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All their eggs in one basket. Gonna be pretty sad if Titanfall doesn't sell a bazillion copies.

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Just the facts, son. I guess reality has an anti-MS bias, right?

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Because Sony likes to pretend that it doesn't exist until they have time to kill at E3. That's the only time the Vita exists for them.

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If you were dumb enough to buy a bone at all, let alone during its launch window, you deserve whatever shaft you get.

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We'll have to wait until Digital Foundry gets their hands on it to see if buttocks will be banned or not for saying it's 720p. As much as N4G's Xbox nursery likes to chant that he's wrong all the time, he isn't. If he were, he would have been banned years ago. GAF doesn't allow their "insiders" to stick around if they don't have good track records. The hammer is looming over his head on this one.

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I loved Fable 2 and 3. Deal with it, Molyneux. Although, I'd still like to know who my white wife(s) in Fable 3 was banging on the side to give me black children.

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Don't think the bar can get any lower for "brilliant" these days.

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Dualshockers took a screenshot of a patch of dirt in the alpha and a big detailed building in the beta and claimed Respawn was vindicated. That's the only thing I've seen of people claiming it changed from one to the other, aside from boners who can't be taken seriously anyway. Looked the same to me. It's Source. There isn't a lot of room for improvement. It looks fine for what it is.

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What happened? It trailed behind the 360 for nearly a decade. Didn't it just catch up to the 360 in worldwide sales last year, while still not being even remotely close to catching up with the 360 sales in America? And you wanna talk about short memory?

Microsoft shipping a console with a 99% failure rate can account for maybe 10 - 20 million of its sales, but Sony still couldn't get their shit together long enough to surpass them.

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Just give it another couple months of Sony stomping a mudhole in their ass. This thing will be in the bargain bin by summer.

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How do you bloat Source engine assets that badly?

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Xbomba. Can't give this thing away.

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Predictable dodgy PR response. These guys are a joke. Flying the flag of anti-DRM for years on PC and then appearing on stage under Microsoft's boot with the most DRM-riddled console of all time. Now I'm sure it's going to be "graphics don't matter" because the bone can't keep up.

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That's awful. It's shit like this that makes me skeptical of buying DD on consoles.

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You can't really be that stupid, can you? You should be on the podcast next time.

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Sony shouldn't waste their time with Japan. Ship those quads over to America. They'll be sold within the hour.

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Other games? I have a PC, PS4 and Vita with backlogs on all 3. I'm sure I'll live without Tribes McCodmech. It's cute that you think "everyone on PC" will be playing it. Obviously everyone on bone will be playing it because it has no other games, but I doubt you'll be dragging too many people away from their daily MOBAs/shooters on PC, especially without a Steam release.

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It let me breathe a sigh of relief knowing I wouldn't have to end up giving EA money by buying it on Origin. Was fun for a bit, but I was already over it by the 3rd day.

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There's no need to be immature, friend.

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I know, right? Guy jokes on Twitter in a response to NeoGAF's most delusional Xbox fan. Xboners rally around it as a confirmation that Lost Odyssey 2 is not only coming, but that the relatively unknown and poor-selling franchise will turn it all around for Microsoft and crush the PS4. Desperate times indeed.

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