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Not a big deal as there is a public playable demo for everyone and if there are still concerns after that just wait for the reviews to hit as there are plenty of games to play.

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Actually the series has gotten long in the tooth and its time for it to be put to bed. Milking something to death is not good and only serves to ruin the legacy as games start to become increasingly more mediocre and run of the mill.

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Not until after E3 and people know which titles are coming and the final price point. If most of the games announced can also be had on PC this will definitively take off the shine for many to get a Scorpio especially if the price falls above $499.99.

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No, the story was a trash fire so even if the tech can be fixed its still time to move on now. A story revamp seems too late for all whom bought the game day one to present day. EA should have just waited on the release date and gotten it right the first time out.

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FreeSync is cool but most people buying a console connect it to a TV set so would this feature even do anything for them? Regardless its still cool to have it for those that will use a monitor.

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The price point for it to sell needs to be $499, unless Microsoft wants to take a loss right out of the gate to try and build a base then it can be anywhere from $399.99 to $449.99.

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According to the DigitalFoundry report it seems like a "Boost Mode" is always running. While most games will be okay the ones that might have an issue there is nothing do be done has the option to turn it off is not available by console interface. However, similar to that of the PS4 it works on 99.99% of the games and when there is a hiccup its a minor thing and not game ending.

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Was hoping this would be an awesome game like Alan Wake but turned out to be sub-par but have hopes that Remedy as learned from its short comings and that its next title will be great.

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Not new news if the opposite was stated then that would be news. Plus it would be the worst version to get most likely no one is queuing up for it. It would be like when 3rd party games came to Wii technically its on there but its not the version to play if you have the option.

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Only if the pricing drops to that of equivalent physical releases and there is a guarantee that the library of purchases will be forward compatible somehow.

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DA2 still reviewed better and there was still potential as the series was still somewhat new. MEA is the 4th game in the series and is viewed has a game that didn't need to exists unless it was doing something really new and all signs point to a trash fire game that reinvents nothing and fails to live up to the trilogy before it.

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That game sold very badly and was panned by many it would be surprising to see a sequel for a game that does not need it.

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Emma Stone - Maybe but its only a vague resemblance seems like a lot of money for a new studio to put out if true.

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"Best" games is subjective to each gamer so while I can respect the author's opinion many of the games we gave as examples I personally don't care about and quantity over quality does not make the platform better. In that case everyone would only be playing on mobile as that platform sees 100s of releases every week.

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Useless still cannot charge and play.

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Looks like when they switched from Unreal engine to Frostbite they were tight on time to deliver the game and went with a more cartoony look rather than the realistic look of the older titles. They should have just delayed the game and polished it up, a late good game is always better than a bad early game.

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It seems that early reports are saying it's a trash fire for the first few hours not sure if it gets better though. Definitely wait on reviews for this one hopefully it will pan out for the fans of the first 3 games.

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BS they are funding developers to make games HTC can do the same Oculus doesn't need to create sales for HTC headsets. Plus is this even an issue it seems anyone can play anything coming out now unlike the very start of VR.

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No, game is looking suspect.

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Not completely most likely there will still be a period of time before a new title hits the streaming service.

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