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Love Phil. Great comeback #1.4
Great article the key for the future and Xbox One is to continue to provide us with quality titles that really appeal to all gamers this past year was a great example of it. Also having a nice Eco system with Xbox live helps. Kudos to MS and keep up the good work. #3
By the way what were the sales? Does anyone know or are they guest guesstimating? #6.1
Congratulations to MS for the Month of November. Keep up the good work. #7
MS was all go at the VGX last year Sony was a no show the tables turned this year and they can turn next year as well. We should all be happy that there is a lot of content comimg for 2015. #6.1

People forget that MS also had an event for titanfall and Halo launch. MS will definitely bring back XO events. I personally don't mind the shows as long as it is filled with great content like E3. #1.1.8
Here comes Foxtrot the biggest troll on N4g to try to knock MS for having a great holiday season. Well Foxtrot if Ori and the Blind Forest, Smite, Dungeons and Dragon Neverwinter, ScreamRide and State of Decay don't convince you then don't forget we will still have all third party games that usually do better then 90% of exclusives on both platforms. So to me there will be plenty to play come first and second quarter leading to E3.

Note got the PS4 so I will be enjoy... #3.6
Halo 4 was one of the best shooters I played for last gen. Many companies have let us down but no one has addressed the issues as fast as 343. While not perfect they are at least giving us fan feedback which is necessary and have not stopped working until all the bugs have been taken care of. Overall, let's give them a chance. #10
Same here Chris I definitely game more on Xbox One but there is no denying there will be some solid titles on PS4. Could not resist Uncharted, GTA bundle so I ordered the system. I just want Sony to announce Resistance. Love that game. #8.2.1
I had the day one addition of Xbox One and have loved it since. Just purchased the PS4 and it should arrive sometime this week looking forward to dipping into it after knocking out Evil Within, Halo MCC, Alien Isolation, Sunset Overdrive, Dragon Age Inquisition, awesome time to be a gamer. #15.1
Excellent story on MS comeback. #3

You must be living under a Rock or just plain ignorant when it comes to Xbox One here is what you can expect for the first 6 months on X1

Ori and the blind Forest
State of Decay
Dungeons and Dragon Never winter
Fable Legends

Plus we know 2015 will have Quantum Break, TombRaider, Halo Guardians, Possibly Forza 6, Cuphead, Super Hot, Infinity Blade, Below, Crackd... #1.3

Its weird most of my Xbox One friends are enjoying there exclusives Halo MCC, titanfall and Sunset Overdrive along with multiplats like Call of Duty and Assassins creed where as on PS4 most of my friends are enjoying multiplats as well as games like Killzone and MLB. I think its fair to say that both systems have more then enough huge games to keep us gamers busy. #1.4.1
I believe to early to call. Let's see what the future holds and how well those games do before calling it the greatest of all time.

Note Just purchased a PS4 to go along with my Xbox One so now I can experience the best of both worlds, just like last generation. Primarily I will be an Xbox player, but there is no denying that there will be some solid exclusives coming to PS4. I only ask of one things from Sony please bring out Resistance. Love that game last generation. #1.3

Ori blind forest, screamride, State of Decay, fable legends, below and D4 continue the onslaught of games not to mention

We just heard of Infinity Blade, we know about Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, Halo Guardians, possibly a New Forza, Smite, Dungeons and Dragons never winter, Psycho Pass, Inside, Crackdown, Phantom Dust,Scalebound, Super hot, plus a lot more. Just because they are focused on this year does not mean that we won't get anymore gam... #2.1.15
Well said sniper you also failed to mention the hot topic of sales as most on this website spew hate on each other because of sales talk. I rather speak on games. #1.1.7

Most who spreading hate have not even played they just spreading fud on there anti MS crusade like in every other articles that praises MS. #7.2

I never claimed they weren't working go and try to twist words somewhere else. #4.1.3

Campaigns were working fine day one. The mp matchmaking wasn't ironed out. #4.1

"Xbox is halo, so they need to get this sorted out" have you actually played the game. The matchmaking has been fixed. I never understood why a gamer like you who does not play on Xbox One, is constantly bashing it.

"PlayStation Experience injects hype"

You could have all the hype in the world but if your games have issues come launch day, its lost.


Getting fired is... #2.2
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