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Forbes just flamebaiting in the summer needs dollars from advertisements. Nothing more nothing less. I love Xbox no matter how many ugly articles come out. Heck they had an awesome E3 and you still see negativity being posted enjoy the system and ignore the naysayers this generation has a long way to go. #1.4.4
This article is flamebait. Gamers are going to enjoy on both systems and the Xbox One owners and all halo fans are going to get ready for MCC collection. #1.5
I wish MS well in Japan and to us gamers this means more games coming can't wait. #10
@infected don't forget Assassins creed, Destiny, Alien Isolation, TombRaider, NBA 2K15, Wolfenstein. Xbox One just starting to unlock potential. We not even out a full year. Lol #1.1.31
@Mrteh your comment makes no sense Halo is very well respected. The games you mentioned are awesome but have no place in this thread. Please keep your comments for said games. #1.2.9
Definitely looking forward to Halo 2 Anniversary. The collection is icing on the cake. Lol #1.3
I agree Mikelarry. World at War was the last world war game for me that hit the mark. Great co-op campaign something that has been lacking with every COD since, and don't forget awesome narration/story. I hope they bring this game back. #1.8
@ Nextlevel

Since when is selling more then 5 million units in 7 months a bad thing. Keep trolling #1.17
I might just have to give this game a go. #1.4
Multiplayer has always been key for Xbox. This years E3 provided good proof of that. #6
RYSE was a great game most people knocking it never played it and are going off of reviews from gaming websites. Personally, I thought a sequel was coming this was definitely a franchise MS could have build upon.

Note to MS please save crytek and bring the sequel to RYSE love that game. #1.3.5

I keep hearing fan boys claim better games on PS4 which to there understanding they have had more 1080p games. What I don't respect is when gamers continue to lie about better multiconsole when all top games this fall will be 1080p on X1 , Destiny, Assassins Creed, Aliens Isolation, Battlefield, Forza Horizon, Halo Master Chief Collection. As far as other games go still no word on what there resolution is going to be on either system. To all out there enjoy your s... #1.25.1
Good to see both Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison giving respect to Sony and vice of versa Yoshido giving respect to MS. Gaming industry is stronger then ever. #7
Well said snookies. #2.1.1
Why be upset we still getting the game and Beta. #18
I agree Jack was one of a kind that part of Sony's E3 really brought down the entire show. #1.4

I don't get your logic if none of those games interest you then why be a gamer. Lol surely, one out of the list has to interest you. #5.4
I love the lineup mixed in with the great third party support and Indie games.

Note: Ori and blind forest looks unique can't wait to hear more about it. #1.6
You should talk with the name PS4marksthespot. Lol talk about desperate. #30.2
Great choice Nyxus #1.7
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