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I already played it on Gamecube so i said no i dont need it. Actually i want RE-Reboot like a Tomb Raider Reboot. and yes RE1 Remake was good. But i completly disagree with you about The Evil Within. I think that game will be rock. #7.1.1
No i dont need the play old crappy HD REMAKE.. I need to play The Evil Within :) #7
Actually i dont want HD Remakes. I prefer Resident Evil 1-2-3-4-CV Reborn. Just Like Tomb Raider Reborn. New Game... Not a Crap HD Remakes. If it is truth i prefer to stick with The Evil Within. #1.1.3
It is same as Gamecube version just HD Remake.. I played it already. We want new game.. Better wait for The Evil Within. Because of bad HD Remake of RE4 and CVeronica i think it s waste of time and money for gamers. But it s Resident Evil so it ll sell a lot because of Brand.. Unfortunately. People need to think first and buy second. #1.5
Agreed That will be Totally Awful. Better wait for The Evil Within. #1.2.2
It's ( PS4 ) 1.499 TL in Turkey ( which is about 750 US $ ) I think we need a price cut. #1.12
The problem is PS4 is Audi and Xbone is Toyota :P And now Audi is selling faster. So it means we ll see better games and more games. #1.13.1
The Last Guardian is officially cancelled #1.1.11
Totally agree. Can't Wait for next MKX #1.2
Shinji Mikami is doing this game. So i m waiting for it. I dont care what IGN said. I like old school survival horror game. #4
Totally agree.. I ll stick with The Evil Within. Shinji Mikami rules. #29.1
The problem is not listenin fans. The problem is Xbox One have not good enough selling performance. So microsoft had no choice to leave Kinect. It's peoples choice to dont buy Xbox One with Kinect. So MS leave it.. You must leave it too. #13
Looking very nice, i liked it :) #10
looks very nice #2
I am sorry for Nintendo I hope they ll release new console which is equal to PS4 and Xbox One and enter the racing again. I like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft ( actually i like everyone who is working for gamers. ) #18
Actually i want to buy both consoles because of exclusives like you said. But like i said it ll cost too much for us in Turkey. #13.1
Yes it is. Unfortunately. Our government have very high taxes about games and consoles. We pay 100-120 US $ per game. You can check it from here. Nearly 700-750 US $ for Xbox 360 at D&R. 1,95 TL is 1 US $. I bought PS4 for 1400 TL it's about 700-750 US $. But Sony Turkey is trying to make low price unlike Microsoft. Microsoft Turk... #12.1.1
I want to hear about new MK Game. Because i think it has been 4 or 5 year the last one released. Yes i liked Injustice but it has been just two years passed from the last one so, i think we need new MK game ( Sorry about my english. :( ) #9
I like all of GOW Games just i didnt like the last one GOW: Ascension. Kratos wasnt anger enough, such a shame story and multiplayer idea. Especially multiplayer idea, i dont like multiplayer in GOW. #9
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