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Bought it with Steam.. finished the story.. it s excellent game..

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please do not be Tomb Raider.. I dont wanna play a year later again..

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4K but just upscaled 4K on PRO.. Not True 4K..

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did we play different games !!!!

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They released beta update ( Steam ) today and it fixed bug of corruption save.. but i dont know how it works about other bugs.

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I played this game.. Its a very wonderfull walking simulator game. The onlyt hing that i didnt like was the ending.. i think the developers they get really bored and wanted to finish game quickly..

222d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment Kotaku said this guy finsihed it under 20 minutes.

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I know i already played it. But i want reboot one.

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i want a TR which is place on Egypt..

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I wote for Multiplatform..

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really ?! Friendly ?!
do you remember the day that MS anounced Xbox One will not work if you dont connect online and will shut itself after 24 hours off line.. And the day they anounced about second hand games will not work on XB1 ?! and about TV !! TV !!! TV !!! .. And do you know that MS knows about RROD about Xb360 before they release their console ?.. Who wanted a paid service at first to play online ? MS right !! In the X360 era who wanted a money for a simple pixelated GAMER P...

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Thats XBOX Future.. watch it.. Then Watch this.. Maybe your memory will be refresh and you ll understand again Sony rescued Game World. ... and do not forget who MS really is ? They said ;
1- No second hand gaming. No used games.

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I bought PS Vita at release year.. but sold it because there was no game. same problem with Wii U.. :(

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#RIPCoD the game that you are talking about to get 1 Million Dislikes :) How about that dude ?

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Whats wrong with supporting DICE ? I understand EA Hate.. But DICE is a good. And about Verdun. Sorry pal, i dont like online gaming. I like single player so i ll buy BF1 for single.. thanks for answer me. :)

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F..K your future wars.. Here comes the Battlefield 1 :)

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For me King Of All Gaming Consoles are
1- Dreamcast
2 Playstation 1

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I agree with you also Gears Of War 1-2-3 developed by Epic Games.. and GEOW Judgement developed by People Can Fly Studios. Annddd now GEOW 4 is developing by The Coalition Studios ( formerly known as Black Tusk Studios also known as Microsoft Vancouver. ).. So yes this AAA title is likely their first game. And i m not having high bar for this ( Because they are not Epic Games.. ).. :(

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Maybe Tekken X Street fighter ( Which is not released yet. and making by Bandai Namco.).. But Street Fighter X Tekken was a terrbile game from cRaPCoM..

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God Of War 3 ending was the worst.. I want him alive.. :(((

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