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Once you get into the Xbox Echo system you might find more then one reason to love Xbox One. Either way whatever brings you to love it enjoy and embrace. Its going to be a great generation under Phil Spencer. #11.1
Wow anticipation is building up for E3. Love Gears of War bring it on. #1.5

Ever since Sony sold there SOE to Columbus Nova, John Smedly, President, has stated that all games formerly under SOE would come to Xbox One. I am personally looking forward to H1Z1 on X1. #21.1
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As an Xbox One gamer there's is no need to purchase a PC since we have the exclusives and now PC games thanks to Phil Spencer. #5.3.1
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Its all subjective people see things the way they want too. I have been happy with Xbox One with a steady flow of games. I just downloaded a week and a half ago Ori and the blind forest, Today fast and the furious and Dungeons and Dragon NeverWinter(Pre-load). I have a steady flow but I still see articles like this. #1.6
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Looks good need to hear more about it. #9
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I think this has a combination of Perfect Dark and Splinter Cell. #4.1.1
And yet, there was an article indicating both had sold 3 million by January, 2015. Amazing the amount of negative theories out there indicating Xbox One is not doing good in UK. Lol

Note last September PS4 sold a million and in November Xbox One did the same. Lol I call that solid sales for both. #1.7
Early look at new IP. #4
Exclusives do matter look at Xbox One lineup so far DeadRising 3, Ryse, Forza 5 & Forza Horizon, D4, Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest, Halo MCC, Titanfall, Max and the Cursed Brotherhood and State of Decay etc. Those games made me want to purchase Xbox One. Its been a fantastic 15 months with more to come. In my opinion exclusives matter it helps to differentiate and appreciate the console you own in terms of giving you great experiences. #1.3
Wow looking forward to battlefront this game will be big. Now if EA can also do a Jedi Outcast game. Crossing fingers for a future announcement. #9

More like going to be a good month for Xbox owners with Metal Gear and Mad Max launching on September 1 and Halo 5 Launching September 10th. Time to save that money holidays are going to be stacked. #4.2
Fantastic lineup across the board both Xbox 360 and Xbox one. #1.3
Yes, I told my friend the same. There are more remasters then new IP's. He took it as me complaining when in fact I meant that there should be a balance, equal amounts of both.

Note remasters are great but I want to see more new IP's. I believe new generation more new experiences. #4
These games are seeing a resurgence this generation adding battletoads basically sealed the deal for me. #1.2
Bring on Rainbow Six easily one of the hottest games I played in the beginning of Xbox 360's Life. #1.1
Fantastic sales for an awesome game congratulations remedy bring on Quantum Break and Alan Wake 2. #1.5
Whatever improves on an already great system is fine with me. #14
I would be happy with a Gears Collection in the same way I was happy with the Halo Collection as long as it provides an outstanding value. I would be happy as well with an all new Gears of War. MS just give us gamers all of the above love me some Gears of War. Bring it on. #6
I haven't tried the first assignment looking forward to it. #2
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