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Scalebound looks great these are the type of RPG's I like with heavy emphasis on action. Scalebound will compliment Mass Effect Andromeda and For Honor for fantastic Action RPG's next year.

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Keep up the good work team Xbox.

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No wonder they haven't released on BC. I own all three on Xbox 360 hoping at some point they release on BC w Xbox One. Love these games.

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Phil announced Holiday 2017, the Scorpio could launch with three or more titles on or around the November time line. My prediction for the Scorpio's launch is.

Forza 7
Crackdown 3
Sea of Thieves
Ori and the Blind Forest sequel
State of Decay 2
VR exclusives either with Oculas or Vive HTC
and a few [email protected] indie games

For the first half of 2017

Halo Wars 2- February, 2017

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In a recent interview with Phil or Aaron(I can't remember) one of them stated that the multiplayer was complete for Crackdown 3, however, they want to give the team enough time to complete the single player. Expect to here something soon probably at Gamescom or Video game awards in December. Every company likes to save something for Christmas time.

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The game looks fantastic, day one purchase on Xbox One.

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Nice variety/selection of titles all playable on Xbox One. Rainbow Six was a fantastic game.

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Wow the hype is real for this game. Can't wait to play on Xbox One.

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No need to defend fantastic lineup with Inside, We Happy few, Cuphead, Below, Recore, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4. I can't wait to play.

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@BiggerBoss you are one of the main culprits on this website spreading lies. How about the triple AAA third party and indie games, not to mention all the supported games w/ DLC. Cut the BS out there are plenty of games to be played on both.

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It all comes down to perception. Both during the course of this year offered games you want to play and both offered games you wouldn't want to play. Vaiety is something both offered.

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Thanx @Recore team to much BS rumor articles going around.

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What a shame, fantastic handheld/portable device that never lived up to the hype. I remember spending $250 on it, enjoyed Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, Assassins Creed, Sly Cooper, even purchased Call of Duty.,played PSP games but overall, PSVita had a ton of potential. Ultimately, I sold it and got 100 for it.

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@Christoculus well said. As a fan of Metroid, Megaman and generally Third person action games this compliments the games I will be playing throughout the year.

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I still haven't played, @ Konami make it happen.

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@Overload you think Xbox is the only company to make adjustments during the course of each generation. If gamers don't want Kinect, are you going to force it upon them it has become an option. Not sure why you think they abandoned Kinect, last I looked I am still using. Further, in response to exclusives are you that blind, Xbox One has console exclusives, E3 should have been enough for you to see that. Did you not here about more then 14 first party exclusives are in the works.

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Xbox conference was fantastic great pacing, excellent games with dates(We Happy few was my highlight), gameplay not heavy on CGI, New IP's with CGI's, tons of announcements across the boards with Xbox Live, custom controllers and new consoles. My only negative was Minecraft showing way to long but on the plus side super innovative with cross play across all devices such as Android, IOS and Windows 10. Overall it was good. Lots of positive news around Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, D...

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Game looks like a breath of fresh air.

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MS did not show off at E3 2015 gameplay for the following

Forza Horizon 3
State of Decay 2
DeadRising 4
Sea of thieves
HaloWars 2

They showed Gears of War 4 completely different demo
Sea of thieves CGI
Recore CGI
Halo 5
Forza Motorsport 5
Rare Replay
Gears of War UE

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