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This article is total bullshit
how the hell somebody considers the majority of WII users a gamer?
those 7th gen numbers are influenced by WII popularity among non gamers
if you compare PS4/XONE to PS3/360 sales you would get a more authentic picture

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All Gamingbolt articles end with ((hey, scorpio is gonna be more powerful than pro))
being under powered compared to playstation has been a nightmare for these xbots for a decade
yes, we know scorpio is gonna be a the most powerful console with no exclusive

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Doom says hi

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PC/PS for life

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I understand your butt hurt pal
this wont come to your VCR
Still playing forza halo of war?

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They won't miss anything if you do so cause we console gamers continue supporting them without pirating their games on our not that much inferior hardware

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Its all subjective
to me its:

1-The Last of us
2- MGS4
4-Uncharted 2/3

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Resistance 4

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Enjoy your blur festival

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So bring on a Crysis 4 at max setting on 1080 for pro
that would melt everyone's eye

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I dont see any competition
Sony just need PLAYSTATION nothing more
even Big N wont compete with this beast any more let alone the wanna be Xbox

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I guess people round the world love consoles from old world much more because Playstation is destroying Xbox in the global market without HD blueray ,BC etc
funny point is how you xbots put PS3 in shame for being a blueray player but now 4K blueray drive is the deal
In the new world most of people watch 4k content via streaming...

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I've been gaming for 28 years and the first one is easily one of my top 5
I'm expecting the same quality if not better from the second gem

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It will look a lot better on scorpio than PS4!!!

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Such a safe investment it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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how about Buzz and scene it?
gran turismo and forza?
eye toy and kinect?
God of war and somethings of war?
shall I go on?
yeah copying happens

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