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It doesnt even compete with WIIU
its neck on neck with PS3 #6
Ninja gaiden 3?!!!!!!!
Asura wrath?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really? #9
How about hire some talented devs and give them freedom and resources instead of wasting money on time exclusives? #13
dumbest question ever #72
PS 4 LIFE #15
God of war 3 #13
And this is why WII U version doubled the sale of PS360 combined! #10
PS2 all over again now make GTA6 exclusive and game over to the bone #30
I always wondered whats the point in owning Xbox when you can get BETTER VERSION of its exclusives on PC
PC/PS for me forever :-) #49
There is not a single best
but one of the bests without any doubt
Thats YOUR opinion bro
Ive been playing video games for 25 years and have played every single game you mentioned BUT TO ME TLOU beats all of them easily
just because you enjoyed them more doent mean that they are better #74
I would believe WII U is stronger than PS3 when I see a game that looks better than the last of us #20
Make a party and invite your friends to celebrate this victory #2.3
CELL was suppose to help PS3 producing better graphics than 360 and guess what
360 could just dream of the last of us or uncharted or god of war or killzone or... level of graphics
you can now move on #6.1
So please make your games 60 FPS #13
Glad to see WII U there #27
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PS/PC for me
both are my kids! XD
i dont understand the hate over each of them
they all run GAMES
i love every thing that runs game
but little bit more console ;-) #27
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Is Sony getting scared of Nintendo?
For gods sake Why would Sony with 330 million+ home console sold in 3 generation gets scared of nintendo with 230 million console sold in 5 generation?
Playstation is in its own league
every playstation home console is scheduled to sell 100 million+
it was way too good for mass market to understand its value
reaching 80 millions + with all difficulties that it faced is an indication of power of the brand... #21
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Go play your gaylo the most boring shooter ever or otherwise Kratos will rip your arse with blades of chaos #1.5.3
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So much hate on consoles
the author obviously is feeling insecured
i wonder if some extra pixels or frame rate of THE SAME GAME
worth the shelling extra money and is some thing to brag about let alone bugs,glitches,error&...
its funny he refers to pc market value where at least half of customers purchase is for purposes other than gaming
too bad you can not enjoy super fast skills of hayabusa on your super duper mega powerful rig #83
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Kratos is coming #46
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