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Shannon confirmed/teased that you'll see more of the multiplayer and the destruction later this year. Can we please stop speculating?

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I don't believe so but they definitely run better framerate wise. Digital Foundry have done some pretty conclusive testing in that regard.

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State of Decay is weird. I think they chose to keep the janky animations on purpose. Doesn't look like DLC though. Completely different engine, 3 new maps each the size of the original, 4 player coop. That's be pretty big dlc for something that released as a budget game in the first place...

Beyond Good and Evil 2 doesn't deserve it's place that high. Literally just a prerendered trailer.

Final Fantasy made me laugh out loud. It was hilari...

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How on earth have you span this to be negative?
It's literally that Microsoft have given the developers choice to do what they want with their game. Mandating anything is shafting gamers.

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True but I think the typical market has no idea and relies on marketing and friends to tell them what is better. I know this as I'm friends with some casuals who own systems.

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Small to mid. Obviously traversal is slower though

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It's not like they are going to use Panta Rhei.

Deep Down still MIA

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Xbox had it's own Monster Hunter for 360 that was supported with content for 6 years. It's not unreasonable.

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Anthem is being made by the Edmonton team, The team that made Mass Effect 1-3 and Dragon Age. Montreal did assist work on Mass Effect series and made Andromeda.

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Irony would have to be removed from the dictionary if Sakaguchi built The Last Story to compete with Final Fantasy as a series.

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It's definitely not where it was but I still see people going for Pokestops everyday, At this point people interactions with it are more brief as they know what they want to do.

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Still charts high on the stores.

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Yeah, it felt a little raw. For better and for worse. Static save locations, gun jamming/exploding, malaria and bloody aggressive drivers. Anything since feels a little easy.

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I will defend this game till the day I die. It was different to anything else I'd played and it offered a very different story to anything I've played since. Little bits of repetition creeped in but i was thoroughly engrossed throughout.

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It's not been their best of years has it.

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They expected to sell 2m by last March. It was probably sat at 1.5m sales this March. It's pretty terrible compared to the fact vanilla Street Fighter IV sold 3.4m. Full sales of Arcade, Super and Ultra totalled 4m excluding the PS4 release.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D for 3DS sold 1.2m. This shows just how bad it did in comparison.

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It's not dlc that's the problem. It's the fact online games are aggressively designing themselves around grind and microtransactions.

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There's been a few weaker characters but IG has proved themselves more than capable.

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It's because Adam found the original cutscenes. They were compressed a ridiculous amount to fit on the OG Xbox disc.

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True but a vocal group in the community, I'd possibly include myself, want them to go back to the Bungie art style.

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