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So, basically you and kent80082007 want the ending to be changed because you feel there are too many unanswered questions?

Sounds a bit like those people that got in a hissy over the ending of The Sopranos or Arkham City. Take from that what you will.

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I honestly don't get the angry reaction at all. I've played through all three Mass Effect games (completing ME1 and ME2 on Insanity) and I was genuinely moved by the final section of the game. Sure it would've been nice to get more closure at the end but we all know a fourth Mass Effect game will be coming out.

Anyone that thinks that ME3 is the end of the franchise is a fool.

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Looks a bit pap to me!

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I pretty much agree with everything said here. I can understand fans' disappointment at change, but in the end games shouldn't be developed by committee. If nothing ever changes, or things pander to the wants of the fans, you end up with stale shit.

I think it was Henry Ford that said if he had listened to what people wanted then he would've made a faster horse. There's wisdom in those words.

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I've been quite tempted to get this (along with Uncharted) but there are just too many great games out at the moment. I'm just going to have to make do with Lumines and Ultimate Marvel Capcom 3 for now.

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Arrrgh, why do we have to wait until Friday for this to come out in the UK?! It's such a terrible tease.

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I have subscribed to Playstation Plus to get this game early. The free downloads of Resident Evil 2 and 3 didn't hurt either :)

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I hear this will be coming to XBLA and PSN in the future... I'll definitely check it out then.

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I played the demo and the thing that impressed me most is that it feels very much like a Naughty Dog game... although that may be down to the healthy dose of Nolan North! :)

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Oh ye of little faith! :)

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I'm a little worried that they're just going to buff up their current engine rather than invest in an entirely new one. If they really are making games for the next gen they NEED a new engine! Their current engine is already showing its age.

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I'm very tempted to pick this up, but it's way too expensive. Portable games should be £30 or less, no matter how good they are. Although, having said that, I did pay £31 for Ultimate Marvel Capcom 3 on Vita...

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I noticed :) Must of fixed it just before you posted your comment. Good eye!

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You know, I've never been able to get back in to Final Fantasy after my save file for FFVII somehow was wiped off my memory card. It has always seemed like such a chore to play after that terrible incident.

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If this applies to online preorders as well... grumble grumble. Now where will we get our massively overpriced collector's edition from?!

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If I had to bet money that's who I'd pick.

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And downloadable versions of handheld games $10-$20 MAXIMUM. There's no reason downloadable copies should be as expensive (and in some cases more expensive) than the boxed retail copies. I know they're probably trying to keep retailers like Gamestop happy, but they're ripping off customers in the process.

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If Ron Perlman is in I'm in! I don't care if it's crap or not.

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What exactly constitutes a "true gamer"? I really dislike that therm because there's an implication that if you enjoy anything other than hardcore games you're not a proper gamer.

I've been playing games for nearly 25 years now and have owned pretty much every console going. I play almost every major release on the consoles and still find time to play games on my phone, my iPad, Move, Kinect, and even - gasp - enjoy the odd Wii game.


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It was released in Europe about a week ago.

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