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Shenmue will happen. One day.

One day... #3
Why buy multiplat games on console then? If someone would prefer to play it on the Xbox One whats wrong with that? #1.1.3
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MS would be stupid not to do a MCC bundle. But similar experience for me. Friends who have it recognise it to be a flawed but fun game. Those that don't have it are ultra skeptical due to the reviews and current negativity surrounding it. #8.1.1
I'm enjoying my time with Destiny, more than most it seems, but even with the amount of time Bungie spent polishing their new baby I think it will be beaten in all aspects by Halo 5. #8
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7 Legendary engrams. 6 Blue items and a legendary helmet for a different class. I'm losing it man. This is beyond silly. #12
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Armored Core 6 for next gen #10
Except the Dreamcast ;_; #2.1
Just because they're published by Microsoft Studios? Get over yourself. #1.4.1
Did you two just have the exact same back and forth on the sites comments? #1.1.2
A business is a business but we as gamers tend to treat them like friends but they aren't. If you ran an expensive business and you was offered a truck load of cash to take you product somewhere first would you honestly turn it down? #1.1.5
I can't fault that but I can say what if my wingman moved to the US (from UK), And he was my partner for RE5, 6 and Operation Raccoon City? #4.1
Shame as ODST was blighted by awful jaggies and screen tearing. Would have been nice to see what happens when uprezzed and cleaned. #3
There was way too much punctuation in there for me to believe its the 10 year old who wrote it. However the sentiment is valid even if people are spinning it to suggest she thinks Microsoft ruin everything. #14
All in favour of the removal of DeadRabbits from the website? #1.1.2
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How is it the opposite? Their Metacritics scores go in that order. #2.3
Good call Kappa! #7.1
I agree I know Swery would love to make them but I talk to him on Twitter and it sounds like hes just busy finishing D4. #1.1.1
They already said it didn't cost $500m then when it does well they try suggest it was all part of their ballsy master plan? #3
A 50+ million selling game could be worth $2b alone in merchandise. Kids love Minecraft merchandise.

Out of the box idea. Hand it over to coding gurus at MS since the PC version is supposedly very sloppy with very little optimization. #4.3
Can confirm because reasons. #3.1.1
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