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I do not know anything neither Valve nor Warner Bross Games dont have official report or explanation. We are just waiting.. I feel like i m ripped of. #4.1.1
Steam installed just 3 ( Three ) GB and it says :
As many Steam community members have noticed, the size of the initial pre-load for Mortal Kombat X is about 3 GB. This is because we are using a new feature of Steam that allows the game to be played while the full download is streamed and installed in the background.

As soon as the game is played for the first time, a batch of DLC content will appear in your download queue. Check the Steam client to see the download... #4
Can i ask, why there s no preload for Mortal Kombat X in Steam ??? #2
There s no Smoke, Noob Saibot, Cyrax or Sektor in MKX .. But there ll be Predator, Tremor ninjas as a DLC. #7.1
Enjoy it :) I preordered it via steam. but warner bross said there will be no preload. so i have to wait until 14 April 20:00 ( Turkish Time ) 01 PM EST.. I do not understand why tere s no preload for MK X.. Because Steam says it s 40 GB ( atleast 35 GB for min. ).. I m sad.. #1.4
Yes my friends get it for PS4. I bought it from Steam so i have to wait.. Steam version was about 35 - 40 US $ ( in Turkiye ), but PS4 version is about 75 US $... :( #3.1.3
My friends get it for PS4.. The game was early released in Turkiye.. Unfortunately i bought it for PC via Steam.. So i have to wait for 14 th April.. I bought it for PC because it was about 40 US $.. PS4 versiyon is about 70 US $.. #14
Videos restored.. IF you wanna watch.. added more videos. #5.2
What can we do ? videos removed from Youtube by the RIGHTS Of the Warner Bross Games.. There is nothing we can do about it. Easy man. If you had a chance to see the Mileena's second Fatality you wont be mad like this :) #5.1
Played on PC it was wonderfull game tough.. Maybe i ll give it another try on my PS4. #1.2
As a Turk i can say it's a shame for us. But there's nothing we can do about that government. :( #14
Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII Remake... I didnt like FFVIX.. #28
Meryl Silverburgh from MGS1
Rinoa Heartilly from FF VIII
Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Reborn and also from older games. #12
they say it's BETA Patch #3
FF8 Eyes on me.. nice choice :) V.GonzaleZ and Alpy :P #3
Yes it is. Thank you. I ve forgatten it's name.. I think i m getting old. 41 at last september :P #9.1.1
Years ago Wii had a similar type of game. White - Black and Red Blood. I couldn't remember the name of that game. I was so jealous about that game. Now we have similar type of game for PS4. It looks great. This is for the Players. #9
No need... #7
D-PAD is same with the Xbox 360's Joypad. So it is not nice for a fighting games. #4
I played both of them. But Twin Snake was awfull because of Musics. Without Rika Muranaka... Without The Best Is Yer To Come music.. so terrible.. #1.9
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