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yes i think so.. Zelda will be a good start.. I m planning to buy a Wii U but it s not exist in my country.. None of the Nintendo Consoles not exist in Turkiye.. Nintendo Turkiye was closed two years ago..

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I dont want them to change the materia system. I really liked the old system and please make the musics by Nubouo Uematsu.. THIS IS LEGEND.. And PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE IT..

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No it doesnt and it cant. Because we loved the materia system.. it was so cool.. Here comes the GOld Chocobo and Knights of The Round Table Materia :))

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I think this is why you need to STFU !!!! We want games. We want The Last Of Us 2, Uncharted 5-6-7.. Doesnt matter Just STFU men..

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Where is the Single Player Dammit.. I wanna see how single player is ??

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tLOU doesnt need a sequel ?? I think you dont need to talk...

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all you have a childish games from nintendo.. I remember the days they were blocking blood and gore in MK at SNES time.. Damn Nintendo.. I m very happy to have Sony, Microsoft, Sega..

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@Chronoman2 Where is MArio Football, Basketball ?? Lol 1175. Mario and 25418. Zelda... All you have is this ? I sold my wii u and i m very happy to buy PS4 and Xbox One instead of Wii U.. :P

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Totally agree with you.. VIII is the one of the favorites in the series. Squall Lionheart :)

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nah 150$ is expensive... and unthinkable expensive. impressive expensive.. all the way, it s expensive.. :P

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I played Zombi U and didnt like it.. But i wanna play Bayonetta 2.. If it will come to PS4 or Xbone .. I have both.. But i sold my wii u to buy PS4..

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Bayonetta 2 (ベヨネッタ 2 Beyonetta Tsū?) is an action hack and slash video game developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo for the Wii U, with franchise owners Sega serving as advisor.[5] It is the sequel to the 2009 game Bayonetta, and was directed by Yusuke Hashimoto and produced by Atsushi Inaba and Hitoshi Yamagami from Nintendo, under supervision by series creat...

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Nintendo didnt Own Bayonetta.. They were just publisher.. Just like Microsoft is Publisher for Rise Of The Tomb Raider. We dont know if Nintendo has a deal forever or just for a time limited.

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Uncharted 4 and Tomb Raider i wanna see them :)

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He says it s time EXC and will not go on PS4 becasue Microsft is PUBLISHER for this game.

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It's not a great news and you know why? Let me tell you.. The game originally released on Gamecube right? But why the hell the cRaPCom is not releasing the REzero HD Remake for Wii U? Becasue Wii U didnt sell well and cRaPCom can not get enough money from Wii U owners. cRapCom is just sucking gamers money with the HD Remakes of old Shinji Mikami's games. If they are really thought about us then they must leave the COOP, make the game darker, and make it SURVIVAL HORROR.. Not a Thai Kw...

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Excellent job congrats to Netherrealm Studios :)

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I remembered the Dreamcast.. I hope Sony will not allowe priate on their PS4 console.. Priate is not good for Sony.

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@Monster_Tard nope the first one was about Vietnam. Before that we had World At War ( and it was not B.OPS )

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I do not like Black Ops series. I prefered World War II game.. but sigh..

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