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The final nail in the coffin.

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Maybe, however, this game was poorly debuted and it's more of a need to try and get anyone to care about the game then it is a favor to gamers.

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There's just a glut of hero shooters and not enough people to play so-so games but Cliff can have polarizing personality.

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Many convention and E3 announce videos are mostly target renders and should never be considered a final reflection of the completed game. These videos are meant to inspire and mainly give the viewer an idea of what is capable. Until the actual gameplay is shown in-engine non-target render take everything with a grain of salt.

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FAKE News.

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3rd Party does thats why most AAA games are skipping Switch.

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If you shop smart you can always pay less than the MSRP price it's been $59.99 in the US for awhile now and in most cases you can find the PSN 12 month cards for $40-$50.

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Depends on what games you like and if you include ports or not.

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A rotating tech cycle that is updated but carries all the old software titles along with it is the future let's all hope PS & MS don't drop the ball.

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Cue the law suit to stop production in 3..2..1.

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Not a shocking considering the PS game library. However, after the E3 Xbox One X announcement people are probably just waiting on that to come out later this year and Nintendo just doesn't make enough consoles to sell in big numbers.

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Its simple if you want to just simply play and not get involved in maintaining a device get a console. While PC might be more powerful there is still fudge factor involved sometimes that consoles just don't have but at the end of the day its a personal choice.

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Probably not as the OG was target render and not actual game engine.

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Wow, PSP back in the day was cracked wide open and was a big factor in it dying as Devs couldn't make much money do to piracy. Could this be the start of that for Switch?

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LOL, its a target video, no sh*t.

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I think anyone with a brain knew what he meant even though the delivery was poor. Only folks looking to tear someone down or Sony made it out to be that PS hates indie games.

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PC gaming is still clunky in the living room until it's PlugNPlay without the maintenance needed for a PC (updating drivers, troubleshooting dll errors etc., and so on) there will always be room for consoles even if they're not the cut edge tech.

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It should have been allowed to end gracefully instead of being forced to exist just because. That's why we ended up with a game like Andromeda a boring slog that is a pale imitation of the trilogy before it. Sometimes good things do and should come to an end. Anthem seems like it might be a new and fresh beginning.

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Seems like a patch and key unlock for Switch.

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I heard very mixed impressions coming out of E3 2017 this could be another Quantum Break situation.

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