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To be fair Harrison had exceptionally high praise for Sea of Theives before we knew what it was when he left. #1.2.2
At this point the current faces of Halo for me are Josh Holmes, Frank O'Connor, Dan Ayoub, Tojima Satoru, Kiki Wolfkill and Bonnie Ross. Not complete diversity but a better than average mix. #1
Exactly this. I expect its the same reason Yu Suzuki took Shenmue to kickstarter. Complete control over it. #1.1.1
No because this is just allowing Capcom to live off nostalgia. So do something new. You've given us Resident Evil HD, DmC, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition with Resident Evil 0 and Mega Man collection on the way. Drop development on Dragons Dogma online (Sorry) and seriously reconsider Deep Down. Since it was announced over 2 years ago and development sounds very troubled.

Street Fighter V looks like a step in the right direction. #21
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Vanguard led development on Spartan Assault with 343 providing soundtracks, lore and general story. 343i is first party though, obviously, as is Press Play. #3.1.8
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Bladestorm Nightmare Complete edition xD. Honestly, if it isn't Ni-Oh I'd be surprised. It was confirmed to be in development as of August 14 and had the US trademark filed. #2
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Spartan Assault isn't developed by Microsoft and is a just a Halo spin off series. It first launched before the Xbox One was even revealed.

Max is infact 5 years old and first launched with WiiWare title Max and the Magic Marker in 2010.

You did miss Press Play's other Xbox One game out though: Kalimba. A fun puzzle game where you control 2 characters with one input.

I can't say much but Press Play are definitely experimenting wit... #3.1.4
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I wouldn't hold my breath for Lift London. I've been following them very closely and they sound like a studio with a lack of direction. #4.2
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Looks more like Joel from The Last of Us. #2
I know it sounds bad but I'd happily of paid £20 for Battletoads alone. Rare Replay is daft at £:hr ratio. Here's hoping Sea of Thieves proves Rare's quality once more. #6
That could have been one of the greatest trailers of all time if I could work out what they were singing.

EDIT: Lyrics!
https://www.youtube.com/wat... #5
That's a Spike Lee joint alright. #1
I have to say some of your points aren't great.
1. Makes you sound like someone with fingers in their eyes sing 'lalalalalala'
2. The UI is fine but its different.
3. Get a Windows 10 PC in your bedroom and it'll stream there.
4. Seriously, you trolling?
5. Nothing sells to the blind like nostalgia.
6. A solid point! Playstation have a decent lineup this year and a great lineup next.
7. Either you bought your PS4 in '... #6.1
Todays world. Where most Nintendo fans just browse /r/gaming, don't buy the new games and just replay Ocarina of time, again. #4.1
Danganronpa RPG. Capitalising on the last games sucess. #3
There's 3 different spellings of controller in this article. How?
Just sounds like Valhalla aren't that talented a team. I can see the disbanding and Itagaki joining someone like Comcept after this releases. #3
Did you get bored before the 4th word in the title? He didn't comment on the quality of the PS4 version. The PC version is certainly not up to par. #3.1
To be fair the bulk of Street Fighter IV was outsourced to good old Dimps and that turned out great. #3.2
Theres a handful of things you could be referring to. The bad SNK game Samurai Showdown Sen. The, also bad, Kengo Legend of the 9 by Genki. Tenchu Z by K2. None of which is Bushido Blade 3. #1.3
Slides. SLIDES. Is that a pun about Shago's slide? #2
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