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So we will see Double 720P games :P #1.1.42
no fighting back with 720P games.. lol :) #1.4
Secretly with 720P games.. mppphhh .. lol #2.2
Huge win via 720P games... Do not think so .. LOL :) #2.16
I watched all Episodes of TBBT. It's a nice sitcom. And about Sheldon :) He's my man. He'll choose PS4 for sure ( I d choosen PS4 :)) #1.9
Nope it's real.. Check it out. #3.1
It's real. Not an April Fool. You can check the developers site here It has been months, we had news about this one getting real. Here on N4G. Search for it. #1.2.1
I just bought it but didnt try it yet. But it's look like a solid score. PS4 version will be good for sure. But couldn't wait for that :) #2.1.1
How will they win with 720P games ? :P #1.1.24
It's not a hack and slash game. It's FPS. You are a samurai and using your weapons against demons ( Specially your blade ). It has got wonderfull graphics and excellent gameplay. Finished on my PC, waiting for PS4 version to play one more time. #1.1.2
For MGS game .. I's very low score.. #1.2.1
720P games .. 12 Years more ??!! Common :P #1.1.16
I'll stick with my PS4 and powerfull PC.. ( PS3, Xbox 360, PS VITA as well. ). There's no need for Xbone for me right now. #4
The Last Tomb Raider was a cool game. The Last Of Us is also good game. No need to competition. Congratulations on Eidos Montreal and Naughtu Dog. #1.5
@rodiabloalmeida completley AGREE.. Without Shinji Mikami RE was dead. Waiting for The Evil Within. #1.1.3
OMG it is Kagero Deception from PSONE :)) Woow one of my favorite game. I didnt know it s coming. Thanks guys. Waiting for that for sure. #15
Conguratulations to Sony. Keep going. We want more games from Sony Studios and from others. Especially The Evil Within and Uncharted. #1.1.8
I played the game on my Xbox 360 about two hours. It was looking ok. Like every Castlevenia game, it was hard. But Darksiders 2 was harder. I like the game. It really doesnt deserve that 2/5 review score. In my opinion game is 4/5. #4
It's not PS4's fault. It's fault of the developers. Look at other games which is 60FPS at 1080P. They couldnt do it well. #1.23
Agreed. And i dont like Open World Games. If it ll be open world, i ll pass it. like i ll pas MGS5. #1.2
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