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@hemmo1986 nah 4 was bad it was full of action because of Capcom wants it that way. Originally Shinji Mikami want to make like this But The cRaPCom doesnt want it. So the game was changed. As everyone noticed easily there was no horror and survive in RE4.

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The game looks very good and fantastic but whats it with the Jeusus ( HZ Isa AS ) ?..

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I didnt like it.. What's that ? Tomb Raider or Metal Gear.. This is Lara Croft common.. I dont like sneaking arround like MGS. If i want that i ll buy MGS V.. Thats better option. Ok i give up.. I ll not play this game.. We are the Lara Croft who fought with T-Rex.. Who fought with Mumies.. extc. Whats that :S

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Played it .. It's such a nice game.. Worth for this price..

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Same here :) Loving Tomb Raider series from the beginning ( Just Angel OF Darknes... I didnt like it . )

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I like Rika Muranaka.. She was the best with The Best Is Yet To Come from MGS1 on PSX.. :)

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I have PS4 and Xbox One but for me Until Dawn.. I played Gears on Xbox 360. Dont think i ll buy them again. I want new IP.

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It's online for Turkiye .. Sorry to hear for other countries..

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It ll not come to PS3 because thats whats Sony said at the beginning. Sony said PS3 will have ten ( 10 ) years life cycle. And the 2016 will be the last year of PS3... I m sorry..

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I reccomend for you to play Shadow Warrior.. It s not a fighting game but it s very nice game on PS4 or Xbox One ( Or PC )

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Yes the reboot was very nice.. I m waiting dor this one too..

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Dissagree comes from a teenager who wants graphics more graphics.. You know what we love tomb raider from this age explanation we loved tomb raider before she has gotta face.. But you are right you dont know that baby teenager who is hunger for more graphics.. You know what F..K you..

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Graphic is not everything.. I like Uncharted and also i like Tomb Raider.. But not because of graphics.

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There's no need to change release. I dont want tomb raider to move december or january.. If you dont want then dont buy it.. Stupid article and stupid writer..

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Actually i want more games from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. So we ( Gamers ) will win.. When there are battle between of them, so we will win :) Because we are gamers :)

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I bought Xbox One for this game.. But i m waiting also Uncharted 4 for PS4 so, i bought PS4 too. I wish this game also will come to PS4 and PC. I want gamers will be winners. Sorry for my English.. It s not my native languege.

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You know Pepsi Man :P I want him :P

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Because of dissagrees i think Tomb Raider cant compete with Fallout 4...

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Fallout is RPG Action.. Tomb Raider is Third Person Action adventure .. One is lemon, the other is apple..

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yes i think so.. Zelda will be a good start.. I m planning to buy a Wii U but it s not exist in my country.. None of the Nintendo Consoles not exist in Turkiye.. Nintendo Turkiye was closed two years ago..

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