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Amazing spoiler, beautiful. #9
I'm only played a couple of hours and the game is amazing, I'm not in a position of saying if it's the best or not but it's one of the best. I've played 140hs of Bloodborne and 225hs of The Witcher 3, this game might aswell be on par in its own way. I'll see. #25
This game needs to come out asap or all the hype will fade away. #13
Arkham City is the ultimate Batman game (to me)... at least until now. #5
I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what it is... just need to see how many different types of gameplay you can introduce in your dreams.

Although, I could have a terrible idea of what this game is about... so far I think I get it. #8
Time to enjoy fellas, time to enjoy. #10
"They're targetting 2016" so expect November at the earliest. :S

Plenty of games to play though. #3.1.1

I really think that MS had a good presentation and I thought that Sony would struggle to keep up... but then madness happened. Still a good show for MS, therefore, gamers. #3.1
There are far worst things said between us here but that's valid, right? #20
Halo will be on that list and maybe, just maybe, Tomb Raider but yeah, I think that Bloodborne, The Witcher, Batman, and Metal Gear are a given. #4.1.2
Doom. #18
Mindblowing game, I agree with the score. #3
Is it worth asking? #24
And almost every time I call Roach He comes from the most inconvenient possible way. #2.1
Oh, didn't know it was free, cool. #1
Please be excited. #13
Mmm no, I don't think Until Dawn will be the second biggest showcase for Sony. #13
Good date, August is super dry at the moment so it could mean well for this game, although all the atention is going to be at it. #6
Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead S02, Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition, Alien Isolation... you can count those too. #2.3
Thats my biggest grip on an amazing game, I can deal perfectly with ocasional frame drops or graphic issues, but super small text is a pain even if I'm already used to it. #2.1
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