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"Make it rain."


The reason why bots are so bad in Titanfall is because as soon as a team starts losing, they just start looking for the bots instead of real players to win. Really, how is that fun? It's not even a challenge. #16
"Woof," love that. Lol. #5.3
We all know games like CoD and BF aren't going to die out this year. Possibly lose a few fans but not die out. There are too many people that like to rage, make other people rage, camp, spawn camp, shoot, flip, nosedive, become a dolphin, and anything else imaginable under the sun that has to deal with FPS games. #4.1
Rockstar isn't going to care about your complaint. They made over a billion dollars on this game. One person complaining and taking the game back is nothing to them. Now, if a lot of people were complaining, it might be different, but until that happens, you're just going to be complaining to the choir. #1.1
"Recently, a lot of people have asked why I’m single. They have often told me how I’ve got such an incredible sense of humor, I’m one of the most intelligent people they know and that I’m a hottie little Asian."

Did you ever consider thinking that they might have just been hinting at wanting you to be their night buddy? Lol.

You need to get out of the house more and stop being/acting self centered. You might find happiness. I've been with my man... #23
Seems like they would have had trouble releasing a game with that name. #1
Your comment made me laugh, and I'm not exactly sure why. Sad, just sad. ._. #3.1
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Well, that was random and a useless read. #2
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I talked to a Dev (whom asked to stay anonymous) at E3 2013 who said they would not be making anymore Resident Evils since the last one did so poorly and they can't really do much else with the series. The person who said they did costume design could have been doing that for the game before they cancelled all development. #21
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Naturally everyone is going to hop on the band wagon for blaming video games for their crimes now. His parents probably told him to say it. #3
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I remember that get up Dante had in DMC3. I kept that GameInformer mag with him on the cover nestled safely beside my bed like a picture. Guys found him repulsive in that game, but I thought he was hott. Lol. #2
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I'm not sure why someone disliked your comment. It's called Grand Theft Auto. You already know it isn't child friendly. Lol. #1.1.1
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"These twats even went so far as to fuck up my good time on Payday 2. I joined a game and immediately got a party invite from the host. I thought I was in for that rare old treat of actually speaking to another person online. I accepted and was greeted by a kid who promptly invited his other kid mate to the party. The alarm bells were ringing. I then had to try to break into a bank while these two turds discussed which rides they liked most at some shitty amusement park in an unknown sea... #1
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Nah. Some readers found this and asked me what my thoughts were. P4R obviously just takes stuff out their butt to get hits.

I figured I'd post it up on N4G and let you guys have fun with it for a little while before I delete it. :P #4.1
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Sites don't want their revenue and free stuff to come to an end, so they kiss butt to continue to get that stuff. Is it wrong? Yeah. Will they stop? Probably not.

The media has been full of lies since the media first started. They pick the side with the most money, and they don't care about lying to the public. That's why you see all these paid reviews of games saying "OMG GREAT GAME 10/10." People see the rating and go pick the game up. Sometimes the r... #1
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It's $200. Ugh. I can't afford that and another console. It looks cool though. >.< #2.1
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It's possible that it could become a sport over time. #1
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Yeah. I plan on buying it to have a fun experience playing all my racing games. #1.1
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I'm a girl gamer, and I agree with this video. If you're a gamer, you don't take pics beside a controller or video game. That'd be like taking a pic beside a DVD player or a tv remote and saying "I watch TV" or "I watch movies." Or better yet, "I'm a hardcore movie watcher." People can be so funny. #2
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Drama is what most likely went wrong. Probably fought over some guy or something, and they all got angry at each other. #1
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