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Very good Month, very diverse but all have my attention.

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Very good lineup. There something for everyone.

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This website needs clicks, this whole month it has been putting out horrible article after horrible article.

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I respect Civil opinion, and you make a valid point regarding games, however, we can agree that games need time to marinate and that Xbox One does not get all the Japanese support that Sony gets. Every title you mentioned is not Sony's first party title with the exception of Horizon. The equivalent of first party on Xbox One is Halo Wars, so while sony is getting Japanese support and titles add to PS4 library as exclusives, you can not expect Xbox to do the same, s...

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I agree @Christocolus, don't be surprised, i believe new announces coming in soon indicating that in May we going to see reveal.

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Why aren't you guys in any of those articles, when the articles are posted regarding each and every game you mentioned, it's a barren wasteland. Instead you show up to every Xbox article, why insecure much.

Note I respect PS games and the diversity, but people like RPG are just off in my eyes. Why show up on something unrelated to sell products for said competitor. If you want to work for Sony go seek a position but stay away from Xbox T...

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Love what I see so far, just got a glimpse today. They definitely preparing for Scorpio launch in the fall. This update will also be across the board to all Xbox One devices.

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@Nathan_ Hale53 As someone who didn't like DeadRising 1 and 2, but entered into the DeadRising world with 3 and 4, I can tell you DeadRising 4 was solid fun. One of the best titles I enjoyed in 2016.

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Yeah very good review. Might take the day off to play. Lol

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Horror game in 2.5 hours calling hyperbole. Must be a speed run.

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Another solid review.

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Solid Review was expecting it to be a little higher, especially after going back to It's roots. However, still solid review.

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Excellent bundles for fans of each respective genre.

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These articles are getting ridiculous. Please do not approve, click bait headline and the references in the body of this article are not factual.

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No chance, Scorpio says hello.

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I can't dispute your perspective regarding Sony taking risk and having some incredible niche titles. Excellent point you made.

Overall, if MS with Xbox One can provide 5-6 solid titles this generation, every year and break away from that stigma that people perceive as not having games or escape the notion that Xbox only drops Halo, Gears and Forza, and aggressively invest in more games and add one or two solid studios, than I truly believe ...

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There is no excuse for Platinum Games not being able to meet the deadlines, MS dumped over 50 million dollars in this investment, this project started in 2012, Platinum completed Metal Gear Rising, Bayonetta 2 began, plus legend of Korra, Transformers Devastation, TMMT Mutants in Manhattan and now Nier Automa. It's clear that they took all the assets giving my MS and completely disregarded Scalebound and met the need of other projects. This had nothing to ...

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Sounds interesting.

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Hope all the employees have found adequate positions.

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