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After two years xbots are still justifying inferiority of the Xone
get over it
it is weaker than PS4
it dosent do any thing with ports, developers and...
but this dose not mean its a bad console
it has gears and quantum break with amazing graphics which I as a PS guy love them
be happy with what you get #7
The most ridiculous list I've ever seen
no God of war game?
MGS 1 2 3 4?
devil may cry?
alan wake?
gran turismo?
crash bandicoot? #110
Well,to tell the truth IT IS #3.3
If the numbers were in favor of XONE you would surly care wouldn't ya? #11
"The answer to that, in its entirety, rests with the game developer"
As long as Playstation has the likes of naughty dog santa monica and probably kojima, PS owners wont be worried in this regard #3.2
True nooby
what is the specs of the pc running the game in that footage? #4
30 FPS?
Its really weird
3 years ago I played this game on my laptop with a GT540 chip and 4G of ram In 1080/60
nextgen consoles are vastly supeior to my laptop but they struggle to achieve 1080/60 In this game with simple graphics
guess Its not well optimized #8
Im still playing FREE MULTIPLAYER on It #8
2 #5
Keep telling that to yourself
It will make you sleep better I guess #11.2
Its funny how xbots blame devs for lesser resolution
get over it kids you VHS player is weak #37
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I still fear of the dark #12
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Im waiting for Santa monica's game
God just look at GOW III, still rivaling newer games on more powerful platforms
what a kraken they are going to release
If one dev could compete with naughty dog in graphics department its Santa monica #11
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Shadow of Mordor #10
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my record on beating Lion King was 35 minutes
I miss those days :-( #8
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Not really
I dont call it destroying #8.5
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Is just cause that important to argue which version is better?
after 3 hours of playing Just cause 2 I was done with that shit
In my opinion The bone can have it exclusively #16
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So Project morpheus and Hololens are not innovation then #18
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Seems more of another damage control #14
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It really dosent need any improvement at its core graphics
after 5 years the PS3 version is still an eye candy and rivals current gen titles #8
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