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Yes it is The Evil Within. #4.1
I will not buy this. After FF 8 and FF 7 ( also FF9 ) this franchise is dead for me.. I want FF 7 and FF 8 remake.. #1
Yes i agree.. Because of Sony Exclusives. I need PS4 and 5 -6 - 7 forever. #1.20
agreed #8.1
We love Ed Boon and his team. We love MK and Injustice. They are very balanced games. And enjoyable.. And Netherrealm Studios is not like a cRapCom. They are not milking the franchise. So Mika please ST.U.. #2.4
Look like a PS One game ?!?!? Whats that really ? #3
Do we still need that kind of articles after all that happened today ( About the Xbox One Used Games rules and more ).. PS4 Forever. #1.1
I dont want a shi**y hd remake like RE4 from cRapcom. Why they dont just do it the right way.. I mean we want new Onimusha not the old ones. We played it and we like it but thats enough money grabbers. We want a new game. #1.2
Actually they don't hate JRPG's. Just look at Ni No Kuni scores.. They just hate the way of FF 13 and 13-2 and more. I played FF8 and FF7 ( Also FFX) and there were wonderfull games. But when i try to play FF13 i just simply hate it.. Especially from that lightning chraacter.. And about the music? Without a Nobuo Uematsu i believe i can't feel that i m playing Final Fantasy.. His music is epic and in some place take your breath away. So they ( writers ) hate from FF13 and it s va... #1.2
I like Tomb Raider's and Kratos's voices ( 2013 ). #1
Look like we'll have Survival Horror back. Thanks Mikami. Bye bye Resident Evil and Dead Space.. The king is back. #2
In his / her dream... #20
Nearly same report from my Anti Virus ( Which is Kaspersky ) Becareful people.. #1.1.4
tomb raider is a tomb raider.. uncharted is a uncharted.. none of them are better then each other.. just another stupid article.. #1.12
haha Excellent Review :) #9
Great Game.. Great Score :) Nice Job Lara :) #6
Only one way to explain it.. They are LAZY Devs.. I can see that already because Lara can not swim.. #1.1
Agree! Why not the Review Score isn't there ? #1.2
me neither :( #30.1
Journey is the best game that i ever played in this year.. And yes i have very powerfull PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.. #1.1.1
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