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A fanboy calling out another. How ridiculous. #15.2
Teasing you're little nephew over a game console. How mature you are. I'll bet you're parents are real proud. Pathetic. #4.1
Why isn't the PS4 on that list? The title does say: "Exploring Some of the Worst Console Reveals in Recent Memory." Sony didn't even have a console to reveal. #7
Yeah, Sony should add a built in vagina to the PS4. It would add more value. Sony fans love value right? #47.1
@ pimpschitz

"The Xbox One is basically a PS3 with more bullshit added to it."

That comment rates pretty high up there with the all time dumbest on this site.

What do you base that on exactly? I'll bet you can't answer that without looking even more foolish. #48
Snap out of it. Sony needed to show a couple of games to make up for not showing a console. It was supposed to be a console reveal you know. E3 is where all the games will be shown. #21.6.1
What the hell do you want anyway? Seriously! Basically the console does everything one could hope for, and, it will have 15 exclusives in the first fucking year and you're not impressed?!? So what did Sony show? We know it wasn't the console thats for sure! Another Killzone and infamous some specs blah blah! Jeez guy give some dam credit where it's do! #94.1
Microsoft wanted you to spend money to replace you're 360? Where do you live? I smell bullshit! I went through 5 RRoD consoles! My first, just 3hrs after opening it Christmas day back in 05. Despite this misfortune, I have to say, I never payed for repairs because MS replaced them all for free. I just can't understand people like you. You act as if Microsoft beat you're family or something. In the end it was nothing more than just an inconvenience. Wish that I could say the same f... #72.1
The 360 has better RAM allocation and superior GPU but even then, the differences between the PS3 and 360 are marginal at best. #11.3

I don't recall Carmack saying anything in that particular quote about "graphics operations." #76
So much ignorance and misinformation here. No surprise though seeing how this site is packed with immature, obnoxious and irrational fanboys.

I'm an early adopter of the Xbox 360. I've gone through a total of 5 360's since launch. Of course all due to RRoD. My first was just 3 hours after I opened it Christmas day 2005. Not once since launch did I pay for a repair or have to go and buy a new 360 because one died. That is complete bullshit! Every defective Xbox 360... #28
greenpowerz I don't know why you bother. You simply point something out using common sense and get a ridiculous amount of disagrees for it. This is a joke site overrun by a bunch of immature and irrational haters. It's ironic that they call themselves gamers. #3.4
MS has already stepped up their game and proved themselves this gen. Sony is the one that needs to step up their game imo. Sony sold over 100 million PS2's last gen while only hitting roughly 75 million this gen. MS sold roughly 25 million last gen while reaching roughly 75 million this gen. This is irrefutable proof that MS has stepped up their game. #9
I'll probably end up with both systems anyway. #20
If Sony charges for online with the PS4 they will not dominate anything. #22
Where the hell does this sense of entitlement come from? #42
Yet another. Ubi should give it a rest for a while. #6
My thumbs would still be in an arched postion due to poor analogue position which causes cramping during long periods of gaming. 360 controler is still the best by far for comfort. #46
Jack talks like Sony has watched more than just Saga leave the industry. That comment makes him look like an tool. For all the immature MS doomwishers who just can't seem to help themselves - It's not MS or Nintendo who are constantly laying off people and selling off all their assets to stay relevant in this industry. Just read the real news.

Omg - I can't believe that I actually made an account to this messed up site! lmao! #29
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