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It's not just about the games. It's the super cute small as hell snes that we grew up with. Not sure why iam explaining this. It should be obvious.

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If this game came out on PS4 looking like that and claiming all of its glorious destruction with cloud powa you xbone guys would shit all over it in multiple ways.

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All that fookn money can't fix their game problem..

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Feels like it's been delayed a year already. My give a crap meter is almost at zero.

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But but the Xbox is the bestest better beast even in 720p. Nothing beats das beast monster. Way better than that dumb weak PS4. Gonna have to wait to pay and play but yeah beast that ps not. /s

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Lol not sure why but I read your name as Bobafart. No offense Xbox dood! Go to ign and join them. Hundreds of Xbox doods trolling Sony articles.

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Dood seriously you are losing it and not fun anymore. But yeah just wait for that "Beast" master checker board player to prove (who ever cares) wrong.

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They did it before and they will do it again. What else can they do.

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Jesus this BC crap is getting old. It's nice but it doesn't have all of the games. Just like with the x360 the BC was and is half-assed. Hopefully M$ shows some games so the Xbox crew has something better to talk about.

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Average at best? Ok Thanks for your worthless opinion.

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Oh how special your 5 year old knows. That changes everything I better run out and buy it asap.

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Lol if it isn't native 4K on the PS4 pro it's probably 720p or your 900p on your regular xbone...M$ can have fun with that

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lol what ever dood, graphics started to matter when Scorpio specs got announced on that date. I remember when 900p was good enough for the Xbox crew...

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Apparently people don't like to be told no and can't control themselves

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Lol yeah it seams like they have to idiot proof everything theses days

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Enemy variety would have been so nice. Feels like I'm killing the same guys over and over and over in all the different areas. Gets old

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I hope so to cuz for some reason I feel sorry for the xboners having nothing new to play but da some ol crap

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Lol hey septic you should join the Olympics. You're great a verbal gymnastics. Xbox team is very proud of you

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Lmfao I love how extremely butt hurt everybody has been over trump winning but now this shit is showing up at do know all this bitching rioting won't change a god damn thing, right? But yeeeeah I can't help but notice you guys act just like the xbone boys. Lmao

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Yeah man the ps1 games do look great! So old they are like new now lol

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