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Oh christ, I forgot about all that shit, I've never seen anything like it. I've played the beta and had so many problems to log in... I was thinking in downloading this trial but I don't know if I have my account written in some place...

Edit: The game is excellent. #2.1
Tom Morello and not a single God of War first boss. This is the weirdest list ever. #9
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A good lider takes responsability, he doesn't whashes his hands and blame his emplyees. #13
That's what I thought, well it's irrelevant in my case, if the game's good I'll get it. #5.1.1
Didn't know this was a PS4 exclusive. Cool deal for Sony. #5
In my opinion, people should stop thinking that games are a single thing and every game should aim to accomplish that thing.

If in any FPS, when you press the fire button to shoot at something and it doesn't work, that's an issue. If a game is about not shooting at all, that's not an issue, is a choice and if it exists is because there's probably someone around the world that wants that game, and if there's not then the game won't sell. That's pret... #26
Gaming, wait until I die before going all GTA and Minecraft, please. #4

"There is nothing wrong with this style of game. People have different tastes.

Not every game needs to be a fucking open-world loot game. Some people like games with flair and cinematic style. And there is nothing wrong with that. So stop being so selfish and close-minded". #10
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The closer we get to the date, the eager I am to play the game. At least I've yet to play Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition. #8
Well, despite the hostility towards the game there are some truth in your words regarding DMC, but to be fair the rest of the franchise have some of the most retarded stories I've ever seen so...

I liked both, Capcom and Ninja Theory's. DMC 3 being clearly the best of all. #9.1
Anything but greek, nothing good can come after the ending of GoW III, the story is over, move on.

I vote for Norse with sea journeys and epic monsters.

Edit: Oh, and another main character, name it Krastok or something like that. :P #7
The story is well written, the problem is that it´s bad told. I've not finished the game yet but what i think is that the story is simple and is filled with tons of mission to make your time worthy, the thing is that those mission have nothing really important to tell, the story doesn't move forward but the writting is still good and the whole world is very rich in terms of story.

For what I can see, the main story should last like 90' in a movie. Bad guys ki... #5
The Play Viewer App on PS systems will be streaming it.

That's just one source though. #2.1
I know that, but my point doesn't change the meaning of it is the same. It's a pretty drastic price drop. #2.1.1
Although Microsoft did great and lowering the price was a good move, It's true that the console was $500 just a few months ago, the fact that they have to come to this is not a good thing but ok, that's in the past now. Let's game. #2
Greetings from the US. #2
Dragon Age + Mordor + Wolf Among Us = $115... I think I apply for the $15 bonus! :D #6
Next weekend at PS Experience. #5.1
Although it doesn't say in that list, I expect Helldivers, SOMA, and Alienation to release in 2015.

The Order 1886, The Witcher 3, Bloodborne and maybe Battlefield Hardline is what I want for the first half of the year. #2
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