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False, do not support lesser ports or old games at full price! These games are cash grabs and should not be rewarded for just being on a platform in hopes of spurring 3rd party support.

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What! Didn't MS say that basically the code base was the was but Scorpio just had more horsepower dividing the gamer base is bad news.

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Because it's really not a game changer aside a few gimmicks most reports from the hands-on state its not all that extreme of a jump. Plus its similar to the impulse triggers cool in a few things but ultimately its rumble.

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Because it's 2017 and 2.5-6 is not great any longer. However, they keep emphasizing that the Switch is a Home Console first so its portability is a plus I guess.

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YES, most folks don't care.

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Not a big deal unless you are a little kid and this is your one and only entertainment device.

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Pretty good, definitely will be in the top 5 for 2017 if not GOTY.

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It's all good Hideki Kamiya, Nier Automata is looking hot.

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Sure, it was a nice little game that stands on par with the rest of the Team Ico games. It was never gonna be a multiple million seller that all video game fans were going to play anyway.

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No, with the limited amount of exclusive games Xbox as coming in 2017 if the game was worth it Microsoft would have kept it even if it costed them more money. This game had a stank for the start lets all move on to something better.

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If true lot's of remasters and WiiU games with a few updates made to them for a Switch release double-dip. Nintendo should definitely give anyone that bought digital versions of Mario Cart 8, Splatoon, SMASH and the like either a deep discount or straight up a free copy. Charging full price for what is basically the same game with minor tweaks/ updates seems like a dirty move to fleece fans from their wallets.

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Not too sure about it being a loss this game looked really bad at the last E3 and never seemed as if it was jelling. The raw concept seemed okay but the hipster dude bro attitude was awful. This was one of those games that tried too hard to be cool rather than being cool. If there is anything worth saving from it we are sure to see it pop-up in other titles.

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Because VR is at the stage were hardware dev keeps going but in the background and software development comes to the forefront. These units just came out less than 8 months or so to expect a new consumer refresh is way too early. Everyone knew this was going to be a slow burn.

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The Switch will have its own issues and these lists are all possible support not 100% guarantees. It's safe to say if WiiU hit like the original Wii did it would have had more support regardless of what the launch poster had listed. The same can be said for the Switch the support list looks to be larger but if the reception long term goes limp 3rd parties will drop off just as fast and we'll be left with a 1st party only supported console. I don't think any gamer is looking to the...

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Considering most if not all Xbox games can be played on PC one could say Switch for the exclusives plus it comes out 6 months prior so you could get both.

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The 2016 margin is still roughly 2:1 in favor of Sony 50mil to 25mil but xbox did sell a little better for the 3 months when the xbox one s released but ended up loosing November and possibly December.

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Hopefully this does not mean a dumping ground of old ports, which, does not help Switch just like it didn't the WiiU.

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False, but nice try to spin bad news to good.

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False, this totally impacts 3rd party support unless the Switch hits like hotcakes like the Wii did. If consumer interest is similar to that of the WiiU, Nintendo will be in trouble of having no major 3rd party support again. Plus aiming for original PS4/XB1 specs is bad anyway considering that at console many thought that both PS4/XB1 were already under power to start hence the earlier rev cycle. The Switch coming in under power means that in the next 2 to 3 years we're looking at only N...

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doesn't everyone, no dev or publisher aims to release a piece of dog poo.

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