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It's a nice game. I would like to try it

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Anouncement of the amouncement.. nice job.. Xbone

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I think cRapCom need to stop that sh.t cause nobody played Resi6. Contunie to story like this very stupid act of them.

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You are the one who dissagrees every negatif RE6 comment do you ? Now it comes to you ? LOL.. You have plenty of dissagrees because you liked that sh..t RE6. How old are you ? 16-15 ? You didnt even play Resident Evil 1-2-3-Code Veronica- 1 Remake and RE Zero do you ? Because if you played them all it's impossible to like RES6 sh..t.. Whatever.. Shinji Mikami Rules. The Evil Within Rules.

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Agree. Totally agreed.

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It's coming PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. So it can't be true Next Gen. Admit it.

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They are selling it ( Xbox One ) in here ( Turkey ) 1800 TL ( about 900 US $ ).. But PS4 is also 1550 TL ( It's about 775 US $ ) but i bought mine 1400 TL ( 700 US $ ).. So i dont think it ll be 400 US $ in another countries. Also both PS4 and Xbox One games are 220 TL ( 110 US $ ) in here.

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I really really really starting to hate from cRapCom. They screwed entire Resident Evil series. And by the way it is out of the subject but where is Onimusha ? We haven't seen it in the last gen. And there s no news about next gen. They only make SF IV turbo mega arcade ultra editions. Aaaanddd that SF X Tekken crap. Uhm whatever. The Evil Within Rules, Shinji Mikami rules.

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No it doesn't. Ed Boon said at twitter" no comment. "

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I was waiting for Mortal Kombat anouncement. F.. this.. It's enough of DC..

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I don't like her. She reminds me someone at my past who i really i hated once..

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do not forget Next Gen Mortal Kombat.

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This is a free site that everyone can write a comment. I wont ask to you to leave. Bad boy. You are truly Xbone Fanboy. And if you ask me: I have Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PS4, Gamecube, Saturn, SNES, Sega Mega Drive, Wii U and Neo Geo Arcade.. How about that kiddo?! Go to your Xbone and play Titanfall or COD: Ghosts.. But it doesn't change that, usually games are going 720P at Xbone.

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Shinji Mikami wants do it in this way ( Look at Resident Evil 3,5 at youtube ).. But cRapCom wants it in RE4 way ( Action ).

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Without Shinji Mikami Resident Evil doomed..

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They are repairing their images via 720P games... LOLOLOL :P

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More power more 1080P games in PS4. Other than that Xbone have 100$ more and 720P games... naaah.. I prefer PS4 by myself.

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The creator of Resident Evil and upcoming horror game The Evil Within believes people have become much harder to scare.

Speaking to Edge, Shinji Mikami explained that it's difficult to think of new ways to frighten players, as at this stage they feel they've seen it all before. "Not much has changed when it comes to instilling terror in the player," he said. "But people have got used to the tropes of horror and they know what’s coming next, so in that s...

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The game itself is made by Shinji Mikami ( The Creator of a Resident Evil 1-2-3-4-Code Veronica- 1 Remake and Zero ). And i read a lot of his interviews. He said if we feel fear when we play the game, then he will be happy. He come back to scare us, thats the only reason he said. After he left the Resident Evil, survival horror was dead, he said. If you were played any of those games that i mention which Mikami san did well, you ll understand what i mean. And about the footages you've see...

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It will be better than the RE6 for sure... Thats Enough for me..

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