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A clear confirmation of what every thinking person already suspected. Microsoft channel stuffed retail balls deep during Xmas to avoid having the bone look like the colossal flop it is.

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Give 'em the old one-two, Microsoft.

Flawless form.

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Source engine. 720p.

Somebody forgot to turn on the Infinite Power of the Cloud™.

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Yeah, just turn the graphics down to low.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Sony doesn't care about Vita people.

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Yes, this is happening. Shit's been bugged for a few days.

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It's for poor people who make bad decisions, like buying a bone.

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Too many sharp edges? wat

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It's pretty much the best controller I've ever used in the 20+ years I've been gaming. It's such a great improvement over the past PS controllers, which more or less all used the same model. It's the perfect size, with perfect triggers, analogs, D-pad, and subtle grip. Perfect.

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Yeah, Microsoft's desperation is palpable. They're throwing everything they've got at the public to move all of those units that have been collecting dust at retail since Xmas.

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Oh yeah, I forgot this was a thing. Kojima changing Snake's VA.

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So in the few months since this buggy mess launched, all of a sudden they took away the PS4 version's dynamic lighting and gave it to the bone? Is that what I'm reading?

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Tearaway is an amazing game.

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More than the 1.5 hours in Ground Demoes.

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If Sony could actually meet demand, they probably would have doubled their current sales since launch.

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So much damage control for this $40 demo.

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I'm just glad I have an OG OLED.

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Will buy day-1 on my PS4. Same with a Last of Us port for PS4.

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Microsoft moneyhatted EA behind Respawn's back to secure Titanfall forever. Not the IP, just the first game. Sequel will likely be on PS4, unless Microsoft feels like digging deeper.

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