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Good date, August is super dry at the moment so it could mean well for this game, although all the atention is going to be at it. #6
Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead S02, Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition, Alien Isolation... you can count those too. #2.3
Thats my biggest grip on an amazing game, I can deal perfectly with ocasional frame drops or graphic issues, but super small text is a pain even if I'm already used to it. #2.1
Is it confirmed that PS3 version and PS2! version doesn't work in the same way? Because I remember playing the original and was somehow similar to this complains. #11
Death. #2
Already downloading it! awesome timing. #1
Someone made an interview, posted it and then the vultures made several articles about different pieces of that interview. #7
That's not what he said...

"if you look at the first Uncharted and how that looked versus how The Last Of Us looked… I have difficulty fathoming that we’ll have that kind of graphical leap in the next several years. The reality is, we probably will as we learn the systems better, so it’s all up from here, and that’s exciting". #6
Bought it. #6
Most of those franchises aren't forgotten, TH5 it's already announced. #3
Former EA CEO, the one to blame. #6
Of course, this is the most 3D Castlevania game I've ever played, forget Lords of shadow, this is it, this is the real thing.

Edit: Don't forget to add awesome music. #6
Bad trailer, seems like AW just with coop... which is the only thing that can make me come back to the series but I'll probably pass, again. #12
Justice League by Rocksteady. Rated M. #18
Over exo suits? where do I sign? #16.2.1
I insist. #16.1.3
Why not American Civil War? #16
God of War III is worth in whatever edition it has. #11
Silmeria was so dissapointing to me... just a shadow of the original. #11
Can't wait for Father John Cage, Godfather Abraham, Sarah Blade... #19
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