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While I haven't played it myself, the guys that have played it tell me it can best be described as being like a cross between Fable and God of War. Everything I have seen for this is very impressive, and I am very much looking forward to playing it.

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See above.

For those that don't like this sort of article I ask this simple question: why bother commenting on it? why bother reading it? If you don't like something then you should stay away from it. It's just common sense.

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It's a shame that you feel that way about this piece, considering that the author actually intelligently states his case and makes a compelling argument, unlike most of the "OMG Battfield 3 Will Rulez" articles out there. And just so you know, no, I am not the author, he just writes for my site :)

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Or, I dunno, you could try reading this as the author has taken the time to actually play both of these games before you go proclaiming "oh no, not another one of these!". Just a thought, feel free to disagree.

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I loved this back in the day. Doesn't entirely hold up now, but I will never forget it.

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Thank you for the constructive criticism. I'll re double my efforts to improve the sound quality/levels with next week's episode. We have a great interview with Ken Rolston (of morrowind, oblivion, and kingdoms of amalur: reckoning fame) lined up, he is a very energetic man!

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Three words for you: Child. Of. Eden. Rise of nightmares looks interesting too.

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So what exactly is so bad about it? Our writers are spread out across the country and this lets us get together and have a general chat about games. I know its kewl to bash kinect and all, but how many of you have actually tried it for more than 10 minutes? This is a new technology that is creating more varied experiences for gamers than the usual point and shoot generic crap that is released these days, and in my view that is a good thing.

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You play games on iPhones. Simple.

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I'm really enjoying it, but it feels like such a slog. Recently did a case that had me driving around town looking for clues at landmarks. Took absolutely ages. Need a rest now. :)

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Do you think that there might be a certain factor that games just seemed harder back then becuase we were new to them?

Obviously some games that were hard then still are hard now, and games these days do go the extra mile to teach you how to play the game and ease you in to it.

And then you have Demons' Souls... :)

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I think you're right there. There's no denying that those older consoles were great in their day, but nothing compares to what we have now.

This article was inspired by a guy in a pub ranting and raving about how crap games are these days, and how nothing compares to how games used to be when he was a kid.

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I bought this, and I think it is a decent enough game. There are a couple of niggles, and most of them are mentioned in this review. One thing is certain, it takes a bit of time to really grasp how the game plays.

I've most been playing the offline mode, so Im not getting the full experience. Perhaps this weekend, when more people pick the game up, I'll venture online.

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One thing I find useful about having the contact beam in your inventory is that if you wind up with too much ammo for it you can sell some off at a high profit (1000 bucks each? Something like that anyway).

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I had a similar thing when I commented on the number of times Killzone 3's online multiplayer crashed on me. Most of the replies were calling me a 360 fanboy, or saying I was lying. Then when one guy even found a video on youtube of the Killzone glitches and showed them, they tore him to pieces.

Sony fan boys are very defensive, and seem incapable of handling any sort of criticism. They're the worst of the bunch with their smugness and blind arogance - I mean, they ac...

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You are aware that this isn't a review, right?

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I loved Oblivion when it first came out. I clocked up well over 100 hours on the 360 version, and I have collected 100% of the achievements. However, it really hasn't aged well.

Terrible, monotonous voice acting, frequent and long loading times, and contradictions in the plot (So I can be the leader of the Dark Brotherhood AND the Mage's Guild AND the Theieves Guild all at the same time?). I actually find it quite depressing to go back and play it, becuase it just doe...

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You are aware that 5/5 does not mean that it is a perfect game right? It's not the same thing as 100%, or even 10/10. 5/5 just means that it is a really good game that everyone should try.

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I'm an avid Street Fighter fan, and I had my doubts about this game after the medicore MK vs DCU, but they've managed to win me over. Sure I've only played the story mode, and have only played for an hour, but they've done a fantastic job improving the game.

My only quam with it is that there might just be TOO MUCH stuff in it! :)

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what exactly was wrong with this review? I felt the reviewer stated his case pretty well.

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