Doesn't trust micro$$$oft and you shouldn't either.


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Well the update will come when its ready. i commend Sony for waiting until it's actually ready to go. Pretty excited about this update. Machine is already awesome but I want to try out the new video editor stuff.

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Really excited to see this game in full hd 1080p on my PS4. I'm a big fan of the series.

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Wow. I'm surprised this article even got approved with that title.
But I have to disagree. I'm a big halo fan. I've play all of the games except Halo Wars. Next halo should look even better but I hope that some more halo will come to the 360 as I still have two of them LOL.

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Well if all they're going to show is a remaster then I'm not really interested because I've already played and beaten UC2 and 3 on the PS3. But what I'd like to see is some next gen PS4 UC. That would be cool.

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Sony will now have to update their API too. This is good for the industry. Competition is always good.

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Needs to run in at least 900p to be call NEXT GEN.

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I really shocked that the PS4 preorder numbers in the states is so much higher than the bone's. I though it would be the other way round.

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I think this is boiling down to xbone poor sales numbers. Activision doest want to release a game that they sink millions into developing for a machine that isn't selling well and they probably cant match PS4 visuals on.
This could be a bad sign of things to come for ms and sounds very similar to what is happening to the Wiiu

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Not sure how Jay2's statement got tagged as trolling? He's right. The release of DX12 isn't expected until holiday 2015. How was that trolling? I wish we could see which moderators tag the articles as trolling, spam, etc. I'd bet we'd see a pattern emerge quickly.

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Can't really blame Sony. Square isn't very profitable lately. I think this is just part of Sony's trimming the fat effort.

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A mid range PC can run this game easily. But I was really surprised to see that the 360 was able to some so close to the xbone. I have 2 360s and wouldn't mind playing this on there. But now I see why ms held this game back. They didnt want people seeing how close this game was to their 500.00 xbone effort. Personally I don't think that the difference is big enough to warrant spending 500.00 on the bone to play it. I think that that spending 60.00 for the 360 game makes much, much, mo...

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No xbone release?

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Well the xbone currently needs all the help it can get.

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