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No AC adapter????

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If this individual is found to be guilty of defrauding people jail should be the next convention not a fan expo.

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The game was cool but its not the end be all of interactive story telling. The actual true ending is a hidden secret so many may not even see it so lets try and keep the hyperbolic statements in check.

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Not really since they had plenty on the show floor it just wasn't at the conference since its a known quantity.

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PG is not a games rating, regardless did anyone think it was gonna be M for mature. It's most likely going to get T for Teen rating so it can be wide reaching.

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Its shameful when a site uses a tragedy for clickbait. On that same page that day the author had a writeup of the thing he's speaking up against. It's very hypocritical of The Verge to judge others and then go ahead and exactly promote on their site the thing they are preaching people not to do.

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This title is wrong the 2TB version is $399 the 500gb is $299.

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This game fell so hard from key dropped features of when it first got announced to the run of the mill sci-fi story line. Definitely a poor follow-up to the masterpiece Bioshock and probably a hidden reason why Irrational was taken apart.

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Not sure about this year or maybe even the next but with Scorpio on the horizon it does appear that the foundation
is getting set for a "Steam Box" like Windows Store PC/Console box. Basically killing off the console and morphing it into a unified platform called Xbox Service which runs exclusive titles through their Windows 10 store. Would not be surprised to see some hate against this when games start to get frozen out of other PC platforms like Steam do to exclusive run...

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Maybe the date of their NX reveal event.

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Wow, this site is out of touch considering Microsoft is pining to do the same over the next few months and into 2017.

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I wonder if these numbers include the free Windows version that came with the Xbox One. The next bump will happen once the game drops in price to $29.99 or so but if they are expecting a million seller unfortunately its not going to hit those numbers.

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Not really as Microsoft has their own Scorpio vs Slim to push out plus if the rumors are true about a Rift partnership then they have the same things to push.

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This looks good but the dude bro to hip for school dialogue. Wow, that needs to be turned down as it makes every character douchey and unlikable.

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New versions are hitting in about a few months now is not the time to jump in to a console until after E3.

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Agreed, no multiplayer only game should be more than $34.99 as you're gambling that there will be a long lasting audience to make the game worthwhile after the honeymoon period is over.

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Similar to Adr1ft that was both VR and non this news does not mean that the Xbox 1 title will be VR capable 100%. However, there are rumors that in 2017 with the move to a more PC centric Xbox 1 with Scorpio that Microsoft is in talks to work out a deal with Oculus to be able to run the Rift.

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YES! Yes, we do.

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Yes, as compared to the OG PS4 as Microsoft is gearing up the X1 Scorpio to be able to handle an Oculus Rift so it will be at least as powerful as an high to mid level spec PC with an 970 equivalent GPU.

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Absolutely agree with EA on being cautious on their support of Nintendo. After all Nintendo does an awesome job on their in-house titles but provides little support or incentive for most 3rd parties. However, if the NX console is viable and not gimmick driven then most 3rd parties will likely make ports if not roll the dice and make something exclusive.

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