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I really really want to get this... but I am so broke and just don't have the time right now. Sigh.

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Resident Evil Revelations! :)

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I'd be surprised if Arkham City doesn't win the bafta. Bafta always favours British made games. As much as I enjoyed Uncharted 3, beyond some excellent acting and epic set pieces the rest of the game was actually a bit shit. Rubbish hive mind enemy A.I, bullet sponge enemies, and inconsistent random deaths (one minute a 3ft drop kills you, the next you fall 20ft without a scratch). Having said that, the co-op was good.

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If it were 480p it'd probably look ok the small (ish) screen on the controller... Either way I guess we'll find out in a few months at E3

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If they've managed to successfully rebuild Raccoon City for Operation Raccoon City how hard would it be for them to remake Resident Evil 2? Probably won't happen, but I'd love it if they did.

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It was news to me and I like to think that I'm fairly up to speed on events. Do you question the professionalism of sites like Kotaku and Eurogamer? Both sites have posted the same story in their news section.

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Publishers take note: if you make good games people will buy them!

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Pretty much disagree entirely with the review. NeverDead has been a highlight for me... having said that, I can see why some people may not like it.

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I'd be interested in seeing how they'd incorporate motion controls... One thing I really want to see is being given the option to play the game in co-op. It shouldn't be mandatory, but being given a choice is never a bad thing.

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I asked two of those questions (if it was based on real life events, and how many of the current team worked on the original). Yay me... **slow applause** I'll get my coat.

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You don't think it was worth showing that the touch screen controls in digit chase seem a little unresponsive? And, as the other commenter pointed out, it is a female playing on the Vita, however I will still pass on your criticism to her.

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Call me a stick in the mud, but I'm still pretty annoyed about the whole memory card fiasco. I'll probably get one once Sony comes to their senses and offers some sort of bundle and/or they drop the price.

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That is all.

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He has the wild enthusiasm of a savage beast!

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I cannot resist this for 69p. Nintendo and Sony should take this approach with their digital download games. I know I've spent significantly more on my iPad than I have my PSP or 3DS in recent months.

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Sorry, typing on my phone. Stupid fat finger syndrome...

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I've played every hotman game since hotman 2, and I loved them. I can also say the from what I've seen I'm confiden that this is the right move for the franchise. The worst thing at developer can do is just retread the same ground over and over again.

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It really feels a lot like a ps1 survival horror game, like the original Silent Hill or Resident Evil. If you find yourself longing for he "good old days" then this may very well be up your street. Certainly worth a download of the demo any way.

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Yeah, it is still selling strong in Japan and mainland Europe. It never really took off in the USA and UK though which is probably why so many in the media are so keen to proclaim its death.

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I don't think the next Xbox will use Blurays because they'd have to pay a license fee to Sony for every Bluray they use. I imagine they'll go the Nintendo route and make their own proprietary high definition disks (maybe even revive the HD DVD format?)

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