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NPC stands for non-player character... Should be just characters.

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I bought Crimson Shroud for my 3DS, before I knew games were tied to the hardware. Found out it was tied to my 3DS alone, haven't bought a single piece of digital content on it since. Seriously needs to have an account system implemented.

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This isn't being released on 3DS, it is an original DS title, which is very late to the party. The original DS wasn't in any way region locked.

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To be fair, I'm not preordering it, mainly due to the fact there's been an "enhanced port" for the 3DS announced.

The game has been out for well over two years now, and released in English in the US over a year and a half ago, anyone who was massively interested in it, has most likely already imported it, or are waiting for the enhanced 3DS release.

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Better =/= Equality

You seriously don't know a damn thing if you think people try to push Gay as "better, over just wanting to be classed as Equal, as being human and deserving of the same rights.

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Looks... unimpressive. I prefer the original style.

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Not enough exclusives over MS? MS haven't shown a single thing about their next gen entry, so how on earth can he state as such?

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Guess you never played XI? Easily of the best Final Fantasy stories in the CoP expansion. Music in that game? Fantastic, some of the best gaming tracks around.

FFXI got so much flack for being online, yet it is easily of the best Final Fantasy games.

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As long as it isn't over £400, it'll be a day 1 for me.

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Umm... Do they? Considering we're gaming on hardware from almost 8 years ago, for consoles at least, why on earth shouldn't we expect a graphical leap?

Yes, there won't be a massive, drastic leap, but looking at what -can- be achieved, such as something along the lines of Deepdown, but in a open, wide area, with more than a few targets? Yes, why shouldn't we hope for something akin to that? Not on next gen consoles, but perhaps PC, or the gen after.

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Uhhh, did you watch the conference?

Knack, Witness, Deepdown, DriveClub? None of those are FPS games.

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People need to stop watching blurry, low res videos and basing their opinions on them.

Wii U is going to be graphically trounced by the PS4, and most likely, the Nextbox. Did any of you proclaiming otherwise actually watch the direct feed, 1080P videos of Knack, Deepdown or Killzone?

They are simply above and beyond what the Wii U will -ever- achieve. Art style can only do so much.

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You're right, it is coding. However, that is exactly why consoles, which are dedicated gaming devices, are able to output better graphics than a PC could on a similar hardware range, because a PC isn't -just- for gaming. Alongside that, the fact a PC isn't a single model, but a lot of potential different configurations.

Consoles have only 1 configuration each, so therefore, they are most of the time going to have better optimization that ...

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I enjoyed the Wii, but, it is rather telling what its biggest innovation, was barely used in its best games. There are few outstanding titles, that used motion control in a relevant and innovative way...

Yes, there were a few, but the majority? No, they didn't.

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There is no point to a gay character, how? People aren't saying there should be a gay character practically raping the player. We're talking about having some form of acknowledgment, that all Gamers aren't "Straight White Males"

Sexuality, and characters having love interests has been in gaming since... well, the first time games had any real form of plot. Just don't see why it should be exclusively SWM only, even if they are the biggest demo.

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@Incipio Forced inclusion? Fact? What?

I'm sorry, but how on earth can you state a speculation, which is pretty baseless, as fact? Have you any evidence that a Gay character, or a Gay storyline would be forced, at all, outside of point blank ignorance?

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So having Gays in -some- games is ramming it down peoples throats? Don't get that.

The whole point of the article was stating making games that -included- a demographic, not to appeal to -only one- demographic.

Why is it such a problem to -include- people if it makes sense, or could advance the am in some way?

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Right, this article isn't suffering from a misleading title, at all.

There doesn't appear to be a mandatory install, as far as I know, and this data size quoted, is for the DL version, which, of course, will be big, as it is an entire game.

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Umm... I would assume the near full year of dev time it still has is going to go into polish, balance, and refining the experience. I think rushing it, would be releasing it now...

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