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Average at best? Ok Thanks for your worthless opinion.

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Oh how special your 5 year old knows. That changes everything I better run out and buy it asap.

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Lol if it isn't native 4K on the PS4 pro it's probably 720p or your 900p on your regular xbone...M$ can have fun with that

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lol what ever dood, graphics started to matter when Scorpio specs got announced on that date. I remember when 900p was good enough for the Xbox crew...

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Apparently people don't like to be told no and can't control themselves

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Lol yeah it seams like they have to idiot proof everything theses days

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Enemy variety would have been so nice. Feels like I'm killing the same guys over and over and over in all the different areas. Gets old

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I hope so to cuz for some reason I feel sorry for the xboners having nothing new to play but da some ol crap

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Lol hey septic you should join the Olympics. You're great a verbal gymnastics. Xbox team is very proud of you

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Lmfao I love how extremely butt hurt everybody has been over trump winning but now this shit is showing up at do know all this bitching rioting won't change a god damn thing, right? But yeeeeah I can't help but notice you guys act just like the xbone boys. Lmao

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Yeah man the ps1 games do look great! So old they are like new now lol

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Yep and thats why I won't be buying it. Can't stand the analog stick layout and it's super ugly.

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Iam super excited for this game! Even better it will have a physical copy. :D

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Oh cool sales matter now. So weekly updates from MS the good ol day's.

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I agree...don't they have magical cloud power? You know the power of ten xboxs in One? No need for upgrade right.

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Super happy? No it sucks but you should be a happy monkey that M$ copied Sonys free game idea. Or was that a bad idea? Sony wanted that money for nothing that MS was getting. You would to

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Xbox Smith? That's my last name Lol. you had me wanting a xbone even though I can't stand it. But yeah they need something to be relevant.

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So is the defense. So fast and furious. Go team Xbox!!

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Believe it or not some of use like me already have a ps4 camera. So why would I want to spend more money on something I already have? What the hell am I supposed to do with two of them? I would have been super pissed off if they would have included it in the bundle forcing me to buy a second one just because some other beep beep didn't have one.

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Got out sold even with its greatest lineup of games ever? Ouch. That's not a good sign

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