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Those are my favorite. The bloggers who put on their worst fake mustache and glasses to pretend they're not the author of the slop they just submitted as they pat themselves on the back in 3rd person. Doesn't get much more pathetic.

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Source Engine. 792p. 2014. $499.

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Where do you find these people, Microsoft?

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Sony needs to do a lot of things with the quad. It's pretty bare bones, and they haven't really done anything with it since launch. If Microsoft keeps up this pace of adding features and fixing failures, I wouldn't be surprised to see the momentum swing back in their direction. Although the price might always keep them from leading.

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Gonna be able to count the sales of this thing on two hands.

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Maybe he could try to figure out how to get bone games to run at 1080p next.

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If we're going to use Titanfall as an example, how about you mention how it didn't work for the entire first day because of Microsoft's janky "CLOUD POWA" servers.

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Anonymous sources are not inherently bad. It's a problem in the gaming community because worthless bloggers like to call their asses "anonymous sources".

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Stupid people don't have the self-awareness to know that they're stupid. It makes things difficult.

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Are you still in LA? We should meet up and talk about Fornax.

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The top contributors should be on salary for keeping this place afloat.

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Game sucks. Now more people will know it sucks. I miss Killzone 2's multi. Most fun I've had with this series.

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...and I thought Dead Nation for PS+ was pretty weak. Thanks for putting things into perspective, Microsoft.

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It is and it isn't. The average educated person knows that it isn't a trusted brand, but all of the Halo/CoD/Titanfall casuals recognize it. If that group is worth sheering, the brand might be worth some money.

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Lots of things could happen.

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I don't even like walking by the bone booth in stores with the Kinect plugged in. That thing will never have a place in my home as long as Kinect is bundled.

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Well they put that two weeks there solely in the hopes that it'll force some people to buy some bones. Dunno if it'll work. Nothing seems to be working for Microsoft lately.

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