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exactly well said.. It was also a survival horror game.. but the 4-5 and 6 were not survival horror game. #30.1
well said.. RE4 was an action crap game.. RE2 was survival horror game. And must say RE3 Nemesis must be 2 nd. Re4 and re5 and then the worst one re6.. #16.1
It s too early to decide to buy or not to. But i m counting on Nintendo.. #22
After Dead Space 1, i didnt play the two games. Especially the third one.. It was like a COD in a TPS.. There was no horor or survival things. So sad.. It was become RE series.. :(( #38
LD4 3 ??? Valve can count to 3 !!! REALLY ?!?!!? :P #18
click bate article nevermind.. TLOU is a great game.. #15
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Please make good and cool Samurai Shodown :( #24
I bought some of them like a Lords Of Fallen.. Terrible game indeed.. And i deleted it. And yes i agreed with all of them are terrible games.. #3
Steam is not working for me.. I cant log in to my account.. #1.1
there s no hack.. thats on their side.. #7.1.1
I want this to happen but i dont think it s DREAMCAST 2.. I think it s project of a new ( Old ) dreamcast game. But i realy want The Legendary Dreamcast to return.. :( #1.1.18
No it s not look like turn based... :(( and i didnt like it.. #9
I played the game on XB1 and yes she has gotta same axe also in this game too... But wait for it for PS4.. It's worth to wait. #1.2
Graphics are not everything.. there are music, gameplay, storyline which FF7 was perfect in all of them.. and they changed the gameplay and i really didnt like it.. #1.5
do not need to switch... I have both, i like both.. I love Nintendo also.. Cause i m gamer.. not a worker at sony, MS or nintendo.. I like games.. #1.22
i didnt like the Beta.. It's not nice.. I like the original one... #1.41
I played this game on PS3.. It was a nice game. Not bad but nice.. It s about 8,5 or 7,5 something else.. #1.1.8
My favorite system is Dreamcast :) and i didnt own SNES.. I ve had Sega Mega Drive II :) #2.3
I didnt play it yet. but preordered the game.. But it didnt arrived to the stores in Turkey.. Probably five or more days to go :((... #1.3
I like both ( TR and UNCH. ) but i think they are different games and different types of stories. I have XB1 and PS4 so i wanna play all.. And i dont think Naughty Dog needs to inspire something.. #1.1.11
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