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I think big publishers are holding back BC in favor of remastering, which to me is a lousy fan service in hope of trying to squeeze out a few dollars. Kudos to MS, Activision, Rock star for allowing and a few other publishers.

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I see your point @DarkOcelot, I am tempted to download and play. If you don't mind hit me up and let me know your overall opinion.

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@DarkOcelot don't be such a Debbie downer. The game will be in early access for about 6 months depending on feedback and it has a story mode ready for final version. At this point and time treat early access as it is, meaning expect to play game with omitted story, cut scenes and don't go in expecting final version.

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Good Month for GWG.

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I say $449 is reasonable, no need to go to high there will be competition next year.

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Man this is going to be an impulse buy come November.

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I agree @goldwyncq

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NES -Super Mario Bros
Sega Master System- Shinobi
Sega Genesis- Sonic
Super Nintendo- Zelda
N64- Goldeneye
Dreamcast- Virtua Fighter
PlayStation- Crash Bandicoot
Gamecube- Luigi's Mansion
Xbox- Halo Combat Evolved
PlayStation 2- God of War
Xbox 360- Gears of War
PlayStation 3- Uncharted
WiiU - Splatoon
Xbox One- Killer Instinct
PlayStation 4- Bloodbourne

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Can't wait.

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I would play this with my PS brethrens, Sony make this happen. Xbox gamers are ready.

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Let's be honest and call a spade a spade Rookie doesn't say anything different then most on this site. However, he gets labeled a fanboy, marked inappropriate for being an Xbox fan, and ultimately getting banned. I can't speak for the behind the scenes stuff but from the perspective of the comments I have read. He is targeted with massive disagrees for enjoying MS.

If we did a massive review of this website specifically, comment...

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They also have limited edition Xbox One S in Red w/ Gears logo. That looks really sexy as well.

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Very good podcast. Excellent questions were asked.

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Nostalgic stuff right here. Great way to bring in a new generation on the games I grew up on.

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@Reddurt did you not here Xbox E3 no one gets left behind. All games will be playable on all systems.

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Everyone forgets E3 2016 and Post E3 announcements, MS can launch on Xbox Scorpio, Scalebound, Phantom Dust Remaster, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Forza 7 and State of Decay. Personally, I feel that besides Halo Wars 2, the early 2016 lineup will have State of Decay or Scalebound in April/ May and leave the rest of the titles for second half of year. You add VR titles being made for Xbox Scorpio plus a sequel to Ori and Blind Forest. You have a great launch lineup.

Note Xb...

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I anticipate MS not doing a Press event in Gamescom in order to prepare a bigger event for Scorpio Launch. Gamers want more games with the launch of Scorpio and MS will do it.

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Microsoft is offering choice. Xbox One, Xbox One S, Windows 10 PC and Scorpio play anywhere and nobody gets left behind.

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Love Battletoads for RareReplay and back in the day. Would love to see the new direction they take.

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@chris here are some gems Oxenfree, Zheroes, Blues and Bullets, Guns Gore and Canolli and Kings Quest. Trust fantastic games. Overall, so many great titles. I am personally looking forward to the games you mentioned but also the Tacoma, Beacon, ION, Rivals of Aether, Day Z and a few I can't remember.

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