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'Bone OS is obviously a catastrophe if they shuffle their fans away from the truck for merely pushing the guide button.

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Looked like it was running above 30 in that amazing snowy mountain clip they teased. Looked a generation ahead of Forza 5.

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You guys should know by now that JokesOnYou is a Microsoft shill. Unlike the rest of the trogs that represent Microsoft on N4G, he can form full sentences. That's what separates the fans from the shills.

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Heh, yeah, Driveclub does look particularly good. It's best not to expect Turn 10 to show up with spectacular graphics, though. I mean Gran Turismo 5 looks better than Forza on the 'bone.

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The articles and blogs about framerate on this site are some of the most cringe-worthy, ignorant pages of slop to ever spawn from a keyboard. Please, I beg you, just go back to saying it doesn't matter. You can't keep outdumbing eachother. It won't end well.

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Yup. The only difference is that it's a longer address. It exists solely because the world is running out of IPV4 addresses. This article is ridiculous. People are really desperate to manufacture XB1 positives.

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Why would they want to get rid of their base like that? XBL runs on jerks.

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I hate buying Ubisoft games on PC because of Uplay.

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I commented on this fake when it was submitted to N4G several weeks ago.

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The Xbone will be the ball and chain around the PS4's ankle for this generation, with Microsoft making political moves to make multiplats gimped down to Xbone levels on the vastly superior PS4. Hopefully the PS4 manages to outsell the Xbone by enough units to make multiplat devs say no to Microsoft's advances.

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Who cares if it looks worse? It's not like it ever looked fun to play, either. Just a little less polish on this turd is all. Buy Forza or Dead Rising 3. Skip Crytek's latest shot at mediocrity.

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I usually agree with you, but this is easily one of the most moronic blogs I've ever seen on this site.

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Yup. Life isn't as sexy as people want it to be. There is no secret meeting room buried deep within a mountain somewhere full of men who nefariously control the world. It's a series of rich prick bankers scattered across the globe just conducting barely-legal business in broad daylight.

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Hah, InfoWars. The next logical step is to allow YouTube comments as sources.

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Atlus is doomed.

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I wouldn't put too much hope into those placeholder dates, but the PC version is absolutely coming. Just about all of their pre-launch footage is running on more capable hardware than the PS3/360. Better frames, little/no pop-in and vastly larger patches of foliage just to name a few differences.

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They do think like that, as shown by the way they overkill with the DRM. It's an antiquated and regressive way of thinking. They need to embrace Valve's philosophy on piracy. Give users access and as few hurdles as possible and they will come. You view pirates as potential customers, not your enemy, and stop treating actual customers like pirates by plaguing your games with 3rd party DRM and activation limits.

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They could put both Chicago and Detroit in the next one, like how San Andreas had LA and Las Vegas. They're only a couple hundred miles apart in real life.

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Agreed. My favorite of the series.

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What AA? Look at the screens at full resolution. They're packed full of jaggies.

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