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@Fallen kudos to PS4 for incredible sales but all systems helping the industry grow. Does not matter which place you in. Please stay on topic as i have seen you recently trolling. #2.2
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@Life I am sure an update will be available down the pipeline as stated by Ybarra on a recent video. But useless may be to harsh as of right now it does what's needed and in my opinion its fantastic. #2.1
Windows 10 is fantastic, love cortana, love the Xbox app and already started streaming on my laptop. MS on a roll with innovation and to think next week we get Rare Replay awesome cant wait. #7
Titanfall was a breakout hit it sold 4.5 million Units combined for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. #5.1

you are switching topics to much first you say that you don't see a new IP since Sunset Overdrive to Quantum Break

Since SO Kalimba, Screamride, Ori and the Blind Forest, Gigantic, Below, Recore say Hi.

Then you say Triple AAA New IP but that was never the point of the article. You are hilarious. #1.1.17
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I love my xbox but honestly they haven't brought a new AAA ip since sunset overdrive 2014 and we won't see another new ip until 2016 when quantum break comes out

Crimson Dragon
Halo Spartan Assault
Max and the Cursed Brotherhood
Fantasia Music Evolved
Sunset Overdrive
Ori and the Bli... #1.1.9
@Lenrules love your podcast and thanks for the heads up regarding summer spotlight. I thought to my self "finally". Lol Any word on the list of titles would love to know what I want to pick in advanced. #1.1
@Fallen Both ScreamRide and State of Decay were retail why spread lies? #3.5
@Xtaz you are right on the money I told my friend the same but he refused thinking it was exactly like the old games. His lost. #5.1
I had a blast playing DeadRising 3. I really hope MS and Capcom bring this game back. #1.1
QB has been on my radar for some time. Gamescom is a few weeks away, definitely psyched to see what this team showcases.

Note: Phil please surprise us with an announcement of Alan Wake on Xbox One as well. That will be fantastic news. #14
Yes it will. #1.2
I am going to get disagrees for saying this but the only tide that is really changing is the amount of content being giving by both content while MS is ramping first party production, Sony is content with 3rd parties giving them exclusives especially companies from Japan. #1.2
I expect a major third party title being announced and some real hidden surprises. Also, the Indies at E3 were fantastic I hope to see some more exclusive Indies with huge production values go MS you can do it. #1.2
Slow and steady MS. Xbox One has some fantastic games down the pipeline that really showcase how good Xbox is going to get. No need to worry about the competition just bring games, an excellent online and a fantastic OS. #10

Why do you hate so much with comments like this "How is three games for a year great?"

Rare Replay, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Forza 6, Halo 5, TombRaider, Gigantic, Rivals of Aether, Blues and Bullets, Fable Legends, Smite, Super Hot, Below, Cuphead and many more.

"2016 looks better for them"

I agree that next year looks incredible, games like Quantum Break, Recore, Crackdown, Scalebound,... #5.2
Watch the Sony loyalist come in and down play the incredible lineup instead of saying/giving praise to MS this generation for stepping it up. Or in the alternative watch them say only 3rd parties and remasters count or in addition say that MS drops nothing all year. Gamers need to stop BS and buy all systems support all so we can have many great years of gaming. #1.4
Well done video. Can't wait for Gamescom. Thanks MS for continuously giving us great titles from launch. I have to say Xbox team doing a fantastic job. Keep pushing that peddle to the metal.


I am also excited for Gigantic excellent game to play with my friend who has a PC and only plays Xbox games on PC. #6
The article was decent. The truth is that MS had fantastic E3. As a proud owner of Xbox One there is no denying that Xbox will be my primary system for the rest of the year leading into next year.

Note: Currently playing Batman Arkham Knight love that game. #2.1.1
Well said. #4.2.1
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