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When Sony introduced the PS1 they had zero credibility as a game maker and had little to no experience on selling a console.

Yet they destroyed Nintendo which had far more brand recognition from the NES and SNES days and most likely a better infrastructure on selling their consoles. Why did they beat them? A high quality and diverse library, just like the PS3 has now.

In fact, if it wasn't for that 1 year head-start on the US a... #12.1.1
I think he got that from Epic Meal Time. lol #4.1.2
I think price and steam sale helped alot with those figures. I got mine during the christmas sale. #2
:/ #6.1
I care if its exclusive. Being exclusive generally means that they having the backing of Sony Research and Development team (ICE studios), and very well funded from a huge publisher and console maker. Sure they might mean less sales, but it'll mean higher quality games thanks to Sony attention and funding.

Doesn't stop me from enjoying multiplats though. #10.1
Well hello there Mr Negativity. #3.1
Well Both Sony and Microsoft do that, but the exception is that Sony usually keeps the 'heavy hitters' for E3 when Microsoft more or less scrapes the bottom of the barrel. #4.1
Why not just have both together? #9
Then he just got himself into deeper shit if he did upload his work to the internet. These hackers are so f***ing dumb. #2.1
Oh, for that multi-screen feature? Spare me $20 bucks then? :P #19.1
Well, all things said, HHG is pretty good in the entertainment factor. In the reliability factor however.. #5
Really good trailer, but I doubt the actual game will be anything of that calibre. I hope I'm wrong though. #5
Technically yes, but realistically, no.

What makes you think I'm going to buy it at launch? Games get cheaper after they launch, haven't you heard? Uncharted 2 was $60 at launch, but now around $20 is you bargain hunt. I'll be waiting until PS3 Mass Effect 2 hits the bargain bin.

Comprende senors?

Yes, this is an alt account. :/ #3.1.3
Sorry this is going to fail. Bizarre Creations made this series to what it was and they left MS. Give it to another developer and they'll just do another half-ass game. Atleast try to get Bizarre Creations to make the 5th game, not some other developer. #12
I'd love it to be released in Europe too. Lets also hope that our American friends get it too. Looks like a great game and deserves all the sales. #2.1
This sounds like a great show with great humour. Shame this kinda stuff isn't aired in Britain...*sigh* #2
Nice pic :D #16.1
I'll think I sit this one out to be honest. Microsoft has an pattern of making bad OS's after good OS's. XP was great, Vista sucked, Win7 awesome, Win8....well I'm sure some lucky sons o' b****** will know soon enough. lol #4
If they did that, then people would refuse to migrate to Win8. Right now people and businesses are too attached to xp since they took too much time making Vista, so many refused to upgrade.

To any XP users, just pop down to your local PC shop and give Win7 a try. It's honestly quite fantastic, and this is coming from a die-hard XP loyalist. #3.1
Lol, and they wonder why the supermarkets are taking away Game's sales. Thanks god for online sites, way cheaper than instore prices. #14
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