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@ heavy

My accounts got hacked speak for yourself. I sold PS3 shortly after.

Note when I pick up PS4 hopefully this won't happen. #1.6
@Biggerboss PS4 in a 100 territories worldwide of course its going to sell more captain obvious. Lol #1.1.8
What's sad is that they have a pretty decent install base they should get more support. #1.1.1

"To late MS, generation lost. Can't even outsell WiiU.

Lol this generation just begun and you claiming MS lost already. Perfect example of the select group who spill nonsensense in light of all the positive with Xbox One. #28.1
@sin your logic makes no sense you might as well say Wii was better then PS3 the console and controller is better. Lol #33.1
I like how he mentioned remote play but never used it. Lol. No wonder his reasons are hilarious. #35
Still play this game on and off with my work schedule. Thanks for a great game respawn. #5
Overall, all games mentioned in this article will play great on both consoles. For me picking them up on Xbox One. #2
Many will downplay TombRaider which actually can give Uncharted 1 a run for it's money. Having played the entire Uncharted series I still believe Uncharted is king especially, Uncharted 2 and 3. Overall, can't wait to see were TombRaider 2 and Uncharted 4 go next year. #23
Both systems are great let's leave it at that. I have X1 now but see myself picking up PS4 for some great games down the road. #5
This comparison is uncalled for I personally feel both are excellent in there own right. #21
If EA access unleashes all classic games for previous generations on X1 then it is a more fair comparison. As of right now 4 games is not a good comparison. In a few years this service will shine I can see it now

Madden Football
Battlefield 4
Battlefield Hardlines
Starwars Battlefront
Mass Effect 4
Deadspace 4
Dragon Age 4
Plants vs Zombies
Lord of the Rings
NBA live
UF... #6
Flamebait again no shocker. #4
Enjoying my Xbox One glad to be a gamer in 2014. Soon I will pick up Wii U and PS4 just like last generation when I owned all. #10

No matter how many times you try to tell people the obvious they continue to piggy back off each other because they think they know it all.

For example Sony said worldwide numbers tallied 10 million. That means that all 100 territories that Sony is in has helped boost there sales.

Xbox one in 13 territories has 5-6 million sold. Once September comes around and they hit 44 markets then of course those numbers will grow.

... #2.8
@digital not sure what you mean about a bare 2014

Plants vs Zombies
Kinect Sports
Super Time Force
Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Edition Super Hyper EX Plus

As far as I am concerned we had some great games this year. #3.2.2
@Opie couldn't have put it any better awesome line up games #2.2.1
Excellent time to enjoy Xbox one #15

From September to next year on X1

Forza Horizon
Sunset Overdrive
Halo Master Chief Collection
Project Spark
Killer Instinct Season 2
Happy Wars MMO
Dance Central
Fantasia Music Evolved
Dark Dreams Don't Die D4
Ori and Blind forest
Dungeons and Dragon MMO
Smite MMO
Quantum Break
Fable Journey
Phantom... #2.2.1
If giving gamers long term support is hurting them then so be it. I rather have a system that shows support long term then abandone them when the new toy is in town. #3.2.1
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