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joke of the day. #15
1d 8h ago by MegaSackman | View comment
Well deserved, fantastic game. #12
Mmm I sense an Overwatch/Battleborn behind this curtain, which I think it would be the only way this could work. #30
Full retail I agree but Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is amazingo too. #3.1.3
Dear god, what a retard way to act... good for Guerrilla to answer such a jerk with interesting information for the rest of us. #8
"Force original voice-cast option for non english territories" that's the whole sentence. If you set your console in any other languange that's not english you have localized voice acting and subtitles, this is a bad thing because most people wants subtitles in their own language but with the original voice cast and after this patch that wasn't possible. #8.1.1
Force original voice!? Have several friends that will love this one! #8
It better be! >:( #7
I'm intrigued about Everybody's gone to the rapture. #1.2.2
You forgot about Helldivers! #3
There's no way that something is better than Arkham City's ending. #2
I'm Batoman! #7
Amazing spoiler, beautiful. #9
I'm only played a couple of hours and the game is amazing, I'm not in a position of saying if it's the best or not but it's one of the best. I've played 140hs of Bloodborne and 225hs of The Witcher 3, this game might aswell be on par in its own way. I'll see. #25
This game needs to come out asap or all the hype will fade away. #13
Arkham City is the ultimate Batman game (to me)... at least until now. #5
I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what it is... just need to see how many different types of gameplay you can introduce in your dreams.

Although, I could have a terrible idea of what this game is about... so far I think I get it. #8
Time to enjoy fellas, time to enjoy. #10
"They're targetting 2016" so expect November at the earliest. :S

Plenty of games to play though. #3.1.1

I really think that MS had a good presentation and I thought that Sony would struggle to keep up... but then madness happened. Still a good show for MS, therefore, gamers. #3.1
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