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"Gamers Evolved"


Amazing. #63.1
Breaking news: Sony is trying to make money selling videogames. #50
I came just to read someone write this. #5.2
If true, this seems like an awesome story and a great way to end the trilogy. Even more excited!! #6
Release games whenever you want, i'll buy them whenever i want. #21
Insane! #43
Big Boss has a horn? seriously?... #12
If this is true, Square Enix hate us more than i thought. #21
August, next week, October, July... i'm dizzy. #8
Siiiiiiince... NOW! #18
And the winner for the biggest joke of the year is: #3
Summer doesn't start next week. #27
There is no game of the year contender so far, the best game i have played this year is Child of Light, followed by Infamous and Watch Dogs.

Disapointed by Transistor.

1- Child of Light
2- Infamous Second Son
3- Watch Dogs (i'm still playing it).

That's it for me. #24
Hacking + Stealth is the most rewarding for me, i only do action when escaping... which is awesome when it works. #7.1
Shit... i can't wait any longer. #21
You might be right with Dark Souls but PS+ already offered Street Fighter IV AE loooong ago, and Demon's Souls too. #13.3
Well... one thing is true, from now on we will not believe your games (AAA) presentation Ubi.

Say hi to The Division for me. #3
I disagree but those characters are really good. #2
Maybe this is fun to play. #56.1
Hey people heads up, start complaining about Uncharted 4 already it will be another Uncharted you know, considering you are expecting an open world sci fi sport Uncharted, you will be surely dissapointed so, complain. #41
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