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Personally I think Playground should join them and make Forza Rallisport. #1.1.2
Are you seriously bringing that irrelevant argument here? #1.1.2
That advert was a stroke of genius. #5.1.2
God, you triggered some sort of flashback with that. #5.1
Castle Crashers promotion is over. Its like £2.50 if you had it on 360. #6
No idea how you did that. After I finished Walking Dead I just turned off the Xbox and went and had a little walk. #1.1
Interface. Inter-phase sounds like a couple of months being a die hard Inter Milan supporter. #7.1
Its roughly 1/11 or 1/12. Can't remember the numbers off the top of my head. Great game but I'm sure more Japanese gamers would jump on if there was a few more games making the choice worthwhile. #2.1
I'm sure Microsoft would greet 3rd parties with open arms if they wanted to use the tech. Problem is 3rd parties already get flack for multiplatforms not using the PS4's full capabilities. #1.1.1
Nintendo can stay young forever given that they work with Sakurai.

Now only if they can bottle the magic that is Hirohiko Araki's ageing process. #1.1.5
By extension, yes. The way Microsoft reports revenue regarding the Xbox division is relevant enough. #1.1
The Chief's crushed body is shown through an Oni camera, Of course he isn't dead. Rewatch the Locke and Chief trailers. No one wants to defend a disgraced hero who is working working with a war criminal. Chief will be after Halsey, looking for answers regarding Cortana, Halsey is regarded a war criminal after being interrogated by Oni at the beginning of 4. #7
I'd rather have JJBA Eyes of Heaven over One Piece on Xbox One. Surprising announcement either way. #5
We saw what 343 did and realised we didn't dare copy it. #3
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The game never supported a bunch of resolutions. #1.1
To be fair its a completely single player game that is also coming to 360. #3
The games with TBA 2015 are microstudios so unsure release dates aren't uncommon. #1.3.1
Actually the video of him as Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball is rotting everyones brain. #4.1
From the tiny suggestions Adam gave out on Twitter is they were still looking for a developer who has as much passion for it as Darkside but with a higher quality team. Paraphrasing, obviously. #1.2.1
I feel the need to apologise. ORC wasn't a great game and was broken but I really enjoyed the broken mess. #6.1.2
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