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@ Septic

I agree with everything you said. The game is definitely much more fun to me in my opinion then call of duty and Battlefield. I think these articles try to down play how much fun it is. #4.3
The game is fun hands down everything else generated behind it was for media attention as well as flamebait articles. #1.4
I would reboot the series with Resident Evil 0 (biohazard). Great game that not to many played on Gamecube. #84
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I agree QB is definitely on my list, so is D4, Alien Isolation, Evolve, Batman and Halo. Note need more info on SunsetOverdrive. #3.3
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Good line up on X1 wonder what surprises await at E3. #2
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I agree Phil has been vocal about the games. He is also now leading Xbox and wants to bring it back to the Original Xbox days mixed in with the Xbox 360 years when there was no stopping MS. Phil bring on the games. Xbox and all gamers support the games. Its a two way street we want games lets support them the more we ask the more we vote with our wallets don't want to see any more game companies shutting down. #1.7
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E3 is going to be great. Can't wait to see what E3 brings. MS said to bring the heat with an all out gaming focused show. Sony is said to announce new IP's and uncharted. #6
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Unless this game goes back to its roots. I am not wasting my time. #1.9
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Very good article well said. #1.5
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I agree bigpap,

Kinect is a great device. The games are not yet there but there is no denying how smooth it is used for Xbox live. What I don't get is the amount of hate from Sony fan boys they praise VR and don't have one real experience from it. Kinect is already proven a worthy companion for example recording game clips, voice commands (RYSE),Skype, motion gaming. Granted we need more experiences with Kinect which D4, Fantasia music evolved are examples, tru Id@xbo... #1.6.3
Nice to see MS providing great features to Xbox One this early in console cycle. #1.1
@ Lukas you make no sense. #1.1.23
I agree with you but the fanboys in here are obviously not. Either way gamers enjoy your system of choice. I love my X1 the updates are incredible system really feeling futuristic. #1.23
Good way to introduce MS to china and open up an untapped country for games. #2
Good way to introduce yourself to china. #1
LMAO good one. #8.3
@ Medman what Power difference you talking about So far the next round of games all 1080p, Kinect Sports Rivals, Wolfenstein, Murder Soul Suspect, Watch dogs on Xbox One. Wtf you talking about SDK were provided late that is why you didn't get that early on. First party studios will have a ton of 1080p. #1.4.1
3 keys for Xbox one this year

E3 make it big bring last years flavor without the politics. Shows us games.

Surprise us make an announcement of something we haven't heard of coming out during the same week of E3

3 game announcements that would have fans go crazy Alan Wake, Perfect Dark and new horror game.

As far as everything else goes we should see all the service we want by end of year. #11
I believe with DX12 is like Virtual Reality you put it in the hands of consumers and let them experience for themselves. It takes time to show off. Eventually we will all see it. #4
Xbox One, Xbox 360 and 3DS for now. #1.7
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