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@Sparta "stop trolling" take your own advice #9.1.2
I am picking up the Halo 5 limited Edition console. #11.2
Halo is most anticipated from September to October. It is going to sell well during the Holidays due to coming out so late in Quarter. #7.2
Halo 4 was fantastic did you actually play it? #6.4
Everything is subjective but there is no denying Halo is one of the best First person Shooters if not top 5 of all time. #1.2.1
Looking forward to buying this game. #1.8
I love the fact that the Xbox One is getting that original Xbox feeling. Its heading into the right direction in terms of the games being developed the OG Xbox team took chances with OG Xbox and so is MS with Xbox One. I mean I see people on this website downplaying Phil, the Games lineup but seriously were else on any console will you be Able to play Cuphead, Tacoma, ION, The Solus Project, Inside, So Happy Few, plus Recore, Sea of Thieves, Gears 4, Halo Wars, Bloodstain, Scalebound, Crackdo... #4
@Software try out this year Blues and Bullets very good game, Elite Dangerous and The lone dark, next year
Tacoma, ION, The Solus Project, So Happy Few, Day Z, Inside and last but not least in my anticipated new titles Cuphead. I dont know your taste but surely these games along with new Triple AAA titles should definitely satisfy something new to interest you. #3.3
This game not only brings back the love of Gears of war but it also feels brand new. #2
@loadstone please provide more reason or at least be specific as too your comment? Just saying comments randomly like yours holds no weight. #3.2
When are the other reviews coming you would have thought by this time it would have come out. #1.7
Games with Gold has come a long way and now adding BC it will be one of the best services available. #3
Love Rainbow Six glad its making a comeback. #4
@Lucreto please provide dates for the JRPG's you have listed coming out on PS4 also when you say Sony has locked three of the biggest third parties Last I looked that statement is Subjective, MS has, Madden 16, TombRaider, FIFA 16, Fallout 4, RainbowSix and Just Cause 3 plus lets not forget the the Third party deals with The Division, Home front and Plants vs Zombies. Lets just embrace gaming and stop the hating. #18.1
I hate these articles because its always the same responses Sony has JRPG', MS had nothing all year, Sony will do well, Xbox will fail. Enough already people both companies have compelling reason to enjoy one or both equally. #1.2.6
I will stick to the topic and article in my response, so far my favorite New IP's this generation have been Titanfall, The Evil Within, Lord of the Rings, Sunset Overdrive, SuperTimeforce, Shovel Knight, Ori and Blind Forest, Blues and Bullets and Smite. #5
So Happy few and Cup Head have been picking my interest since E3 and Gamescom. Both titles are going to add to the Variety of an already exciting lineup in 2016. I have too add that the following titles also scream buy me, The Solus Project, Tacoma, Ashen and Inside. #3
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Everytime I see this game it screams buy me. Can't wait for it to come out. In the meantime, I am picking another indie game on my Radar that came out Today Blues and Bullet. #5
This website has no real references just assumptions and it is using Vgchartz. Lol #1.8
Is this game out on Xbox One? I have been looking forward to it. #2.1
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