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This game looks so much like Halo. Weird that everyone says TitanFall is COD, yet nobody really says how much this game resembles Halo.

Some of the stuff looks just like it. The game is still looking to be fun and all, just nobody seems to mention it.

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I hope he's right. Because this just proves that last gen was the exact opposite and finally PS3 people can finally admit they owned the inferior home console last gen.

Just like us Xbots with our Xones so far. That's all good. We kicked butt hard last gen.... now MS see's they pulled a Sony last gen, and will fix it like Sony has done with the PS4.

This is ok. The Sony fan had it so hard last gen. Poor guys. The Cell!

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If they said this was the PS4 version, not a question would be asked why Digital Foundry is counting pixel on a trailer.

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MS can.

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Who? Another small time complaining about MS?

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Did I see someone write in the post that was marked for trolling.. did I see them write...

" graphically it isnt a diffrence. But more clearer Picture yes. "

And then get a whole mess of agrees?!?!!? Yet these are the same people who give poo poo to Xbox fans that are getting 900p vs 1080p?

LMAO... too rich..... continue on! Awesome! :D

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I thought message board post weren't allowed on N4G. That's what they always tell me when I had breaking news on my site, or giving away a Kinect or PS3 games and such for free. They say you can't use message boards.

It's obvious why the mods here at N4G allow it though when it comes to this.

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But games are selling better on the X1. Weird.

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It doesn't look the same. Looks like they added other stuff or something. It looks good, but doesn't look the same. Imo.

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More old news for the Sony fans to jump on MS about. No games to play for them, let's just give them stuff that we already have heard MS say, so that they can jump down their throats again.

Wow.. what breaking news. We've heard this already months ago.

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Uhhhhh.. the PS4 doesn't have the ability to play music?!?!?! What the?!

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Still really no PS4 games to talk about, so why not make the number 1 story on N4G about something we've known for like 6 months now already.

Boy, what breaking news.

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I could use some comparing stats with friends and how bout what one of the main reason most of us play online MP games for. How about we get some Clan Tags going so we can rock and roll with our Clans?

What up with that.

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Wow.. Looks like Xbox is really in trouble.. Insert rolling eyes gif here. Up way big time than before.

All the die hard Sony fans will not want to believe the factual numbers.

Here we go!

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So this confirms that the PS4 version will be the same as the PS3's? I think the X1 gets the computer version. Or closest to it.

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Maybe for Sony.

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Sales didn't matter to PS3 fans when they lost over 24 months in a row to the xbox 360.

They matter now though.

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This game is awesome. Best exclusive FPS easily. I'm turning into a beast on this game.

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TheGreatAndPowerful Sony Fanboy.. .lmao at you man. Boy are you hot. How's that Infamous review scores panning out?

Not much to play yet on the PS4. Unless you like iphone type games.

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Hilarious how you guys see no difference with these games, but you see these huge differences between 1080p and 900p.

This is great to watch the Sony fanboy completely goof off to this. First they can see the biggest of differences between a 900p vs 1080p game.. and now when the differences are even bigger between the resolutions like TitanFall on 360 vs X1.. .now they can't see the difference.

So people saying they don't see a difference between PS...

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