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What's really funny is that I have a decent response and I get 18 disagree and people wonder why this website needs improvements. #5.1.1
What a shame if this is true. I was definitely amped for Batman game this year. #1.5
Gamers are caring about having more games for next Gen. Right now VGChartz only matter to a select few for bragging rights. Note: Can't wait for E3 for all new IP's to be announced good luck to all 3 companies knock em dead. #5
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@argument you do know that X1 is in less territories in Europe so of course well sell less. Enough with flame bate responses. People are tired of the nonsense. Most of us are happy that gaming is not dead period. #1.2
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The game is going to be great on both systems. Can't wait to play. #16
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I agree Chris good to see them jumping in more territories with more developers. Exciting times ahead for Xbox One. #1.6
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Love Titanfall glad to see the game is doing good.

Note: can't wait to see the new DLC maps. #6
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I agree Septic. Halo Anniversary can hold us up till 2015.

Also would like to see a new Perfect Dark. #3.1.1
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An Alan Wake tease would be awesome. Conker bad fur day would definitely be a day one for me. I hope a nice new horror or action based story game makes it in to Xbox One library. #1.9
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@ Deadpool

Well said check out my response to christoculus above and let me know what you think. Its always good to speak to gamers with good point of view. #10.1

Phil is definitely the right man for the job.

Here are 3 things that need to be announced at E3 or around the show.

1. Lower the price of Xbox One to $350-$399
2. No more cross platform games like titanfall and plants v Zombies keep all titles exclusive.
3. More content for example indie games, exclusive game titles, apps like HBO go, Epix etc.

If they can nail all of these then we are good.
... #8.1

Everything you said is correct. But this website likes controversy especially when it comes to MS. I can't blame the fan boys on Sony side due to the fact that they are sticking together. We need more MS fans to step up and support our system on this website and many others. #7.1.4
@ Septic

I agree with everything you said. The game is definitely much more fun to me in my opinion then call of duty and Battlefield. I think these articles try to down play how much fun it is. #4.3
The game is fun hands down everything else generated behind it was for media attention as well as flamebait articles. #1.4
I would reboot the series with Resident Evil 0 (biohazard). Great game that not to many played on Gamecube. #84
I agree QB is definitely on my list, so is D4, Alien Isolation, Evolve, Batman and Halo. Note need more info on SunsetOverdrive. #3.3
Good line up on X1 wonder what surprises await at E3. #2
I agree Phil has been vocal about the games. He is also now leading Xbox and wants to bring it back to the Original Xbox days mixed in with the Xbox 360 years when there was no stopping MS. Phil bring on the games. Xbox and all gamers support the games. Its a two way street we want games lets support them the more we ask the more we vote with our wallets don't want to see any more game companies shutting down. #1.7
E3 is going to be great. Can't wait to see what E3 brings. MS said to bring the heat with an all out gaming focused show. Sony is said to announce new IP's and uncharted. #6
Unless this game goes back to its roots. I am not wasting my time. #1.9
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