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They mean just because there's more content it doesn't make it a better game. For example Master Chief Collection, going on what you just said, would be a solid 10/10. 100+ maps, 4 campaigns, 2 seasons of spartan ops and plenty of other stuff. But it wasn't cause of the actual game was buggy and the online was dead at launch. #2.5
I don't think they have the balls to bite the hand that feeds them. As nice as cheaper digital games are the actual consoles still have to be sold. Why would retailers want to stock these expensive pieces of kit when they are being purposefully undermined by the digital releases. Playing devils advocate here. #2.1
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Very few of those appeal to the casual gamers. If anything is going to REALLY help Sony this year it'll be marketing Battlefront and Black Ops 3 like they are exclusives. I knew several casual players who bought a PS4 because they thought Watch Dogs and Destiny as they thought they were exclusives. #2.1.2
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Wasn't on my radar after all of the delays. This definitely blipped. Shame it releases same day as Phantom Pain. #2
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Sounds like you frequent multiplayer lobbies in Call of Duty Ghostz. I've met lots of nice people on XBL. #3.1
Do we really need another gameplay and trailer of Phantom Pain at this point? Theres 40min gameplays on youtube. Only guess could be Metal Gear Online exclusive content. #2.1
Bungie?! Septic do you mean 343i? #2.1.4
From Iceland for those wondering. #2
I still applaud them for trying since no one else has done something like it but boy did they miss the landing zone. #2.1.1
I meant it was underwhelming as a game. I played a good 20 hours of it and I felt disappointed with it. It was well made on a technical level but felt hollow. #9.2.1
Sony partnered with some pretty underwhelming games last year. Namely Watch Dogs and Destiny. Hopefully this game is a little less disappointing. #9
My bad I saw T Inoue and assumed to was Takehiko not Toshiki. #6.1.1
Thats half of the core team that made Lost Odyssey. Should be great. #6
Pot calling kettle black? Or am I thinking of 2 other words? #4.2.1
I don't care if its dlc. Killer Instinct is brilliant and still one of my go to games a year and a half after it first launched. #1.1.6
Its going to be so big that they aren't even going to go to E3. :P Nintendo are an interesting team. #2
This needs to happen. Right after Quantum Break... #1
What about Crysis Warhead? Did you play that dcj? #4.1.2
As someone who only played 2 I cannot tell if you guys are joking or not. #2.1.3
DICE confirmed at least 8 maps. Without the free dlc. #1.1.5
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