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i didnt like the Beta.. It's not nice.. I like the original one... #1.41
I played this game on PS3.. It was a nice game. Not bad but nice.. It s about 8,5 or 7,5 something else.. #1.1.8
My favorite system is Dreamcast :) and i didnt own SNES.. I ve had Sega Mega Drive II :) #2.3
I didnt play it yet. but preordered the game.. But it didnt arrived to the stores in Turkey.. Probably five or more days to go :((... #1.3
I like both ( TR and UNCH. ) but i think they are different games and different types of stories. I have XB1 and PS4 so i wanna play all.. And i dont think Naughty Dog needs to inspire something.. #1.1.11
I heard from KOTAKU game has issues about frame rate.. but didnt played it yet. #1.4
I ve got Wii U.. and waiting for NX :) ( Also have PS4 XB1 ) #1.2
No need that... But i must have admit in 1990's i ve used naked Lara Croft mode.. Lol.. not now i think.. :P #1.2
yes Dreamcast is one of my life time favorite console.. it s too sad that it died.. :(( #1.1.2
Exactly it look's nice.. I loved LBP series. Wait for this one also :) #1.1
I liked the until dawn. it was very nice game.. #1.2
No single player no buy from me... dont care about microstractions.. cause i dont play online.. #1.5
I told it mozilla and kaspersky blocked site that linked. but someone dissagree with me .. sad.. #1.8
I wanted to buy this game.. But now i m not sure... wait and see......... #5
Kaspersky and Mozilla blocked site.. i can not see whats inside.. becarefull please. #16
It's 215.49 Turskih Lira, nearly 72 US $.. We cant efford that much money for one game. ... We are sick of that. Neither Sony Nor Microsoft dont help us about games prices.. #1.1.7
No they are cRaPCom :) #2.2.1
I love Nintendo.. But without Optical Drive.. I m not sure. But i m trusting Nintendo :) #1.5
Yes and Yes. Why yes ? Let me tell you. There s FAcebook and Twitter share on PS4 But nothing on XB1. And let me ask you this " Where the hell is the Disc Eject button on MY Xbox One Menu ? " so i see Xbox One cant do what other consoles can do ?
Edit I have XB1 and PS4.. #1.13
How many times that i have to tell this; one of them Apple the other is Banana.. No need this articles anymore.. #1.1.13
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