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The level of denial and damage control by Xboners is so funny. Best generation ever.

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Losing a lot of respect for this guy as time goes on. He's just pandering to the biggest fanbase at this point. Yes, it's a fact that the bone is garbage and the quad is the best console that God ever gave man, but he was pretending both were equal a couple weeks ago. Be real, son.

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Please be excited.

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Was gonna buy these but I saw a lot of people say the mic is garbage. If I'm gonna buy a headset for my quad, I wanna be able to talk to my friends without trouble.

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Amazon's going to get Xbox at bargain bin prices with the way they keep derailing this brand into the dirt.

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To be fair to Microsoft, they had rounded up a pretty impressive fan base of complete and utter suckers. Paying their yearly sucker tax without an exclusive game worth playing for years. They just tried to push too far and take too much this time, and to the fans' credit, some of the sheep started to wake up. I was expecting them to just bend over and take it like they always did for master Microsoft, securing Microsoft an easy victory for this generation. It's shocking to see they ca...

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Port the original first. C'mon, son. I don't wanna buy another PS3 just for 1 or 2 games. I've got that quad now. Let's get some definitive editions going.

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Had fun with it last Friday and Saturday, but I was over it by the time Sunday rolled around. Just couldn't keep my interests piqued. Uninstalled it due to inactivity a couple days ago.

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You seem to forget that Microsoft loves backroom moneyhat deals. They'll pay devs to make games on their dead console, even if they really don't want to.

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If it were artificial supply constraints, they would not have better sold-through numbers than Microsoft's laughably bloated shipped numbers.

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Yeah, I was gonna wait until Infamous to get mine, but I'm glad I picked it up a couple weeks ago instead. Now I won't have to worry about finding one as we get closer to Infamous' launch.

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You can find them, you just have to wade through all the unsold bones to reach them. Amazon occasionally has stock, but that only lasts a day or two. They're cycling in and out of GameStops in the Los Angeles area as well. But again, you have to wade through bones and bone advertising first. Retail is pretty desperate to get rid of them.

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It's definitely not a fanboy site, although since it functions on user submissions, a person with an agenda can make it look that way.

This place just kinda sucks in general. I used to attempt legit conversation on main site years ago, but mods made no effort to thwart all the trolling that derailed everything. Then I moved to the dead forums that have been a beta mess for an equally long amount of time. That was cool for a minute, I guess, but dead forums only provide so...

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No they don't. The best games sprouted up during years of utter Sony domination. Devs compete amongst themselves on singular hardware for consumer cash. I'd rather have devs scrambling to outwork eachother than have Sony and Microsoft slapfighting over exclusive DLC.

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When is Sony's success going to start to matter to GamesRadar? They've been pretty determined to undermine and downplay the beating Sony has been laying on Microsoft since launch.

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That most recent bit of footage didn't do this game any favors. It reminded me a lot of God of War's situation. Nothing changes. It's still running on its basic combat mechanics all these years later. I wanna feel like I have super powers. Not a guy going "pew pew pew" with fireballs and lightning pellets shooting out of his palm.

Still getting it because the quad has no other games worth playing until June, and of course that could always be delayed aga...

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It looks the same ROFL. Probably why you didn't care to work for parity in screenshots. "Don't worry, we'll screen this bland section in the alpha and screen a detailed section in the beta, it's cool, it's cool." Good lord, guys. Shill harder.

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It was due to a moneyhat forecast. A moneyhat storm so sudden, that Respawn didn't even know about it until it had left.

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I'm sure Microsoft paid them enough to have no regrets. They just might rush the sequel now to get a shot at the massive PS4 install base next year.

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They have to make the dashboard 100% less awful, too. Drop all the convoluted nonsense, along with the Kinect and the price, and I might consider getting one. Wouldn't hurt to have both consoles. Microsoft could release a game I wanna play eventually.

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