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Well said sniper you also failed to mention the hot topic of sales as most on this website spew hate on each other because of sales talk. I rather speak on games. #1.1.7

Most who spreading hate have not even played they just spreading fud on there anti MS crusade like in every other articles that praises MS. #7.2

I never claimed they weren't working go and try to twist words somewhere else. #4.1.3

Campaigns were working fine day one. The mp matchmaking wasn't ironed out. #4.1

"Xbox is halo, so they need to get this sorted out" have you actually played the game. The matchmaking has been fixed. I never understood why a gamer like you who does not play on Xbox One, is constantly bashing it.

"PlayStation Experience injects hype"

You could have all the hype in the world but if your games have issues come launch day, its lost.


Getting fired is... #2.2
@miyamoto its gamers like you that make gaming look bad. #1.9
I completely agree the MP is sick. #1.6
As much as I like to see Xbox One do good this is VGChartz(dont trust it) I rather have NPD call it. If this is true Congratulations to MS for an incredible comeback and an awesome set of games for the holiday.

Halo 89
For a Horizon 86
Sunset Overdrive 82

Note I don't play sales I play games to all those considering an Xbox One its time to Jump in. #1.12
Xbox One is my first choice at some point down the road a PS4 will be great to add along side my Xbox One. Probably in a year or two. WiiU you looks like a great system also. Might purchase this year for Black Friday. #2.7
The amount of disagrees is incredible. Lol Especially since I am indicating that we should wait to see how 2015 turns out. Lol. #1.6.10

I think many on this site forget that Phil Clearly said we are focusing right now on 2014, more announcements about 2015 in 2015. Sony moved games with promised dates in 2015 but already you can see there are delays for example bloodborn. I rather focus on now and when the time is right here about 2015 games later.

Note the article is written by a fanboy who clearly list all of PS4 games but only a few on X1. Lol

How could so many gamer... #1.6

Still playing on Xbox One with the awesome voice commands. #1.2.1
Wow the game just came out. #1
I think WiiU is an awesome console but only as a second console next to my Xbox One. Looking at the Exclusives on Wii U is fantastic but not having third party support really hurts them. Looking into the next 6 months not having Battlefield, The division, Batman, Witcher 3, DeadLight, Evolve can really hurt WiiU. #10.1.2
Best buy has the best deal on WiiU bundle plus Donkey Kong Country and SuperSmash Bros WiiU for 359 can't beat that deal. #1.2
Is it me or Sony has not reduced the price on any of there PS4 bundles in any store? #7

You can keep your 180p I have been playing this game all week on EA Access and its incredible on Xbox One. #2.3

Your list war shows the ps4 has more indie games I give to you on that but gamers need more retail titles and right now Xbox One has pulled ahead this holiday.

Note to those mentioning next year belongs to Sony they may start out strong but that is because they continue to delay games. #3.2.9
@dragon I had the PS3 and those updates you mention were meaningless and took forever. The one update I wanted was absent in its entire lifetime which is party chat. Many wonder why Xbox 360 going strong till this day but it is obvious it was built for the long haul. This is the same case with Xbox One many want to discredit it but in the long run Xbox One will pull ahead on a feature for feature basis.

Note the Xbox 360 did not have Blue ray but software was ahead of its time. #3.1.7
@ Bubii

Trying going out to your local game dealer and check out the games. Right now Xbox one is the best place to play all your games, fresh or new ones whether retail or digital. #2.5
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