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I am loving it, my daughter has played StarWars the Complete Saga, I have played the Gears of War games. Overall so far BC on a good path. #17

Xbox is also successful in South America. #4.3
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RYSE was a great launch title and Perfect Dark was not a bad game. #1.2
You gonna wait a long time #2.4
This article is flame bait both offer incredible value. #6
The enemy AI seems very easy. The gameplay looks interesting. #6
Xbox One has had all the games I prefer this generation from first party to third party. This commercial nails it. #8

"Funny since you didn't think like that last Gen"

I swear you and you bias dribble plays out like a broken record.

With respect to last Gen they didn't have the leaders they have now. MS has changed as a whole not just Xbox. Through out the course of this generation they have provided more diverse games, arguably an overall better lineup, and all you do is harp on how they acted last Gen.

Di... #3
@Why o Why considering you were playing nothing but Multiplatform games From October to January. I am sure you can give Xbox Credit since some of us in the real world are still beating some games from last year. For the heck of it I will give you a response to your question.


Far Cry Primal
Plants vs Zombies

Killer Instinct 3
Alan Wake was my favorite on Xbox 360 and Remedy bringing it out on Xbox One after QB would be a fantastic one, two combo. Heck I would even take a Remaster in August with the lost chapters they spoke about. #6
I am at work now hopefully up later so I can get some MLB 15 action. :) #25
Halo 5 Warzone destroys any strike mission and Raids destiny offers. #19
@Opie Iron Galaxy is assisting Rare. It is Double Helix who has left KillerInstinct after Season 1. #10.2.3
@Phoenix Rare and Iron Galaxy are the developers what are you talking about. #10.1.1
Rare has really done justice to KI Season 3. Wow what a surprise. #10

The magician may have exaggerated a bit but he is not off in stating "The Division looks just as good on Xbox One as it does on PS4 IMO"

Your Comment

Powerhouse? Lol now thats a joke, neither are powerhouses but the fact still remains PS4 is more powerful in a few respects and in no circumstances should the PS4 version look and play exactly the same and not be better, unless of course forced parity

Your... #4
@FallenAngel you seem to be the new ambassador when it comes down to dropping small negative responses to a situation MS is handling quite well.

Note: MS is handling this matter well as sad as I was to hear Scalebound was pushed back I rather they deliver quality. I am also glad it's coming early 2017. MS is making all the right moves keep up the good work team Xbox. Slow and steady you keep delivering the best and I know scalebound is in that space of quality. #2
This game had me hooked since day one. Remedy has always been a top developer for me. Quantum Break see you in April. #7
As far as I am concerned Xbox continues to make profit. Xbox gamers as well as all gamers are happy with the quality of games and the amount of games coming out. Overall, no losers on Xbox side. #10
Not all Indies are for everyone I personally like top down shooters, side scrollers, FPS Horror based games, narrative driven games. #1.1
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