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Sunset Overdrive was a fantastic game anyone with negative thoughts on it hasn't played it.

I didn't care for it btw...Glad you did.

Judging by your past comments I already know the kind of fanboy you are. LOL #5.2.1
@andibandit congratulations you wont regret it fantastic games ahead and also some great games that came out before your purchase, might I suggest trying out DeadRising 3, Titanfall, Max and Cursed Brotherhood, Halo Spartan assault, RYSE, Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, Ori and the Blind Forest, State of Decay, D4 there so many on Back catalogue you can game for an entire two years straight if you combine both old and new titles coming. Kudos on your purchase. #10.2
Just played the Demo incredible #14
I am interested but want to play the final product #1.2
Looking forward to playing the games shown plus more #6
Well said @Raggy, I hear the same old tired line Xbox has Forza every year but they completely forget about MLB the show, better yet they forget Forza Motorsport and Forza horizon are two different titles. They say Halo is out this year and next but ignore that both are fan services and one is a FPS and the the other is strategic based game. What pisses me off is there ignorance of the diverse fresh IP's like Killer Instinct, Max and the Cursed Brotherhood, Titanfall, DeadRising 3, Sunset... #11.2
In terms of Better console that's Subjective yes Sony has a difference compared to MS in regards to 1080p games but if a recent article is to be believed MS has gradually improved the output of games with most if not all reaching 1080p and still managing to win two Siggraph Awards with a 900p game and a 1080p game. For those that don't know RYSE and Quantum Break compared too just the Order 1886. In regards to services both offer things that the other dont. In my opinion that's fa... #8
I always hear the same nonsense from people who are not looking at things from a logical point of view. Ladies and Gentlemen remember men lie, women Lie but numbers don't lie. The first area where MS messed up was price $500 compared to $400, there is no doubt that consumers are going to pick up the cheaper console. Don't believe me just look at last Generation Xbox 360 was cheaper then PS3. Second area MS messed up was launch 13 markets compared to 42 that PS4 had within a 3 months... #7
Na, MasterChief lives I am not trying to hear he is dead. I dont mind a spin off series but keep Master Chief Alive. #3
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I still think MS has something cooking with Remedy to make an announcement next year regarding Alan Wake 2 or Alan Wake remaster with lost Chapters. I really loved that game. I can't wait for Quantum Break. #9
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Is the TGS being shown on TV would like to hear news about Sony games lineup. #4
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@ED I understand you bro, I generally create a list of games that I buy day one and for all other titles I try to pick up on sale. #10.1
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I Think this years lineup was/is going to be fantastic from big titles to small here are my highlights so far and what's to come. Idarb, ScreamRide, Ori and blind Forest, Neverwinter, Project Spark presents Conker, LA Cops, Nero, Forza Horizon presents Fast and Furious, Happy Wars, Halo Odst, World of Tanks, Smite, Blues and Bullets, Rare Replay, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Cobalt, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fable Legends and Gigantic. Mix in third parties, Evolve, Battlefield H... #9
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Wow wish they had that event in NY. #2
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The story and gameplay are fantastic highly recommend this game. #1
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@Darkknight in response to your question, Overall, the Xbox One features and apps are better and more advanced then the Xbox 360. So the answer is yes. #2.3
@DarkKnight I have both Xbox One and Xbox 360. If I were to trade my Xbox 360 I wouldn't get much so not worth it. I just gave the system to my daughter. Still a lot of great titles for kids with Lego titles, Disney Infinite plus the great indie games. Also the Xbox 360 has a plethora of apps for the movie lover in me. #2.1
The price and software need to be right if Sony wants Project Morpheus to take off. I will watch in the background for about a year. If there are enough solid games it will be my gift for holiday 2016. #1.1.11
Love this game can't stop playing it. #5
@Quick Please provide references on sales data, if not stop your BS agenda. You not fooling anyone you never played the game or have a clue on sales. #13.2
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