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Yes it is. Unfortunately. Our government have very high taxes about games and consoles. We pay 100-120 US $ per game. You can check it from here. Nearly 700-750 US $ for Xbox 360 at D&R. 1,95 TL is 1 US $. I bought PS4 for 1400 TL it's about 700-750 US $. But Sony Turkey is trying to make low price unlike Microsoft. Microsoft Turk...

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I want to hear about new MK Game. Because i think it has been 4 or 5 year the last one released. Yes i liked Injustice but it has been just two years passed from the last one so, i think we need new MK game ( Sorry about my english. :( )

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I like all of GOW Games just i didnt like the last one GOW: Ascension. Kratos wasnt anger enough, such a shame story and multiplayer idea. Especially multiplayer idea, i dont like multiplayer in GOW.

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I think Criterion Studios must make new Burnout Game not a new stupid and same NFS Games again. So it's a good decision in my opinion.

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I bought PS4. But i had no choice because Xbox One didn't release in Turkey ( Officially ). I wish i can buy Xbox One too. But i don't think i can get one because Xbox 360 is still 720 US $ in Turkey ( Officially ). I don't know how much will the Xbox One at here. Maybe a 1000 US $.. I can not afford it, i think.

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It's a good machine. I like to buy it but it's too expensive in here. ( 900 US $ for Xbox One and 200 US $ per game. ) But i think i ll buy it later just like i did the last gen ( I bought PS3 and Xbox 360. ) I didnt decide it yet.

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It's a nice game. I would like to try it

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Anouncement of the amouncement.. nice job.. Xbone

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I think cRapCom need to stop that sh.t cause nobody played Resi6. Contunie to story like this very stupid act of them.

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You are the one who dissagrees every negatif RE6 comment do you ? Now it comes to you ? LOL.. You have plenty of dissagrees because you liked that sh..t RE6. How old are you ? 16-15 ? You didnt even play Resident Evil 1-2-3-Code Veronica- 1 Remake and RE Zero do you ? Because if you played them all it's impossible to like RES6 sh..t.. Whatever.. Shinji Mikami Rules. The Evil Within Rules.

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Agree. Totally agreed.

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It's coming PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. So it can't be true Next Gen. Admit it.

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They are selling it ( Xbox One ) in here ( Turkey ) 1800 TL ( about 900 US $ ).. But PS4 is also 1550 TL ( It's about 775 US $ ) but i bought mine 1400 TL ( 700 US $ ).. So i dont think it ll be 400 US $ in another countries. Also both PS4 and Xbox One games are 220 TL ( 110 US $ ) in here.

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I really really really starting to hate from cRapCom. They screwed entire Resident Evil series. And by the way it is out of the subject but where is Onimusha ? We haven't seen it in the last gen. And there s no news about next gen. They only make SF IV turbo mega arcade ultra editions. Aaaanddd that SF X Tekken crap. Uhm whatever. The Evil Within Rules, Shinji Mikami rules.

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No it doesn't. Ed Boon said at twitter" no comment. "

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I was waiting for Mortal Kombat anouncement. F.. this.. It's enough of DC..

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I don't like her. She reminds me someone at my past who i really i hated once..

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do not forget Next Gen Mortal Kombat.

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This is a free site that everyone can write a comment. I wont ask to you to leave. Bad boy. You are truly Xbone Fanboy. And if you ask me: I have Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PS4, Gamecube, Saturn, SNES, Sega Mega Drive, Wii U and Neo Geo Arcade.. How about that kiddo?! Go to your Xbone and play Titanfall or COD: Ghosts.. But it doesn't change that, usually games are going 720P at Xbone.

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Shinji Mikami wants do it in this way ( Look at Resident Evil 3,5 at youtube ).. But cRapCom wants it in RE4 way ( Action ).

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