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Well, been 5 days and no codes. I spammed that page with every email i had including a 4 year old UK account...

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24 hour's... no codes :(

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That's correct. if I remember right though, you should be able to cancel right after you redeem the code and still be able to finish off the 30days

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Anyone get a code yet???

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That link wont give you the "Sorry, you are not eligible to enter this competition." message. Just fill out the forms "accordingly" :)

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If anyone would be kind enough to share I would return the favor, I only have Pain but am willing to share. PM me if your up to it, thanks.

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WTF? so it's invite only? I bought qore yesterday only to get this demo... arrrggg!!!!

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Well I do admit I am Surprised that this is a Disney game. After playing the demo for pure I feel this is nowhere even close to motorstorm 1, on graphics or game play. It's more of a competitor of ATV off road fury. Motorstorm is in a class all in it's own.

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