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And there it is.

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63,000 is the XBO/360 combined figure. (42k is the XBO only number)

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Put 42,000 for Rise of Tomb Raider


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Beating UC3 even when there are less Ps4s out there in the UK than PS3s (around time of the game's release)

This is gonna be an absolute monster in the US.

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Sony's been absolutely killing it this year. Ratchet and Legs...Uncharted 4, so well deserved

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Individual charts, though -- R&C is still number 1. Terrific results

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Fantastic. Insomniac must be happy they got a win after all this time.

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Continuing to heartilly outpace the PS2 (not for long even if they don't have a price cut soon) but STILL! 48 months of outpacing the greatest selling console of all time is a pretty damn good feat. Hats off, Kaz.

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Impressive, to say the least. Well done, Sony.

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Nice, 3 times A Crack in Time. Always good to see growth in a franchise.

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Anyone one who follows the sales reports from Spain/Japan/Germany/Italy can tell the over 20m number is just fishy. Oh well, at least we all have MAU to fall back to.

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PS4 vs XBONE sales split

71% vs 26% (

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Because Windows 10 store /kappa

Or whatever the latest spin is.

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Grats and well deserved. Wonder if Sony will be able to outsell it every month.

Only thing I can see knocking it off the #1 spot would be NX

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In your defense, the graphics were pretty rough when it was unveiled.

They've come along way. Certainly not on the level of Guilty Gear but it's good work for a company that's been in Pachinko hell for six years.

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Well said. Plus: I'd rather see the UK Development grow stronger, not weaker.

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They joined with Codemasters, the team gets to stay together.

Just submitted the article.

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Hi Christopher!

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Not surprised to see you front and center at the cheerleading platform. I don't torture myself by checking your site, but I'm willing to bet you spun the shutting of Lionhead into a positive thing (maybe you called Lionhead devs offenders or something?)

Xbox the brand isn't going anywhere - the console will ala 'tell the truth by lying and lie by tell the truth' - fulfilling the Mattric/Ballmer's dream of a set-up box.

Xbox games will ...

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