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PS3 is not Upgrade of PS2

PS3 => HD PS2 =>NO
PS3=> 3D PS2 =>NO
PS3=> Six Axis Controller PS2=>NO
PS3= HDD PS2=> Use Only Mem. Card
PS3=> Bluray PS2=> DVD
Are you blind to dont see this or you are just another NÄ°NFanboy??

Wii U=> Motion Controller Wii= Yes
Wii U=>Led Screen on a Joypad Wii= NO
Wii U=> Unknown DVD Type Wii=> DVD
@Kingthrash360 i m a PS VITA owner.. And i m feeling in same way with HarryMasonHerpderp.. Vita is not doing well. #1.2.2
Sooooo Kids can Play Zombi U ?! COD BO 2? AC3? BACity? Really ? :P #20
for who have disagrees with me they must think Uncharted is a bad game and Nintendo Land or a Pikmin is a great game with great graphics... Whatever.. I ll stick with Sony and Microsoft.. And my PC is great too.. I dont care about the NintendoFanBoys... #15.1
U gotta be kidding me right? This must be bad joke! Nintendo Land have 90 for GRAPHICS ?!?! No way... #15
So Simple.. I do not want to see a Gears Of Evil.. Or Resident Gears ( Whatever you call ).. I want a game just like Resident Evil 1 Remake.. ( Gamecube ) #8.2.1
i ll not buy a new console just for one game ( Zombi U ).. No for COD BO2, No for Halo 4, No for PSAS, hell no for Hitman.. #8
so making a survival horror game is classic and making an action game without horror is modern.. NO WAY.. This is bull..t #4
It's very very very ..... baaaaddd idea.. believe me it s bad idea.. #8
well said. bubbles for you.. #1.1
this guy must be Comedy but a BLACK one.. Already reported this as a " LAME ".. #4
Mika " The Lawyer Of a cRapcom !" #1.1.6
I have one reason and it is Zombi U from Ubisoft.. But it is still not enough for me to buy a Wii U.. #14
already played it.. and did not like it.. or i do i have to like it ??? game is CRAP.. And Capcom is CRAPCOM.. #1.1.6
CrapCom.. Crap Game.. #1
Sexy but EMPTY GAME.. #7
Mika and Lucretia are TROLLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO :P #1.2.2
From Crapcom Re6.. The game is sucks.. I m regret because i bought it. I ll trade it.. Da.n you Crapcom.. and Da.n you who supoorts this company and Da.m you who like this crap.. #3
Already dissappointed.. I m regret to buy this crap.. #22
do not forget.. now they will ruin ONIMUSHA !! Da.n you Crapcom.. #7.3
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