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More like 50 predictions and 4 or 5 turn out wrong. You get banned from GAF if you're an "insider" with a remotely poor track record.

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Really pathetic that the PS4 can't play music or video files. Seems like some BS from Sony's draconian music and movie departments.

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No you don't. Sony has left the Vita twisting in the wind ever since it launched, despite it being a wonderful little piece of hardware. Sony is the Vita's worst enemy.

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Buying a PS4 for Infamous. Would play Titanfall, but it's published by EA. All you Xboners better buy it used.

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Glad I have the OLED version.

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Yeah, couple years from now Microsoft might feel generous enough to put Gears 2 on Relics for Gold.

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All games on PSN should have a Plat. It's a mark of completion. Small games can be completed, too.

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Such a stupid term, "Microsoft exclusive", as if Microsoft gets a piece of everything sold on Windows. Not to mention that it will also be on Mac and Linux, regardless of which consoles it comes to.

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Supposedly that was never really a game. Merely something they rendered to get "the juices flowing".

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Yeah sure, there's Ryse. Comparable to Knack. Should I have clarified that they should be "good" games?

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Makes me sad that Black Tusk was pulled from creating a new IP and plopped down upon last gen's leftovers. I feel the same way about Gears as I do God of War, Killzone, Halo, and CoD. I've got excitement for maybe one more Uncharted left in me, but even that series is beginning to wane. It's a new generation. Deliver some new IPs, boys. Obviously Sony will deliver as they have in the past, but Microsoft had a real chance to do something great and they blew it by playing it safe an...

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It really is an amazing piece of hardware. It's a shame that Sony doesn't care to tell anybody about it.

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Who is John Koller and is he always this spectacularly wrong? I bought a Vita in December and I love it, but I'm well aware that I'm in the extreme minority and it's a colossal flop.

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Sounds like the original version is the "definitive" version. Get it now before it's too late.

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Sony would have to care about the Vita first. I love mine. I hate Sony for not loving it, too.

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You could compare it graphically with the bone, but a PS4 comparison isn't very logical.

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Microsoft shipped 3.9m and sold 3m.
Sony shipped 4.2m and sold 4.2m.

PS4 supply > bone supply.
PS4 demand > bone demand.

That lesson is free, FYI.

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Can't walk into a store without tripping over a pile of unsold bones. They can channel stuff as much as they want to give the illusion of success, but everyone knows it's the year of the PS4, even Microsoft.

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As a PC gamer, I'd rather get a PS4 version. Rockstar always pollutes their PC releases with DRM.

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It's not just the fanboys. If you buy a 'bone, you're contributing to the death of gaming. Period.

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