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When they die the glamour wears off though. Like what happen with Lily. So I'm confident that Faith is dead. #1.1.1
I feel like the ending is a little too ambiguous regarding who Nerissa actually was. Was it her glamoured as Faith when you originally met her? As she said the exact same line of dialogue to you. #1
1080p is a toxic buzzword. This is exactly the reason why gameplay > graphics. Losing a great feature to make it look a little better is whats spoiling this generation so far. #3.1.3
They are just annoyed that a dev they supported for all these years not only jumped in bed with Activision but also gave exclusive marketing rights to Sony as well as exclusive content. Look at it this way. If Naughty Dog became independent and Microsoft got exclusive advertising rights as well as exclusive content the Playstation crowd would cry Judas. #18
Rather obnoxious thing to say. #10.1
No one cares about flipping.

Trust me dude. They do. Fans of the Halo CE loved jumping back and forth between CE and CE:A #3.1
They say 16 years after the launch of Rainbow Six with one coming out 2015 #1
So this means any discussion about a game it shares a lot of similarities and is also directly competing with this year is completely prohibited? #15.3.1
Still struggling to see how this price is justified compared to the Master Chief collection? I get it. Last of Us was an amazing looking game. But I can barely see a worthwhile difference on a considerably more powerful system.

For once I feel Microsoft actually beats them at value. #15
1 actual new game? July looks a little weak to me. #4
I don't like his content but I cannot understand how anyone could hate him. He is just making videos that make people laugh as well as doing various things for various charities. If we take it bad to basics hes doing something he loves for a living. Isn't that something everyone should strive for? #3
Not the only one to visit Platinum today. Ken Lobb, Partner creative director at Microsoft Studios, also went. #3
Kanye not release this. #12
Seems like a sly jab at Xbox exclusives to me. #2.1
But I thought you wanted Sonic CD rereleasing for $15 instead?

Sega need to get their act together. #6.1
ID@Xbox doesn't mean small just self published. If Microsoft wasn't publishing them all ready Ryse and Sunset Overdrive could have technically been self published through ID. #1.1
Have we actually seen anything of this. I know there was a random CG trailer but this is sold as ultra pretty without proof. Rather confusing. #2
I'm holding Sam Lake to his word for what he said in this teaser trailer.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2.2.2
Fantasia is confirmed for October 21st 2014.
Swery insists D4 is coming out this fall.
Ori is fall 2014.
Spark is planned for fall 2014.

Halo 5 and QB are confirmed 2015.

Literally nothing other than trailers for Phantom Dust and Scalebound.

Below is TBA but its Capy so TBA and a year. #2.2
Dude I completely agree SaintAlpha101. I was just explaining there point of view. #2.1.4
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