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Picked up the game fantastic the 8 player chaos mode is fun.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants great series and win for them. #3.1.3
I already traded mine in bought the Evil Within. #1.2.4

MS has said all along that they are this year focusing on 2014. Just cause they haven't announced a new title for 1st Quarter 2015 doesn't mean they don't have games ready.

By the way here is 2015 list with no confirmed dates

Fable Legends
Quantum Break
Dungeons and Dragon Neverwinter
TombRaider 2
Halo Guardians
State of Decay
... #1.7.1
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Thank you, i have been saying that all along now that MS has solid hits all of sudden 3rd party games greater on PS4, last I looked I am still playing Shadow of Mordor, Evil Within same game and just got Sunset Overdrive Exclusive. What's all the hate about. #1.5.3
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I agree the service is fantastic and will only get better. #4
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According to your logic MS has good word of mouth were it counts with games. #1.3.2
Yeah horrible article writer is a complete fanboy.

Note to MS and Phil keep doing what you are doing the feeling of the OG Xbox is coming back. #3
I really think Xbox One will have a solid lineup of titles going into the future. Game like Scalebound and Quantum break show there commitment for compelling IP. #6

Are you serious? MS clearly stated that they were going to focus first on 2014 before announcing there dates for exclusives in 2015.

2015 looks great for Xbox One

Quantum Break
Fable legends
Halo 5
Tomb Raider
Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter
Forza 6 ???
Phantom Dust
Sta... #1.6.1
I love the logic around here all the guys above stating false fact to try to claim Xbox One has no games.

Let me prove you wrong

Kinect Sports Rivalries
Forza Horizon
Killer Instinct
Sunset Overdrive
Halo MCC
Disney Fantasia

Indie Exclusives
Super Time force
Project Spark
Ori and The Blind Forest
Dance Central
Happy Wars
I am also looking forward to playing this years version. This game is going to a have a solid multiplayer and will get a ton of playtime. Even when next years titles come out. #2.1
Kudos to Insomniac and MS for taking risk this is what I want to see more of from this generation funfun unique games to go along with traditonal #6
Sweet deal on X1 next week $350 for Sunset Overdrive bundle. #19.1.3
The hits keep coming to Xbox One. #1.9

I play primarily on X1, Xbox 360 and I loved Resistance. It made me purchase the PS3. So don't say all Xbox fans. Also, stop trolling all I see is negative comments from you. #11.1.2
Love it Chris my preorder is paid will be picking it up tomorrow. #9.7

Its because MS helped fund it. #2.1.2
Congratulations to insomniac and MS for putting out a beautiful game like this. Let's go out and a support it. I would love to see more risk like this being taken. #1.5

The point is to allow X1 to build an excellent portfolio all while allowing developers to continue making money on a pc platform. Its a win win for MS developers and gamers. Having console exclusive is still exclusive on Xbox One. I love my Xbox One glad to see the games that are coming out on it.

Note developing games is expensive sooner or later the competition will adopt this strategy. #1.5.1
I already traded it in after a solid Month enjoying it was getting way to repetitive. COD, Halo and Sunset Overdrive all got my attention, not to mention Shadow of Mordor and the Evil Within. #1.4
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