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That's disappointing I thought for sure we would see a game trailer and or possibly gameplay at this year's E3. #9
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I hope this news is talking about game info and not the super duper poster thing from Tokyo Game Show 2015 while a cool novelty the first time it was displayed its kinda silly to keep pointing out a poster as breaking news. #2
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Seems to be a store placeholder glitch, no free lunch to be had. #7
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Does not speak to the quality of Black Ops 3 has it still dominated overall game sales for 2015 by a larger margin according to NPD and the series as gone on to sell 250 million copies world wide. So it is safe to say it’s not going anywhere anytime soon for better or worse.

There is more competition pulling at the same target audience so gone are the days were Black Ops is the only good multiplayer game out so expect this number to only dwindle even more in the future as pl... #6
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Sony is working on it's own official solution and will most likely be free. #6
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No, it needs on par online features with the other consoles as well as real support for third party so they will publish games for it, otherwise go platform independent. #10
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It's a well known thing that most digital services will not report their digital sales numbers into the NPD so I don't see them ever reporting on digital sales numbers from Xbox, PSN, Steam etc.. #17
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I'd be careful of buying these now for PSVR as there are rumors of an updated version circling around and until the PSVR date is officially announced the new version could still be coming. #10
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No, digital. Cost too much. #40
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No, Tested ( had a great preview on the HTC Vive's new headset at CES 2016 and the camera is basically for safety and quickly looking into the room to grab something but not a true passthrough high-res front facing camera. #6
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Spoilers, Nate no. Everyone else is probably game. #18
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I believe it's been reported that Palmer Lucky as stated that the kits will be above the $350 range. #1
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Most likely not maybe if someone's got to go it will be Sully or Sam either way though its looking to be going out with a bang. Also its already been stated that while Naughty Dog will not create any new Uncharted games in the future it does leave the window open to a third party dev creating a game for Sony's behalf. #5
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yeah, looks like they are promoting their amazon affiliate links to score some cash. #4.1.1
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NYKO DATA BANK seems like a waste if it capped at 2tb as you can insert a $90 2tb drive now without a huge unsightly piece of plastic bolted on to the ps4. #5
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Coming to Wii U first and later on the NX when it releases in the 2016 byt end of year. #13
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Haven't played in a while but it was not too great it played like an extended Project Spark game. Definitely much better games out or coming out to invest time in this title and its not really a true Fable game its that just in name only. #10
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It's not the novelty that it once was and there are many services like it that have caught up to the easy of use. Also the general gamer public opinion is mostly true that unless you're on with friends voice chat on any service is full of jerks and haters that are better muted and left listening to their own BS. #36
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Looks good and great to see that they are modernizing everything. If everything was kept the same with just a new coat of paint that would have been a waste of everyones dev time. #15
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Crazy results but the 10 hour free EA Access on Xbox One could have hurt sales. Since, people have pointed out there isn't much meat on the bones for this title this probably hampered the conversion rates on Xbox One. #49
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