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As someone who never played Devil May Cry, DmC oozed style and confidence. Think if Ninja Theory were given a second chance that it would one of the most visually appealing games this gen.

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Sort of unfair complaints aimed at Phantom Dust. The game was reverse engineered hence the lack of control over the majority of the game.

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It looks awful. That's another reason the clothed version looks better.

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Must have cost a fair whack given that she's top talent. Hasn't hit the same numbers as her early years but she's still making great music.

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Did China even get Final Fantasy 13? I'm so confused.

Edit: This sounds like Cantonese so it's probably for Hong Kong. They did get it.

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Is this 1983 all over again? Atari making landfill and a new Bladerunner film?

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Double post- Sorry.

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To whom is this aimed at? Giuseppe obviously knows they're from EX.

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Arika does what Capcan't

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Just over 2 years at Microsoft and it never really felt like he joined. Odd.

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The game didn't take a hit in graphics? It looks better than when we saw the destruction demo last year? Unless people are thick enough to compare it to the obviously prerendered announcement trailer.

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Digital Foundry have consistently found that Crysis 3 is ridiculously resource hungry at high resolution. This isn't that surprising.

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There's a lot going in Street Fighter's favour here so probably not.

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The most redundant title and article ever?

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The amount of resources and depth of team required to simultaneously develop 2 AAA titles in different genres has also sky rocketed. I am concerned however by the amount of content in this game considering how long it's taking.

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Shannon confirmed/teased that you'll see more of the multiplayer and the destruction later this year. Can we please stop speculating?

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I don't believe so but they definitely run better framerate wise. Digital Foundry have done some pretty conclusive testing in that regard.

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State of Decay is weird. I think they chose to keep the janky animations on purpose. Doesn't look like DLC though. Completely different engine, 3 new maps each the size of the original, 4 player coop. That's be pretty big dlc for something that released as a budget game in the first place...

Beyond Good and Evil 2 doesn't deserve it's place that high. Literally just a prerendered trailer.

Final Fantasy made me laugh out loud. It was hilari...

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How on earth have you span this to be negative?
It's literally that Microsoft have given the developers choice to do what they want with their game. Mandating anything is shafting gamers.

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True but I think the typical market has no idea and relies on marketing and friends to tell them what is better. I know this as I'm friends with some casuals who own systems.

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