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Given that God of war was demoed on current Ps4 Im fine till Ps5

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Where is my Resistance 4?

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Top one reason you wrote this BS article
Playstation is the biggest gaming brand which your (without identity Xbox) has been failing to match 3 generations in a row and every generation you Xbots cry that this time is our turn!
get over it even big N wont compete with this REAL BEAST anymore
Xbox has been an entangled mess with the exception of 360 era
What happened to hololens?

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Why not to give option in every game to switch between 1080/60 and 4K?

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Kojima and Naughty dog over 6000000000000000000000 TFLOPS anyday

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You will get it via a patch on the Neo

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Gamingbolt is really pathetic one company announces game after game while the other is repairing the damage and its a draw?

nope Microsoft is 3 years behind Sony
Uncharted 4 over 6000000000000TFLOPS any day
we play games not ICs

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I highly recommend them to use IDTECH6

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Well the deserved for two gems UC4 and Doom

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Good list but Assassin's creed2 on 9th?
No way a single assassin's creed game would be in top 25
Uncharted 4?
Super mario galaxy?
Dark souls?
Half life2?
These games are miles better than any milking creed game

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It seems PS4 has made your eyes rainy for 3 years in a row
IF the upgraded consoles rumors are true which I highly doubt, Sony is in much more confident position to wait, see the actual specs of the new Xbox and then launch a beast to outperform it ONCE AGAIN
If somebody is in hurry to repair the damage thats Microsoft
The gap is huge you know
but yeah you are allowed to repeat (Neo hos no future) 24/7 It will certainly make...

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Actually the real advantage was in favor of WII with its price
a PS4 costs 400$ and Wii was 200$
So yeah PS4 is more successful by miles

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After beating the game i was thinking if we really need PS4 neo?
I was blown away with its visual presentation @ 1080/60

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(Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most complete monster of a title eclipsing all games in terms of assets, computation, and overall technical mastery that I find infinitely hard to believe that the Xbox 360 would have had a hard time with a game like Uncharted 3.)
God of war III with 16x SMAA says hi
and as for GTAV please go read digital foundry comparison
the author clearly has no idea about graphics
I own both and yes PS3 is in another league visually

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The new doom is a real monster on PS4
nothing touches it @1080//60
Its the new console graphics benchmark along with uncharted 4

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They are all good games and I will enjoy all of them except Gears but please...
Dont make me laugh

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The graphics is too good to be true
I highly doubt about the final product to look this good

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So many butts are hurting here
Please dear Xbots go play your gaylo

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360 was a lovely console no doubt about it but PS3 was/is better by miles
hell God of war 3 is still comparable to these days games graphically

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