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D-PAD is same with the Xbox 360's Joypad. So it is not nice for a fighting games.

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I played both of them. But Twin Snake was awfull because of Musics. Without Rika Muranaka... Without The Best Is Yer To Come music.. so terrible..

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Leave The Order 1886 alone.. Clickbait articles. That's enough already.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an action game.. The Order 1886 is not horror game. Fatal Frame is Exclusive for Wii U ( dont have that.. Sold already ).. Bloodborne not my type of game.. It s very hard. Doom ??!! Not sure for 2015 ( maybe 2016 or 2017 ).. Soma ?! Without weapon game... Not my type again. So there is only Until Dawn Left.. WOW Thats My game.. Rock it PS4.. This is for the players. Ohh forgor to say about DarkWood. Exclusive for PC.. But it ll be RPG i think.. Too old for RPG ...

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I don't care how many hours will it take.. I ll BUY This game..

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Congratulations on Sony.. This is for the players. :)

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Well sorry for who is not understanding me.. I have PS4, strong PC and i bought Xbox One for Tomb Raider. And No this game is not releasing for PC or PS4 ( atleast for now. ) I know it s time exclusive. But i love Tomb Raider since 1997..

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I just bought Xbox One for this game. I hope to play it.

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Please don't do it. I dont like open world games. I cant play them.. Make it straight.

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Cindy-rella completly agree with you.. So many childish games. I have MY PS4 and Xbox One and very strong PC.. Thats enough for me.. I already sold my Wii U.. Sick of Mario Wario games. By the way we do not have Nintendo and Nintendo Service in Turkey..

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Yup Resident Evil 6 is the Worst one.. Dying Light was ok... Not a masterpiece but it is nice game.

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More fatalitys from Conan O'Brien Show

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There s more revealed in this video.. more FATALITY'S in there. Check it.

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nice game

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IGN revealed the next character of MK-X he is ERMAC

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Excellent trailer for a beauty game..

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It's not surprise. Because it's cRaPCom..

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When will MEGA SF IV will come ... lol thats the question..

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Played it on PS3 there s no need to buy it for me. But it was a nice game.. I recommend it to other who enters the playstation area from other consoles.

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I tried to play the first one on Xbox 360.. It was terrible game..

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