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It's not hate but rather that it does not provide much value to them and the available titles are not very attractive to the Japanese public. #26
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Could be the 3DS is great but it is entering the latter part of its life cycle and splintering the install base with a mid-step upgraded console that isn't quite the next thing could be a mistake similar to the WII U. While a nice system it does get locked out from the more demanding titles that have been announced recently. #43
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No contest Destiny is something new and exciting and Halo until maybe the new one is out is tired and old only the diehards are in. #7
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Nice Post! Love free tips like this that could possibly improve experiences. #6
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The stick figure diagrams are great. #17
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That's not a very impressive list for the Japanese gamer, probably will not move the needle much regarding sales. #14
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The game does look nice, but the gameplay was a little disappointing definitely need to see more before pulling the trigger on this one. There are a lot of good to great games coming out in the next 6 months so this could be one of those great pick-ups once a cheap sale comes up months after release. #20
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This article misses the point of why people console game. A PC build 2 years or more after the parts of a consoles being locked in is a bad comparison. Of course the specs are gonna be better, furthermore, in 2 years time this build won't look so hot either. In addition, it is running Steam Os which drastically limits what this build can run and is available for a consumer to play. So if you factor in costs to make it a Windows Machine that expands the library the price goes up to a highe... #44
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This is a nice satirical read, Boring is good =) #84
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Not funny. #1
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Not even close, if the idea was not implanted with the photo at the start of the video no one would say it was Scarlett Johanssen. #8
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Has it been stated what the recommend PC Specs will be for the Consumer version of Oculus? The reality is its going to be higher than the cost of a modern console, which will limit it to a niche product similar to cool racing wheels, flight sticks etc. At least with the PS4 the barrier is lower to give an average consumer the ability to experience VR if they so choose. If the Oculus experience turns out to be "better" maybe people will graduate to it and pay the higher cost for the... #9
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Kintec, yes in most new game incarnations its just a glorified microphone. The Vita, maybe. Depends if you like playing Indie games that are either available on PC and PS4 with the occasional Vita AAA title. #6
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Yes, both the PC and PS4 versions will most likely come out in the spring 2016 has its already been confirmed this is a timed exclusive. #25
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I guess everyone else will get the Definitive version later on with all the DLC etc. Not bad, there are plenty of other good games until then. Nice grab for Xbox though. #46
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Looks like a solid 7.5 to high 8 review scoring title. #25
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Makes logical business sense just like the xbox360 was the lead sku early on before ps3 caught up, so will the ps4 lead until the xbox1 catches up some. #37
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Not surprise considering the Sony partnership and exclusive content hitting the PSN first, furthermore, the PS4 has out sold the Xbox 1 almost 2:1 if not more by some reports. Pretty sure when Microsoft gets the exclusive first COD DLC/ Maps etc factors into that title doing better on Xbox. If you're into the title regardless of platform I think Bungie will deliver for you. #27
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Setting the bar high, Nice. Let's hope its all gameplay that wows and they don't rely on CG or in engine game video. If its the latter that would be a huge mis-step especially after missing E3. #47
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Until there is a larger back catalog available people are basically paying for demos. #33
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