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I watched all Episodes of TBBT. It's a nice sitcom. And about Sheldon :) He's my man. He'll choose PS4 for sure ( I d choosen PS4 :)) #1.9
Nope it's real.. Check it out. #3.1
It's real. Not an April Fool. You can check the developers site here It has been months, we had news about this one getting real. Here on N4G. Search for it. #1.2.1
I just bought it but didnt try it yet. But it's look like a solid score. PS4 version will be good for sure. But couldn't wait for that :) #2.1.1
How will they win with 720P games ? :P #1.1.24
It's not a hack and slash game. It's FPS. You are a samurai and using your weapons against demons ( Specially your blade ). It has got wonderfull graphics and excellent gameplay. Finished on my PC, waiting for PS4 version to play one more time. #1.1.2
For MGS game .. I's very low score.. #1.2.1
720P games .. 12 Years more ??!! Common :P #1.1.16
I'll stick with my PS4 and powerfull PC.. ( PS3, Xbox 360, PS VITA as well. ). There's no need for Xbone for me right now. #4
The Last Tomb Raider was a cool game. The Last Of Us is also good game. No need to competition. Congratulations on Eidos Montreal and Naughtu Dog. #1.5
@rodiabloalmeida completley AGREE.. Without Shinji Mikami RE was dead. Waiting for The Evil Within. #1.1.3
OMG it is Kagero Deception from PSONE :)) Woow one of my favorite game. I didnt know it s coming. Thanks guys. Waiting for that for sure. #15
Conguratulations to Sony. Keep going. We want more games from Sony Studios and from others. Especially The Evil Within and Uncharted. #1.1.8
I played the game on my Xbox 360 about two hours. It was looking ok. Like every Castlevenia game, it was hard. But Darksiders 2 was harder. I like the game. It really doesnt deserve that 2/5 review score. In my opinion game is 4/5. #4
It's not PS4's fault. It's fault of the developers. Look at other games which is 60FPS at 1080P. They couldnt do it well. #1.23
Agreed. And i dont like Open World Games. If it ll be open world, i ll pass it. like i ll pas MGS5. #1.2
Too late. The Evil Within already anounced for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Shinji Mikami rules. #1.1
Well it s a good game. #1.1.6
Exactly. Capcom need to restart the story, remade the gameplay, remove the coop, fix the camera, make dark areas, return to zombies, return to survival horror, extc. But they can not do it. Because they don't have Shinji Mikami. So yes, their worst nightmare is The Evil Within. Go Mikami, go. Bring it on. #1.2
The game goes well. Last one was very good. I hope they contuniue the same way. #1.3
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