees eye out. That sentence is proof. #7
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Shu is the same. They're mostly nice guys up at the top. Its just the fans who are the problem. #2.1.2
Nope. Some of the Steam emails just go into oblivion. Theres threads on the Steam forums on people, myself included, never getting things like trade confirmation emails but will without fail get other emails from Steam. #1.1.1
Whilst true isn't it a completely irrelevant statement when they also cater for weaker PC's? In this situation the Xbone and PS4 are specifically configured x86_64 PC's in which they get to choose the games graphical settings. #11
Dead Rising 3 picture? #5
I don't know why but XBO sounds to me like it could mean Xbox Online. Which itself sounds like successor to Xbox Live. #21
I'm pretty certain the rumour starts and ends with this blog... #3
Sounds like a mobile game by the team that did Outernauts #8
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Its an error copying and pasting. The 2 tweets share the same starting url. But if you add the numbers 38157056 onto the end of the tweet from Yukio you then get the tweet from Kudo. Mystery solved. #2.1.1
Why is this linked to a 6 year old Japanese tweet? #2
Great news but that trailer was awful? #4
I saw the public tweet earlier asking her to remove anything linking her to the project as they hadn't announced it. #3
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