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did MisterX write this article? #37
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This is how games work..after development is done, part of the team moves onto a sequel, and part continues to support the old game...

Also, they don't use kickstarter, they have their own crowd funding platform that they used for the first game... #1.2
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What's your point about The Order vs Ryse? Both games got shitty reviews, both games have great graphics... #1.13.1
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The order is not "800p" unless you consider Bluray movies in the same aspect ratio to also be "800p."

But even if we want to play that game, 1920x800 is a higher resolution than the 1600x900 that Ryse is... #1.11
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LMAO!! thank you! i was hoping you would fall into that trap!...

Ready at Dawn Community Manager: "As a general reminder, both of the outfits being shown in those comparison gifs are in the game, and were not removed."

Ready at Dawn founder Andrea Pessino: "those are 'infiltration' uniforms, much more logical for combat – the full ceremonial ones are used in other places. : )

the assets are the same or better – you just... #7.2
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this is not a console has better hardware... #45
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almost all PS4 games have AF, and generally better shadows than Xbone multiplats...out of the hundreds of games available there are about 8 games that have no AF (or lower AF) on the PS4...lets slow our roll there...a Sony ICE Team member has gone on record that the PS4 supports 16x AF just fine...there is much more likely some sort of bug or glitch in the implementation process on the PS4 then any sort of hardware deficiency...the games like Evolve that are showing this are not even bleeding... #30.1
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can you show me these "clearly" lower poly count models please? #7.1
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this is something most console warriors (or MisterX readers) dont understand...but color saturation/contrast/gamma are not technical indications of power...but simple artistic choices..

there is a difference between having the OPINION that you liked the color palate of the alpha footage better...and trying to argue that there was a downgrade in visuals on a technical level...

the first is a valid opinion on a subjective matter...the second argument is objecti... #6.3
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its Victorian London...a dirty, smoggy place... #4.1
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Funny the guys at DF didn't notice this...oh wait, because Gaming Bolt is a joke site...

They should leave the graphical comparisons to people that actually understand what they are talking about #43
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Death...can you point me to a place to buy a tablet with an 8core CPU and a GPU with 18 CUs?....

I'll wait... #6.1.6
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Killzone? #1.1.2
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Looks twitchy because I can guarantee that was being played with a for the visuals...don't forget PCars is running at twice the framerate as Driveclub #1.3.1
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Project Cars is a COMPLETLY different type of racer than FH2, Driveclub, or The's a sim, much closer to Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport...

Oh, and DC won't be on the PS3...ever... #6.1.1
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Well in fairness...if you lower the resolution or frame rate then you're not achieving the same graphical fidelity...

Unfortunately for you...all you did was prove his point... #1.8
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Tough to judge the differences between 1080p and 900p when you're watching a compressed 720p YouTube video #8
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actually that is COMPLETELY un true...

- Sony's internal documents said this: That there are 18 CU's available to do anything (18 for render/0 for computer...0 for render/18 for compute, or any combination inbetween)....

BUT, that Sony found that using more than 14 for rendering only gave marginal gains to the graphics...and that they made a SUGGESTION to split it 14/4

- here is the actual discussion Mark Cerny had with Digital Foundr... #23.4
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this wont go over well with the misterX crowd... #32
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look at the wooden structure in the background...the clarity the added resolution gives is immediately apparent #1.1.4
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