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There s more revealed in this video.. more FATALITY'S in there. Check it. #1.2
nice game #1.2
IGN revealed the next character of MK-X he is ERMAC #1.2
Excellent trailer for a beauty game.. #12
It's not surprise. Because it's cRaPCom.. #4
When will MEGA SF IV will come ... lol thats the question.. #4
Played it on PS3 there s no need to buy it for me. But it was a nice game.. I recommend it to other who enters the playstation area from other consoles. #32
I tried to play the first one on Xbox 360.. It was terrible game.. #1.1.12
I ll not buy next game... TR is over for me.. I ll never forget this b...shit. #1.1.1 MS and their money.. I ll never buy Xbone for TR.. And Tomb Raider... I ll play Uncharted.. I m very angry.. I ll never play Tomb Raider again even if they release it on PS4. #1.1.23
I already played it on Gamecube so i said no i dont need it. Actually i want RE-Reboot like a Tomb Raider Reboot. and yes RE1 Remake was good. But i completly disagree with you about The Evil Within. I think that game will be rock. #7.1.1
No i dont need the play old crappy HD REMAKE.. I need to play The Evil Within :) #7
Actually i dont want HD Remakes. I prefer Resident Evil 1-2-3-4-CV Reborn. Just Like Tomb Raider Reborn. New Game... Not a Crap HD Remakes. If it is truth i prefer to stick with The Evil Within. #1.1.3
It is same as Gamecube version just HD Remake.. I played it already. We want new game.. Better wait for The Evil Within. Because of bad HD Remake of RE4 and CVeronica i think it s waste of time and money for gamers. But it s Resident Evil so it ll sell a lot because of Brand.. Unfortunately. People need to think first and buy second. #1.5
Agreed That will be Totally Awful. Better wait for The Evil Within. #1.2.2
It's ( PS4 ) 1.499 TL in Turkey ( which is about 750 US $ ) I think we need a price cut. #1.12
The problem is PS4 is Audi and Xbone is Toyota :P And now Audi is selling faster. So it means we ll see better games and more games. #1.13.1
The Last Guardian is officially cancelled #1.1.11
Totally agree. Can't Wait for next MKX #1.2
Shinji Mikami is doing this game. So i m waiting for it. I dont care what IGN said. I like old school survival horror game. #4
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