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I was gonna wait for Infamous before getting mine, but I was sitting at my computer this morning thinking that I should just go out and get one. Realized I had $780 cash on me, so I just decided to do it. It was the 2nd time I had ever been to a GameStop. The first was to get Kojima's autograph. Only under the most dire of circumstances do I step foot into a GameSlop.

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I ended up finding one at a GameStop on the other side of the valley (I live in LA). All the Targets, Best Buys, Walmarts, etc. I checked were out, as well as a couple of the non-chain gaming stores I called like GameDude in North Hollywood.

$501 and a 20-mile round trip later:

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I spent 30 minutes today calling around trying to find a PS4 I could buy. Just about every time someone said they were out of stock, they jumped to tell me they had plenty of bones if I was interested in that instead. Retail is as desperate to get rid of them as Microsoft is desperate to make you believe it's a success.

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I had 2 die on me. I'm done with the PS3.

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1 reason it should: I just bought a PS4 a couple hours ago and I don't have a PS3.

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Two very different games. One is a multiplat CoD with mechs. Should sell very well, very easily. The other is an exclusive singleplayer sandbox game. Should sell a lot less than the former. Stupid comparison.

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Please be excited.

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There's no competition. All you get with Gold is access to things that are free everywhere else and games that hit the bargain bin on the 360 half a decade ago.

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I probably would, too. I'm sure they'll launch something I want to play eventually, and the Kinect is the dealbreaker. Aside from the janky camera itself, the dashboard's reliance upon it needs to be fixed.

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True, price drop talk isn't helpful for their current situation, where they already can't sell the bones they've flooded into retail. Although it was talk of a PSP Go bone getting the drop, right? A model that most people wouldn't touch anyway.

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Super exclusive. The kind of bone exclusive that has been on Steam since 2012.

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Would be nice to get some Sony leaks, but they're not as desperate as Microsoft. They don't need to stage leaks to get people to talk about the PS4 like Microsoft does about the bone.

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"Super HD". Is that what you guys call 1080p now? I thought that was just "HD". Years of playing at 720p has taken its toll.

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Agreed. I couldn't even find him redeemable after listening to him on the Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast that has changed my opinion of many people I had decided were total douchebags. It's just who he is.

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Sony has a habit of doing this. Releasing something and expecting it to support itself, blaming consumers when it doesn't. For all their success in the console business, they really are terrible at a lot of the other things they do, and unfortunately that leaks over to their portables. While I enjoy my Vita significantly more than my PSP, I'm very well aware that it is in a Sony-induced death spiral. It hasn't had any advertising since it launched, and its upcoming release calenda...

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There's always one. Must be a tough job, white-knighting Microsoft.

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Chicken or the egg.

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Agreed for both series. Stale copypasta.

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You seem to be one of the few here coherent enough to form complete sentences while also crapping on CBOAT's rep. Care to elaborate? The only time I remember him being wrong was when he tried his hand at Sony info before Gamescom last year (I think it was Gamescom). Something he has stopped doing, since he's not connected to Sony. He's been consistently on the money about Microsoft, with the exception of Prince of Persia being announced at E3.

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