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Horizon zero dawn: a mixture of addictive game play and breathtaking graphics produced by a console under 2 TFLOPS
Talent>>>>>> ; >>>>>>;power

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It is good to be a Playstation gamer

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Doom is definitely one of the shiniest technical marvels I've played on PS4
ID tech is a spectacular engine
that graphical fidelity @ 1080/60 is second to none

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Boy Xbots are really the worst and the most laughable fans ever
they play on xbox because microsoft earns a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have fun with this meanwhile we are having a blast with quality exclusives that Sony is pumping left and right

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Well deserved

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Again Nintendo is charging people for a prehistoric hardware
Come on dolphin I'm waiting for your last upgrade with switch support
at least this way I can play this game at true 1080!!!

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As a PS primary gamer I'm so eager to get my hands on Scorpio
yes Power matters and I think Scorpio is going to be the best Xbox ever made
Who doesn't want to play Gears (the only Xbox game I am interested in) at native 4K?
I stopped supporting Nintendo when they started to rip people off with their prehistoric overpriced hardware
the last Nintendo console worth owning was lovely Gamecube

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shadow of mordor is one of top 5 games this gen Imo
cant wait for the sequel

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Actually Guerilla games has always been in league of their own. a remaster of killzone2 will put all modern FPS s to the shame. I couldn't believe that I was playing the actual game when I put the disc into PS3 for the first time.
Glad to see collaboration with the Industry legend MASTER KOJIMA
Kojima Naughty dog Santa monica Gureilla...
It's good to be a Playstation gamer

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I remember the beginning of 7th gen when bill gates said: We have a Ferrari (360) and Sony has a Ferrari too (PS3) but our Ferrari has started the race earlier. they were so confident about winning their RACE against Sony although we all now what happened at the end of the day.
Now that XBONE is torn apart by PS4 its not a race anymore!!!!!!!!!!

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Xbox one exclusive?????????????

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Command & conquer series

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Naughty dog/Kojima >>>>>>>TF LOPS

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This article is total bullshit
how the hell somebody considers the majority of WII users a gamer?
those 7th gen numbers are influenced by WII popularity among non gamers
if you compare PS4/XONE to PS3/360 sales you would get a more authentic picture

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All Gamingbolt articles end with ((hey, scorpio is gonna be more powerful than pro))
being under powered compared to playstation has been a nightmare for these xbots for a decade
yes, we know scorpio is gonna be a the most powerful console with no exclusive

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Doom says hi

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PC/PS for life

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I understand your butt hurt pal
this wont come to your VCR
Still playing forza halo of war?

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