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Might as sell Atlus and Creative Assembly before you destroy them. #10
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Wasn't that technically the PSP Go? #4
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But none of those are supposed to compete with Need For Speed Underground. Underground was an import scene game with arcade controls. Those 3 are effectively sims. #1.1
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Difference is Steams core username never changes. Only what people see you as changes. Xbox doesn't have that distinction. #1.2.1
I think people are annoyed and could believe it as deceptive marketing. Someone saying something is good is not the same as someone being paid to say something is good. #5.1
Did you seriously praise Ubi for the past year they just had? If I could I would give them worst company award for how many underwhelming product releases they had. Rogue was sent out to die unlike Unity which somehow released in such a broken state. Watch_Dogs underwhelmed after delays and hype. Wii U Watch_Dogs was sent out to die on the same day as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Escape Dead Island, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, LittleBigPlanet 3, Last gen versions of Shadow of Mordor and WWE 2K... #5.1
But why are other F2P games on Xbox One. Hell I played the Japanese version of Onigiri, the F2P MMORPG. Theres lots of F2P titles on XBO now. Powerstar Golf, Killer Instinct, Warframe, Project Spark and Pinball FX2 are several that spring to mind. Something doesn't ring right about how its still a problem. Cross platform play is coming in the form of Fable Legends. So what are Capcom using as their reason? #2.1.2
Blazblue has always been on Xbox. The only one that wasn't was Chrono Phantasma beacause 360 discs only had 9gb storage. Chrono Phantasma Extend is inbound this year on Xbox One and I already have it preordered.

Guilty Gear Xrd however isn't coming to Xbox anytime soon. ;( #3.2.1
Honestly I think the more important question is Can Fatal Frame come to PS4 and Xbox One? It sounds like Nintendo have got a very controlling relationship over the IP and seem to have it on permanent license without Tecmo ever selling ownership. #9
This. I loved Saints 1 and 2. Saints 3 was borderline ridiculous. 4 and Gat out of Hell did not interest me in the slightest. #1.1
Dark Souls is a 3rd person strategy game. #2.1
Rise of Nightmares will be treasured for years to come. Sega accidentally captured bad b movie horror to an almost perfect level. Pair that with dire Kinect controls and you get an impressively bad experience. #1.1.3
Cautiously optimistic about this. Never rated Milestone as a dev but this could change my mind. #1
Shouldn't have given such a different impression of your game then. You described it as a gritty visceral apocalypse survival based on keeping the human element alive. Instead you made a cartoony Mad Max multiplayer shooter. I cannot understand what on earth happened. #2
I refused to buy any high name title that came out in the last year of the 360 and PS3 being the only consoles on the market. Seems to have been a good call. #7
If your supporting a game solely because of exclusivity I personally feel you are doing the game and yourself a disservice. #3.1
Naga I already knew that its is possessive and it's is the abbreviation for it is. The only reason I use little punctation on N4G is because I browse on my phone and the apostrophe is hidden on the next window of characters. N4G is already bad enough on my phone without having to spend longer getting the correct grammar. Sorry. #4.1.2
I struggle to read the title. Its so wrong it hurts. #4.1
Sonic is in the picture for GOTY 2014. This is mighty awkward. #1
Its all cosmetic but people are willing to pay stupid money for the stuff. I despise myself for contributing to it by putting on £10 to try get a good skin. I did and got one worth easily £250. Its just a money printer for Valve and it disappoints me. #3.1.1
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