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They had story. It definitely could of been expanded on but the biggest issue was depth of gameplay and lack of variety. #1.2
Super Time Force is brilliant and new. Reach is brilliant and old. #11
How can our opinions be opinions if they aren't facts?

-Jaden Smith 2015 #1.1.1
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Super Spencer to the rescue?


I hope. #2.1
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6 for Wolf Among Us what madness is this? I personally felt like it was at least an 8. #1
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I would genuinely not be surprised if its a fourth Dead Island game in development along with Escape from Dead Island, Dead Island 2 and Dead Island: Epidemic. #4
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Undead Nightmare - Red Dead
Ballad of Gay Tony - GTA IV
Lair of the Shadow Broker - Mass Effect 2 #6.1.1
Did somebody say Pachinko? Cause I did. #10
Most of the Japanese studios are. Look at Sega and Konami. Sega getting by on Pachinko machines and Konami getting by heavily on Metal. #3.1
No love for Soul Sacrifice Delta? #8
Leap Experience Pioneers, State of the art, [FUN]CTION Studios, NP and Platform Next. There was also Good Science but they already existed. #4.4.2
To be fair The Behemoth are announcing their Xbox One exclusive and their games are always great fun. #4.3
Almost as good as the Mega64 Assassins Creed skit. #1
Mad Max being delayed again? Surprise! #5
Its the iPad trading card game? They spoke about this at a recent board meeting. #4
Unlikely as Cinder has yet to return to Killer Instinct. I hope he is in season 2 but as of now I dont think Warner Bros will use a 20 year old character will no selling power to his name. #7.1.1
For fuel for console wars perhaps. #6.1
I think these petitions are just attempts to spin bad press for the company they don't like. In todays case Microsoft. #4.9
Metal Gear and Final Fantasy betray their own birth places don't know this articles a thing. #29
Nearly fell off of my chair as to how unexpected that was. #7
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