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The new doom is a real monster on PS4
nothing touches it @1080//60
Its the new console graphics benchmark along with uncharted 4

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They are all good games and I will enjoy all of them except Gears but please...
Dont make me laugh

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The graphics is too good to be true
I highly doubt about the final product to look this good

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So many butts are hurting here
Please dear Xbots go play your gaylo

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Is any one surprised?
this is Naughty god people
a brilliant that even Microsoft cant hide its jealousy for it

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360 was a lovely console no doubt about it but PS3 was/is better by miles
hell God of war 3 is still comparable to these days games graphically

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Best looking game ever on ANY platform

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Dead in the water?
reminds me of WIIU

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keep telling that yourself
I bet it'll make you sleep better

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If true, i will quit console gaming forever

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How childish!
To ME Green beret is the greatest game of all times
Prove ME otherwise

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Rest in peace old warrior

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May be its because your beloved WIIU is way easier to carck

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Here, I'll correct the title for you
Quantum Break and the Death of Xbox Exclusivity
Playstation has a lot of them 1st/2nd AND 3rd party

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I dont know about Xbox but Playstation surly is here to stay

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Paying 400$ every 12 month for a slight upgrade?
I call it total rip off
No thanks I will stick to my PC/PS4

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oh oh a lot of xbot butt hurts
even if it is downgraded (which is not) it still smokes every thing on your xbox720p!!!!

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ooops double post

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Oh God whats the connection between resolution/frame rate and generation????????
Gran turismo 5 was 1080 on ps3 i guess it is on the same level with Drive club because they are both 1080.. oh wait GT is 60 frames so its a generation above Drive club
just go watch Until dawn or ryse or every other AAA on PS4/X1 and compare them to the LAST GEN looking WIIU games maybe you realize what the generation leap is

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