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I'm not paying for online on my Vita. I'm just getting a mountain of games from PS+, along with automatic updates and cloud storage. My friend is also downloading the other mountain of games releasing on PS+ for PS3 on my account, in case I decide to buy another one. Games like Borderlands 2 and Uncharted 3, with BioShock Infinite coming next month. Good, recent games. As opposed to XBL that gave away Gears 1 to the poor bastards paying for Gold.

Yeah, it's shitty...

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Can't recommend PS+ enough. I have more games than I have time to play on my new Vita because of it. XBL Gold is still pretty laughable, though. But I guess if you were unfortunate enough to get a bone for Xmas, you're pretty much stuck paying for it. Maybe one day they'll offer good, recent games for their subscribers rather than titles that hit the bargain bin 5+ years ago.

Sorry. :/

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Have it on PC. Now I'll have it on my Vita. It's pretty fun, unless you're playing on hard. It can be really unforgiving.

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The initial response from Respawn showed that EA made a deal with Microsoft behind their backs for it to stay off the PS4. Microsoft desperation and EA greed is the only reason gamers have to wait for the sequel before they can play on the only real next-gen console. If the bone can't even run Source well at 720p, it's truly a monumental pile of jank.

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XBL has never been better. Fact. They put a price tag on it and the suckers bent over backwards to justify paying the chump tax. Microsoft does not have secret sauce in their internet tubes.

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"Mass Effect 3 lead writer Mac Walters"

As long as that sentence is a thing and he's still in that position, I'm not interested in this franchise anymore. I just can't.

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Hmm, "Ryse: Son of Rome". That's a weird way to spell Killzone: Shadowfall.

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There's only One disappointment of 2013.

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I bought mine a couple weeks ago. Use it daily. Great little piece of hardware.

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Edit - Beaten

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If you're aware then why do you keep trying to make a point about how the world sucks because people charge money for betas? That's not relevant to early access, since you're paying for the full game.

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It's not like you're only buying the alpha or a beta. You're buying the full game, starting at the alpha phase.


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I'm not worried about this game's review scores in the slightest. I'm not even interested in playing it. Just seems like a waste of time to review an alpha, regardless of it having a price tag. I never said he wasn't "allowed" to review it. I said it was pointless.

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Pretty pointless to review something in alpha form. Your review isn't going to be worth a shit when the final game goes live and all of the flaws have long since been fixed and various other updates have gone live.

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Why are you reviewing an early-access alpha?

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Jankiest console in gaming history.

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I was down to 12gb left on my 32 after my first couple hours with it. Downloading all the plus games and transferring some videos to it.

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As someone who just got a Vita and a 32gb card, don't buy a 16gb if you plan on having PS+. Fills up fast.

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I laughed when I went over to my friend's house to see that Gears of War 1 was the free game for gold this month, while Borderlands 2 was the newest free game on plus.

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Knowing you, it was probably just a really terrible submission.

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