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This looks too similar to Blizzard's Overwatch which seems to be leading this new character multiplayer team based fad as of late. There is going to be a lot of dev heartache when most of these games fade into obsolescence like Evolve and Titan Fall did just after 3-6 months maybe thats why they're all charging $60 dollars now rather being F2P. I wish them luck but the market seems way flooded right now for all of these games to be financially successful.

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Simple the humor was eye-rolling rather than fun that married with marketing over hype and the horrible gameplay controls and camera made it next to Fuse the worst Insomniac game produced to date. It's good to see that their latest efforts while smaller titles are looking 100% better hopefully the gameplay can hold up.

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Right now Sony as the larger potential online console base so competitively any business wanting to focus on an online title makes PSN the more attractive prospect. Since they already enable PC cross sharing it doesn't make good strategic business sense opening it up to the lesser selling Xbox1. Which, would only open up the door to network headaches and customer service issues plus the loss of competitive advantage. I do agree, however, business strats aside it would be cool if there was...

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What they should really do is offer a rebate or store credit for games/apps as most people probably already have the PC since they ordered the Rift.

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Yes don't hate on progress.

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Well its time for them to ditch the hardware and just become the powerhouse software company that we all know the are and just dominate.

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Yes, this is fantastic people that can afford the new system can enjoy 4k gaming etc while the current base can still enjoy playing the same game at 1080p. The idea of waiting 5-10 years is an antiquated one given the day and age we live in now.

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Nope, just like there is a low and high spec on PC is the way this should work. People with the older ps4 will get the 1080p version of the game and folks with the ps4.5 will get the 4k.

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The thing that will really move the needle for VR is when devices like the Samsung Gear VR become available on any mobile device and offers a competent experience. This in turn would lead people down the path of upgrading to gain better experiences from a PSVR, Oculus, and Vive.

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No surprise that the unofficial pirated IP version would get cancelled even if Konami as stopped making games.

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The XB1 sticks are awful I'd look for another option if you're looking to replace sticks.

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No, as long as they have Devs working on content and its ready to go they can reveal at E3 and sell the NX for this holiday theres no need to drip feed info all year long.

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Definitely not ready for prime time yet early reports state 2 hour battery life using normal PC tasks more intensive experiences such as video or games is around 20 minutes or so.

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This is great I wonder how many Devs will code their software to take advantage of this new feature or if at some point DX12 will just do the heavy lifting behind the scenes without the need for Devs to specifically code for it.

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We could only hope for the 2/29 Pre-Order Launch Day. Thus far across all VR devices there is not one must have experience that generates lust to purchase the device.

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Not sure why target videos keep getting misinterpreted has the real final gameplay and then downgrade claims are made these stories are trying.

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The game was poorly received at every preview event and was basically trending to be huge flop. So Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto delayed the game it an attempt to polish the title for quality. It must have been worse then perceived hence the lack of updates most likely going to be an NX title if it can be made to be fun.

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Now that you can play almost all Xbox games on PC there really is no reason to by an Xbox One. This must be an old article idea that was held for too long as it's really no longer relevant.

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Nothing against GOW but i hope and they surprise everyone with something totally kick ass and new.

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Very doubtful if the new Mass Effect comes out or all the ideas in the new Uncharted pan out it will be hard to beat these titles for game of the year.

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