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You must be lost
The PS3 linux implementation is frigging amazing, you just have to know what your doing.

For task intensive work it blows away every PC on the market in terms of throughput. It it gonna own for what most people use their computers for... Facebook, email, and slashdot browsing... no, but for a task intensive development platform it chews up everything else. #30.1
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They already did take out features for legit owners.
That is WHY he made the custom firmware.
He hasn't pirated anything and his CFW does not allow pirated games.
Get a clue #18.1
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Oh!!! Baseless speculation time!!!
Ok, Xi is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet (pending you do not count characters no longer in use in modern Greek), perhaps we will be told some awesome info on Saturday (March 14th!!) !!1!!

Or perhaps it is alluding to a superior version (i.e. 1.4).

The Unicode hex for Xi 2261, which totals 11 the same number you get from xi in roman numerals, the day of this month I was born..... That's it SONY is throwing a birthday party for ME!! Thanks guys!... No? ok, maybe... #10
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I have NEVER
Repeat NEVER been a fan of Adam Sessler....

But give this man a damn medal today. #22
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O.K. In all honesty not trying to flame or sound fanboish, but honestly All I could think was, "Wait till you see the amazing creations that users will be playing because of this amazing work from Microsoft.... just like XNA's jaw dropping, um, nevermind...." #23
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I can, because in all FAIRNESS, this FLAMEBAIT article probably generated alot of SITE-HITS.

Theory Disproved! HA!! #27.4
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Weatherman would be right up his alley
Not like he's ever right anyway, it would be perfect for him. #12
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Let's be honest here
It does not matter in the least how many were sold to customers, it's how many were sold to stores that matters, that is where Konami, MS, Sony, Nintendo, and all of the gaming industry make their money, and that is what they will be concerned about, if not a single Xbox or PlayStation sold to a customer, the amount of money that changed hands for MS and Sony would be exactly the same.

Second, stores do not make profit by buying a mass amount of anything that has not proven it's... #39
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Actually Rel
SOE is not PC only, they have several games on PS2. #9.5
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Rank, badge, and medals
Those are retroactive, I am assuming the world victory is as well (there are 10 total retroactive trophies)
others are not. #7.5
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Wait, what?
Did someone just advocate a one console future and assume we would get the BEST of each world??

Chances are it would end up more like this..

"In the sake of being inclusive to a casual audience we have massively underpowered the console making it cheaper to buy, which is good because it has a 25% failure rate due to cutting corners on the motherboard and peripheral chip sets, meaning by the time you get it back from refurb the delayed game you've been waiting a... #12
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Rofl @ #7
.....So much of the code for that game was copy-pasted that it was more reminiscent of a Kotaku article than a game.

Awesome #5
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While I would agree
Not being able to do that helps keep spammers out of PSN #35.2
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Being a huge fan of FFVII, even I am sick of this crap. it seems like I have been hearing about remakes for this game since a month after it's original release and seriously they can stop talking about it now. Every year since PS2's release and every month since PS3's release.... sheesh, by the time PS4 launches everyday will yield a new FF7 remake in the works!

Drop it, give it a rest, let it die as one of the best RPG's in the history of mankind and let it alone for god sakes!... #23
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damn you
beat me to it lolz #34.1
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Send alot of messages?..... It would be nice to select all and delete....

Um highlight the sent or received folder and press triangle, features been there since launchday and now they want it added, heh. #35
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If I were Sony what would I do????
Re add BC after removing it to satisfy customer demand (cheaper console) and lose some profitability on the PS3 again or leave it out and let those who want to play PS2 games pick up a PS2 our other highly profitable console?

A: Since PS2 + PS3 = cheaper now than PS3 with full BC was at launch it makes sense for both Sony + customers to leave it alone.

B: With 140million PS2's sold WW it's a bit of a trick to find a gamer who does not already have one.
... #24
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I see....
So I take it you never talked to anyone from "GeekSquad" before then aye? #9.1
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Ah my how times change
This time last week everyone was POSITIVE FFXIII and MGS4 would be PS3 only.... Now which is more ironic

Last week PS3 fanboys scoffed and shrugged it off with notions of "Dream on", YET NOW they sweat like they were being roasted alive at the mention of it, it's a betrayal, blasphemy of the worst form!!!
Last week 360 fanboys thought both games were pure crap, all CGI and no gameplay, nothing worth talking about just some "crap JRPG" full of... #76
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With "fresh" avatars you can start a "rad" virtual 80's hip-hop group.... parachute pants only 15-MS points :D #62.1
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