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I'm in G.A.P, but I've only been a member for a few months. Don't know if there's any particular criteria other than just being a PS Underground member. My PS3 is registered at the site and I have the first Killzone listed among my PS2 games, if that counts for anything (but I doubt it does). Probably just a purely random draw.

Just played a 32-man match. Really fun.

Oh and to the people PMing me, sorry guys, my account info goes to no one, not even the people I... #1.15
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Nice catch Marceles. lol @ Tranny Surprise.

Where did you hear it's sharable? I didn't see that in the email I received. #1.6
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I just got one, nearly shat my pants. Downloading in anticipation now. #1
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It's actually a pretty good site, been a member there for a couple months. Think MySpace for gamers, without the emo scenesters. #2
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I had this for Mac when I was a kid. Could never get past the 2nd or 3rd lvl. #3
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I didn't watch any TV on most days of September 07' during Microsoft's onslaught of Halo 3 advertising. It was everywhere on the internet, and then there it was again when I'd go watch TV, no matter what channel I was on. It's like a barrage of spam emails everywhere you turn when they start advertising Halo.

Personally I'd rather see them create a new IP. I wanna see what else Bungie is capable of (yes, I played the old Marathon games). #8.1
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I'm hooked on the beta. I hadn't planned on doing much of my own level creation, but that all changed once I got my hands on it. I spent 10 hours building my first level yesterday, and a few hours today tweaking and adding to it. Really enjoying it a lot. #9
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The game being a timed PS3 exclusive was proven false by EA and Sony. Don't know much of anything about the DLC. #3.1
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Agreed, even though I'm not a fan of 2 of the 3 franchises in the title.

It rips the fan base into different groups, and slaps a value on them. One group gets the opportunity to buy extra content to extend the game, the others get a slap in the face, all is well in the world, right? Of course the developers don't see it like that cause their wallets get heavier when they do this, but from a gamer's point of view, it's not right being left out in the cold by a series you've grow... #5.1
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What a sad sight. Kinda resembles what I think gamer hell looks like. #1
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Is this the new trend we're gonna have to deal with at N4G this month? Every low brow site owned by someone who scored a single beta key from a bigger site giving it away for web hits? #2
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Thanks for that. I'll mess around with it later. #4.2
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Why does it say I've been IP banned from that site? I've never even been to 2k's website before. Can someone please post the response for me?

As for the textures, most of the metals look good in typical UE3 fashion, but then other things like the I-beams and stone columns have really horrible textures. Like... launch PS2 status. Don't know whether to chock that up to being a demo or not. I still really enjoyed it either way, played through the demo several times. I'm probab... #4
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Come on EA, can't you guys go try to monopolize and ruin another industry? Leave my interests alone. #13
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This summer Treyarch brings you the World War II shooter everyone's been waiting for! Resident Evil 6: Call of Duty! This fast paced, no holds bared first person shooter will keep you at the edge of your seat as you fight the Nazis and thwart their plans to build an army of people who kinda resemble zombies! #3.1
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Didn't think I'd care about such a mundane detail, but I'm actually kinda sad to see them go.

/nostalgia #1
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Man, I really love Jaffe's... oops, I mean Cliffy B's videos. 100% agree with his take on politics and the networks that report on it. His are the only video blogs I'll actually turn down surrounding noise for (TV, music, etc.) and watch from start to finish. #3
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Same, but judging by my extremely poor luck thus far, I probably still won't get in. I swear there's a plot against me for getting into this beta. #10.1
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While you're digging through and admiring your post history, how about you drag up the one where you called everyone "dong bangers" because we didn't believe you when you said The Last Guy was an EyeToy card game.

Oh what the hell, I'll do it for you now so I don't have to post again after you deny it ever happened.
Open Zone -> 1.3
... #8.2
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I applied when it was open before, but I also have episode 3 of QORE, so I guess it doesn't matter if I'm selected or not. Free code for a friend if I get in this way. #11
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