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Top 5 for me are

1 DeadRising 3
2.Halo MCC
4.Sunset Overdrive
5.Ori and the Blind forest

Notable mentions RYSE, Forsa Motorsport 5, D4, State of Decay, Halo Spartan Assault, Killer Instinct and Forza Horizon. #1.1.4
This game looks fantastic. #1.11
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This game looks incredible #1.2
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Amazon sold out of all white Xbox One last time I checked. #1

ScreamRide, Ori and the Blind Forest and State of Decay. how can the lineup be horrible.

Add in Dungeons and Dragon Neverwinter, Forza Horizon presents fast and furious, Project Spark presents Conker and Idarb.

Some gamers just whine to much and don't appreciate gaming.

Note all above are appetizers for the main entrée arriving soon. #1.2.3
Not sure why all the disagrees, I guess haters going to hate on me appreciation free games. #1.4.3
Wow those are some fantastic games for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Also E3 might bring some surprises. #1.4
Sounds good downloading now. #3
The pressure is on all gaming companies to lead my favorite hobby/pastime ahead. #1.3.5
Very ambitious if all true this will definitely bring Xbox One gamers and PC gamers close. #7
Halo MCC SP worked fine, MP was a work in progress that is now really good

Phantom Dust was a future title that MS has assured us is still being worked on

Crackdown another future title I say late 2016 or early 2017 hope to see gameplay at E3

ID@Xbox has been fantastic with titles appearing daily sometimes so many you can't keep up with looking forward to Cuphead, Inside, Below,Gigantic, Elite Dangerous,Smite, Super hot and many more.
Can't wait to play this #3
I got the earforce Stealth 500 fantastic headsets for my PS4 #2
One simple word "games" #6
Wow Rookie you can tell us at least a company name or if its a sequel. #3.2
Well said there lineup looks incredible #2.4
All I want to see from MS in terms of gameplay is

Halo 5
Blues and Bullets
Forza 6
Quantum Break
Gear of War 4
Rare New IP

The rest will be fantastic but this is my personal list. #1.3

Your agenda is horrible towards Xbox One

For starters last year Xbox One's holiday season consisted of the following

Halo MCC
Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon
D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die
Dance Central
Project Spark
Disney fantasia Music Evolved
Killer Instinct 2
Shape Up

Xbox one was very busy for the Holiday. #12.3
Well said Paytaa games is all I care about #1.11

Good for you now go play your console of choice and stop hating on X1. I am sure we wont miss you since you have every other consoles and backlogs to play. Enjoy. #9.3.1
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