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But their base (you) buys their slop regardless. They can do whatever they want because you'll always lap it up and ask for seconds.

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Brack Friday Bunduru?

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Xboners are desperately scrambling to defend and lie to themselves about the console not being total garbage.

Everyone else is pretty indifferent.

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Very significant hire. She's a coding genius.

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Microsoft couldn't even channel stuff themselves beyond Sony's sell-through numbers? Tough times, indeed.

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Hate feeling like you can't afford a Ferrari in real life? Well now you can experience that same hatred in Forza 5, as virtual Ferraris slip out of your financial reach. VALUE!

Everyone but Eurogamer gave the game a pass for this, too. Microsoft's got all the subservient pigs in the gaming media feeding at the money trough.

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I've played on both consoles and PC since Mario Bros and Oregon Trail. I don't currently own any consoles, and barely have any time to game. When I do, I game on PC. I do plan on getting a Vita soon, though, to keep me busy during downtime at work. The 'bone makes for a pretty good punchline is all.

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If? Gran Turismo 5 looks better than Forza 5.

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I see the cardboard crowds from generations past have made a comeback on the bone. So much cloud power.

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Well, Polygon was literally funded by Microsoft to the tune of $750,000.

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Microsoft hemorrhages money on Bing. Billions per quarter, last I read. Xbox is one of their only popular brands, despite all they've done to work against it in the last few months with the bone. Bing makes sense to dump. Xbox makes less sense, although there's still a reasonable argument for it.

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I assume you play all your games at 240p, PockyKing, since it doesn't matter what games look like.

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Some people don't have internet. One of my friends has played his 360 offline for the last 4 years. It should come with such an essential update loaded already.

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If your console cannot display a game running on an old Quake engine at 1080p, you cannot charge $500 for that console.

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In which world does that make sense? You're gonna sit here and eat up the PR excuse that Microsoft can't get the license to advertise products they sell on their console?

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The PS4 runs with AO, AA, better draw distance, more particles, at a smoother framerate and a higher resolution. DF can play all the gamma games they want, but they can only polish this turd so much for Microsoft.

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Bloom is an interesting thing. It has always been known as a cheap way to hide bad graphics on PC, but Xbox fans made it out to be some kind of magical lighting trick this generation.

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Sony gives it away for free by making sure the PSN is equipped with premium vulnerabilities.

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Hmmm... who to believe? Polygon, or FordGTGuy's blog? One was founded on Microsoft money, and the other wishes he was. Tough call.

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Xbox fans have spent the last 8 years defending the abuse Microsoft has perpetuated against them and their parents' bank accounts. Dumping another $500 on busted hardware is business as usual.

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