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Yeah man the ps1 games do look great! So old they are like new now lol

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Yep and thats why I won't be buying it. Can't stand the analog stick layout and it's super ugly.

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Iam super excited for this game! Even better it will have a physical copy. :D

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Oh cool sales matter now. So weekly updates from MS the good ol day's.

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I agree...don't they have magical cloud power? You know the power of ten xboxs in One? No need for upgrade right.

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Super happy? No it sucks but you should be a happy monkey that M$ copied Sonys free game idea. Or was that a bad idea? Sony wanted that money for nothing that MS was getting. You would to

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Xbox Smith? That's my last name Lol. you had me wanting a xbone even though I can't stand it. But yeah they need something to be relevant.

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So is the defense. So fast and furious. Go team Xbox!!

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Believe it or not some of use like me already have a ps4 camera. So why would I want to spend more money on something I already have? What the hell am I supposed to do with two of them? I would have been super pissed off if they would have included it in the bundle forcing me to buy a second one just because some other beep beep didn't have one.

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Got out sold even with its greatest lineup of games ever? Ouch. That's not a good sign

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You can change the snapshot to a single press instead of holding it down? Sweet! Thanks for the heads up man

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I got it last week also. I wonder if it's a different version or something. The game is great and looking forward to the full version.

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I am a little jelly over the arcade games...especially streets of rage

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That game looks soooo freaking sweet! Man o man the wait is gonna be no fun

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I have the same issue with the shoulder buttons. They are a pain to reach and cramps up my hands pretty quickly.

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I ordered the japanese bundle a while ago also. It looks sofreaking sweet. Iam so excited!

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Ori and that cuphead game are the only two games I want to play on that xbox. I could not careless for all the others and indie games cant justify a xbox purchase.

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The funny part is "gamers" think they know everything..which they don't. Gamers are selfish and need to let them make the game they want to make and just stfu.

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Hey wtf your right! Something is very fishy indeed.

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Nice defense there Septic lol. But its no suprise you are in here defending xbox yet again and trolling also. Sorry to say but MS isnt inocent either. You dont have me fooled.. mate.

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