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This is not Mighty No.9 tho...

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Yeah, watching it on Youtube is a better idea. If you're wondering what's the order, here it is:
KH Re chain of memories
KH 358/2 days (optional)
KH 2
KH recoded (optional, just watch the ending if you want to know the important part)
Then just play KH 2.8 which coming this Dec.

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You have to play (or atleast watch cutscenes on Youtube) for KH1, KH2 and KH BBS. If you watch on Youtube, you can skip the Disney worlds cutscenes to speed up the process.

Or if you still have PS3, buy KH 1.5 HD and 2.5 HD.

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The blue haired chick in this trailer...

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Its just a prank bro!

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When was the last time PS4 lost an NPD? I honestly cant remember lol

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I was being sarcastic.

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Why? Because shinobi said so? Lol

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No. Ms should make the upgrade even more powerful than NX, and more powerful than PS5 while they're at it.

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Oh. A new neo ps4 article. BRB, copy pasting my old post, that I copy-paste 100 times already.

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Are you stupid? Jimmy IS Conan.



Just joking, hope you didnt find this offensive :)

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How did he play the game before release date. Dont tell me MS was the culprit behind the stolen copies lol
Just joking.

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Since FFXV release Sep.30, and Berseria early 2017, I hope we get this Oct-Dec 2016. Maybe this is a wishful thinking, but I really hope thats the case

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Wouldnt that be MS's wallet? xP

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Ahh, this one is good? vv

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If PS4k happens, Sony will lose more developers (indies) than gain. So I dont see it happenings. Specially for a company that "cares" about indies. There's alot more reasons that PS4k wont happens, but whatever. Anything to keep these gaming websites running lol

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Dont think. Just go order a copy.

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I dont believe in all the teases Sony gave us in the past. But this screams, Sony bought Crash back lol. Hope they give it Ratchet Remake treatment

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Hey, delete this post. Im offended.

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You know why you got those dislikes? Because one does not simply tap other's shouler...

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