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1. Attacking an Afghan base to the soundtrack of Kids in America.
2. Extracting in your helicopter whilst it has Flight of the Valkyries playing full blast.
3. Attacking an Afghan base to the soundtrack of Aha's classic Take on me.
4. Extracting in your helicopter whilst playing Europe's Final Countdown.
5. Sliding down a big hill in your cardboard box.
6. Diamond Dog.
7. (SPOILER) Extracting Emmerich whilst running from the Sahelanthrop... #1
I think so little of Konami at the minute my first reaction was "Konami wouldn't allow him to take a staff copy as a parting gift?" #1
Its really dumb advice but the difference I got from sitting a few feet back was astounding. I'm usually within arms length at my desk but when I sat 3 feet further back the game looked borderline real. #3.1.2
Are you quoting Kaz? #2.1
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Now that is falling with style. I'm hyped. #13
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I just slid 30m down a hill on the cardboard box. Instant GOTY material for me. #5.1
Safety in obscurity here in Xbox One land. :) #3.1.2
Being playing it for 12 hours now and its truly brilliant. #3.1
Cod4,5,6 were all great. Downhill from there. #8.1
Played it. Hate it. So disappointing. Reboot please, without jetpacs... #7
PS2 or even lower budget PS3 game. #6
No. #10.1
4 games that Microsoft need to pick up for next gen: Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, Shadow Complex and VIVA PIÑATA. #3
Nope. I got Resident Evil 6 a full week before it came out. Also completed Mass Effect 3 before it was released too. Shopto.Net used to be great for breaking street dates. #1.2
EDF! #2.2.3
I know, It said mid way through the trailer. Its probably that I've never heard Quiets theme on its own with Stephanie singing. #3.1.1
I was put off a little by the fact its the song Sins of the Father with different lyrics/singer. Other than that minor annoyance it was brilliant. #3
Not really. Solitary confinement and torture? Did you not see the state they found Maria in Gears 2? She was a Husk. Tai was no better and he was a hardened Cog. #1.1.1
Its true. Its what Mass Effect 3 got hounded for. It, technically, probably had 50 odd endings but they were just variations of 3 core endings(4 including extra). #1.1.1
Of my group of friends with gaming PC's 0 out the 7 of us are bothered by VR. I think your numbers are crazy high. #2.2.1
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