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If Xbox fans could see through spin, they wouldn't be Xbox fans. Being a sucker is the cornerstone of owning an Xbox.

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Surprising, considering how much Microsoft has advertised Ryse. I've seen that flop's logo slapped on just about everything over the last couple months, with ads on just about every channel I watch.

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Wait... you can't manage your storage on the bone?

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Dramatic steps are needed for the bone to play things in 1080p? This is 2013, right? And you're charging how much for this thing?

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$80. Was ridiculous. It's Sony's version of Microsoft's hard drives, or everything Apple does. It's really shitty.

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I don't store my CC info anywhere online, but I won't even use my card on the PSN anymore. Bought my PS+ and PS store credit in person with cash.

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As a person who has never really liked portable gaming, I've gotta say I do really like my new Vita.

Great way to pass downtime at work.

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Hopefully indie devs just turn their backs on the bone as gamers have. Make your money on PC and PS4/Vita. No need to do business under the tyranny of Microsoft.

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Right, like in 2008 when he got every single month wrong for NPD estimates when picking the 360 or the PS3 as the top seller. That was the whole reason I even knew who he was. An analyst who was wrong 100% of the time. Was amazing.

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Worst VGAs ever, I think. The whole appeal of the VGAs are the "world exclusives", which have typically been new game reveals in the past. This year it was almost entirely footage of games we've seen.

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How is this still happening in FIFA? How has nobody sued the pants off of EA?

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"Eleven days in we are seeing record breaking sales and are selling every Xbox One we can make"

Yeah, you're seeing Sony break sales records, and you're selling all your bones to retail. They're definitely not being sold through. You can find them pretty much anywhere.

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Sucks that console games have to put up with this shit now, too. Uplay is so horrendously bad.

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If by "nowhere near" you mean 5.5m+, yes. Monday through Saturday usually hit 5.5m+ and Sundays always go over 6m. They've been teetering close to 7m the past few Sundays. Sale pushed them over.

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No, PC gaming is dead. Bloggers have been telling me so for the last decade.

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Yeah. Impossible to find PS4s, very easy to find "day 1" bones collecting dust on shelves.

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Well he did buy a 'bone. How smart could he possibly be?

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After a very tumultuous year, I'm thankful that my family is alive and well.

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I see a lot of people say they decided to go with a fragmented chat and party system like the PS3 had, rather than keeping the idiot-proof universal system of the 360. Blows my mind that they would sabotage themselves like that. The party system was perfect on 360.

Double agent Phil Harrison earning his keep.

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I want Microsoft out of the industry immediately. Everything has become more anti-consumer and gamers have become so divided and tribal as a result of Microsoft's business model. They've created a whole generation of gamers whose default reaction to consumer abuse is to ask for seconds.

Xbox can stay. Microsoft has to go.

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