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Shinra? Really? Look, i love FFVII, but that name... Shinra was an evil corporation... are they implying something here? #9
Although I think Destiny is a great game (no excellent) despite i agree with most of your points, i'll give a bubble for using the verb Molineux. #2.4
I'm not getting Destiny for its story, is the content, the wonder and discovery, sharing experiences with my friends.

With the beta i understood that the story is average at best. I prefer other types of games but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy this type, Destiny was a blast during beta even with its flaws or the misconception i had of the game.

Can't wait to start playing it. #6
I saw an article from some Bungie exec that said: "as soon as it is Sept 9 in some part of the world the servers will go live".

I´ll see if i can find it. #6.1
I think the pre-ordered game won´t start until tuesday midnight, which is shit. #5
Just cancel the game already. #13
February is the new October. <3 #12
If it works as said, is microtransactions done right. Either way, coop dungeon crawler sounds fun. #4
Can we just be happy and play? #6
I remember Fear Effect having a pretty cool and original hell. #2
Insane! #12
Journey. #6
Child of Light in, Transistor out. #6
I don't mind when someone criticize the combat in TLOU, but when they praise Bioshock Infinite for it... man, that game is the most mindless shooter i have ever play, i can't believe a game with so much art in it can be more knuckle head than Call of Duty, is incredible. #30
This feature was advertised like a "help from a friend", not like a trial or demo. Why do people have to criticize everything? #4
** Breaking news **

Phil Fish won't be making FEZ 2 (again) after all the backlash he received from the crowd (again): "I'm done with gaming" he said. #21
lol, awesome job. #8
The Order, The Witcher, and Batman.

@re2_apocalypse You're right, i was pretty sure it was set for February but is just a rumor... that's bad. :S #14.1
October has been delayed until February 2015. Thank you for your patience. #15
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