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Hey deadie can you also tell me tomorrow's lotto numbers? Since you can see into the future. #26.1.1
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Seriously who the f*uck cares?? Gamers will buy the console and games that appeals to them. I couldn't careless if a console has 100 exclusives if none of them appeals to me.
It doesn't matter how much you Sony fans want to show your insecurities and force your preferred console on everyone else, it simply wont make a difference in the real world, both consoles will sell well and be successful so get over it and be happy with your choice, and better yet be happy that there is... #26
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You better pray that the games on the PS4 are 50% better than on the Xbox one in both graphics and game play because come release day I think many Sony fanboys are going to get a nasty shock when comparison vids start coming out lol....bless your cute little brain ha #1.9.1
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Well said dude. But I'd rather have these pathetic little people spending all their time in a hole on the internet trolling than have to deal with them in the real world. #92.1
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Seriously who gives a fu*k, the xbox one is clearly on alot of people's minds the fact that they spend so much time bitching and crying over something they supposedly have no interest in?? If you dnt like it stfu and browse the ps4 news. #9
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NO! We are laughing at retards like you. Since every digital distribution system including Xbox 360/ps3 already does this you fool #65.1
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Omg Sony fan girls has reached a new level of stupidity how is this possible lol??

So Sony announces a feature that's been available on Xbox 360 and ps3 and Xbox one and any previous digital distribution system for years and I'm seeing comments like "yeah Ms just got owned again"

Am I missing something? #69
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Hahaha I love Sony fanboys....easily the most retarded sort on the web. You guys make Xbox fan girls look like Einstein. #44.1
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I wonder how many so fanboys are planning to buy a ps4 without having an internet connection? Because it seems like most of these fanboys some how don't have internet, since the xbone is such a major issue for them lol. #36
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Lets get one thing straight, when you buy a game... You buy the rights to use that game.

Do you get a pay cheque each time a copy of said game is sold?? If the answer is no YOU DO NOT OWN THE GAME!

I would love free online etc but sony, Nintendo and ms are not charities.. If they offer services i think is good enough to pay for then i will pay it.. If not i vote with my wallet and keep my cash simple as that.

If you dont like it go right... #11.1
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Its no use trying to talk sense on this site.

The only comments that will be excepted on this site are things like:

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@mathsman you are correct sir!! If these idoit fanboys would stop to ask themselves why drm is required in the first place... Then id hope they might see the bigger picture.

If i was a developer working on a game for years only to be cheated out of sales by gamestop and people who are too cheap to buy there own copies then i would be pissed!! #9
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Same here.. PS cheerleaders are the worst of the worst. #115.1
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The best thing is you short sighted fools are so insignificant that your constant bashing of the xbox one doesn't really matter lol. There are millions upon millions of casual gamers out there that will buy the xbox one and just game instead of crying over these none issues. I love it how most of you on here think n4g is the centre of the world. #118
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Its funny how turn10 was able to develop all those COMPLETED games where everything from the cars to the environment had amazing detail, in the time it took poly to come up with a half finished game with the worst online line I've seen in years lol...each to there own I guess. #7.2
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Your right, it may be the change in environment but it doesn't look as good as the ps4 reveal show.
But this is Guerrilla games though, so my expectations remains high...they always seem to deliver. #5.1
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Bingo!! I love how these Sony fanboys are being short sited. Game developers wants to control used games sales and try and stop piracy all together. When all the major publishers start making this the norm then Sony will jump on board and of course the fanboys will spin it into being a good thing just like there doing for psn+ being mandatory for online play. #16.1
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Both ps4 and xbone supports external hdds so your covered :-) #1.2
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Jheeze why are you fanbois so stupid #28.1
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This is great news. But why is everyone using this as a plus for the ps4 when any external hdd can be used to extend the storage of the xbone via usb 3 connection? You can install games and download software directly to an external hdd so no big deal. #25
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