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Love both Shirts The Xboss and #creativechatter. To think about a few months a few commentators kept saying that Xbox is dead and now Team Xbox continues to defy the odds. E3 in in two weeks can't wait. Bring on the game footage for Sea of Thieves, Recore and crackdown, plus new announces

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Wow MS is going all out if this article is to be believed. Slim this year and more powerful Xbox One with Oculus Support next year. This falls in line with my previous feelings for VR. I will wait two years to see real world reactions and then possibly purchase both console and Oculus if this really happens.

Note first I want to see if VR is not a gimmick and has a great catalogue. Lets see what the next two years bring.

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I love the cars that Xbox Event showcases on behalf of the Forza team. Last years ford was a beauty.

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@Paytaa for years I took off on E3 Monday one of my favorite days of the year. This year I am lucky my company is off. Can't wait. Enjoy your day off for one of the best days of the year.

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I love the games announced already just on early hype, I can't wait to see footage. What really excites me is the new announces. Those always have a special place for me. There is something about new announcements that shows commitment and longevity. So far since launch Xbox One has been consistent. I have always said it all need is four excellent exclusives titles a year and the rest are optional treats. Team Xbox knock them out the park with another great show.

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"I'm no fanboy I'm a real gamer who wants to see real new games from the people who made halo gears and forza. Frankly I'm not seeing any innovation or anything from ms....I see them giving up. It's sad to see. "

I want to add to this discussion in a civil manner, First and foremost your comment stating you want to see new games from the people who made halo gears and forza. Halo 5 says hi, Gears of War 4 says hi and...

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I am like you OntheX1andPS4
I play primarily on X1 and to be honest they have given me more of the games that I enjoy. For example DeadRising 3, Titanfall, TombRaider, Halo 5 and more. I feel PS4 is good machine for me I am currently playing Uncharted which is great. Overall, this matter is subjective if you play on X1 or PS4 it comes down to preference.

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RIP to Alan Young. Uncle Scrooge was such a pleasure to hear in Ducktales plus the show was a hit because of him, it was my favorite cartoon growing up.

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I am getting to old to collect consoles. I have a family and mostly all my play time is on Xbox One. So having BC works for me. The convenience of playing all my new and old games in one system is priceless. Additionally, when family and friends come over they check out my selection and say hay lets boot that up and play. That is a wonderful feeling. I remember the days when I use to reminisce on a good game wishing I could play. Now its a reality on Xbox One I can...

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I love this game.

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Why are you upset?, I am going to call a spade a spade you are a troll, straight up. I have been seeing you on Xbox One articles spilling hate when you should just stay in your lane. You seeking agrees but most on this site see right through your BS. Do us all a favor go kick rocks and cut the crap out.

Note: Xbox One may not be top selling console but hands down its my gamer choice number one console. The system is truly built for the futur...

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I have a digital version of Black Ops 1 what's your excuse. I love how guys like you respond as if you speak for everyone.

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@Trez and Silly gameAr

The same can be said with Sony's deal for Call of Duty and Destiny both of which sold better on Xbox One. Heck Call of Duty is still selling better on Xbox One and that game has been out for 7 months.

The whole marketing deal thing is nothin...

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@Castillo you make valid points. You would think some of these commentators would learn after the announcement from Capcom that Street Fighter flopped on PS4. Overall, having a bigger install base does not always equal to more sales. Further, to those reading don't misunderstand my comment you can also have great sales but it is not guaranteed. Overall both have healthy attach rates.

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E3 is and will always be important. I don't see why companies can't do both live stream and have a great E3 show. Overall, E3 will always remain strong.

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I agree Septic, Street Fighter has done well across Xbox for years. Can't believe they decided to go with PS4 exclusivity. I am waiting on Capcom to allow for Xbox One Bac Comp. and give me all my street fighter digitally purchased titles from Xbox 360 saved in my cloud storage. As for StreetFighter V can't really say anything bad about it. However, this is a prime example that having a bigger install base (PS4) doesn't mean you will have have big sales. To all third party Jap...

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I hope this title releases in the summer. Wow what a crazy tease. Can't wait for E3.

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I am still playing on Xbox One love the division

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The One month free Access is great.

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Wasn't StarWars the Force Unleashed 1 and 2 release during the course of this week. These websites need to do a better job with gathering information. In all 7 titles Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Dig Dug, Sonic & Knuckles, Phantasy Star 2, Samurai Shodown 2 and Runner2. MS is doing a great job. I may be off but I believe there are 176 titles in all.

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