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Cool, but unfortunately it does not mean much as a financial success as the game as been deeply discount for a long time. Hopefully it made enough back to warrant another game but given work on Quantum Break it looks like Remedy as moved already. Maybe another dev may pick it up. #25
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Maybe the day one patch will help to shorten the time. #44
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This product is in search of a problem to solve at $200 that no consumer is asking to be solved. The $49 Steam Link just killed this thing for stream. #3
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Time to bricking 3. 2. 1. #48
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Seems like this game's life cycle is right on target, the shelf-life was only ever around 6 months or so similar to that of Titanfall. There will be some hardcore fans but the large majority will have moved on. #24
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Wow , hopefully they will start selling again into peoples homes does no good in a warehouse. #19
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The HoloLens by MS is Augmented Reality while neat its not VR. #21
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This game has two responsibilities one to entertain as a fun game and two not be mechanically broken. The developer never set out to create the next Citizen Kane of video games and to knock it for that is just horrible. #53
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Vita when first once was going to be a mostly digital platform and who cares what's in brick and mortar store anyway. Has the PC's situation has gone from bad to pathetic? No, you can get game digitally at places like Steam, GOG, and a multitude of other shops. #27
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Only worth it if there is a $10 upgrade path. #16
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No, but the $349 Nov. 2nd price deal will move the needle.If you already have a nice PC and PS4 there is not much reason to get a 3rd system until maybe next year if you like the limited exclusives available that are do to release. #21
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The brush font style seems generic anyway it's nothing new and it's been used before in many places. #37
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Quick note the article states that both Xbox versions are on sale but only the x360 version is coming up $99.99. #6
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Makes sense for MS since the install base is low on XONE. However, one would think that they would pump up the standards on GOW5 and go XONE only but the waning interest in GOW games might not warrant the added expense. #28
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Ugh, another boneheaded comment. Both consoles seem like they can handle 1080p/ 60fps if the Dev puts in the work to get it to work. The Assassins Creed Unity team either could not figure it out or the extra work was not cost effective given the yearly turnaround. I guess the countdown to PR damage control just got restarted. It's like they want to get customers angry and not buy the title. #103
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Maybe. PS4 has been crushing it since launch it makes some sense that after a year plus of high sales it might slow down. For the most part the market will be made up mostly of causal gamers going out to buy these consoles this holiday season. So whichever console has the best promo deals will probably determine the holiday sales leader. Overall the PS4 will most likely not lose the lead has it has about a 4-5 million console lead over its competitors. A rather large margin to overcome in le... #13
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The diagram in their video showed a combination of 6 projectors with Kinects hanging from a ceiling. #25.1
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Wow disappointing. I opted to go with Shadow of Mordor this year rather than an Assassins Creed game as the French Revolution is not really exciting to me. However, I hope the game turns out well for people that are waiting for it. #133
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Lets wait and see how this title turns out. People have already assumed that the 10 min demo is the entire gameplay experience and are writing it off as just a graphics show piece. Ready At Dawn is a solid studio and their past games have been pretty good so the likelihood that this will be a good game in the end is fairly high. Will it be something never seen maybe not but the ride looks like its gonna be a blast. #9
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I wonder when the first hacks will hit. #47
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