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A Dark Box.

I don't buy it. There were a few games during Xbox Conference that seemed to be somewhat detailed in close vicinity of the characters but has you looked out and into the distance it was darker more lifeless and less detailed. As if all the horsepower was getting used to run the immediate foreground near the characters and everything else and the skybox was just a black. These games are really early so there is still hope for improved visuals and or design tech... #14
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Not while the majority of all profits for games publication comes from the console market. #19
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This looks like a vast improvement from the current layout. #24
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False Headline
An Xbox using Oculus as a monitor is not going head to head. If the partnership develops deeper and Xbox actually runs VR experiences then we could revisit. #38
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This looks horrible and definitely not a reason to get VR. If your special break out VR experience that is suppose to elicit presence involves traditional 2D games for VR you're doing it wrong. Oculus just fumbled big time with a very poor content showing. Aside
from Eve Valkyrie nothing seemed to have that must have feeling. If Oculus
had that must have title they should have shown it or waited since they are
still almost a year out from launch. Let's hope tha... #45
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Wonder if there is a hardware refresh coming. #21
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Its now free, please god buy the dlc or its just the plus edition =) #13
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The game series is alright but definitely decrease with each release and became a loss leader it's doubtful we'll see it again as a AAA release. #42
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Not surprising considering that the likelihood of a indie game being less than what was excepted is much higher than other releases. This new return policy places the responsibility squarely on devs to produce quality products. People abusing the process will be found out and most likely loose the ability to constantly ask for refunds. #40
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Nope, currently game programming is done mostly for Windows, Xbox, PS, and WiiU. Since, a standard Steam Box (non-windows) runs a derivative of Linux it will not run most games unless specifically coded for it. Given the limited library and the lack of any publisher jumping to support directly the Steam Box it will most likely never capture enough market share to be any threat to the 4 mainstays. Nothing points to Steam Boxes being any less complicated to work with (if thats the reason to get... #41
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Since, E3 2014 everyone as known that this was a timed exclusive for Xbox has stated by the publisher and Microsoft's Phil Spencer alike. Crystal Dynamics was paid money to aid in the finishing of the game and will most likely do okay until wider distribution hits. Just like the first game it might be a little rocky for profits but in the long runner hopefully all will work out. #93
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This is a great write up and there should be more accountability by Game Sites for what they publish to the public. It was enjoyable to see that while putting Arthur Gies in place for his obvious click bait agenda Adrian Chmielarz kept it civil. #9
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here's the link if you want to see the video: http://teamcoco.com/video/c... #14
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Still rings sketchy if GMG cannot state where these CD Keys are coming from if they have indeed made deals to buy them from other third party vendors. Don't be surprised if they are blocked from working once the game releases. #2
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That would be awesome! A new IP of better quality would be better for all Gamers maybe something al la Mass Effect but with that Bethesda open world flair. Staying stuck in the same depressing post-apocalyptic environments over and over again is getting tiresome. #27
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Use the PS4 Back-up tool first and then you can always re-image. #11
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Like some of the folks here i'd rather see a new IP rather than another Fallout. #22
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Cool, but unfortunately it does not mean much as a financial success as the game as been deeply discount for a long time. Hopefully it made enough back to warrant another game but given work on Quantum Break it looks like Remedy as moved already. Maybe another dev may pick it up. #25
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Maybe the day one patch will help to shorten the time. #44
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This product is in search of a problem to solve at $200 that no consumer is asking to be solved. The $49 Steam Link just killed this thing for stream. #3
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