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Of course, this is the most 3D Castlevania game I've ever played, forget Lords of shadow, this is it, this is the real thing.

Edit: Don't forget to add awesome music. #6
Bad trailer, seems like AW just with coop... which is the only thing that can make me come back to the series but I'll probably pass, again. #12
Justice League by Rocksteady. Rated M. #18
Over exo suits? where do I sign? #16.2.1
I insist. #16.1.3
Why not American Civil War? #16
God of War III is worth in whatever edition it has. #11
Silmeria was so dissapointing to me... just a shadow of the original. #11
Can't wait for Father John Cage, Godfather Abraham, Sarah Blade... #19
I don't know... people complaining about graphics, I may have played the wrong games last year because to me Bloodborne looks amazing! #12
Hate. 6/10. Greatness awaits. #110
It will. Next concern. #31
Today, the game come out July 15th with 1080p, 60fps, photomode at $40. #4.1
Yes. Next question. #5
July is awesome, that date is full of nothing so this is fantastic news. Count me in SM. #12

Tuesday can't take any longer... #2
Nice! time to replay it before Bloodborne arrives! #3
This is the best thing I've seen this entire generation so far... and I haven't even played it. #20
What about PlayStation Music with Spotify? I thought that was on February. #6
I do, it was Pelle's soccer on Atari 2600. ^^ #2.2
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