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Hoping for a sequel to RYSE also but that seems to easy. #11.1
What's hilarious is I have never seen Abriael post PS4 gone down articles and I have had more then enough issues with PS Online service. For example Grand Theft Auto I have gotten booted off several times with my friends. Abriael as fast as you are to post articles about Xbox One, fair is fair you should do the same when ps4 goes down. #1.6
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I completely agree @PistolsAtDawn. Well said, well said. #14.1
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@Rookie Monster well said. Read my post above on this thread. We are both feeling the same way. #5.2
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I agree with everything you just said the back and fourth is definitely online only. I see a ton of people buying Xbox One just like they buy PS4. As a Primary Xbox One player and owner of PS4 as a secondary system I have to say that this article make valid points but also feels like an undercover fanboy writing to downplay Xbox.

As an Xbox One player I completely admit the following:

1 Xbox should have shown off more games and less... #3.3
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Both systems are doing great in UK. Good to hear. #1
My pockets will be Ready September Metal Gear, Mad Max, October Halo, November Battlefront. I wonder when Tomb Raider will hit. This fall and winter are going to be insane. #1

This year the fanboys were saying "software sells more on PS4" I wonder what there excuse is, Battlefield Hardline and Grand Theft Auto say Hello. #5.4.1
Congratulations to Xbox impressive battlefield Hard line and GrandTheft Auto sales. Congratulations to Xbox for cumulative sales continuing to outpace Xbox 360. Overall good to see all game consoles having a healthy month. #1.6
Can't wait for Halo 5 my Pre-Order is in. #9
Game consoles will always have a place in any generation. #12
As fun as this game sounds, I have my hands full with Forza Horizon and I am waiting on Forza 6. #2
Awesome game completed it on Xbox One last year. Sony fans you are in for a treat. #1.2
Two fantastic games downloading now. #1.1.1
I believe this game will be shown off on Xbox One come Friday.

Note on any platform it is shown off on I am sure gamers can't wait to get a taste of next gen Battlefront. #1.4
I rather they fine tune it before releasing. Hopefully By E3 Phil will have some announcements. #1.3

Don't believe everything you read till its confirmed and certainly this articles reasons for acquiring DLC. LOL. Also, Xbox One's resolution is fine games look fantastic so far no disappointment in the way you dramatize it. #4.2
After Batman I can catch up on my back catalogue #1.3
Looking forward to streaming on my laptop. #1.4
Pre-Downloading right now #3
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